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lyran group soul communications‏
I thought some of you with ties to Lyra would be interested in this
bit of communication.


Dear One,

The most important thing for you to know now is how you are still
connected to the group soul from the planet Lyra.

While you are here in this time and space you have a connection much
like a telephone line or TV channel back to the group. This acts as a
two-way communications device. In that the group can hear and see what
you are experiencing and visa versa. It is now that you need to
remember that it works in reverse for you here on earth and that it is
a tool that has laid dormant in this lifetime, but has now been
discovered and activated. The more you use this tool the more it will
be more easily used.

You have an infinite resource at your disposal and even now you are
flexing your newfound muscles to your benefit as well as to the
benefit of others.

Also it is time for you to know that there are others from this group
soul who have incarnated in this time and space to work with you and
assist you in your earthly mission. You have met some from this group,
but you were unaware at the time of the special bond between you.

this point on you will not look at others without knowing that this
special bond and connection exists and how you are to work together
for the benefit of the world at this time. That is what we meant when
we said earlier to keep your eyes and ears open.
That is all for now, but we have more to say to you and it will be of
great importance to continue this dialogue on a regular basis.

Your (Lyran) Team from the other side.