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Magdalene's Healing
Magdalene's Healing
by Peter Farley and Sotirios Arambatzis

At this time of the amazing healing taking place within Creation in
preparation for Earth's ascension, one of the key aspects is the
healing of the Mother/feminine energy of Creation.

Virtually all of my work and the 7(so far) volumes of my book have
been about the healing of the Creator parents and how that is being
reflected through the events taking place here on planet Earth.
One cannot grasp these events without having done the homework of at
least reading the first two volumes available for free on the website
or in the files of this yahoogroup.

The story of the ongoing healing of the Creator Parents has expanded
with every new step forward in doing the work my Guidance has me do,
particularly with the many aspects of these Creator beings manifesting
human bodies here on planet Earth. As I've said before in variousa
rticles, Archangel Michael has at leasta dozen people carrying
various parts of his energy on the planet, Lucifer had five known
ones, and so on and so on.

With all the focus on Mary Magdalene lately because of the movie and
book The DaVinci Code, it is becoming increasingly relevant that this
aspect of the Mother Energy also join the healing. Two Beings
currently manifrest some of the magdalene's energy here on the planet,
witha third havign been templated to hold some of it if necessary.

This week, two of those energies met in the physical here in
California and the energies of the one were transferred to the other
because of the unwilingness of the physical being holding the lesser
energies to do that work of helping the Magdalene heal. The one now
carries pretty much all of the energies of the Magdalene in order to
help them heal, and fortunately for all of us, to also use that aspect
of the Mother to help the Universal feminine energies to heal also. I
have been privileged to spend some time in working with this process;
and this morning the ultimate question affecting Her arose: Why does
the Magdalene weep?

Her answer was: "She weeps for the soul of Jesus and for the Soul of
All Mankind."

Interestingly enough, the physical person manifesting these energies
on the planet had also had her right eye weeping lately --the mind
side of her essence.

Anyone who has ready any of my work understands, We hope, that Jesus
in that incarnation was one of the aspects of Lucifer (See Jesus and
the Magdalen or
Volumes 2-3)and that he actually usurped the role of 'messiah' from
the righful heir, his brother, James, while MAry Magdalene was the
second Messiah expected at the time.

Pursuing the question of how to help this aspect of the Mother energy
heal, we realized that the Magdalene would not be healed until that
Jesus aspect of Lucifer was also healed.

Through Sam:

2006-06-16, Jesus Aspect Healing

Dear One,

"Tied up with Christianity and all the other Earthly religions, Jesus'
aspect of Lucifer most of all needs understanding. There is an
understanding that is missing from all the volumes and books of the
Bible that people need to be made aware of.

"Spilling of the blood in sacrifice pleases no one, least of all the
True Creator Father. It needs to be made known that only FAKE GODS
relish in the spilling of blood and the consumption of living flesh.

"In Jesus' case, the true story needs to be told. People need to
identify the fact that perfection is not a state of Being Divine, but
a willingness to follow the Higher Will and Law of the Father. It is
not something granted by some Pope or bestowed upon by some king. None
of these beings are Divine - they fool and hoodwink people into
believing this to be the case.

"For Jesus to heal requires that it be known he is an aspect of
Spirit, a part of the One Who Fell and who now seeks to heal in order
to overcome His karmic bond to Christianity. It is through pain that
he was created through the Creator Parents and through the surrender
to Higher Will that he now seeks to heal all the pain that he has caused.

In Loving Kindness, Artola and Darthiel-Lucifer."

"It is necessary for my Son to heal the fragmentation within and to
abandon the ways of the past so that all that was Created in His name
by all Beings may be healed. - Enjliou, Creator Son of this Universe,

For other background on this subject matter you may want to look at
the channeled postings in the group on Lucifer's healing, but
obviously now what the Creators are talking about in healing the
Jesus-aspect of Lucifer and the Magdalene-aspect of the Mother is the
re-education of the planet to the original Law of One brought here
back in the time of ancient MU, the true Creation story, and the fact
that, indeed, we are all aspects of that very very great divinity
which surrounds us all with its abundance.

The DaVinci Code opened up a chink in the armor of Christianity in
those people's minds ready to hear more. It is up to you to keep that
door open and help those people take the next step in their own

In Service, Peter and Sam