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making a stand
(Through Will)

Dear One,

The most important thing for you to know now is that there is no
escape. Where would you go? You cannot take your soul off to some
distant planet where you would not still be in this creation. You
would not be able to forget that you abandoned those other beings on
earth who could use your help. How would you feel then? Do you
really want to live for thousands of years with the knowledge that
you could have made a difference but you didn\'t even try? You want
to feel safe but there is no safe place in this universe if the
lords of darkness are allowed to control the earth. They would not
be content to stop here. They wish to continually expand their
control over all of creation, so there is no place else to
go \"outside\" of creation.

It is best if you make your stand here and now. Decide and be
finished with wavering back and forth. There is strength in making a
commitment for then the universe backs up your resolution and much
help that you never knew existed comes to your aid to enable you to
go forward. You will never know this until you take that step. To
you it seems like a step off of a precipice into thin air, but that
is the illusion of fear that has been implanted in your mind. You
have been brainwashed to think that the only safe way is to follow
the dictates of those who have constructed your 3D reality. You must
not only think out of the box but also pierce the veil of illusion
that is presented to you as reality. Think and feel with the eyes of
your soul. Is this 3D physical world really all that there is? Does
it seem like this business as usual is truth and freedom? No there
is another way of living and it is open to you now.

Each moment is its own opportunity to live in truth and freedom.
Each moment can be experienced in a new way. Leave the structure of
the past and choose the openness and spontaneity of the moment.
Guidance will take you to the highest experience of reality as you
choose it for yourself. Stay connected and you will see how it is

With great love,
Aristenna, from the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light