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Making the Human Aura Congruent with the Divine
From the Grand Mother energy of Creation: "It is important to
understand that the Mother energy needs to be utilized as a tool for
the Light rather than abused as a tool of the darkness. It has been
buried and misused for so long. This wondrous energy needs to be
shared by all."

If the Creator parents remain healed, what then will become of all
of us?their children? How will the inharmonious energies of Lucifer
be 'isolated' from the rest of Creation so that they never again
effect the intricate processes of Its carefully orchestrated

In the channeled work Intermediate Studies Of The Human Aura,
dictated to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the Ascended Master Djwal Kul
addresses this Law of Congruency, a method by which all of us can
find and recognize our own true selves in this ever expanding

In contrast to what Claire Watson does in her Cathedral Portal
invocations, what Djwal Kul is explaining here is the 'natural' way
to ascend, to get the powers others among the darkside must use
dolmens to produce. We are our own portal if only we will realize
and acknowledge that awesome fact.

"Beloved Ones Who Stand to Make the Human Aura Congruent with the
Divine: Understand that there are surrounding the body of man
concentric forcefields as envelopes within envelopes; these are
energy molds that determine the quotient of light that can be
contained within the human aura. Just as the causal body consists of
spheres of light surrounding the Presence, each sphere noted by a
certain frequency depicted as a ring of color, so around the body of
man, lines of flux indicate layers of frequencies which can be
magnetized as you expand your awareness of God.

"Beginning at the point in the center of the heart, concentric rings
of fire can be expanded in the aura of the initiate who pursues the
Presence of the Flaming One. As the I AM Presence releases the light
of God in man, these energies expand outward from the heart in ever-
expanding rings like those that form when a pebble is thrown into a
pond. The soul that descends into the planes of Matter has then the
potential to be a point of contact for solar hierarchies; for
inherent within the soul's own energy field are the electronic
matrices that enable it to become a center for the distribution of
the light that is needed to nourish and sustain a planet and its

"Now as you read my words, sitting in mediation perhaps...visualize
these concentric rings of light emanating from the center of your
heart and realize that each successive attainment in cosmic
consciousness anchors the light of the Cosmic as a permanent layer
of light within your aura. The layers of the aura that are filled
with light mark the levels of initiation?of the neophyte, the
postulant, the acolyte, the disciple, the adept and so on in the
hierarchical scale. When each layer is filled with light and the
soul moves in its expanding self-awareness to the point where it
magnetizes more light than the capacity of the layers, the aura is
translated from the human to the divine; and it is not long before
the soul is elevated in its expression from the planes of Matter to
the planes of Spirit?for the world can no longer contain it.
"As you increase the intensity of the aura through contemplation and
the application of the sacred fire by giving mantras of the Spirit
such as the Transfiguring not only increase the
dimensions of your aura in time and space, but you find that your
aura becomes a means of communicating with new dimensions of the
Spirit even while it transports your soul into higher frequencies of

"Whereas your communication with beings and energies in the planes
of Spirit may occur in periods of meditation and invocation, soul
travel occurs most often while your body temple is at rest during
the hours of sleep. For, you see, the aura that you build as a
reflection of your awareness of God in many planes surrounds not
only the physical form, but also the etheric, mental, and emotional
vehicles. The aura then serves as the forcefield of light that has
been called the seamless garment. This garment adorns the etheric
body as the body becomes the vehicle of the soul in its journeying
in other octave of Matter.

"To develop the aura, then, is to prepare the place of consciousness
where, by the law of congruency, you can receive here and now in the
planes of Matter those ascended masters and Higher ones whose light
bodies will mesh with your own because your aura has taken on and
become the frequency of the Holy Spirit that is individualized by
various members of the Great White Brotherhood. To be sure, it is
the dimensions of life with which you identify whereby the
attainment of your cosmic consciousness is measured.

"The action of the law of congruency is indeed wondrous to behold!
As the magnet of the heart in its rising action is the equilateral
triangle that compels the descent of the triangle of Spirit, so that
very six-pointed star will magnetize to your heart an identical
momentum of light that is held in the heart of one or more ascended

"By your free will you can qualify the interlaced triangles of the
heart with any of the frequencies of the seven rays...that is the
unifying Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. When, for instance,
you dedicate the fires of your heart to the Divine Mother...your
heart becomes an orifice of the Mother's love, your aura contains
the very patterns that flow from Her to your own over the arc of
your adoration. At a certain point in your devotions and in the
evolution of your solar awareness of the Divine Mother, the magnet
of the aura and the heart reaches, as it were, a critical mass?that
is, an energy momentum sufficient to magnetize the very living
Presence of the Divine Mother herself. And by the law of congruency,
your aura then becomes the aura of the Divine Mother Herself.
" are giving the salutation to the flame of the Divine
Mother that now burns within your own heart. And as you have called
to become her hands and her feet, her body and her mind, so the call
has compelled the answer and the answer has come not as a miracle?
not as an exception to natural law, but in fulfillment of that law.
Thus as you increase the intensity and the light frequency of the
heart, which in turn feeds energy to all of the chakras in Matter
and expands the rings of the aura, you come to the place where,
through the merging of the aura of the ascended masters with your
own, you can proclaim the joy of God's geometry; "Behold, I and my
Father are one, I and my Mother are one!" And lo, the star above has
become the star below! [the inverted pyramids of the merkaba?the
union of the male and the female in perfect harmony with Spirit]
"Wherever you are in consciousness at this moment, know, O chela of
the light, that you are one with every other soul, whether in Matter
or in Spirit, who is at this moment experiencing that level, that
frequency of God's being...

"No matter where you are or what you are doing, you cannot escape
the inevitable law of congruency. If you allow yourself to become
angered, willful, rebellious, or entangled in the threads of maya,
then so long as you sustain that vibration by your free will, you
are one with and you reinforce the consciousness of all others who
are similarly preoccupied with the mists of mortality. And the
soul's apparatus to be a distributing center for the light [a Matrix
as it were just like the Grail?the crystal skull?or being inside a
dolmen which is just a different type vortex of energy. All are
portals into the fourth dimension, and beyond. And it is more than
just a one-way ticket out] is used to proliferate the energy veil,
and the light that is in the darkness.

"When you consider the state of your mind and your feelings at any
hour of the day or night, consider whether or not you would desire
to have your aura amplify that state a million times, and consider
whether you would have that state reinforced by other millions of
other auras which reflect your own and project the images of their
consciousness upon the screen of the cosmos. Consider that your aura
is a mirror of forces both within the microcosm of your individual
world and within the entire macrocosm.

"Consider that you, in your determination to focus a particular
virtue of the Godhead, a certain aspect of the Holy Spirit, by the
very intensity of you determination can magnetize the determination
of God to be that virtue, that aspect. Therefore by maximizing the
sacred fire within your heart through invocation, you can increase
the concentric rings of influence that make up you aura. You can
make your vote for light and for right count across the entire
planetary body as your aura becomes a sounding board for the honor
flame of ascended masters and cosmic beings whose light emanations
are drawn by the very purity of your love and your determination to
be a component of the divine consciousness.

"Consider the enormous power of influence that you wield when you
align yourself with cosmic forces and cosmic principles. And this is
another key in understanding the simple statement "One with God is a
majority." Consider also how your indulgences in the petulance and
the pettiness of ego reinforce the myopic existence of mankind who
pursue an endless round of ego-centered activities and use their
auras to amplify the ego personality of the synthetic image instead
of the Higher personality of the Real Image.

"When a man or a woman comes to the place where he realizes the
enormous responsibility of influencing life for good or for evil, he
begins to understand the statement I have said, "Ye are gods."
Surely the power that a man can wield through the correct or the
incorrect use of the aura can make of him instantaneously a god or a
devil. The more you learn of the science of the aura, the more you
will come to realize that there is no in-between; for every erg of
energy and every microbe of thought, every wave of feeling, by the
law of congruency and the oneness of all life in all planes,
resounds throughout the creation either to increase or decrease the
light momentum of the aura of the cosmos.

"Because of mankind's gross misuse of the power of the human aura in
past ages, this power was taken from him by divine decree; the
scientific and mathematical formulae for the development of the
powers of the aura were withdrawn from the masses, and mankind's
sensory and extrasensory perceptions became dulled according to
their misuses of the powers of the aura. Finally, as abuses led to
density and density to further abuses, even the knowledge of the
existence of the aura was withdrawn. No longer having empirical
proof of the existence of the aura, mankind, excepting the few,
ceased to experiment with the science of auric emanations and
control; and the soul's conquest of other dimensions of Matter that
can be accomplished only through this science came to a halt.
"In recent years, through Kirlian photography and experiments with
plants, scientists have postulated the theory of the L-field as the
blueprint of life and a forcefield of energy which can be observed
and photographed with either scientific instruments or this
specialized photography which uses neither camera nor lens. Suddenly
now, after thousands of years of blindness and of the blind
following the blind, mankind have awakened to new planes of Matter
that exist and can be verified just beyond concrete Matter. What a
vast area of exploration and discovery experiments in parapsychology
have opened, and mankind are once again pushing back the frontiers
of knowledge! Hierarchy would provide extraordinary insight into the
delvings of scientists, and especially those who are in fields of
research that probe beyond the present bounds of finite existence.

"Man is on the brink of discovering the Higher Self. His head
peeping above the clouds, he beholds himself alone against the
backdrop of infinity. Beyond mortality man must have the courage to
proceed alone?in the understanding that he is here and now all one
with life. In the stillness of the dawn man meets the Infinite. As
the last stars are out to bed and the morning light quickens his
solar awareness, man gazes into the infinite blue; and he is aware
that by the power of an inner sight, a faculty of the soul, he is
contracting dimensions beyond the knowledge of that world as man has
counted knowledge for thousands of years.

"What is this infinite blue that the soul of man can inhabit by
simply expanding the faculties of soul? Is it not the aura of God in
the Macrocosm? As you contemplate the self all one with the Higher
Self moving through the being of God, won't you give this my prayer
for the oneness of all life?

O Infinite One,
Thou God of all above, below,
It is thyself that I would know.
Come unto me, come into me,
O God of love!
Let me dwell with thee, in thee.
My soul longs to climb the ladder of thy law.
As children play on the playground in their jungle
So I would move along the parallel bars of thy
Of thy formlessness and form.
I would exercise my soul
Along the grids and forcefields
Of the antahkarana of life.
O God, let me feel
The rods and cones
That compose thy being.
For thou knowest, O God,
That I would heal
All those who have made themselves
Exceptions to thy law of congruency.
O God, how I love thy geometry
In time and space!
How I love thy design, thy creativity,
Thy bountiful grace!
O God, let me come home,
Let me tarry in the threefold essence
Of thy throne.

Ah yes, I would work thy works on earth
According to thy law?
Sacred wonder, sacred awe.
But for a moment, Lord,
Let me tarry in thy Word,
Let me come and kneel before thy throne.
Oh let me come and sit at thy feet,
Divine Master, in thy retreat,
That I might renew the sacred essence
And the memory I once knew
Of our togetherness in the foreverness
Of the infinity I would view.
O God, as thou art
The point of light within my heart,
Let me enter there,
Let my soul be washed by flowing flame,
Let me be renewed to serve mankind again.
I am thy servant, Lord!
I am thyself in form, O Lord!
O Formless One, make us one,
That I might be the fullness of thyself
In and out of immortality.
Thy law is love, thy Word is truth.
Now let my soul be living proof
As thou art here and everywhere,
So I affirm I AM here and I AM there.
This then is the humble prayer
Of one who would become
The fullness of thy blazing Sun.
I AM the oneness that I AM!
"In the fullness of his love, I bid you welcome to my aura. Will you
welcome me to yours?"
I AM Djwal Kul

Congruency allows those who consciously utilize it to become the
center of an ever-expanding piece of this Grander Body, radiating
our Love and the Grander Love of the Father to all those we come in
contact with. It is as the Spiritual Hierarchy want the two of us to
share with all we meet that just being here on Planet Earth at this
difficult time, that being A-wake and A-light is the greatest gift
we can ever be for Spirit. Spirit has to work THROUGH people or
nothing gets done. WE can make sure the Mother and the Father stay
healed by our own actions and by radiating out our own Light and
Sound as a part of Theirs. Not only 'As above, so below' but
also 'As Below so Above'?each can heal the other.

In service