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Mind Control and Ritual Child Abuse - The True Weapons of Mass Destruction
Humanity VS The New World Order
Mind Control and Ritual Child Abuse - The True Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Peter farley

Since time immemorial, as my history of the New World Order points out, the major task of the NWO has been to suppress the feminine energies on this planet and even beyond that and into the very heart of Creation Itself. Within the feminine energies lie the secrets of Creating. Energies move and have their origins in these feminine energies when worked upon by the male energies which bear the seeds of life. Both are necessary for true vital creation to come into Being. Anything less leaves a creation which is not of the true Creator, and the creations themselves less than complete?unable to fulfill their full potentials in life.

Throughout his-story, this usurpation of women?s rights and women?s power has occurred in many nefarious ways, especially through the removal of the female role in Creation from religions so that the patriarchy can be made all powerful, making the women thereby subservient to their wishes. Rape, torture, sexual abuses of all kinds have predominated both in times of war and in times of peace. Women have been seen as objects, or worse, as property to be disposed of in any way seen fit. Slavery, according to various human rights groups, is actually increasing in the modern world, not decreasing.

The origins of this patriarchal attitude and of this struggle for control of the feminine powers takes more room than I have here to describe. This thread is, however, followed throughout my 4-volume work Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?

Today, this attitude has only been made stronger, even though male roles portrayed in the media and throughout society have appeared to become weaker. As reported on the PBS program Nova, even the Y chromosome which creates males in combination with an x chromosome, is disappearing in modern man.

The backlash is apparent from men feeling threatened by false ideas of female dominance both in the home and in the workplace, and especially in the spate of slasher movies played over and over again on certain ?male-directed? television stations.

More than any other place, this attitude crops up as a part of the most under-reported crime of the modern era?ritual child abuse (although this has now become a way of taking the energies and willpower away from members of both sexes at a very early age).

Today?s fallout involving Roman Catholic priests and their abuse of minors is just the tip of an iceberg which my sources suggest runs to as many as 50 million people in this country alone who have in some way been ritually abused at a very young age by one or more adults. The purposes also vary, ranging from pure sexual gratification, to energy thievery in pursuit of dark purposes related to secret societies and the powers of darkness which lead the New World Order on its mission to control this entire corner of the Universe.
What is covered below is just a glimpse into something I am seeing both in my healing work, and in my work on uncovering the complete plan of the New World Order. I hope you will give its message some attention and thought as you go out in the world to do your own personal missions.

Reminiscent of today?s headlines about Roman Catholic priests, a scandal hit the Mormon church In October of 1991 when an internal memo written about alleged child abuse within the church?s framework was printed in the November issue of the Salt Lake City Messenger, a newsletter published by Jerald and Sandra Tanner.

Other media and the Church?s own public relations office itself then picked up the 12-page report, and eventually the Chicago Tribune sent a reporter, James Coates, to investigate the story.

SALT LAKE CITY ? Top officials of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints say they are investigating reports from members that, as children, they witnessed human sacrifices and suffered ?satanic abuse? at the hands of renegade Mormon-affiliated cliques.

Glenn L. Pace, a member of the church?s three-man presiding bishopric, reported in a memorandum... that he is personally convinced at least 800 church-affiliated Satanists now are practicing occult rituals and devil worship...

Pace?s memo, marked ?Do Not Reproduce? at the top, was made public last week by anti-Mormon crusaders Jerald and Sandra Tanner, who also played a key role in publicizing the so-called ?White Salamander Letter.?

The letter, which Jerald Tanner exposed as a forgery, made it appear that church founder Joseph Smith had been involved in folk magic... ?The Satanists? ceremonies often are based loosely upon the Mormon church?s own rituals, Pace wrote.

?For example, the [Mormon church] verbiage and gestures are used in a [satanic] ritualistic ceremony in a very debased and often bloody manner,? he wrote. ?When the victim goes to the temple and hears the exact words, horrible memories are triggered.? ? (Chicago Tribune, Nov. 3, 1991) ?Reports say that Mr. Pace referred calls on the July 1990 memo to the church?s public relations department. Spokesman Don LeFevre declined to discuss internal church reports. But he said Mr. Pace had sent a memo on ritualistic child abuse to a committee called the Strengthening Church Members Committee. (Salt Lake Tribune, Oct. 25, 1991)

What reason would any member of a particular church, non-sectarian community-service organization, or group of people, especially men, have to use a child for either sacrifice or for ritual sexual abuse? Is it simply for the gratification or control of one individual? The traumatization of one individual soul? Or does it have something to do with the larger picture I have always tried to cover in writing articles about Universal affairs and the struggle raging against the New World Order?

Consider the following from Aleister Crowley?s book, Magick; ?The animal should therefore be killed within the Circle, or the Triangle, as the case may be, so that its energy cannot escape. .. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim...?

Crowley also notes that ?the highest forms of spiritual working? required the sacrifice of a male child, but adds, . . .?it is necessary for us to consider carefully the problems connected with the bloody sacrifice ...the bloody sacrifice has from time immemorial been the most considered part of Magick...It would be unwise to condemn as irrational the practice of those savages who tear the heart and liver from an adversary, and devour them while yet warm. In any case it was the theory of the ancient Magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy... At the death of the animal this energy is liberated suddenly.?

The parallels here with the premise of the movie The Matrix are frightening. Are we as humans just storehouses of energy for some darker or more alien forces in the Universe?

It has always been the premise of my work that what is taking place both here on this planet, and in the higher worlds of the Universe and Creation at large, is simply an energy war, the macrocosmic version of the microcosmic energy wars so evidently taking place here on the planet today.

Crowley goes on to explain how goats were often used as a ?blood- sacrifice? in very much the same way.

Could this ?energy-sucking? and ritual sacrifice then be some left-over relic of past religious rites humanity still hasn?t come to terms with yet? Or is it simply a malevolent plot to make people succumb one person at a time? The suggestion here is also clear that when humanity worships a god that has once asked for human sacrifice as in the example of Abraham and Isaac, or taken animal sacrifices in real terms or in symbolic religious ceremonies, then people get confused and may come to think that any kind of such abuse is acceptable?

The question too arises as to why businessmen, politicians, and even world-renowned entertainers might also participate in the same kind of rituals?
One does not need to draw a circle or a triangle on the ground in which to place a sacrifice?that is if one has constructed their temple correctly. Remember, the primary purpose of altars always was for sacrificial purposes. They just came indoors from the time of Abraham. In the case of the Mormon church, Bishop Pace indicated in his report that Mormon victims claim that they were ?baptized by blood into the satanic order which is meant to cancel out their baptism into the Church.? Since Mormons believe their children do not reach accountability until they are eight years of age, they do not baptize them until they arrive at that age. Significantly, a number of the survivors reported ritualistic abuse around the time they were baptized at the age of eight. For example, Dawn House wrote the following concerning one of the victims: ??Perhaps I?ll always remember the baptism because it clicked into my self-esteem,? she said. ?One minute I was white and pure, then made to be black. I thought that I can look like I?m pure but I?m really not.??
House remembers a man marking her face and breasts black in a mock religious ceremony, shortly after her baptism in the Church. . when she was 8 years old.?

Meanwhile, Bishop Pace?s statement that ?many of the victims had their first flashbacks while attending the temple for the first time? certainly raises some serious questions, and leads one to surmise that the ritual abuse occurred in some sort of temple or religious setting. Pace freely admits that when ?the victim goes to the temple and hears the exact words, horrible memories are triggered.? It is clear, then, that Bishop Pace is convinced that Satanists are using portions of the Mormon temple ceremony in their abusive rituals.

According to Dawn House, the ?nightmares? of the victim she interviewed ?were triggered when she attended a Mormon temple ceremony for the first time. She said the temple handshakes, oaths and clothes brought back memories.?

Here it must be noted that the Mormon Church changed drastically after its founder Joseph Smith joined the Free Masonic order, rapidly becoming a Master Mason as were many of the other founding members. Smith adopted many of these Free Masonic rituals into the Mormon Church, even then taking them to a higher level because of his knowledge of metaphysical matters.

Smith was known to have at least 27 wives and many and sundry lovers. He was even believed to have married woman and their daughters, as well as the wives of his fellow founding members (Fawn Brodie).

Today, the Mormon Church does not allow its members to practice polygamy, and those who do so are excommunicated. According to Ed Decker, since church leaders never really repudiated the doctrine itself, however, it is still taught that it will be lived in heaven, and the revelation on polygamy is still retained in the Doctrine and Covenants.

It was Mormon Church President Brigham Young who said that if the Mormons really loved their neighbors they would be willing to kill them to save their souls.

Such a philosophy of ?blood sacrifice? occurs in other churches as well, and is evident in the symbolic language of almost all religions.

In 1975 a murder related to a Church occurred in California when Vonda White murdered a man named Dean Grover Vest. According to the Tribune, July 13, 1978, ?In his opening statement in the murder and conspiracy trial.. Rempel said he would prove that she killed Dean Grover Vest... by order of LeBaron to achieve ?blood atonement?. Vest was planning on ?defecting? from the Church of the Lamb of God at the time of the killing...?

On July 20, 1978, the Tribune revealed that ?Sullivan said LeBaron told him that God said ?to have a woman, Vonda White, to blood atone him... She would... fix him a hot meal.... get behind him and shoot him in the back of the head until he was dead.??

Vonda White was convicted and sentenced to ?life in prison? for the blood atonement slaying of Mr. Vest.

The Mormon Church has a very good public relations department which carefully protects the church?s image. Consequently, the Tanners say they felt that there might be an attempt to sidestep this embarrassing problem.

?We reasoned that church leaders might try to throw some doubt on the issue by pointing out that although Bishop Pace was very sincere in his research, some psychiatrists and law officials have been very skeptical concerning claims of satanic ritualistic abuse. Instead, however, the church issued a carefully worded statement which provides support for Pace?s claims. Just one day after the story concerning Satanism in the Mormon Church was reported on television, the church- owned Deseret News reported: ?Officials from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said Friday they are evaluating reports that satanic cults dedicated to sexually abusing children are operating within the church. ?The issue arose Thursday with television news reports about an internal church memo suggesting that as many as 800 people may be involved in the practice along the Wahsatch Front. ??Satanic worship and ritualistic abuse are problems that have been around for centuries and are international in scope, said a statement issued Friday by the church public affairs department. ?While they are, numerically, not a problem of major proportions among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for those who may be involved they are serious.? ?The church has strived to help local ecclesiastical leaders understand and deal with the issue, the statement said, citing a Sept. 18 message from the First Presidency ?reaffirming their concern about such distasteful practices and encouraging vigilance in detecting and treating situations that may arise.?... Bishop Pace said satanic abusers in Utah ?represent a cross-section of the Mormon culture.? The cults? members, he wrote, may include Young Women and Young Men leaders, bishops, a patriarch, a stake president, temple workers and members of the Tabernacle Choir. The abuses have even taken place in church meeting houses, he said.? (Deseret News, October 25, 1991)

According to Ed Decker, it seems reasonable to believe that if Mormon leaders had any serious doubts about the validity of the accusations of satanic abuse in their church, they would have expressed them at that time. Instead, however, they freely admitted there was a problem. It would appear, therefore, that Mormon officials believe that there is a satanic group operating in the church. While their acknowledgment of the problem does not of itself prove the charges, it certainly adds a great deal of weight to the accusations. Mormon Church leaders undoubtedly know a great deal about what goes on within their own church. Bishops, stake presidents and others would be likely to bring information on ritualistic abuse to their attention. Furthermore, Church Security has ex-FBI agents and others trained in law enforcement who would undoubtedly bring reports of this type of activity to the attention of Mormon officials.?

The issue of why this kind of thing happens and why on such a widespread basis still remains. The more we uncover about the darkness that all these inter-twined, hydra-headed organizations are involved in, the more I believe we will see just how unbelievably widespread this whole thing is?just like the Matrix itself. Perhaps Aldous Huxley once said it best,
?It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act.

?The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.? Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958
In one place in the movie The Matrix, it is explained that those trapped within the matrix itself will defend the matrix to any extreme, believing that it is the only reality.

How much does all of this have to do with aliens, the government and the military, all the other aspects of the New World Order?and all of which are only facets of the one grander plan?

In an article entitled, New Evidence of Military Involvement In Abductions by Helmut Lammer Ph.D., Dr. Larner discusses what he calls ?unintentional human/military contacts? (MILABs). MILABs have ?not only? alien abduction experiences, he says, but they also report that they were kidnapped by a certain branch of human/military personnel, drugged, taken to hospital-like rooms and (under)ground military facilities where they saw men in white lab coats who examined, interrogated and sometimes even implanted them with military devices of some kind.

Another article, The Battle For Your Mind - Mass Mind Control Techniques In America by Dick Sutphen, discusses the birth of conversion (Brainwashing in Christian Revivalism in 1735), and shows the extent to which we have all been brainwashed to some extent by a society meant to breed slaves, educate for slavery, and then keep the slaves happy or at least ignorant in their slavery.
Its current implications, however, begin with Nazi Germany and the end of World War II as described in Frederick Forsythe?s 1972 novel, The Odessa File (Viking Press, NY).

?On the eastern front the German Army was bullied into battle against the Russians to take unbelievable casualties, not to produce victory but to produce a delay while the SS finished its escape plans. Behind the Army stood the SS, shooting and hanging some of the army men who took a step backwards after already taking more punishment than military flesh and blood is usually expected to stand. Thousands of officers and men of the Wehrmacht died in SS nooses in this way.

?Just before the final collapse, delayed six months after the chiefs of the SS knew defeat was inevitable, the leaders of the SS disappeared. From one end of the country to the other they quit their posts, changed into civilian clothes, stuffed their beautifully (and officially) forged personal papers into their pockets, and vanished into the chaos that was Germany in May 1945. They left the old men of the House Guard to meet the British and the Americans at the gates of the concentration camps, the exhausted Wehrmacht to go into prisoner- of-war camps, and the children to live or die under Allied rule in the coming bitter winter of 1945.

?Those who knew they were too well known to escape detection for long fled abroad. This is where the Odessa came in. Formed just before the end of the war, it was designed to get wanted SS men out of Germany to safety. Already it had established close and friendly links with Juan Peron?s Argentina, which had issued seven thousand Argentinean passports ?in blank? so that the refugees merely had to fill in a false name and his own photograph, get it stamped by the ever-ready Argentinean consul, and board ship for Buenos Aires or the Middle East.

?Thousands of SS murderers poured southward through Austria and into the South Tirol province of Italy They were shuttled from safe house to safe house along the route, thence mainly to the Italian port of Genoa or farther south to Rimini and Rome. A number of organizations, some supposed to be concerned with charitable work among the truly dispossessed, took it upon themselves, for reasons best known to themselves, to decide, on some evidence of their own imagining, that the SS refugees were being overharshly persecuted by the Allies.

?Among the chief Scarlet Pimpernels of Rome who spirited thousands away to safety was Bishop Alois Hudal, the German Bishop in Rome. The main hiding-out station for the SS killers was the enormous Franciscan monastery in Rome, where they were hidden and boarded until papers could be arranged, along with passage to South America (*--and potentially, as we see in the case of the CIA formed from Nazi SS men, to North America as well). In some cases the SS men travelled on Red Cross travel documents, issued through the Vatican, and in many cases the charitable organization Caritas paid for their tickets.

?This was the first task of Odessa, and it was largely successful. Just how many thousands of SS murderers who would have dies for their crimes, had they been caught by the Allies, passed to safety, will never be known, but they were well over eighty percent of those meriting the death sentence.

?Having established itself comfortably on the proceeds of mass murder, transferred from the Swiss banks, the Odessa stepped back and watched the deterioration of relations between the Allies in 1945. The early ideas of the quick establishment of a Fourth Reich were discarded in the course of time by the leaders of the Odessa (simply another of the hydra-heads of the NWO) in South America as impractical, but with the establishment in May 1949 of a new Republic of West Germany, those leaders of the Odessa set themselves five new tasks.

?The first was . . . . . . The second was to infiltrate the mechanisms of political power. Avoiding the high levels, former Nazis slipped into the grassroots organization of the ruling party at ward and constituency level. Again, there was no law to forbid a former member of the SS from joining a political party. (Peter: Where my work differs from many writers on the subject is that I believe that the headquarters of the NWO is still in Germany and that much of what we see around us today is simply an extension of this Fourth Reich, carefully constructed as a part of the NWO?s Great Plan which dates back for thousands of years. Also, curiously enough, the worst case of ritual child abuse I have seen in a client is in a woman who grew up in Germany after the war.)

?It may be a coincidence, but unlikely, that no politician with a known record of calling for increased vigor in the investigation and persecution old SS crimes has ever been elected in the CDU or the CSU, either at federal level or at the equally important level of the very powerful provincial parliaments. One politician expressed it with crisp simplicity: ?It?s a question of election mathematics. Six million dead Jews don?t vote. Five million former Nazis can and do, at every election.?

?The main aim of both these programs was simple. It was and is to slow down, if not to stop, the investigation and prosecution of former members of the SS. . .?

The number of these former SS men, as well as scientists and other leaders in their fields, brought to the United States from Germany with the full knowledge of certain government departments is detailed in works on Operation Paperclip, and is mentioned in my book also. The implication of U.S. banks and ranking politicians in supporting the Hitler regime has also been well documented. All of this becomes a reminder that allegiance to the New World Order takes precedence over any lesser affiliations. During the American War of Independence it is recorded, for instance, that members of secret societies such as Freemasonry were known to hold that membership higher than allegiance to their country, setting free fellow members fighting for the other side.
There is only one conspiracy. The problem is that it encompasses everything we do, and therefore is so difficult to grasp for those who can barely see the road ahead of them. And of course the media, owned by the very New World Order it is supposed to investigate, blocks any valid attempts to put this bigger picture together. As Sutphen says, ?Although I?ve been interviewed about the subject on many local and regional radio and TV talk shows, large-scale mass communication appears to be blocked, since it could result in suspicion or investigation of the very media presenting it or the sponsors that support the media. Some government agencies do not want this information generally known. Nor do the born-again Christian movement, cults, and many human-potential trainings.?

?Sutphen goes on to explain the techniques by which the masses are so easily manipulated:

?Everything I will relate only exposes the surface of the problem. I don?t know how the misuse of these techniques can be stopped. I don?t think it is possible to legislate against that which often cannot be detected; and if those who legislate are using these techniques, there is little hope of affecting laws to govern usage. I do know that the first step to initiate change is to generate interest. In this case, that will probably only result from an underground effort. ?In talking about this subject, I am talking about my own business. I know it, and I know how effective it can be. I produce hypnosis and subliminal tapes and, in some of my seminars, I use conversion tactics to assist participants to become independent and self-sufficient. But, anytime I use these techniques, I point out that I am using them, and those attending have a choice to participate or not. They also know what the desired result of participation will be. ?So, to begin, I want to state the most basic of all facts about brainwashing: In the entire history of man, no one has ever been brainwashed and realized, or believed, that he had been brainwashed.

Those who have been brainwashed will usually passionately defend their manipulators, claiming they have simply been ?shown the light? ..or have been transformed in miraculous ways. (Again?the defending of the Matrix).

From Sutphen?s article: The Three Brain Phases: The Pavlovian Explanation ?The Christians may have been the first to successfully formulate brainwashing, but we have to look to Pavlov, the Russian scientist, for a technical explanation. In the early 1900s, his work with animals opened the door to further investigations with humans. After the revolution in Russia, Lenin was quick to see the potential of applying Pavlov?s research to his own ends.

?Three distinct and progressive states of transmarginal inhibition were identified by Pavlov. The first is the equivalent phase, in which the brain gives the same response to both strong and weak stimuli. The second is the paradoxical phase, in which the brain responds more actively to weak stimuli than to strong. And the third is the ultra-paradoxical phase, in which conditioned responses and behavior patterns turn from positive to negative or from negative to positive.

With the progression through each phase, the degree of conversion becomes more effective and complete. The ways to achieve conversion are many and varied, but the usual first step in religious or political brainwashing is to work on the emotions of an individual or group until they reach an abnormal level of anger, fear, excitement, or nervous tension.

?The progressive result of this mental condition is to impair judgement and increase suggestibility. The more this condition can be maintained or intensified, the more it compounds. Once catharsis, or the first brain phase, is reached, the complete mental takeover becomes easier. Existing mental programming can be replaced with new patterns of thinking and behavior.

?Other often-used physiological weapons to modify normal brain functions are fasting, radical or high sugar diets, physical discomforts, regulation of breathing, mantra chanting in meditation, the disclosure of awesome mysteries, special lighting and sound effects, programmed response to incense, or intoxicating drugs. ?Before I talk about exactly how some of the techniques are applied, I want to point out that hypnosis and conversion tactics are two distinctly different things?and that conversion techniques are far more powerful. However, the two are often mixed...with powerful results. .

Bonding by Fear and Suggestion ?Next, the fire-and-brimstone preacher will come out. He induces fear and increases the tension by talking about ?the devil,? ?going to hell,? or the forthcoming Armageddon.

?In the last such rally I attended, the preacher talked about the blood that would soon be running out of every faucet in the land. He was also obsessed with a ?bloody axe of God,? which everyone had seen hanging above the pulpit the previous week. I have no doubt that everyone saw it?the power of suggestion given to hundreds of people in hypnosis assures that at least 10 to 25 percent would see whatever he suggested they see. . .

A Game in Which the Rules Keep Changing ?The techniques and staging will vary from church to church. Many use ?speaking in tongues? to generate catharsis in some while the spectacle creates intense excitement in the observers. ?The use of hypnotic techniques by religions is sophisticated, and professionals are assuring that they become even more effective. A man in Los Angeles is designing, building, and reworking a lot of churches around the country. He tells ministers what they need and how to use it. This man?s track record indicates that the congregation and the monetary income will double if the minister follows his instructions. He admits that about 80 percent of his efforts are in the sound system and lighting (Since Creation is caused by the combination of both Sound and Light, this makes total sense.) ?Powerful sound and the proper use of lighting are of primary importance in inducing an altered state of consciousness?I?ve been using them for years in my own seminars. However, my participants are fully aware of the process and what they can expect as a result of their participation.

Wearing Down Resistance ?Alright. Now, let?s look at the second tip-off that indicates conversion tactics are being used. A schedule is maintained that causes physical and mental fatigue. This is primarily accomplished by long hours in which the participants are given no opportunity for relaxation or reflection.

Introducing Uncertainty About Identity ? . . . Number four: Uncertainty. I could spend hours relating various techniques to increase tension and generate uncertainty. Basically, the participants are concerned about being ?put on the spot? or encountered by the trainers, guilt feelings are played upon, participants are tempted to verbally relate their innermost secrets to the other participants or forced to take part in activities that emphasize removing their masks. One of the most successful human- potential seminars forces the participants to stand on a stage in front of the entire audience while being verbally attacked by the trainers. A public opinion poll, conducted a few years ago, showed that the number one most-fearful situation an individual could encounter is to speak to an audience. It ranked above window washing outside the 85th floor of an office building.

?So you can imagine the fear and tension this situation generates within the participants. Many faint, but most cope with the stress by mentally going away. They literally go into an alpha state, which automatically makes them many times as suggestible as they normally are. And another loop of the downward spiral into conversion is successfully effected. (**This relates to the ritual child abuse since the child is usually being sexually molested in front of others repeatedly?time after time?which makes them leave their bodies (the alpha state) as the only way to cope with the degradation.)

Cults: A Captive Course in Stockholm Syndrome ?Cult gatherings or human-potential trainings are an ideal environment to observe first-hand what is technically called the ?Stockholm Syndrome. ? This is a situation in which those who are intimidated, controlled, or made to suffer, begin to love, admire, and even sometimes sexually desire their controllers or captors. (**This will often occur in the case of father?daughter incest or ritual abuse?or between group leaders with young girls or boys in a religious or affiliated group. )

?But let me inject a word of warning here: If you think you can attend such gatherings and not be affected, you are probably wrong. A perfect example is the case of a woman who went to Haiti on a Guggenheim Fellowship to study Haitian Voodoo. In her report, she related how the music eventually induced uncontrollable bodily movement and an altered state of consciousness. Although she understood the process and thought herself above it, when she began to feel herself become vulnerable to the music, she attempted to fight it and turned away. Anger or resistance almost always assures conversion. (**The observers become the participants?as in the movie the Accused with Jodie Foster where the audience becomes the inciters of the rape) A few moments later she was possessed by the music and began dancing in a trance around the Voodoo meeting house. A brain phase had been induced by the music and excitement, and she awoke feeling reborn.

The US Marines as a Brainwashing Cult (**Remember here before reading the rest of this, that the key to Freemasonry is that a Master Mason is a Master over other Men) ?Before I go on, let?s go back to the six tip-offs to conversion. I want to mention the United States Government and military boot camp. The Marine Corps talks about breaking men down before ?rebuilding? them as new men?as marines! Well, that is exactly what they do, the same way a cult breaks its people down and rebuilds them as happy flower sellers on your local street corner. Every one of the six conversion techniques are used in boot camp.

Considering the needs of the military, I?m not making a judgement as to whether that is good or bad. IT IS A fact that the men are effectively brainwashed. Those who won?t submit must be discharged or spend much of their time in the brig. (**much as those of us who won?t conform in society are the ones most ?persecuted? or hounded out of normal modes of life and living). **my thoughts

With gratitude to those who do the particular research on the various elements of these pieces. as always, I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Dick Sutphen continues: Steps in the Decognition Process ?Once the initial conversion is effected, cults, armed services, and similar groups cannot have cynicism among their members. Members must respond to commands and do as they are told, otherwise they are dangerous to the organizational control. This is normally accomplished as a three-step Decognition Process.

Alertness reduction ?Step One is alertness reduction: The controllers cause the nervous system to malfunction, making it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality. This can be accomplished in several ways. poor diet is one; watch out for Brownies and Kool-aid. The sugar throws the nervous system off (**The use of sugar as a drug of mass control in our modern day diets.

Aspartame, the most popular ?non-nutritive sweetener was experimented with as a mass mind control drug by the Nazis in WWII). More subtle is the ?spiritual diet? used by many cults. They eat only vegetables and fruits; without the grounding of grains, nuts, seeds, dairy products, fish or meat, an individual becomes mentally ?spacey.? Inadequate sleep is another primary way to reduce alertness, especially when combined with long hours of work or intense physical activity. Also, being bombarded with intense and unique experiences achieves the same result.

Programmed Confusion ?Step Two is programmed confusion: You are mentally assaulted while your alertness is being reduced as in Step One. This is accomplished with a deluge of new information, lectures, discussion groups, encounters or one-to-one processing, which usually amounts to the controller bombarding the individual with questions. During this phase of decognition, reality and illusion often merge and perverted logic is likely to be accepted.
Thought Stopping ?Step Three is thought stopping: Techniques are used to cause the mind to go ?flat.? These are altered-state-of-consciousness techniques that initially induce calmness by giving the mind something simple to deal with and focusing awareness. The continued use brings on a feeling of elation and eventually hallucination. The result is the reduction of thought and eventually, if used long enough, the cessation of all thought and withdrawal from everyone and everything except that which the controllers direct. The takeover is then complete. It is important to be aware that when members or participants are instructed to use ?thought-stopping? techniques, they are told that they will benefit by so doing: they will become ?better soldiers? or ?find enlightenment.?

Thought-Stopping Techniques Marching ?There are three primary techniques used for thought stopping. The first is marching: the thump, thump, thump beat literally generates self-hypnosis and thus great susceptibility to suggestion.
Meditation ?The second thought stopping technique is meditation. If you spend an hour to an hour and a half a day in meditation, after a few weeks, there is a great probability that you will not return to full beta consciousness. You will remain in a fixed state of alpha for as long as you continue to meditate. I?m not saying this is bad?if you do it yourself. It may be very beneficial. But it is a fact that you are causing your mind to go flat. I?ve worked with meditators on an EEG machine and the results are conclusive: the more you meditate, the flatter your mind becomes until, eventually and especially if used to excess or in combination with decognition, all thought ceases. Some spiritual groups see this as nirvana?which is bullshit. It is simply a predictable physiological result. And if heaven on earth is non-thinking and non-involvement, I really question why we are here.

Chanting ?The third thought-stopping technique is chanting, and often chanting in meditation. ?Speaking in tongues? could also be included in this category.
?All three-stopping techniques produce an altered state of consciousness. This may be very good if you are controlling the process, for you also control the input. I personally use at least one self-hypnosis programming session every day and I know how beneficial it is for me. But you need to know if you use these techniques to the degree of remaining continually in alpha that, although you?ll be very mellow, you?ll also be more suggestible.

True Believers and Mass Movements ?Before ending this section on conversion, I want to talk about the people who are most susceptible to it and about Mass Movements. I am convinced that at least a third of the population is what Eric Hoffer calls ?true believers.? They are joiners and followers...people who want to give away their power. They look for answers, meaning, and enlightenment outside themselves.

?Hoffer, who wrote ?The True Believer?, a classic on mass movements, says, ?true believers are not intent on bolstering and advancing a cherished self, but are those craving to be rid of unwanted self. They are followers, not because of a desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy their passion for self-renunciation!? Hoffer also says that true believers ?are eternally incomplete and eternally insecure?!

?I know this from my own experience. In my years of communicating concepts and conducting trainings, I have run into them again and again. All I can do is attempt to show them that the only thing to seek is the True Self within. Their personal answers are to be found there and there alone. I communicate that the basics of spirituality are self-responsibility and self-actualization. But most of the true believers just tell me that I?m not spiritual and go looking for someone who will give them the dogma and structure they desire.

?Never underestimate the potential danger of these people. They can easily be molded into fanatics who will gladly work and die for their holy cause. It is a substitute for their lost faith in themselves and offers them as a substitute for individual hope. (**A profound reason for keeping wives and women in general in a perpetual state of low self-esteem so that female energy spoken of in the theme of this article can be better controlled and utilized by the patriarchal orders.) The Moral Majority is made up of true believers. All cults are composed of true believers. You?ll find them in politics, churches, businesses, and social cause groups. They are the fanatics in these organizations.

?Mass Movements will usually have a charismatic leader (**Lawyers are trained communicators and people manipulators and make up so many leadership positions from government on down.) The followers want to convert others to their way of living or impose a new way of life?if necessary, by legislating laws forcing others to their view, as evidenced by the activities of the Moral Majority. This means enforcement by guns or punishment, for that is the bottom line in law enforcement.

?A common hatred, enemy, or devil is essential to the success of a mass movement (**Hence the need for pointing out enemies such as myself to those who might be seeking some direction and answers they are not getting from their religions and spiritual groups.) The born-again Christians have Satan himself, but that isn?t enough- -they?ve added the occult, the New Age thinkers and, lately, all those who oppose their integration of church and politics, as evidenced in their political reelection campaigns against those who oppose their views. In revolutions, the devil is usually the ruling power or aristocracy. Some human-potential movements are far too clever to ask their graduates to join anything, thus labeling themselves as a cult?but, if you look closely, you?ll find that their devil is anyone and everyone who hasn?t taken their training.

?There are mass movements without devils but they seldom attain major status. The True Believers are mentally unbalanced or insecure people, or those without hope or friends. People don?t look for allies when they love, but they do when they hate or become obsessed with a cause. And those who desire a new life and a new order feel the old ways must be eliminated before the new order can be built.

Persuasion Techniques ?Persuasion isn?t technically brainwashing but it is the manipulation of the human mind by another individual, without the manipulated party being aware what caused his opinion shift. I only have time to very basically introduce you to a few of the thousands of techniques in use today, but the basis of persuasion is always to access your right brain. The left half of your brain is analytical and rational. The right side is creative and imaginative. That is overly simplified but it makes my point. So, the idea is to distract the left brain and keep it busy. Ideally, the persuader generates an eyes-open altered state of consciousness, causing you to shift from beta awareness into alpha; this can be measured on an EEG machine.

?Yes Set? ?First, let me give you an example of distracting the left brain. Politicians use these powerful techniques all the time; lawyers use many variations which, I?ve been told, they call ?tightening the noose.?

?Assume for a moment that you are watching a politician give a speech. First, he might generate what is called a ?yes set.? These are statements that will cause listeners to agree; they might even unknowingly nod their heads in agreement. Next come the truisms. These are usually facts that could be debated but, once the politician has his audience agreeing, the odds are in the politician?s favor that the audience won?t stop to think for themselves, thus continuing to agree. Last comes the suggestion. This is what the politician wants you to do and, since you have been agreeing all along, you could be persuaded to accept the suggestion. Now, if you?ll listen closely to my political speech, you?ll find that the first three are the ?yes set,? the next three are truisms and the last is the suggestion.

?Ladies and gentlemen: are you angry about high food prices? Are you tired of astronomical gas prices? Are you sick of out-of- control inflation? Well, you know the Other Party allowed 18 percent inflation last year; you know crime has increased 50 percent nationwide in the last 12 months, and you know your paycheck hardly covers your expenses any more. Well, the answer to resolving these problems is to elect me, John Jones, to the U.S. Senate.?

Embedded Commands ?And I think you?ve heard all that before. But you might also watch for what are called embedded commands. As an example: On key words, the speaker would make a gesture with his left hand, which research has shown is more apt to access your right brain. Today?s media-oriented politicians and spellbinders are often carefully trained by a whole new breed of specialist who are using every trick in the book?both old and new?to manipulate you into accepting their candidate. (**In advertising lately it is ?Obey your thirst?, ?Surrender to your tastes? ?Drive equals love? etc, etc . . reprogramming us for the New World Order takeover taking place.)

The Power of NLP ?The concepts and techniques of Neuro-Linguistics are so heavily protected that I found out the hard way that to even talk about them publicly or in print results in threatened legal action. Yet Neuro- Linguistic training is readily available to anyone willing to devote the time and pay the price. It is some of the most subtle and powerful manipulation I have yet been exposed to. A good friend who recently attended a two-week seminar on Neuro-Linguistics found that many of those she talked to during the breaks were government people.

Interspersal Technique ?Another technique that I?m just learning about is unbelievably slippery; it is called an interspersal technique and the idea is to say one thing with words but plant a subconscious impression of something else in the minds of the listeners and/or watchers.

Practical Examples ?Let me give you an example: Assume you are watching a television commentator make the following statement: Senator Johnson is assisting local authorities to clear up the stupid mistakes of companies contributing to the nuclear waste problems.? It sounds like a statement of fact, but, if the speaker emphasizes the right word, and especially if he makes the proper hand gestures on the key words, you could be left with the subconscious impression that Senator Johnson is stupid. That was the subliminal goal of the statement and the speaker cannot be called to account for anything.

?Persuasion techniques are also frequently used on a much smaller scale with just as much effectiveness. The insurance salesman knows his pitch is likely to be much more effective if he can get you to visualize something in your mind. This is right-brain communication. For instance, he might pause in his conversation, look slowly around your living room and say, ?Can you just imagine this beautiful home burning to the ground?? Of course you can! It is one of your unconscious fears and, when he forces you to visualize it, you are more likely to be manipulated into signing his insurance policy.

Shock and Confusion ?The Hare Krishnas, operating in every airport, use what I call shock and confusion techniques to distract the left brain and communicate directly with the right brain. While waiting for a plane, I once watched one operate for over an hour. He had a technique of almost jumping in front of someone. Initially, his voice was loud then dropped as he made his pitch to take a book and contribute money to the cause. Usually, when people are shocked, they immediately withdraw. In this case they were shocked by the strange appearance, sudden materialization and loud voice of the Hare Krishna devotee. In other words, the people went into an alpha state for security because they didn?t want to confront the reality before them.

Continuing with the example of the Hare Krishnas giving out books at an airport, Sutphen explains a normal reaction: ?In alpha (state), they (the victims) were highly suggestible so they responded to the suggestion of taking the book; the moment they took the book, they felt guilty and responded to the second suggestion: give money. We are all conditioned that if someone gives us something, we have to give them something in return?in that case, it was money. While watching this hustler, I was close enough to notice that many of the people he stopped exhibited an outward sign of alpha?their eyes were actually dilated.

Subliminal Programming ?Subliminals are hidden suggestions that only your subconscious perceives. They can be audio, hidden behind music, or visual, airbrushed into a picture, flashed on a screen so fast that you don?t consciously see them, or cleverly incorporated into a picture or design. (**While the advertising professors I know will say this subliminal programming used in advertising doesn?t work, it is now the basis of all advertising and marketing techniques. It?s modern day instigators knew it worked so well that they actually stopped using it, afraid of how it could be used against mankind?s weak willed mind.)

?Most audio subliminal reprogramming tapes offer verbal suggestions recorded at a low volume. I question the efficacy of this technique- -if subliminals are not perceptible, they cannot be effective, and subliminals recorded below the audible threshold are therefore useless. The oldest audio subliminal technique uses a voice that follows the volume of the music so subliminals are impossible to detect without a parametric equalizer. But this technique is patented and, when I wanted to develop my own line of subliminal audiocassettes, negotiations with the patent holder proved to be unsatisfactory.

?My attorney obtained copies of the patents which I gave to some talented Hollywood sound engineers, asking them to create a new technique. They found a way to psycho-acoustically modify and synthesize the suggestions so that they are projected in the same chord and frequency as the music, thus giving them the effect of being part of the music. But we found that in using this technique, there is no way to reduce various frequencies to detect the subliminals. In other words, although the suggestions are being heard by the subconscious mind, they cannot be monitored with even the most sophisticated equipment.

?If we were able to come up with this technique as easily as we did, I can only imagine how sophisticated the technology has become, with unlimited government or advertising funding. And I shudder to think about the propaganda and commercial manipulation that we are exposed to on a daily basis. There is simply no way to know what is behind the music you hear. It may even be possible to hide a second voice behind the voice to which you are listening.
?The big question about subliminals is: do they work? And I guarantee you they do. Not only from the response of those who have used my tapes, but from the results of such programs as the subliminals behind the music in department stores. Supposedly, the only message is instructions to not steal: one East Coast department store chain reported a 37 percent reduction in thefts in the first nine months of testing.

?A 1984 article in the technical newsletter, ?Brain-Mind Bulletin, ? states that as much as 99 percent of our cognitive activity may be ?non-conscious,? according to the director of the Laboratory for Cognitive Psychophysiology at the University of Illinois. The lengthy report ends with the statement, ?these findings support the use of subliminal approaches such as taped suggestions for weight loss and the therapeutic use of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. ?

Mass Misuse of Subliminal Programming ?I have personally experienced sitting in a Los Angeles auditorium with over ten thousand people who were gathered to listen to a current charismatic figure. Twenty minutes after entering the auditorium, I became aware that I was going in and out of an altered state. Those accompanying me experienced the same thing. Since it is our business, we were aware of what was happening, but those around us were not. By careful observation, what appeared to be spontaneous demonstrations were, in fact, artful manipulations. The only way I could figure that the eyes-open trance had been induced was that a 6- to 7-cycle-per-second vibration was being piped into the room behind the air conditioner sound. That particular vibration generates alpha, which would render the audience highly susceptible. Ten to 25 percent of the population is capable of a somnambulistic level of altered states of consciousness; for these people, the suggestions of the speaker, if non-threatening, could potentially be accepted as ?commands.?

Vibrato ?This leads to the mention of vibrato. Vibrato is the tremulous effect imparted in some vocal or instrumental music, and the cycle- per-second range causes people to go into an altered state of consciousness. At one period of English history, singers whose voices contained pronounced vibrato were not allowed to perform publicly because listeners would go into an altered state and have fantasies, often sexual in nature. ?People who attend opera or enjoy listening to singers like Mario Lanza are familiar with this altered state induced by the performers.

Extra-low Frequency Vibrations (ELFs) ?Now, let?s carry this awareness a little farther. There are also inaudible ELFs (extra-low frequency waves). These are electromagnetic in nature. One of the primary uses of ELFs is to communicate with our submarines. Dr. Andrija Puharich, a highly respected researcher, in an attempt to warn U.S. officials about Russian use of ELFs, set up an experiment. Volunteers were wired so their brain waves could be measured on an EEG. They were sealed in a metal room that could not be penetrated by a normal signal.

?Puharich then beamed ELF waves at the volunteers. ELFs go right through the earth and, of course, right through metal walls. Those inside couldn?t know if the signal was or was not being sent. And Puharich watched the reactions on the technical equipment: 30 percent of those inside the room were taken over by the ELF signal in six to ten seconds.

?When I say ?taken over,? I mean that their behavior followed the changes anticipated at very precise frequencies. Waves below 6 cycles per second caused the subjects to become very emotionally upset, and even disrupted bodily functions. At 8.2 cycles, they felt very elevated feeling, as though they had been in masterful meditation, learned over a period of years. Eleven to 11.3 cycles induced waves of depressed agitation leading to riotous behavior.

Technological Tools for Mass Manipulation ?The more we find out about how human beings work through today?s highly advanced technological research, the more we learn to control human beings. And what probably scares me the most is that the medium for takeover is already in place. The television set in your living room and bedroom is doing a lot more than just entertaining you.
?When you go into an altered state, you transfer into right brain, which results in the internal release of the body?s own opiates: enkephalins and Beta-endorphins, chemically almost identical to opium. In other words, it feels good...and you want to come back for more.

?Recent tests by researcher Herbert Krugman showed that, while viewers were watching TV, right-brain activity outnumbered left-brain activity by a ratio of two to one. Put more simply, the viewers were in an altered trance more often than not. They were getting their Beta-endorphin ?fix.?
?To measure attention spans, psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland of the Veterans Hospital in Bedford, Massachusetts, attached young viewers to an EEG machine that was wired to shut the TV set off whenever the children?s brains produced a majority of alpha waves. Although the children were told to concentrate, only a few could keep the set on for more than 30 seconds!

?Most viewers are already hypnotized. To deepen the trance is easy. One simple way is to place a blank, black frame every 32 frames in the film that is being projected. This creates a 45-beat-per-minute pulsation perceived only by the subconscious mind?the ideal pace to generate deep hypnosis.

?The commercials or suggestions presented following this alpha- inducing broadcast are much more likely to be accepted by the viewer. The high percentage of the viewing audience that has somnambulistic- depth ability could very well accept the suggestions as commands- -as long as those commands did not ask the viewer to do something contrary to his morals, religion, or self-preservation.

?The medium for takeover is here. By the age of 16, children have spent 10,000 to 15,000 hours watching television?that is more time than they spend n school! In the average home, the TV set is on for six hours and 44 minutes per day?an increase of nine minutes from last year and three times the average rate of increase during the 1970s.

?It obviously isn?t getting better...we are rapidly moving into an alpha-level world?very possibly the Orwellian world of ?1984?- -placid, glassy-eyed, and responding obediently to instructions.

?A research project by Jacob Jacoby, a Purdue University psychologist, found that of 2,700 people tested, 90 percent misunderstood even such simple viewing fare as commercials and ?Barnaby Jones.? Only minutes after watching, the typical viewer missed 23 to 36 percent of the questions about what he or she had seen. Of course they did- -they were going in and out of trance! If you go into a deep trance, you must be instructed to remember?otherwise you automatically forget. ? Dick Sutphen

Sounding very much like the premise for the movie The Manchurian Candidate, or the old B-movie classic with Charles Bronson titled Telfon, Eve Lorgen ( ) discusses the ways in which various levels of mind control can be locked into a person?s psyche through the act of traumatization in her work, The Fundamentals of Trauma Based Mind Control:

?Once the victim is systematically traumatized through various methods, which may include ritual abuse, programming is anchored in to each individual trauma. These dissociated traumas are linked to hypnotic programming commands and scripts. Then the traumatic memories linked in with the programming are walled off with amnesia from the host personality. The traumatized ?split? is also known as the newly created alter personality. Alter personalities are created according to the Programmers needs, while the host personality is unaware of the traumatic memories and alters who hold the memories. The alter personality can be called up to the front of the mind via codes or specific cues that the programmer knows, and be trained to do a variety of functions.
?All programming is anchored upon some type of trauma. A variety of scripts may be used, along with specific training for individual alter personalities. This extends into the childhood and adulthood of the slave. The idea behind this is to create the perfect slave who can carry out a variety of functions while maintaining secrecy and obedience to the programmers. Such functions may include assassination, espionage, sexual servicing,
couriers, ?photographic ?mind file data storage, and even psych
ic abilities. There are other important elements employed in Monarch mind control such as the overlaying of demonic entities through ritual, or the power of ancestral generational spirits, which may make the person very psychic. Many of the Monarch victims are chosen because they have a powerful level of generational spirits within their families, who may have practiced black magic for generations. ?

For those who listened carefully enough to the events surrounding the school shootings in Littleton, CO, and Washington State a few years ago, as well as other seemingly isolated incidents of random violence, the common factor always seems to appear that the perpetrator/s always say something along the lines of ?That wasn?t me who did that. ? Friends often testify that so-and-so is not the kind of person to do that sort of thing. This is not true in every case, but certainly many random acts of violence that are highly publicized by the media follow this pattern and act as social destabilizers, again, as with all the best methods of mass mind control, keeps the people off balance and in fear.

But why would someone want to destabilize American society? Does this have anything to do with the systematic programming of millions in various and sundry ways, including many acts of ritual child abuse? again it goes back to the one conspiracy out there?the Great Plan for the New Word Order.

In an interview with Anthony Sutton, famous for his works on ?Skull & Bones,? the US Banks financing Hitler, & ?Trance-Formation? (Liberty House Press at 1-800-343-6180) Sutton showed how the Soviet state?s technological and manufacturing base, which was then engaged in supplying the North Vietnamese the armaments and supplies to kill and wound American soldiers, was built by US firms and mostly paid for by the US taxpayers. From their largest steel and iron plant, to automobile manufacturing equipment, to precision ball-bearings and computers, basically the majority of the Soviet?s large industrial enterprises had been built with the United States help or technical assistance.

His work also led him to more questions than answers. ?Why had the US built-up it?s enemy? Why did the US build-up the Soviet Union while we also transferred technology to Hitler?s Germany? Why does Washington want to conceal these facts??

When one understands the interconnection between all these groups that crosses any national boundaries, or any ties of blood or family, but instead owes it?s allegiance to something more malevolent, then one can get a glimpse of the bigger picture.

The New World Order is hydra-headed, and one of the most influential heads of this many-headed beast is the Skull and Bones.

Skull And Bones The story of the Skull and Bones Club begins at Yale, where three threads of American social history, espionage, drug smuggling and secret societies intertwine into one. According to information acquired from a break-in to the tomb (the Skull and Bones meeting hall) in 1876, Bones is a chapter of a corps in a German University (**always note the connections back to Germany).... General Russell, its founder, was in Germany before his Senior Year and formed a warm friendship with a leading member of a German society. He brought back with him to college, authority to found a chapter here. So class valedictorian William H. Russell, along with fourteen others, became the founding members of The Order of Scull and Bones, later changed to The Order of Skull and Bones.

The secretive Order of Skull and Bones exists only at Yale. Fifteen juniors are tapped each year by the seniors to be initiated into next year?s group. Some say each initiate is given $15,000 and a grandfather clock. Far from being a campus fun-house, the group is geared more toward the success of its members in the post-collegiate world.

The family names on the Skull and Bones roster roll off the tongue like an elite party list. Lord, Whitney, Taft, Jay, Bundy, Harriman, Weyerhaeuser, Pinchot, Rockefeller, Goodyear, Sloane, Stimson, Phelps, Perkins, Pillsbury, Kellogg, Vanderbilt, Bush, Lovett and so on- -all leaders tapped to be the members of an Illuminati designed to rule the world and to create a New World Order from the ashes of pre-diluvian civilizations as outlined in the Great Plan.

When asked has Skull and Bones lost its clout? Sutton responds, AS - Well look at the recent fund-raiser for George Bush... Republicans are stuffing money into his pockets...I suggest members recently got behind one of their own and decided to push George all out for president?and Democrats can?t do a thing because Democrat Bones are not going to allow the Party to use the ultimate weapon?George?s membership in a foreign secret society. KM - What do you know of George ? W.? Bush? AS - He is a third generation Bonesman. My personal impression is that he doesn?t have the drive of his father or the skills of his grandfather....but I could be very wrong. He can beat anyone hands down . . . Bush has a closet full (of sins) waiting to emerge. People are getting bored with cover ups and spin. 2000 may see the end of the Bones influence or?reality that these Bones people are powerful.

KM - Is the ?name? of the German group known? AS - Almost certainly Illuminati.

KM - Some people say that there are other ?cells?; what do you think? AS - There are many other secret societies. I?ve only looked at S&B. Unfortunately no historian will keep his job if he tries to explore conspiracy...this is taboo for the American Historical Association. Sooner or later outsiders will take a look. I?ve long thought that S&B fits the legal definition of a conspiracy and needs to be officially investigated. Yes there should be other cells. No secret society worth anything is going to keep its inner actions written down on paper. If the gigantic electronic monitoring apparatus is for national security purposes; then it should be monitoring these people 24 hours a day.

KM - Have you read Cathy O?Brian?s book Trance-Formation Of America? What do think of it? AS - The book does not contain one piece of hard physical evidence. I think Cathy O?Brien BELIEVES SHE IS TELLING THE TRUTH . . . but remember that Mark Phillips is a skilled neuro-linguistic-programmer. Another point that really concerns me is this...where did this story originate? It originated in Communist Chinese Intelligence and Mark Phillips had a contractual relationship with the ChiComs. This could be an attempt to destabilize the US. No doubt these Washington pols are fully capable of these weird practices, just look at Bohemian Grove but that doesn?t mean that the book is an accurate portrayal. If the book is credible I would think the police would have raided Bohemian Grove long ago.

KM - The Federal Reserve, the House of Morgan, House of Rothschild and Skull and Bones are they related? AS - Best source for this is a book by me THE FEDERAL RESERVE CONSPIRACY, 1995 CPA, PO Box 596, Boring OR 97007.

AH - Did any of Hitler?s economic policies threaten the interests of the international bankers, and if so did that play a role in his downfall? AS - Hitler?s economic policies were OK?d by the bankers right through the war...ITT, Chase, Texaco and others were operating in Nazi-held France as late as 1945. In fact Chase in Paris was trying to get Nazi accounts as late as 1944. When we got to Germany in May 1945, I remember seeing a (bombed-out) Woolworth store in Hamburg and thinking, ?What?s Woolworth doing in Nazi Germany?? While we were bombed and shelled it was ?business as usual? for Big Business. Try the Alien Custodian Papers. See my BEST ENEMY MONEY CAN BUY for more information. Union Banking is very important. I made a documentary for Dutch National TV some years ago. It got all the way through the production process to the Dutch TV the last minute it was pulled and another film substituted. This documentary has proof of Bush financing Hitler?documents. Maybe my Dutch friends will still get it viewed, but the apparatus reaches into Holland.

KM - What is the story that was going to be told on Dutch TV? And what is the story of it?s censorship? AS - Couple of years back, a Dutch TV production company from Amsterdam?under contract to Dutch National TV?came to US to make documentary on S&B. They went to the Bones Temple and other places and interviewed people on East Coast. On West Coast, they interviewed myself and one other person. I saw extracts from the original and it is a good professional job. They had documents linking Bush family and other S&B members to financing Hitler through Union Banking of New York and its Dutch correspondent bank. More than I have in WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER. The first version was later upgraded into a two part documentary and scheduled for showing this last March. It was pulled at last minute and has never been shown.

DG - What is the importance of your work on Skull and Bones? AS - The potential is extraordinary. IF we find that secret societies are indeed significant the entire history of the last two centuries will have to be re-written. At this point in 1999, the potential has not been explored by others and I?ve moved back to my original interest?technology.

And speaking of the role of technology in building this New World Order of mind-controlled slaves, the world has now re-mastered many of the old Atlantean ways of affecting this very purpose.

In ?The Mind Has No Firewall? by Timothy L. Thomas http://carlisle- the author quotes Russian army Major I. Chernishev, who, writing in the military journal Orienteer in February 1997, asserted that ?psy? weapons are under development all over the globe. Specific types of weapons noted by Chernishev (not all of which have prototypes) were:

# A psychotronic generator, which produces a powerful electromagnetic emanation capable of being sent through telephone lines, TV, radio networks, supply pipes, and incandescent lamps. # An autonomous generator, a device that operates in the 10-150 Hertz band, which at the 10- 20 Hertz band forms an infrasonic oscillation that is destructive to all living creatures.

# A nervous system generator, designed to paralyze the central nervous systems of insects, which could have the same applicability to humans. # Ultrasound emanations, which one institute claims to have developed. Devices using ultrasound emanations are supposedly capable of carrying out bloodless internal operations without leaving a mark on the skin. # Psychotropics, defined as medical preparations used to induce a trance, euphoria, or depression. Referred to as ?slow-acting mines, ? they could be slipped into the food of a politician or into the water supply of an entire city. Symptoms include headaches, noises, voices or commands in the brain, dizziness, pain in the abdominal cavities, cardiac arrhythmia, or even the destruction of the cardiovascular system. (**These are what I have been warned about and subsequently written about in the warning following my article on the Environment and the New World Order at # Subliminals Noiseless cassettes. It is said that the Japanese have developed the ability to place infra-low frequency voice patterns over music, patterns that are detected by the subconscious. Russians claim to be using similar ?bombardments? with computer programming to treat alcoholism or smoking. # The 25th-frame effect, alluded to above, a technique wherein each 25th frame of a movie reel or film footage contains a message that is picked up by the subconscious. This technique, if it works, could possibly be used to curb smoking and alcoholism, but it has wider, more sinister applications if used on a TV audience or a computer operator.

For further reading on this topic: KUBARK CIA Interrogation Manual htm Higher-Dimensional Warfighting . Wonder Weapons STAR GATE [Controlled Remote Viewing] htm United States Patent 5,159,703 : Silent subliminal presentation system

Diane Harvey ( ) addresses this very issue in her article, ?Something Is Frighteningly Wrong With The American People Now.? Chemtrails: Taking A Stand.?

?What is it that all of us involved in this pestiferous chemtrail issue have in common? It isn?t just the wretched fact of being bombarded from above with sickening unknown substances, by unknown persons, for unknown reasons. We do seem to know something now, about what is being done to us and why. This is not comforting either, because chemtrails are just the tail of the technological dragon.

?What really brings us together is something much deeper even than this. And that is, that all of us see the disappearance, before our eyes, of all influence on our own future, and on the future of our children and grandchildren. On the surface, we are brought together by an investigation into what must be the most complex and expensive secret operation ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting population. So, beneath this outrageous monumental techno-crime, is the much larger specter of an absolutely out-of-control runaway government. ?They?, whoever they are, are dragging us, wherever they are going, by force. We aren?t being asked for our cooperation, or for our votes. This means that the very word ?government? is now effectively meaningless. WHAT government? Where is it? Who is it? Can we say we know the first thing about who is in fact actually running our country? No. And this what lies at the very bottom of all of our very justifiable fears.
?On any practical and meaningful level, we are no longer citizens of a Republic at all. The sham of our supposed leaders, pretending to conduct a free and democratic society in our name, is a despicable insult to our intelligence. This is a very terrible fact we are looking in the eye here. And it leads us directly to the other important part of the eerie historical moment we are living in. Which is that, not only do we have no idea who is making the decisions for us now, we don?t even have a population that cares.

?There is something frighteningly wrong with the American people right now. A mysterious fog has settled down over people?s minds. Something beyond run-of-the-mill human apathy has overtaken this society. People have lost something so fundamental to human life that we can hardly believe it, even though we see its effects constantly. We can describe what we see, but we can barely grapple with the meaning of it. This is something new under the sun, and it is very strange. But it is real, and we know it. People are disconnected from basic reality at a level that actually seems impossible.

?The fact that our government has gone off without us into dark secret places is a great crisis for our nation. But if our country were populated by alert, responsible and indignant citizens, this would not be happening.

?It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.? Justice Robert H. Jackson

?It has taken a long time to entirely sever so many human beings from their own consciences. It has taken decades of slow, careful, deliberate numbing on many fronts. To send most of a nation into a kind of life-long sleeping sickness of the mind has required methodical planning, and the enthusiastic cooperation of the people themselves. This peculiar condition of mass entrancement we are grappling with now was no accident.

?. . .There have been hidden influences acting behind the scenes in this country for a very long time. What we are looking at in our generation is the result in the present of a very long history of corruption and secret influences. The roots of the present evil are old and deep. Even in his day, Henry David Thoreau looked around very carefully and said: ?How does it become a man to behave toward the American government today? I answer that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it.?

Far too soon after the glorious beginnings of our nation, the American people began to display a tendency to let things go on without their involvement, and in this we haven?t been different from other people in other nations.

Relatively few people have ever felt responsible for trying to fix what was wrong with the power structure of their time. In essence, relatively few have ever wanted to understand or to undertake the responsibilities for human freedom. Self-government by any people has had a very short shelf life in human history so far, for reasons that are sadly obvious to us today. Thomas Paine understood this, when he warned: ?Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must undergo the fatigue of supporting it.?

?. . . Has the majority of our population always been unwilling to notice what is inconvenient to notice? Has the majority inevitably left it to the few to demand justice for all? We can see that it has, and in this way we are re-enacting an old pattern. But there are many worse aspects to our present predicament than those who lived before us had to contend with. What we are obliged to tackle, merely by being aware of it at all, is the lethal combination of concealed power, secret technology and an unprecedented level of materialism that powerfully induces mass sleeping sickness.

?We have a de facto clandestine government, practicing without a license. The long arm of the military is growing in the dark, reaching out to affect every living thing on earth without the slightest oversight or agreement from the profoundly affected. People have, on the whole, traded normal awareness for highly destructive substitutes, and the evidence of their senses for the short-lived comforts of being undisturbed by reality. What is there then to hope for, in looking at so many kinds of dark forces arrayed against us?

?There are hopeful elements in this picture, despite appearances to the contrary. One great hope is in the fact that we have no leaders. Good government in our country has so far relied heavily on the existence of occasional great leaders. Since such people are always rare, in a very real sense this has been a serious weakness inherent in the practical working out of the democratic ideal. Great leaders have come and gone, but the citizenry, the supposed bedrock of a freedom-loving people, has not been sufficiently involved in national life. Yet things are so bad now that more and more people are being forced to realize that they have been tricked and abandoned by the wayside. We are not rare specimens, but part of a significant number of people who see things going disastrously off the rails in various ways. In every country human beings are looking around and wondering why they should put up with having no say at all in their own world. We might be surprised at how many of us there are, still divided by different issues, yet united in the basic understanding of what we are looking at.

. . . . Simply by taking our own Constitution seriously, we make ourselves outcasts. ?You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in their struggle for independence.?

Charles A. Beard (This speech by Diane Harvey was delivered through the kind auspices of David Peterson, at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, on June 24, 2001)

And the energy wars continue. Capturing one?s energy is tantamount to enslaving not just the physical body, but also capturing or entrapping the soul energy. This idea is expressed in the movie The Matrix when it is said that a person dying in the matrix also dies outside it. While Soul is certainly indestructible, it can be damaged so bad and it?s essential Light can be drained, however. the dark Side does not have a light of it own, and so must steal this energy, this Light from others to survive. This is the essential importance of the vampire legend- -energy suckers for blood represents both joy, love, and Light flowing through our systems. These energies as I have seen in my healing work can either be physically incarnate or disincarnate beings from one or many dimensions. Family members are always up to this since we are usually so open around them only expecting ?love?.
This is also this same imprisonment of Soul (one can imprison one?s self) that keeps a Soul reincarnating over and over again on this very dense physical planet instead of moving on to higher and grander lessons in the Universe.
Spirit Possession And How To Avoid It Phillipine Daily Inquirer (10-25-1)
If sexual harassment is defined as ?unwelcome attention,? then possession may be defined as ?unwelcome intrusion of interference by a spirit into one?s thoughts, will and/or body.?

Anyone can be a victim of evil spirits or demonic possession. Even very religious and prayerful persons have been known to be possessed.

Modern western psychology and psychiatry do not consider demonic possession to be a clinical reality. However, more enlightened practitioners and researchers now feel that certain types of psychosis (such as schizophrenia), or any sudden or radical change in behavior, can be signs of spirit possession.
What kinds of spirits do this? Why do they possess the living? What is their purpose? This is how Brad Steiger, a well-known prolific American psychic researcher and author explains it: ?Current modalities of the universe maintain that energy can never be destroyed. Therefore, it is reasoned, even though we may discard our bodies at death, the Soul energy that we have created during our lifetime exists even after we have died. At death, this psychic energy force separates itself from the body and begins a new existence on the spirit level.

?A number of parapsychologists have declared that there may be very little difference between the two worlds. The electromagnetic structure of the soul continues to have the same habits, thoughts, memories, feelings and flaws as existing in the physical plane.

?Thus, if a person has spent his entire existence in pursuit of pleasure, the psychic soul personality will experience the same mediumistic drives after death. He will attempt to return to all his old, pleasurable places.

?Think of the tremendous, unresolved shock when someone dies unexpectedly and enters the spirit world. And if there were additional negative factors, such as a feud left unsettled, an old score left unpaid, an argument left unresolved, then that spirit might hunger to return to the physical world and obtain vengeance.?

Such a negative and earthbound spirit may seek to attach itself to a susceptible person and make him or her do things unnatural to and against his or her will. Such spirits become parasites.

Signs of Spirit Possession Any or a combination of the following behavior pattern is indicative of spirit or demonic possession: 1. Hearing voices directing the person to perform acts he may not have considered doing. 2. He or she will frequently see or sense the image of the possessing spirit as it existed in its physical life. 3. The victim may blackout or faint without knowing what transpired during that time. 4. Sometimes, in the midst of a conversation, he may have a mental block and act in a trance-like manner. 5. He may be observed talking or walking differently or acting in a strange, irrational manner. 6. He may act in a way he has never done before. His friends may see him as a totally different person. 7. In a worst scenario, the possession may reach a climax where the person may commit a crime, some violent or anti-social act and even suicide. 8. He or she may speak in tongues, and perform lewd acts and avoid religious objects (like a crucifix, rosary, etc.)

According to another researcher, clinical psychologist Edith Fiore, over 50 percent of those confined in mental hospitals in the United States are not insane but victims of spirit possession. I wonder what would be the estimated percentage in Philippine hospitals. Considering our people?s greater sensitivity to spirit forces and poor diagnostic procedures, perhaps the percentage of possessed individuals confined in mental hospitals here is greater.

1. Have a positive, cheerful attitude. Since on the mental and spirit plane ?like attracts like,? a positive attitude will attract positive and benign spirits to you.
2. Maintain harmony and balance in your mind, body and spirit. Keep your emotional side especially in check and not prone to outbursts of anger.
3. Avoid being in the company of highly negative people or going to negative places. Negative individuals can sap your energy and drain you, thereby making spirit possession easier. The same in places with negative or earthbound spirits, for example, hospitals, cemeteries, wakes or haunted houses.
4. Remember you have free will. You are the master of your own life and destiny. Do not allow another entity to conquer or over-power your will. Remember even God respects our will and will not do anything to go against it. Only evil spirits try to overpower our will. Do not succumb to such attempts. Assert your will over any other entity and command it to ?Begone!?
5. Carry protective or sacred objects with you. If you are a Christian, you may carry with you some powerful religious objects that you believe in. For example, St. Benedict?s medal, which was specially charged or blessed by an authorized Benedictine Priest, can help protect you against demonic possession. If you believe in quartz crystals or amulets, have one specially blessed or charged by a competent person to protect you.
6. Practice discernment. If an evil spirit is present, you can sense this. Your body will react in a different way compared to the presence of a good spirit. Learn to distinguish them. Discernment is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to St. Paul. ?

The New World Order works on many levels of existence, and at many higher dimensions as well. One of the follies of some New Age thought is the belief that everything above the physical is all ?love and Light?. This is not so.

Anyone who knows the Universal politics behind what is going on knows that it is the aliens from certain star systems on a different dimensional level who truly control those here on planet Earth. Sounds like the X-Files movie doesn?t it? But this is how the Spiritual Hierarchy often try to get messages through to the general consciousness. And this is also why so many of these movies seem to strike a resonant chord within our beings.

In a recent article on the New World Order, I included an excerpt from The Globalizer Who Came In From the Cold?Observer, London (Wednesday, October 10, 2001) by Greg Palast in which Palast interviewed Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist of the World Bank which helps show this destabilizing influence on other countries of the world, much as is being done to a far lesser extent in this country right now?but for exactly the same reasons?ultimate control.
?I ?debriefed? Stigltiz over several days, at Cambridge University, in a London hotel and finally in Washington in April 2001 during the big confab of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. But instead of chairing the meetings of ministers and central bankers, Stiglitz was kept exiled safely behind the blue police cordons, the same as the nuns carrying a large wooden cross, the Bolivian union leaders, the parents of AIDS victims and the other ?anti-globalization? protesters. The ultimate insider was now on the outside.

?The result was predictable,? said Stiglitz of the Hot Money tidal waves in Asia and Latin America. Higher interest rates demolished property values, savaged industrial production and drained national treasuries.

?At this point, the IMF drags the gasping nation to Step Three: Market-Based Pricing, a fancy term for raising prices on food, water and cooking gas. This leads, predictably, to Step-Three-and-a-Half: what Stiglitz calls, ?The IMF riot.?

?The IMF riot is painfully predictable. When a nation is, ?down and out, [the IMF] takes advantage and squeezes the last pound of blood out of them. They turn up the heat until, finally, the whole cauldron blows up,? as when the IMF eliminated food and fuel subsidies for the poor in Indonesia in 1998.

Indonesia exploded into riots, but there are other examples - the Bolivian riots over water prices last year and this February, the riots in Ecuador over the rise in cooking gas prices imposed by the World Bank. You?d almost get the impression that the riot is written into the plan.

?And it is. What Stiglitz did not know is that, while in the States, BBC and The Observer obtained several documents from inside the World Bank, stamped over with those pesky warnings, ?confidential, ? ?restricted,? ?not to be disclosed.? Let?s get back to one: the ?Interim Country Assistance Strategy? for Ecuador, in it the Bank several times states - with cold accuracy - that they expected their plans to spark, ?social unrest,? to use their bureaucratic term for a nation in flames.

?The IMF riots (and by riots I mean peaceful demonstrations dispersed by bullets, tanks and tear gas) cause new panicked flights of capital and government bankruptcies. This economic arson has it?s bright side - for foreign corporations, who can then pick off remaining assets, such as the odd mining concession or port, at fire sale prices.

Stiglitz notes that the IMF and World Bank are not heartless adherents to market economics. At the same time the IMF stopped Indonesia ?subsidizing? food purchases, ?when the banks need a bail-out, intervention (in the market) is welcome.? The IMF scrounged up tens of billions of dollars to save Indonesia?s financiers and, by extension, the US and European banks from which they had borrowed.

Now we arrive at Step Four of what the IMF and World Bank call their ?poverty reduction strategy?: Free Trade. This is free trade by the rules of the World Trade Organization and World Bank, Stiglitz the insider likens free trade WTO-style to the Opium Wars. ?That too was about opening markets,? he said. As in the 19th century, Europeans and Americans today are kicking down the barriers to sales in Asia, Latin American and Africa, while barricading our own markets against Third World agriculture.

?In the Opium Wars, the West used military blockades to force open markets for their unbalanced trade. Today, the World Bank can order a financial blockade just as effective - and sometimes just as deadly.?

A man or woman out of work is a study in low self-esteem. A man or woman who cannot provide for their family is the same. A man or woman who cannot pay their monthly bills and is constantly harassed by their creditors and told they are low lives when it is not their fault, have no will of their own and are easily taken over or controlled.

When the united States itself is almost $6 trillion in debt, it simply reflects that those in power seek not only to control all the money at hand, but also all the energy potential of people?s lives as well for money is simply one form of energy. The company store only grows to a worldwide scale before our very eyes..

Abusive relationships are always based on an inequality of power?usually expressed as low self-esteem in one or both of the combatants. This simple guideline below can be extrapolated to our own relationship with ourselves and our controllers, the New World Order. It shows clearly the pattern of male dominance and its lust for power over the female energy form. It is very common and very evident in the healing work I do on women who are usually in some subservient role to the men in their lives.

If you are abusive in a relationship Sex & Trust Self-esteem
?You might be confused about whether what?s happening to you is abuse. This info helps you understand the different kinds of abuse.

?Abuse or violence in a relationship is about a pattern of behaviour that one person uses against another to intimidate them and to get them to do what they want. Abuse is not just physical violence. Emotional or sexual abuse can be just as harmful as physical violence. ?Research shows that in relationships, males (the patriarchy) are most likely to be the abusers, and females (the feminine energies)are most likely to be the victims. Females can also be abusive, in lesbian and in straight relationships.

?Examples of these forms of abuse are: ?This is when your boyfriend or girlfriend puts you down, ignores you or calls you names. It may be about what you are wearing, or how you?re acting. They may want you to stop spending time with your friends and question you on every detail of what you?ve done without them. They may use jealousy or anger to intimidate you or to control your behaviour, or might deliberately humiliate you in front of others. They might try to manipulate you and make you feel wrong, inadequate or like you?re crazy. Another form of emotional abuse is if they threaten to hurt themselves or other people if you break up with them. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse.

Physical abuse involves physical acts such as hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, pulling your hair or choking you, or threatening to harm you in any way. It could involve using a weapon or an object to threaten or hurt you, smashing things or driving a car dangerously to frighten you. Hurting someone physically or threatening to hurt them is a criminal offence. . .

?Sexual abuse involves pressuring or forcing you to do sexual things that you don?t want to do. Even if they have not physically forced you to have sex with them, if they tried to manipulate you or coerce you into having sex when you didn?t want to (like if they say ?you?d do it if you really loved me? or ?you?re frigid?), this is still sexual abuse. It is also sexual assault if you have been drinking or taking drugs or if you were asleep or unconscious and you were not aware of what was happening. Rape and other forms of sexual assault are criminal offenses. ?

What?s Love got to do with it? ?It can be hard to see whether your boyfriend / girlfriend?s behaviour is actually abusive, or it can be hard to find a word for it. They might try to convince you that their jealous and possessive behaviour is because they love you. But this kind of treatment isn?t love; it?s control.

Are you being abused? Have a look at the Relationship Warning Signs Quiz: