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Mindtrap (for Tina)
By Peter Farley

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which
brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most
minute solar system of the atom together . . . We must assume behind
this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. The
mind IS the matrix of all matter. –Max Planck

How wrong and how right a physicist can be. Indeed the mind is the
Matrix, the screen on which the matrix plays out all its evil scenes
without ever asking the heart Is this real? Is this valid? Is this
the way things should be? for it is in the heart that we would get
the answer ´no´. And yet we have come to rely so heavily on this tool
run rampant that we even use it to force our kids to go to school and
learn further lies –\"a mind is a terrible thing to waste.´

And then we have the New Age adage – ´Body, mind and spirit´ –with
never a mention of the heart, the driving force behind the
fulfillment of what the mind wishes. But the mind, being the male
aspect of Creation, refuses to ask for directions just like those who
carry it in their male form. Stubborn, always wanting to be in
charge, afraid to give over the driving duties to anyone else,
especially the female aspect – heart, it smashes through every
barrier in its way, not subtly dealing with issues, but instead
stomping them into the ground if they refuse to get out of the way.
And what do we do with this wonderful tool run rampant? We keep on
feeding it more and more information at every cry of \"feed me! feed
me!\", taking every new opportunity presented to run further and
further away from our hearts. And so we go off for more schooling,
wasting some of the most productive and fertile years of our youth,
cramming our heads with more facts and figures and growing further
and further away from the true driving Matrix or Mother-energy of
Creation – the heart.

\"The campus grounds bustled with activity. Friends sought out
friends. Returning students gathered in groups to talk about their
summer adventures. Freshmen milled together, their unfamiliarity
being their common bond. Fraternity brothers eyed the new coeds with
a practiced eye. Sorority sisters lingered to catch a glimpse of any
new professors who happened by.

\"It was a glorious morning. The light breeze brought fresh scents pf
pine and spruce wafting lazily through the mountain air. The bright
sun splashed down out of a deep turquoise sky. Signs of new
beginnings were in bloom everywhere one rested one´s gaze, for
colorful autumn flowers were planted in budding clusters throughout
the grounds.
The students were anxious to begin the new academic year. Great
adventures were about to begin. New roads were being traveled and
chartered courses set. The entire campus possessed a touchable aura
of adventure and discovery. (Mary Summer Rain – The Seventh Mesa)\"

I have seen this kind of sight twice in my past few lifetimes. Once
was at a Nevada university where I taught journalism while getting my
Master´s degree. The second was at Chaco Canyon in the Four Corners
area of the southwestern United States. What we who were there can
tell you that archeologists cannot is that Chaco Canyon was a
university of its own sort, a university for souls from across the
galaxy and beyond to come and learn some of the spiritual wisdom of
nature, and of the things the third dimension had to offer. As a
shaman of that era (as described in an earlier article entitled
Anasazi –A Journey into Forgiveness), we ´ancient ones´ held classes
for these souls, many of whom are now back at this time to share in
the duties of helping save planet Earth and making sure she ascends
back into the higher dimensions. Many of you are those very same
souls, the ones milling around on the not-so-then-deserty floors of
those bygone days, studying, learning, sharing the wisdom and all the
adventure life had to offer. Now you are husbands and housewives,
teenagers or old folk, stuck inside a matrix you have been inserted
into but having forgotten your own way home.

Many years ago I was given a task, not of saving the world or helping
heal Creation, but simply to help get some of the most impossible
cases of ´stuck Lightworkers´ off their fences one way or the other.

Having been a teacher and guide once upon a time for many of you (the
word ´shaman´ means ´heart of the people´), it wasn´t a hard job to
accept. Having been an almost impossible case myself in this lifetime
it wasn´t hard to understand the problems facing those who were
refusing to budge. And yet still I have failed with so many –
unattached to the outcomes as I have been trained to do since ´free
will´ dictates that a person choose their own path in life. Still, as
Oscar Schindler says at the end of Schindler´s List, ´I could have
saved one more\".

This article is dedicated to Tina. It was written today, though
Guidance had me pull the pieces for it together a week ago because
they knew Tina would fail – fail to step up, to live up to what she
came to the planet to do –a task that must be done this weekend and
she is not willing nor is she ready. Instead she speaks of going on
with her schooling, about husbands and finances and how difficult
life is –all the while missing the entire reason she came to the
planet in this lifetime staring her right in the face right now.

All those who seek spirituality through the mind are doomed to fail
in just such a way, for the mind ALWAYS wants to be in charge and
fear is one of its greatest tools for keeping us all in line. The
heart, on the other hand, is spontaneous. It loves to jump at the
chance for adrenalin-pumping action and service. It is the Right-Eye
of Horus training which once upon a time must be passed BEFORE one
could go on with the teachings of the mind.

The New World Order has taken the heart out of schooling, taken the
passion for life and learning out of schools and out of the students,
and replaced it with the quest for the golden fleece, a piece of
paper without which one cannot practice all one knows and has learned
over myriad lifetimes of study and learning on all levels of
Creation. How we all are controlled! and yet no one is judged for
what they do or what they do not do at this time for Spirit is
exacting and lessons not learned will come around again just as
Groundhog Day predicted so well. Unfortunately they are lessons we
have been through so, so often, and now must face again if we do not
pass this test of rising up to take hold of that which we know and
use it in the service of All at the time when it is now most needed.

I have not read a book since I began this mission a dozen years ago,
not even the ones I quote in my own books, for Guidance chooses the
exact passages I need, the gems of wisdom and of truth which, when
combined, piece together the bigger picture so tightly woven that
they resemble the fitting together of the stones in the ancient city
of Machu Pichu.

Someone joined my yahoogroup this week wanting to debate history with
me, but his learning in this lifetime is through books, not through
remembrances of the past he himself helped to create. How can one
debate personal experience with someone locked into the four walls of
the mind? One is a fool to even try.

Stop feeding the ever-ravenous mind. Use your heart to tune in to
your Guidance. Make it the source from which your wisdom springs.
Then make the mind the wonderful tool it was meant to be. I couldn´t
have written this article without its awesome help –and for that I
thank it, and I thank the Guidance which provided the words that the
mind used to assemble it.

In service, Peter Farley – guide.