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mixing the old with the new
It\'s a spiritual law that one must let go of the old before one gets the new.
It\'s a matter of intent mixed with faith and trust that shows one is at a
certain level of spiritual development where they trust their Guidance to
support ythem in their spiritual endeavors, and that it\'s a \'bountiful
Universe\', one where each individual fragment of the whole is loved as much as
the whole Itself.

Most of you are trying to rearrange your old paradigm to accomodate the new
paradigm into it, like trying to fit the \'outside the Matrix world\' of Neo into
the Matrix world into which he is inserted in order to do his work. It\'s the
fence-sitting work that has was explaine dto me as a major element of my
mission, to kick the asses of the higher Lightworkers trapped here to get them
off their fences.

The problem is that most of these higher Lightowrkers such as you have big asses
and they\'re firmly stuck to the top of that fence straddling either side and
afraid to get of fon one side or the other. Inner knowingness tells you that
what\'s here and what\'s coming is true, but like the masses themselves ignoring
the signs all around them, you wnat to see the rain start falling before you get
on board the Ark. How much rain does it take to convince you of the flood

Oh yes, and if you didn\'t help build the Ark don\'t expect free passage when it
does start raining, that\'s a big part of the letting go of the old in order to
be a aprt of the new.

The spiritual lesson Guidance had me write on this subject a number of years ago
before the rain was falling as hard as it seems to be right now *S --

Lesson #5: Getting Off the Fence
By Peter Farley

The basic understanding people need right now is that there is a war
taking place in Creation between the forces of Light and the forces
of Darkness up unto almost the highest levels and dimensions of the
Universes. We are all a part of this war whether we like it or not.

The only choice we have is whether we want to be part of the forces
of the Army of Light, or victims, dupes or cannon-fodder for the
forces of the Dark.

Early on when I first began this particular mission of mine Guidance
told me it was too late to save the planet, but that there were a
whole lot of High Light-workers sitting on the fence who I could

Well along the way we helped save the planet. I haven\'t been so
successful at helping many Light-workers get off their fences
though. It\'s the most difficult thing to do. The New World Order has
known only to well how to stop that happening. They\'ve had lots of
practice on tens of millions of planets before this one.

They\'ve programmed us all too well. They\'ve hooked us into a Matrix
so well that we think we can\'t survive without it. Along the way
they\'ve added a few other small things to act as anchors to stop us
should we think of hopping down and doing what it is we all came
here to do. Some small little things such as denial, fear, self-
will, and the idea that spirituality is all about being out of the
body soul travelling the higher dimensions.

My favorite cartoon is one of the old Far Side ones where a new
angel is sitting on a cloud looking bored. In the dialogue bubble
coming from his lips are the words \"I wish I\'d brought some

Religion teaches us that spiritual evolution is all about getting to
the point where we get ascend to some place to spend eternity with
God hanging out ?I guess playing Scrabble or some other cosmic board
game. Worse still is the unbelievable concept introduced into
Christianity in the first millennia that we get to do it in this
old, worm-eaten body which will ascend at the proper time
manifesting some idyllic time of our lives ? Whatever that would
that be? 11, 18, 35? Which age would you choose? Or do you even have
that choice/

In Eckankar, as with most spiritual teachings taken over and co-
opted by the darkside, as everything is on this planet, people sit
around talking about being the Master, instead of being the Master
as its originator Paul Twitchell tried to tell them. I remember one
story the Living Eck Master told about a chela/student who wanted to
help by taking on some of the load of the master. The next day that
person was flat on their back unable to get out of bed.

So where is the glory, where is the reward, where is the benefit of
doing all this tough spiritual work and training, just to have to
work even harder ?and usually for those who cannot or will not
appreciate one iota of what it is you do?

Therein lays the answer to today\'s lesson about getting off the
fence. Each and every one of us have to find that something within
ourselves which helps us decide to forgo any type of recognition, to
risk the possibility of losing family, friends and loved ones, and
to possibly surrender even our very lives in order to serve the
Higher Will, and for what purpose?

There is no answer to this one, folks, for this truly is one each
and every one of us has to find for ourselves. All I can do is
share my own story and see if it resonates with something going on
deep within you:

My life was a Groundhog Day of selfishness, loss and new beginnings
over and over again, the same lessons coming around over and over
again, never finding resolution. What did I have to lose? Well I
never knew what there was to lose until I stepped up and fought back
against overwhelming odds to get off my fence and do the
proverbial ?dance\'. And I lost more than I ever thought I had.

As one man who recently came to see me from Venezuela said, \"The
best warrior is the one with the fewest attachments.\" And he was
right. I do not have most of what any of you have. Then again my
mission is not your mission. I cannot say to you to give up what
you have to do this work because I do not have the things you have ?
or at least the ?things\' you think you have. As I always tell
people, ?I\'d rather be watching football.\'

All I know is that, after working with thousands of people from
around the world in person or online, every one of us, every one of
those thousands of people all had something inside them saying ?This
is what I must do! Time is running short and I came here for a
Higher purpose, not just to live a meaningless life of acquiring
things, seeking out new ways of filling in my time, and struggling
to make the daily bread.\' This is the thing that will either drive
you to get off your fence or not. How loud that still small voice
within you is can be the only thing that makes you get down off your
fence and not get back up on another one. Every spiritual path has
the metaphor of the cliff and the student making a figurative ?leap
of faith\' from that cliff, just like Indiana Jones once did. There
is no guaranteed support for you in the physical and lower worlds
except from your own personal Guidance and your own sense of
knowingness. Therefore you\'re probably crazy if you do get off the
fence, but then again, ask yourself ?What have you got to lose?

It all comes down to that thing which once helped give me the
realization to act or forever regret not acting: It is what the Nine
say in The Only Planet of Choice: Ask yourself what\'s it going to be
like going through Eternity knowing that the lifetime that really
counted, you didn\'t step up to bat?\"

In Service, Peter