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Dear One,

It is time that you learned to open your heart more. How to do this
you ask. Be a little more vulnerable, that is open to others. You have
had shields up around you for protection from others for so long that
nobody could get close to you. They must be able to feel an openness
in you. Put your emphasis on allowing others to approach you rather
than keeping them from hurting you. You are no longer a child at the
mercy of others. Put away the defenses of the child as you no longer
need them.

By maintaining your own attitude of willingness to help others you
will mainly attract those to whom you can be of service. There may be
some other people who have an agenda, but your sensitivity to
vibrations will be your guide as to when to withdraw from those who do
not have your best interests at heart. As you concentrate on helping
others, more positive experiences will flow to you.

As you open your heart, your own desires will lead you where you need
to be. You will attract more people of like kind into your sphere and
together you will have more beneficial experiences. You have already
started the process, just increase your emphasis on being open.
Experience our love and share it with others.

With great love,

Aristenna, and the Spiritual Hierarchy