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more on spirit and dna
More on Spirit and DNA
by Peter Farley

From Volume 9 of my work, The Origin of All Things:
\"When we speak of the Darkside wanting to harness the energy of Creation or to milk the soul food essence from those who are being abducted, what we are basically speaking of here is Vril. Before we go much further we need here to give the reader a better understanding, as best we can, of what this Vril is. Vril is one term used to express the MALE energy of the FATHER inherent in all of Creation. Even greater than Spirit, it is the masculine or male power of Creation Itself:

– from Bulwer-Lytton’s novel, Vril –the Coming Race

“. . . \"What is vril?\" I asked.

“Therewith Zee began to enter into an explanation of which I understood very little, for there is no word in any language I know which is an exact synonym for vril. I should call it electricity, except that it comprehends in its manifold branches other forces of nature, to which, in our scientific nomenclature, differing names are assigned, such as magnetism, galvanism, &c. These people consider that in vril they have arrived at the unity in natural energic agencies, which has been conjectured by many philosophers above ground, and which Faraday thus intimates under the more cautious term of correlation . . .

“These subterranean philosophers assert that, by one operation of vril, which Faraday would perhaps call `atmospheric magnetism,\' they can influence the variations of temperature—in plain words, the weather; that by other operations, akin to those ascribed to mesmerism, electro-biology, odic force, &c., but applied scientifically through vril conductors, they can exercise influence over minds, and bodies animal and vegetable, to an extent not surpassed in the romances of our mystics. To all such agencies they give the common name of vril.\"

Vril is also one part of the natural and neutral force inherent in Mankind once he has regained his 12-strand DNA. It is the masculine energy of Creation that can be used for ‘good or evil’ purposes.

• The Staff and the Serpents.
These are the ones that attempt and often accomplish control over the masculine powers or Vril energy - the Staff. The Staff is the Pillar of Energy that goes from the Grid and into the Heart of Gaia.

In the Inner Earth there are some lost Beings intending Dark interference, but the Spiritual Hierarchy reigns supreme over the Agartha Territory. ARTOLA is strongly present around Gaia\'s Heart, He shields Her from attacks coming from the other darker hierarchy. This dark Hierarchy will often use the Octahedron Crystals to shoot fear and other types of negative energy down into the Heart of Earth. Although ARTOLA shields Her from these, they still present a threat and must be dealt with.

The Pillars of Energy come up from Gaia\'s Heart and into the Grid flow around Earth, but then there are places where the energy is not free to flow, places where it has been pulled out into detours because of implants that suck the energy from other areas along the Grid in the process of stealing the energy.
This energy stolen is then used and transported to underground bases on the 3rd and 4th dimensions or sometimes even into the 5th dimension (when the base contains a portal to space it allows for the 5D level to come into play). This energy is often also shot into space to other stellar sources, or used to attack Gaia Herself.

The wings of the serpents represented in Thoth\'s staff, the Caduceus, show how they control the Pillars of Energy, the Vortexes, sometimes from aerial structures, by using the Octahedron Crystal Devices.

The symbolism of Thoth\'s staff also goes far deeper than this as the Darkside has established control over Man\'s DNA and the way it works and is limited. When they control the Light of the Planet, they control the way in which the Planet works. When they control the structure of the population, then they are able to manipulate them through their genes.

The latest Russian scientific research shows that there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes. Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered \"junk DNA.\" Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore that 90% of \"junk DNA.\" According to there findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code —especially in the apparent \"useless\" 90%— follows the same rules as all our human languages.

To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar. They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow a regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. Therefore, human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA (as explained in Volume 1).

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of DNA. In brief the bottom line was: \"Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.\" This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns (sound) onto a laser-like ray which influenced DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself.

Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) is of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language! This, too, was experimentally proven!

Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies (sound) are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. (
Some people are born into \"better\" \"freer\" bodies which often enable them to work outside the control of the Darkside. Often, though, there are still implants placed in these people\'s auric fields that allow for them to be controlled. Being controlled includes having little or no will to change their reality and Life into something better which they know they deserve and long for.

Intent is what links these people to the Energy of Light, and intent is what keeps one away from darkness. The DNA that is more enlightened simply has more connections to Creation and is better able to reach into its Light. Whether it is used for Light or darkness depends on intent, but again, it is intent to reach out that takes one into the Light and to the Power of being Free.

On serpent DNA as represented by the Caduceus –

There is much symbolism and information there. The serpent coil when it is a symbol of the DNA helix represents the control the Darkside, particularly through the medical and scientific side, have over human energy—the control they have over the Vril - the winged staff [the two halves of the mind].
The serpent controls energy. The serpents represent the DNA. The serpents are the DNA that tries to control Energy - Life - Light - Creation in itself. As the reptile complex that plays the role of giving men the will to control others, and its very state of being-ness, so it is shown on the Caduceus figure.

The serpents\' DNA is the essence of corruption and of the self-will that controls and traps beings on lower dimensional levels; that gives continuity to the propagation of dark patterns.

They cage the energy of Vril, keeping it within their control. It is the same serpent double helix that, in the DNA of the Anunnaki and other such dark beings, is responsible for their desire to control, to take and keep, stranding for the sake of domination.

It is the serpent vibration and how it affects the DNA, how the will to control gives form to the very same DNA that originated it. It is how ego keeps itself under maintenance - under control and in the same unhealthy state of denial.
It is the serpent vibration that, as inserted into the vibration of Earth\'s Grid and natural Aura, contaminates the vibration of people on the Planet. And this contamination affects their cell replication process, their DNA replication. It harms the process when they feel fear or when they associate with lesser feelings, the will-to-control, and the patterns that are from the darkside of intent. The limitation then may contaminate their body and their actions.

While the New World Order and bad lifestyle will emanate unhealthy vibrations into your DNA, be it through unhealthy food, radiation or excessive noise; walking out into a natural ambiance will help your energies become refreshed, and eating well is a fine way to begin building cleansed cells.

Eating healthy food from the Love of Mother Earth assures that your body is fed with the Love and Nurturing that will bring you a positive and better or healthier course of DNA replication. Everything is connected. The manner you relate to an environment and the nature of the environment, affects your existence in every way.

The DNA is the bridge between non-physical manifestation and dense manifestation as a living body. It is the transition of the many branches of a tree into the trunk. Once Soul meets the Body through DNA, it can be called the gate from the Heavens to Earth; and the level as to which they serve as a gate depends on how the flow of energy takes place. Healthy healing energies keep the gate open for a clearer passage and makes the flow infinitely easier and more intense.

That is the message of a bigger gate - more activated DNA that allows for more Divine energy of Love and of Light to flow into the Physical through the Being that allows it. The gate may become clogged as well, not with food and radiation or noise, but with negative thoughts.

The process of creation and contamination of the DNA also comes with interaction and external interference. This is a new experience and may bring darkness or light where the thoughts from other people and environments are the potential source of disturbance. When people let these thoughts in, they are letting that into their fields and then interacting with other people\'s vibration - the arrangement of their DNA.

DNA is so dynamic... It is not as primal and crude as many think, it is very interactive. When it is activated then it is even more prone to change and faster development and en-light-en-ment.

The activation of DNA is like the growth of a Tree into the Heavens. As it grows larger and with more leaves, it is able to take in more Light, more Energy, and also send more Love into the Earth and to those around it. It is closer to the Sky and to the Sun...

This is an association everyone can make. When there is the hassle of daily stress, just push it away, as you can only have the very best nutrients feed the growth of your Tree of Life, the development and the integration of your Soul with Creation.

And this will also help us heal the Planet back into the ascended state where it belongs.

The better your DNA resonates with Earth, the better the energy will flow from Earth in to you. It will be a healthier relationship and you will enjoy better integration to Earth\'s Ascension.
-- Gromerth, from the Spiritual Light of Gaia\'s Inner Sun (a Tree Spirit)

Developing one\'s DNA functions is useless if one intends to stay inside a box of self-will, it brings better perception but of a more corrupted type. It is this type of corruption that only enforces the view of self-will as being the only way.

Besides the notion of a path into enlightenment - as being connected to Creation; there is also the notion of to which side of Creation one is truly connected, if it is to Light or dark. This determines the arrangement of a person\'s DNA [as what we think affects everything that we have a part in creating].

Some enlightened people have Light DNA, and are powerful and free. Others have enlightened DNA, but are linked to darkness and this may give them certain knowledge and power, but this is not a power to be free. It depends upon what maintains the harmony and balance state of the DNA Structure.

The power of freedom only comes when one breaks out of the Serpent Coil, beyond the serpent DNA, and incorporates a direct link back into the Light and Sound. This link will allow the Being to channel Divinity, Light and Sound of the Highest Level, and to bring healing to its own fields and then beyond to the outside and to others.

Interacting with different energy forms is what gives evolution [shifts the Platonic solids of our vibration into higher-level patterning]. Interaction is recorded, learned, incorporated into the auric field, into the Soul and its Library - sometimes called the Over soul as the group of all incarnations together. The DNA is what becomes connected to Soul and allows one to bring his Soul vibration into the level where his body resides.

More advanced DNA means more connections to Soul, and to Creation, as Soul is a part of Creation, on all levels including the Highest level, where Soul is connected to FATHER [Be-coming One with All Life through Giving—Peter] .

The expression of Soul takes place through the DNA, and so the powers to interact with Creation in a super-natural way is also connected to how much the Soul is able to express itself through that Being\'s DNA. There are those who levitate and who read minds, change matter and travel through space and time with the power of thought alone. Yet that is not brought about by a balanced connection to Light, it is brought about only by the information and the level of Soul-Creation connection that one is able to express through its bodily DNA at that dimensional level.

One can be filled with information, such as Thoth was, and yet full of dark intent. Others can be fully connected to The Light and still have a less-information and a less-developed connection to Creation, thus having less advanced ways to interact with it. One may be connected but not balanced, while another is balanced and less connected. Which is healthier and which will then develop into a grander Being?

The first thing to choose when building a house is the soil on which it will be constructed. Unless it is a firm soil, it will never be safe to live in the house and there will always be a fear of ruin.

Information has no alignment, but intent defines the alignment completely. [Children and even adults are filled with information these days from the Information Society, but very few have the intent nor the will to be able to process and use that information wisely—to serve using that information for the good of All.]

Without the vibration of Love, the alignment of Heart with intent, there is no way for the Light to truly flow in a balanced lively way. Love is what gives life to Light, what shapes and makes it move [Something all the scientists and mathematicians cannot fathom when working with the equations of a Unified Field theory –it is the Love which makes things Unified, the glue which brings all of us and all things together into the One Body of the Everlasting Heavens]. The presence of such an energy as Love in a Being\'s auric field leads into ultimate evolution and the highest level of spiritual development. This Love for Creation is what propels one into Service and into Mastership. Masters are the ultimate servants of Creation and the highest level of Being, it is the highest level of integration with the FATHER\'s will, along with active Work to balance and maintain the harmony of Creation and of Light itself—to heal with Love where needed so that there is only integration and a steady flow of new Light into Creation.

When the Being chooses to interact through Light and service then this Being\'s vibration will be of Light, and this will directly reflect on how the Being\'s DNA is arranged. The non-physical DNA [the other 10 strands which are dimensional/electromagnetic, not physical—Peter] has a higher vibration and a way to arrange itself and \"change faster\", because of how time works differently at higher levels of vibration. The connection to different energies and functions takes place in the DNA [the process of ascension—without the \'need\' to have your DNA \'activated\'].

Chakras are composed of \"parts\" from a Being\'s body. These parts are made of glands, neurons, organs, which are made of tissue - cells - whose creation is guided by how the DNA is arranged.

Channeling Light will heal, will take the vibration of Light into the DNA and then have this DNA enable the cleansing and flow of Light through the chakras of the Being. This brings healing and harmony. Often, surrender ensues when the Being becomes connected to Light at a higher level, and then it becomes completely connected to Light, becoming a portal to this Energy and the changes that it brings.

When one channels darkness through thoughts and the intent of control and limitation of self or others, of lower vibrations, lesser sensations, then the vibration of these energies is incorporated into how the Being\'s DNA is arranged. The vibration of the DNA resonates with how the Being thinks and behaves, and this sometimes leads the Being into a prison that is hard to leave. It blocks the passage of Light and often leads to health problems and faster aging because of how the cells have a hard time replicating their Light patterns. Light is what allows Life, Love is what allows more light to enter, darkness is what steals and corrupts it, taking it to a lower level.

As one becomes closed within darkness there is difficulty to \"see\" and reach Light because there is no intent to, and because it is separated to a certain degree. But with intent to become healed there is always the attraction of healing. There is always help to those who pursue a way out of darkness and out of separation. The form of this help is often certain healing so that the Being is able to continue through its own actions and the following of Divine Guidance. Intent is what allows for this path to be shown.

DNA is not the ultimate cause of one\'s behavior - it is exactly the opposite - the result of how one chooses to act, and the intent behind one\'s OWN actions.
–The Council of The Light and The Intergalactic Federation\'s Council of Education