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More on the Annunaki:From Vol 5
More on the Annunaki:
From Vol 5--
An understanding of the various dimensions of Light and Sound and
their refinements is another key to understanding the history of planet
Earth and Mankind, as laid out in the first four volumes. It was for the
white-powdered gold (monatomic gold) known as `shem-an-a' that our
alien wardens, the Annunaki, came to planet Earth. This substance gave
them a multi-dimensional capability they would otherwise not possess
working at their 4th and 5th dimensional levels. For all its `sham and
drudgery', being human still offers a multidimensional potential that few
other dimensional beings possess. So far, the alchemists of the New
World Order are the only ones who possess the refined version of this
product. What is available to most normal people are various grades of
non-interdimensional liquid ormus, as mentioned in the introduction.

Annunaki Thought Forms in my article Zero Point Time and the Healing
of the Human Form
from Mila:
All toxicity in biochemical form is related to thought form. Next earth
shall tackle the transmutation of the thought-form of the alien beings
known as the Annunaki. These are the beings talked about in Zecharia
Sitchin's translation of ancient Sumerian and Babylonian scrolls, those
the Old Testament talks about as "the Sons of God who came down to
mate with the daughters of Men." The Annunaki anchored 18 thought-
forms that hold in place dominion based experiences. Such thought-form
also is related to the extremes of greed and poverty. The Annunaki
thought-form was discussed in detail in prior Great Central Sun
Transmissions. (See "A New Divine Plan for Humanity and Earth is
Launched" for more information.) One can think of these 18 thought-
forms as the underlying vibration of all (most of the) toxicity upon earth
at this time in history associated with pH imbalances in the physical.
Such thought-form in a nutshell encompasses the patterns of slavery,
control, manipulation, secrecy, privacy, exclusivity, dominion, usury,
dogma, arrogance, fantasy, blind trust, faith, hope, perfection, external
god, pride and obedience. Each of the above 18 thought-forms are
layered like the layers of an onion surrounding earth and on top of the 7
planes of the Mind and their polar counterpart. We say more or less as
the pockets of density that your cities sit within still hold these seven
planes in tact and will probably do so up until they disintegrate, are
flooded, or are destroyed by earthquakes, fire, tornado, or other natural
disasters. One can see in this why natural disasters are a part of earth's
ascension ahead, unless more humans are able to ascend lifting the
vibrations of such regions instead. Each of the 18 thought-forms of
dogma, the Seven mind-planes and the 1thought- form of the Annunaki
era can be equated to a biochemical substance related to decay and
disease of the form and a part of the genetic fabric of all species upon
earth. Through ascension to evolution, little by little all biochemical
components related to all fear-based and dominion-based thought- form
are transmuted in the physical, leading to resurrection of all remaining
decay and some scar tissue of the form. What biochemical substances
are related to toxins? Heavy metals, addictive substances (nicotine,
marijuana, alcohol addiction, cocaine) and pesticides are related to the
vibration of dogma. One transcends such patterning as one ascends.
One will also transmute or remove such substances from the form in the
act of ascension."