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more on the grid
>11/30/2005 02:01 AM

>Incorporating healing through learning of/with the truth

>The strong wiring positioned thorough the Grid works in the
>following manner:

>There are facilities destined to collect the energy stored on the
>World\'s Energy Grid. They use the energy as prime matter, just as
>wood from a tree is used for building a boat.
>The energy is collected and used to fuel an attempt to rearrange
>social or political structure, or \"deal\" with (read \"bullying\" and
>\"fooling\") someone\'s or an entire city\'s consciousness. They use
>the energy to do changes to \"the matrix\" much in the same way as
the movie (The Matrix) portrays.
>The Grid is a network of stored energy and information, and it
>holds the thought energy of what is at ground level. Some places
>contain more energy- areas with more people, energy vortexes, or
>certain structures that harness special powers.
>That is why fear is encouraged - so that the energy sent into the
>Grid is patterned with fear, the best pattern for lowering the
>Planet\'s vibration and blinding its population. Fear is used to
>maintain control.
>An analogy is made to a flock of sheep that are kept in submission
>by dogs and serve as source of wool for a master. The sheep are
>scared people, the dog is the source of fear, and the master is the
>abuser, usually governors and religious leaders.
>The Grid Consciousness\' energy is then wired into a special
>facility. The wiring is done through artificial \"power lines\"
>similar to the ones on the grid, but of dark purpose. These power
>lines link the targeted Grid Sector to the facility where it will
>be put to use.
>There are dark portals presented at the end of these power lines.
>The dark portals lead the energy into storage. They are very
>similar to \"darkholes\" because of how they suck the energy of their
>surroundings, even energy that is not wired into them.
>This also explains why some areas in the desert feel energetically
>dead. It is because there are portals on these areas (usually
>accompanied by underground bases, or outposts) and these dark
>portals suck out the Spiritual Life Force of their surroundings.

The understandign has now come that the center of the grid pints
siphoning off the entire consciousness of some cities and eventually
most cities in the Southwest is actually located ina remote part of
the Death Valley area of California. (ROADTRIP if there are any
>This energy is used by dark lords as resource for their research
>and fuels them with power to dominate the Planet. These beings
>stimulate fear into their targets and then steal it from their
>spiritual fields.
>Cities where there is much fear, stress, boredom and regret against
>Life, are usually the areas from where darkness is able to harvest
>most Life Force. The harvesting is easy to do through fear energy
>because it is already fragmented and \"docile\". Fear fragments
>Light, turning it to an energy that is separated and easy to steal.
>It is the separation of someone\'s aura\'s golden Light into dark
>fear bubbles, and the bubbles are then stolen, giving a feeling of
>emptiness when the energy is stolen...
>Fear resonates with control and is the main force behind the
>mechanics of self willed control. Fear from something going wrong
>is easily directed to building up the energy for bringing exactly
>these very outcomes into reality. Fear often helps dark lords
>accomplish their plans. And this fear of terrorism, natural
>disasters and oppression is the very type of energy emanated by the
>general population of every major city in the US and the WHOLE
>PLANET right now.
>After large catastrophic events there is often a feeling of
>hollowness people involved because the memory energy is stolen.
>People fear it and make it easy to steal. People should challenge
>what happened and understand it, not attempt to turn their backs
>and run from it as a source of fear. Fear opens up further
>submission to something in the future because it was not understood
>and dealt with.
>The intent of the propaganda related to massive catastrophes such
>as the WTC 911 incident and the Tsunami is producing fragmented
>energy to be stolen and manipulated. These are meant to make the
>population vulnerable, not stronger or wiser.
>The optimal healing process is transmuting all fear into healthy
>energy, to let go of the patterning, not of the energy in and as of
>itself because doing that is letting a part of your consciousness
>Forgetting is, to a certain extent, a result of traumatic events.
>It is not proper because the energy of those events is let go,
instead of healed into something that is both understood and
>accepted as a valid experience in the learning process of spiritual
>Today\'s man is controlled because he wants to control reality and
>his future. It is his lack of trust on Life, and his fear of losing
>control, that tangle him up. When men chooses to see and to heal
>what is before him now, with the highest intent and no concern for
>how it turns out, then the present will be healed and able to bring
>a positive future.
>It is cutting the problem at the root - releasing fear - that will
>heal the planet. No matter how many times these facilities are
>disabled, they will come again while there are people choosing to
>be controlled, instead of being free.
>Again - freedom and healing are paths to be embraced now, not in 5
>minutes, not tomorrow, not after you solve your financial situation.
>Waiting for the perfect moment never ends because \"perfect moment\"
>to change NEVER comes!!!
>The \"Perfect Moment\" to is made and seized in the now - the being
>steps into power to stop planning and actually changes its path.
>Act upon the knowledge that you have so to bring positive change
>into your lives.
>With much Love and Best Regards,
>The Council of The Light