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more wisdom from the council of light
1. Victim Consciousness


Dear One,

One of the main mindsets of this planet is victimization; being used or abused or using and abusing another. This way of thinking, feeling and being, is so much a part of all cultures on planet Earth that it is considered normal. Self-sacrifice and always giving to another person is thought to be unselfish and kind, when in reality it can often simply be weakness and destructive, enabling behavior. Also, this way of relating to others is constantly flip flopping. One minute you are allowing yourself to be treated badly and the next you are treating someone else badly.

As the victim, you think you would never turn around and abuse another, but when you are living with a victim consciousness you do just that in many little ways that are embedded in your every-day thoughts and actions. Have you caught yourself correcting or criticizing someone; or speaking in a sharp tone, or gossiping or deciding you do not like someone and are cold and uncaring? This is abusing another and those who allow themselves to be abused often turn around and do many nasty little things to others during the usual course of their day.

The basis of allowing yourself to be abused (and then in turn, abusing others) is a compulsive need to be loved and approved of by others. You are trying to get this love and approval from your \'outside\' world instead of reaching for and developing a relationship with your Inner Spiritual World. You have sold your souls for conditional and temporary love and approval when genuine Unconditional LOVE is abundant and ever available from the FATHER and your True Spiritual Family.

Open your hearts to this LOVE and ask for Guidance in seeing your participation in this very damaging victim consciousness and behavior. Start to notice the habitual ways you interact with the people around you; the things you allow people to do to you; the things you do or do not do for them; the way you talk to them and talk about them, but most of all notice your secret unloving thoughts about yourself and about them that you think will have no effect on you or them; for ALL thoughts, whether Loving or mean, ALWAYS effect everyone.

With Great LOVE,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

2. Language of the Father

Dear One,

WE have nearly completed the grid work. This morning you were able
to see very clearly the grid. When you were waking you saw that the
grid was filled with hieroglyphs and symbols [Peter: The codes we download in working on the grid]...which is the language of the Father. This we translate for you into pictures and words for your conscious understanding.

Care must be given to insure that the right words are translated
from the histograms. At some point, WE will be able to connect with
all via this language. Once the frequencies are lifted, this will
occur naturally for the group. Until then the translations will

Tell the group that the progression of the ascension is going well.
The darkside is very much aware of them and all is being done for
their protection. The dark forces are stepping up the pace and much
care is needed to keep the golden light constantly active in your

WE are also picking up force and the battle is in full sway. The
Light of the Father is focused on spinning the energy to higher
frequencies which will not allow the lower energies to remain
dormant. They must respond in some form...either to convert with the
higher energy or atrophy...hence the battle.

But at any case, Love will prevail. The higher energies will always
be the glory of the Father...and will always succeed.

The group will begin to feel the pull from both sides...dark and the
light. Energy will be sporadic. Remember to continuously seek Our
guidance and you will not have to bear witness to these fluctuations.

There is a time coming when Light will triumph and you will stand with Us
victorious in a world of expanding Light and Sound and Love, the dark before the dawn will be over.

With Love and Light,

Aristenna and The Hierarchy of the Council of Light

3. Free Will


Dear One,

WE want to talk about Free Will, self-will and Higher Will. Free will is the prime directive of The FATHER. It is HIS Gift to all of Creation; the freedom to choose how they want to live their lives. The two choices are always whether to live by the LOVING Guidance of Higher Will which comes through the Heart or to follow self-will that comes from the ego and the mind.

Following Higher Will involves surrendering to the rule of the Heart over the Mind. Through the Heart is how The FATHER\'s Guidance is predominantly heard, with the mind playing a secondary supportive role. When the Mind is in control, which it loves to be, you are not only open to all sorts of outside influences, but you are run by your own limited idea of what and how the world is. You automatically accept the matrix as being real and often never question that there is anything outside of it.

These are your choices, as in the “Matrix\" movie, the red pill or the blue pill; your mind and the Matrix being in control or your heart and your connection to the FATHER AND HIS ever-expanding, personally designed for you, Guidance. Will you choose a merry-go-round of karmic experiences that inevitably come with the egocentric domination of the Mind or will you choose the adventure of following the unpredictability of Higher Will through the Heart.

WE invite you to join US in this Grand Adventure of following The FATHER\'s LOVING Guidance and Service to Creation by opening your heart to Higher Will.

With gratitude and Love for All you do in Being here in this the planet\'s greatest hour.

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

4. Heart Center

Dear One,

WE want to talk about the Heart chakra or center. This is the place in your energy body that corresponds to your physical heart but is locaed in line with the other chakras in the center of your chest. It is the best place to begin your connection with your Higher Self, your Higher Guidance and of course to the FATHER. As you focus on this area and allow the LOVE to enter your Heart, you can feel ITS presence which immediately connects you to Higher Spiritual realms. This is your doorway into an \'invisible\' world. Not only is it a doorway but it is a safe doorway into this world with unconditional LOVE protecting you from many unpleasant things you could encounter when going through the mental/physic doorway.

As you enter into this world through the doorway of the Heart you will be able do many new things such as connecting with your Higher Self and developing a more balanced male/female relationship (your Higher Self\'s gender is usually the opposite of your physical gender).This can be a very satisfying and useful relationship which will filter down to improve all of your earthly male/female relationships.

Through your Heart you can request to receive guidance from the Highest Guidance possible and be given moment-to-moment suggestions and answers to seemingly the most mundane questions and decisions that need to be made to the most difficult. You can ask and receive information on your spiritual mission and how best to accomplish it. You can ask and receive protection and learn how to become an active participant in that process using your heart energies combined with mental visualization. You can ask and receive information on any subject you are interested in by learning the simple process of conscious channeling. And this is only the beginning of what can be accomplished.

Not only can all these new and wonderful things be done with the simple beginning process of opening your heart and allowing LOVE to flow, but this heart energy then flows to all the other centers in your energy body and begins to open up and cleanse them according to their individual needs. This energy that is now flowing freely in your energy body will naturally flow into your physical body as well and will begin the process of balancing, cleansing and repairing.

This is only the tip of an enormous iceberg of wonderful possibilities that begins with the simple opening of your heart and allowing LOVE to make ITS home there. It is where intention begins in Spirit and flows out to create everything else in everbody\'s life. True intent CAN ONLY begin in nd of the heart, and not where most people \'think\' it begins, in the mind.

With Great LOVE and Encouragement,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

5. Completions

Dear One,

Today the blending of Thoth and Magdalene is complete. This corresponds to the completion of the grid work that Peter, Tom and Andy recently did. With the last point in Florida being done the triangulation of the three points has activated the Atlantean Crystal in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.This is, obviously, why this ocean has been named the Atlantic because Atlantis is buried deep within its waters.

The darkside was trying to increase the male/mental energy to the point that a temporal riff would form so they could escape through it and the planet would then overload and explode. But with the work that has been done on these three points the female energy was increased instead which closed the rife completely and balanced and stabilized the planet even more.

The correlation of the completion of the blending of Thoth\'s and Magdalene\'s Beings and the activation of the Atlantean crystal with female energy was no accident. Thoth was the original designer and creator of this crystal and technology and one of His finale acts as Thoth was to help reverse this energy. What He had designed to be used for the domination of male/mind energy on this planet has now been activated for the enormous influx of female/heart energy which will greatly speed the balancing and cleansing process of Planet Earth. This is a good example of how science and technology is simply information and it is the intent of the individuals who are using it that determines the outcome. It can either be used for the purpose of self-will, egocentric control and domination over others for the benefit of the elite few or it can be used by Higher Will for the good and advancement of all.

This increase in female/heart energy will help speed the 2/3 heart and 1/3 mind energy balance that is needed for a smoother ascension process. It will also make it easier for everyone to access this energy, but all must decide to either become heart-centered or stay in the mind matrix. For some this will be an easy decision to allow LOVE to control their lives, but for those so heavily invested in the matrix and the domination of their thoughts and minds it will be difficult to let go of the rules and regulations that have brought them what little peace and order they think have. It will be very traumatic to release that \'peace\' and live spontaneously from a heart-centered Love. This will be very frightening to them and most will cling to the mind-dominated life.

WE strongly urge all of you to utilize this great opportunity to \'go with the flow\' of these increased heart energies as the time to choose between the heart and the pseudo order of the mind and the matrix is NOW.

With Great LOVE for all no matter what choice is made,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

6. Karma


Dear One,

WE want to talk about karma. There is much misconception about karma. Most think it is a debt incurred in one lifetime that needs to paid in the next lifetime, such as if you hurt some one in this lifetime they will hurt you in the next. Karma is neither that simple nor that binding.

Karma is lessons that need to be learned and if not learned in one lifetime than the need to learn them will still be there in the next.? For example if a child does not learn his ABCs in the first grade he can not move on into the second grade until he does.? And it is the same with life lessons, if a person does not learn how not to be a bully or a victim then they cannot move onto the next lesson and the next one will be about that same lesson.

You can even see it as a repeating pattern in your current lifetime, can you not? If a person has a long enough life and enough relationships it becomes very obvious that these relationships end up being basically the same over and over again. Even when they are determined not to get involved with the same kind of person, the relationship invariably develops into the same type they had before.

Also, all Earthly relationships are karmic in nature; your parents, your children, your friends, employers, co-workers, etc. These are all people you have known in many other lifetimes with all of you coming together to work out and learn the lessons you did not learn at the last time. If you had an overbearing, critical parent and suffered greatly as a child and hold any anger and resentment toward them that is not resolved in this lifetime you will once again be put in the same situation to learn this lesson. These people are in your life by your mutual agreement to do just this (except for those handlers and controllers placed in your life by the other side); to have the opportunity to forgive each other and yourself and release them with LOVE. Thank them for the lesson and the opportunity. Let them and all the negative emotions go and fill this space with LOVE and Gratitude for their involvement with you. They may not release and forgive you with LOVE and they will go on and learn their lessons in another lifetime with someone else, but you will be free to move on. Simply release them with LOVE, thank them for the lesson and the opportunity and let them and all the negative emotion go and let the LOVE flow in. It really is that simple.

This will create a new appreciation for all the people and situations in your life that you have been blaming for your faults and failures. Not only do you release them and no longer hold them responsible for your unhappy life but you are able to see the bigger picture of how you were both paying your parts to learn lessons for the long term growth and development of your never-ending Self. If you look at each lifetime as a day in the life of your Soul it is easier to understand the necessary lessons that must be learned as you mature as an eternal Being.

Along with the releasing and forgiving and realizing the part you played you must be able to see your decisions and habitual actions that have created the repeating patterns and situations. Have you become weak and afraid to make a decision for fear of someone hurting you in some way. Or have you closed yourself off and built a wall around your heart to protect it from any more pain. Not only must you forgive and release; now you must open your heart to Love and become strong and move forward into a new way of feeling and being. Then your lesson will have been learned and you can move on to the next and the next and the next, until you have become a Master.That is the eventual goal; to master Life.

With Great LOVE,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

7. Justice


Dear One,

WE would like to talk about Justice. Justice from OUR point of view is much different from your point of view.

Justice for you means that those who have done \'bad things\' will be justly punished for them, even if the punishment is death. This is not justice at all; this is revenge, which is often what justice in your world turns out to be. Also, you expect everyone to obey all laws at all time, but as you know there are so many laws now on your planet everyone is always breaking at least one law at any given moment. The vast majority of these laws are in place to control society in a very extensive way and have very little to do with a true and supportive structure designed to help society.

Much of the punishment for these crimes have nothing to do with having the perpetrator set things right for their victim, but rather with vengeful punishment and unrealistic restitution that never gets to the actual victims. This punishment has little to do with helping the victim but rather with setting an extreme example for other \'criminals\', hoping to discourage them from the same behavior, which it rarely does. What it does do, is gives society a false sense of security that justice has been served.

Justice in the true sense is when the perpetrator is required to set things right with the victim and if they refuse then they will inevitably experience the same results of those actions; results which they thought they would never have to experience personally.

So much pain and suffering, especially of children, has been purposely created for the advancement of the powerful elite. And many of these individuals are in serious karmic debt to Humanity and could be experiencing this pain and suffering on a very personal level. However, through forgiveness and a true desire to serve those they have harmed, they can avoid this karmic inevitability.

This is the time for those who were involved in the advancement of the darkside to become aware of the roles they have played in this experiment in self-will. Many souls are here at this exact time in history just for this sole reason; to become aware of their \'crimes\' and to go through the healing process and get on with cleaning up the mess they helped create.

All Beings, no matter what \'crimes\' they have been involved with, are welcome in the healing \'room\' and back into the LOVING Presence of The FATHER. ALL are needed to change Creation completely and there is much Work to be done in returning this SuperUniverse back into the paradise it was intended to be.

With Much LOVE and Understanding,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

8. Reward and Punishment


Dear One,

There are three motivating factors or reasons that come into play when an individual is faced with a decision; they are to avoid punishment, to gain a reward, or the opportunity to surrender to Higher Guidance.

The system of reward and punishment is all pervasive on your planet. It is how you raise your children, train your animals, run your businesses, religions, politics, justice system, etc. It has colored almost everything, every belief, every thought process since its inception. It is the basis of all self-willed decisions.

When an individual is making a decision the pros and cons are always weighed either consciously or unconsciously. You expect a reward when you have made the \'right\' decision and you expect punishment if your decision turns out to be a wrong decision. Most of the time if you follow this train of thought to its end you will find the threat of death and/or hell and even sometimes soul death depending on which flavor of religion or philosophy you were raised in. Even if a person rejects their early religious training the damaging beliefs will have already taken hold at a very fundamental level.

At this point all decisions would become a life or death matter and doing the \'right\' thing by making the \'right\' decision would be linked to the survival instinct. This can lead to a frantic need to be \'right\' or perfect, which in turn would create great difficulty for the person to make any decision at all as that decision could lead directly to great suffering and even death. Hence the need arises for so many to sit on the fence in fear of making any decision at all. All of this of course goes deeply into the unconscious and simply becomes automatic behavior.

This reward-and-punishme nt-by-death system is the very core of the control system on your planet. Even the ones who designed it believe it and have developed elaborate rituals and plans to escape the inevitable end of a self-willed life for in living from self-will the endless cycle of birth and death will continue on and on and on.

The only way out of the \'birth and death\' cycle is to step out of the self-willed life and return to the conscious continuous LOVE of the FATHER. By surrendering to Higher Will there is no threat of punishment, only the Here and NOW of ever-expanding, unconditional LOVE. The decision to return to your Original Creator Family and to follow Guidance places you in the very center of immense Joy and Peace of mind.

There is really only one decision you make with every decision; the decision to follow self-will which leads to many, many more decisions and the endless cycle of birth and death, or the decision to surrender and ask your Highest Guidance what the \'right\' thing for you to do is at that moment, for the Highest Good of all concerned.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,

Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Light

9. Commitment

Dear One,

WE want to talk about the level of commitment that is needed to get yourselves out of the matrix and into the real world of LOVE. As many of you already know daily channeling from your Highest Guidance and moment-to-moment asking and following that guidance is not an over night accomplishment. It takes a strong commitment and great perseverance. You have to want this transformation more than any of the people, places, or things of your matrix world. You have to make this way of life your way of life. It can not be done half and half, this will only make you more miserable and you will fail at both. Dappling in channeling and asking guidance only when it is convenient will never get you the quality connection WE know many of you are seeking.

Remember this is not about you, though you will also benefit greatly, this is about honoring the commitment you made prior to your birth to serve this planet and Her people. At that time you were very eager to volunteer and be a part of this unique planetary ascension, and WE were happy to have you join the Forces of Light. Now you must wake up and honor that commitment, but not only honor it but draw strength from it and remember what a powerful Light warrior you really are.

You must remember you are fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves, such as the children, the animals, the innocents, and in fact everyone. You have come here to help give this population a fair playing field, a chance to evolve without control and domination from the darkside. This domination makes it almost impossible for most people to evolve and learn their lessons. People must be free and not enslaved to anything to be able to move along their soul development path at a reasonable rate of accomplishment.

Also, for many of you this is the last opportunity for a longtime to be able to come face-to-face with and rectify the war crimes you have been involved with in helping the darkside achieve domination in this sector of the SuperUniverse. Some of you have already become aware of your past activities in helping to create this domination and have deeply regretted your behavior and have taken advantage of being forgiven. You have vowed to undo the results of these actions by serving those who were hurt by them and WE commend you for this commitment.

And of course you are here also to help the planet ascend this time, and not blow Itself apart as so many other planets have done when ascending. Many of you have a great affinity to Planet Earth as you have spent many, many lifetimes here and have developed a deep and rewarding relationship with Her. You may not know it consciously, but you have made a commitment to Her as well.

These are but a few of the things that can fuel your commitment to getting on board fully and doing what you came here to do. You must open your heart and CARE. You must care about others, the planet, and yourselves to the degree that you commit to daily channeling and moment-to-moment asking and following what your Guidance says to do. Just do it; everyday, every hour, every minute until you love it with all your heart and can not live happily without it.

With Great LOVE and Constant Guidance,
Aristenna and the Hierarchy of the Council of Lights