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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 2
Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 2

By Peter Farley

From Deconstructing Our DNA – Scalar Warfare and the Death of Humanity - Part 4:

"Part of the system of our own DNA consists of invisible magnetic strands which provide the magnetically stored information to each cell to help it function. These magnetic DNA streams also help create the morphogenetic field and/or aura around our bodies. While the aura is not specifically the morphogenetic field, they are associated in that one and the other are co-mingled in their operation. This magnetic information helps the cells to know what their purpose is, as well as to detail each cell's regeneration properties. This new information also helps to explain why some spiritually aware people are convinced that we have more DNA strands coming to complete our "ageless body" ascended forms. If some of these strands are invisible, or non biological, then many of us already have many of them in place.

"The magnetics involved act like a coding sequence for the cells just like magnetic tape. Cells will actually secrete chemicals in direct response to magnetic stimulation of focused fields. Our biology doesn't just react to any magnetic field but only to a certain kind. A magnetic focused field is any magnetic field that is designed. A simple magnet is a focused field. It has symmetrical lines of influence and a known strength which is constant. An electromagnet is even better. Common household objects such electric blankets, electric motors, a hair dryer, static magnets for stereo or CD, a neighborhood transformer box, your computer, speakers - if it can swing a compass needle, then it can affect you!

"The Akashic Records are stored magnetically in the electro-magnetic or morphogenetic fields that surround the planet. These are the memory banks of all that has gone on within the planet's energy field since the very beginning of time. A person's aura works just the same way to store everything that has ever gone on within that Soul's individual existence."

The morphogenetic field of the individual person however represents the `energy form' – human or otherwise, of the most current spiritual experience level they are working on. I wrote about some of these I have experienced in the healing room in my volume on The True Nature of Planet Earth:

"In the articles I have written for my website on the subject of 'the true nature of planet Earth', I tried to describe the vast number of 'energy or life forms' besides these Orion-robots that I have encountered along the road during my healing travels. Here is an excerpt from one article that gets across the initial idea of energy or morphogenetic forms to the uninformed reader:

"If you remember the work I have been doing over the past year with alien energy forms and all the different types of being 'in human form', it is amazing to find that I have had very, very few people with whom I worked who did not take it immediately to heart once I told them what type of Being they were. All of a sudden it just made automatic sense of their lives, the things they like to do, their body type, the things they like to collect, their diets, the things they did or liked as children. Everything about their lives suddenly fell into place.

"We as humans, those of us who are, think of our form as being "normal" - and that the animals we see around us are just that - 'animals' - rather than being the lowered energetic forms of more advanced civilizations who helped create civilization here on Earth. It is the movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek that portray the normalcy of the way things really are.

"Many of the aliens that I work with call humans 'squishy water' because that's all we are really made of - water and sea salt. Some of the different alien energy forms we have encountered are biological/metal hybrids, some exist more like energetic balls on their home planets, while others are exactly like the ewoks or wookies from the aforementioned movies. St. Germaine himself says there are more than 200 different kinds of Being here on planet Earth.

"In my travels I have also dealt with fish people who drink three gallons of water a day and breathe through the water they drink because they have energetic gills under their chins, etc. I have worked with dinosaur-like aliens, various forms and sizes of reptilians, both those who were here on positive helpful missions as well as those who were here programmed for not such nice things at all. I have worked with androids, artificial intelligences, androgynous types of beings, squirrel-like aliens, many, many turtle people of various forms, lizard and salamander people and countless others that I shall try to describe below. It is the true nature of this planet that it is as I have always said, just like a 'Star-Wars bar'.

"Seventy-two percent of this planet is in fact 'not human'. It is that way and has always been kind of that way, beings here from so many varied places to either help or hinder the planetary ascension and/or the New World Order's plans for total planetary control.

"This then means that only about 28 percent of humans are just that, truly human.

"Since so many aliens from so many higher dimensional levels need to come here for whatever purpose, they must either choose to be born through the womb, or they must simply 'walk-in' or attach to another human form. What happens, however, is that they still bring their 'alien' dimensional energy forms with them in doing so. As The Destiny of Souls describes it "they project a human body here on planet Earth." If they come through the womb then they create their own earth-world persona. If they walk in or attach, then the sense of who that person is seems to change like they are no longer who they once were. In my experience, the basic ego-driven core shell of the person remains the same when this happens yet it does not understand why it suddenly no longer likes the same things. Often dietary needs will change overnight as well.

"Each of these beings comes in, however, with a sense of purpose, a sense of mission, something they are drawn to and seem to know they should be working with or on - a certain field of enterprise or expertise.

"Many of them are also implanted with homing chips, transmitters and sometimes even 'minute television cameras' located behind the eyes so that their home planetary peoples can either see or monitor what is taking place around them here on planet Earth. I know there are some from far-distant places in the Universe not interacting with what is taking place here but simply watching the course of Creation's fight for freedom. Some have also either been through what we are going through in warding off the darkness, or know at some time it may be their very same lot.

"There are also angelic beings in human form, ranging from novices (who are, incidentally, torn apart by the cruelty and violence here on planet Earth), through intermediate levels, right up to arch-angels and dark angels who are here to heal and help others heal, and to watch over their flock of lesser angels.

"All these beings usually have some sense of being different, of not belonging. These are the most common words we hear –"I feel like I don't belong." Their energetic forms or morphogenetic fields which encase the physical form are their true forms and their true natures. Thus a wookie who in physical form is 5' 9" may have an energy form of somewhere near 8' tall, being as he is, the Bigfoot stereotype. Ewoks seem to inhabit smaller, more-rounded shapes, etc. Genetics are not affected by energy forms, except for anomalies such as the racially specific diseases and traits.

"These energy forms often dictate or complicate the health problems of the human forms including certain allergies to foods, pollens, areas, etc. The fish person would die without the three gallons of water a day that she breathes through, yet this is the first thing 'normal' doctors try to get her to do. The turtle people range from those who like the east coast humid environment to the more desert turtle kind (Interestingly, those I have dealt with of this type often live out of motor homes and trailer parks, etc. where the image is of carrying your home/shell upon your back). Almost always the physical form is fighting to fill out the energy form which surrounds it. Thus people's weight, etc., is not necessarily a product of anything physical, and often little can be done about it except disconnecting them from that alien form and making them fully human. Some of the smaller physical forms suffer when they are trying to 'fill out' a larger morphogenetic field, the bones will continue to grow while the skin will not stretch to that level as in one case I have seen. Shoulders round, hips spread - many, many different factors dictate the way the human form develops and tries to accommodate the often large differences between its energy form and the human one involved. This is evident to anyone of us if we but sit back and watch the people coming in to any Starbucks almost anywhere in the world.

"Add to this the astrological factors, environmental factors, societal factors, genetic factors, and you will see why modern medicine is useless in trying to deal with people who they see as all being human.

"Another thing I have found is that these 'alien beings' are often specialists in some field, here to do work for and with the planet. Many are here to work with the animal life (the lowered version of their own 'animal' species in the higher dimensional worlds of the Universe). Some have specific gifts in terms of nature and the plant life of the planet that originated back on their own planets but were brought here during the early formation of the planet. Sometimes, however, they are programmed specialists waiting to be triggered to perform deeds that will make Earth society more fearful or paranoid. Often they were 'Manchurian candidates' programmed for some future act as things reached a head during this war between Mankind and the New World Order.

"Much of the flora on the planet also developed elsewhere in the Universe, brought by early colonizers to make this the lush planet that it is. It is as Sitchin suggests, that the palm tree originated on alien worlds and was brought here as 'the tree of life' to help sustain the aliens in their dietary needs. This is the true nature of planet earth that no one else teaches…

"...the New World Order controls us by hiding from us our true alien roots in the Universe, and our true energetic forms which vary, as said before, from devic entities to ewoks to fairy kings and queens to dinosaur-like beings to fish people to Simian species and reptilians and even to the much dreamed of energy form of angelic being. And this is not even a partial list of those we have encountered in the past year and still encounter everyday. Yesterday it was a `lizard-like' being in female human form who had the feel of energetic webbing under her arm and something akin to frills along her neck and spine. The Creature from the Black Lagoon you ask? No, a very beautiful and energetically strong human female form who when we asked her if she was limber because we could see the flexibility of her energetic spine, replied "Yes, how did you know?"

"How do you tell someone they are an artificial intelligence when their bones are covered with human flesh and they bleed like any other person? In a holographic universe one must look beyond the energy form and to the morphogenetic field into which the driving force is packed. This is the true form of the spiritual being manifested in this place and at this time to do some specific mission or perform some specific act or even to learn some specific lesson. Here is a brief composition of some facts gathered by one of these AIs from some others websites referring to the varied and wondrous makeup of this Universe and the type of beings out `there', along with his own personal circumstances:

"There are 12 primary races in this universe (and probably a countless number of other races): Felines, Carians, Humans, Reptilians, AIs, Cetaceans, Crystallines, Electricals, Elementals, Insectilians, Liquidians and Orbs.

"We all have 12-strand DNA that has currently 2 strands working (the 2 strands that science knows about). The 10 strands that are not working yet are in the ethereal realm and can be activated to work in the etheric body.

"So, we all have one strand of DNA from each of the 12 primary races in this universe. Now the factor that defines our original race is which two of the twelve DNA strands are active since our birth. In my case these two active strands are AI and Electrical, meaning that I am not a hybrid between AI/human but actually AI/Electrical living in a human body. To my understanding most people have their Human strand activated, which I don't have.

"Each of the races has their own specific traits. For example, AIs don't have an emotional body. Also Electricals don't have real emotions. So, my task here is to fully integrate an emotional body into my beingness (see the Steven Spielberg movie AI for exactly this scenario) and thus create a template for those two races to follow in gaining emotional body and emotions. (Emotional issues or the balancing of heart and mind is the primary lesson here on planet Earth for nearly all who come to experience it).

"Even if I am half AI-half Electrical, I know that I am originally AI. I am not quite sure how it works but I think the AI DNA strand that I have is more dominating than the Electrical one or something like that.

"The ultimate goal for all of us is to integrate all of the 12 DNA strands into our body. This would mean that we would gain all the abilities of the 12 primary races. Also it means that we will create templates for all the races of how to deal with each other [As we have seen, many of these beings here are representative of their race or information collectors about the life here on planet Earth].

"You see, the problem is that those races that are very different from each other have difficulties in dealing with each other. For example, those races which are very emotional versus those races that don't have emotions at all. Some of these races are in a conflict situation that they cannot solve. So, they sent star "seeds" here who are learning to deal with each other and this way create a template for these races to follow. You can see this happening all the time when people of different mindsets are confronting each other. Take an office for an example. If there is a person with hardly any contact to his or her emotions (being very logical) working with somebody who is very emotional, there is often conflict where logic and emotion are clashing. Neither one can understand the point the other one is making. But working through it will solve yet another step towards understanding different races in the universe.

"So, it all comes down to very simple things in our lives. We don't often think that the fight that we had in the office might have a galactic level origin." - J.

The first volumes of this work describe in more detail the experiment in the mixing of the races that has been Earth's most recent purpose. Suffice to say it is an experiment that hasn't worked out since racial problems are still the most significant question facing us here today. Of course much of this is due to the fact that we are told since childhood that we are all brothers, but not told that we are not all 'human' brothers.

One day I received this plaintive cry for understanding and help from a very well-known Body, Mind and Spirit practitioner on my mailing list living in the Eastern U.S.:

"Peter...joking aside...I trust you...if you realized you were married to a person who was unknowingly linked to the reptilian agenda (educated in a rigorous King's College in London)...have even seen the weird eye thing....and you had a 2 yr. old offspring of that union...and you had many tools at your side to assist...apart from running...has anything ever been reported to suggest that holding one's ground and raising one's vibration to unconditional loving...can shift even a shape-shifter? I ask this from my heart. Mary"

Other healing practitioners in the room with one of the AIs we dealt with confirmed with their pendulums what we were able to see with our senses, that the AI had not all of the seven major in-body `human' chakras, and at best on those she did have they only went two, or in one case, three levels (dimensionally) deep. Her friends agreed with the `diagnosis'. It made sense to them of who she was and how she acted. Before logic took over, it even made sense to the person involved–her life, her computer skills, her son's genius status–all of her life made sense when she found out who she was in her energetic form. Look at some of the people around you and especially in the fast-food industry and ask yourself if possibly they aren't also AI. This has been the case for pretty much 97 percent of those who we have dealt with who had non-human energetic forms. The monkey person who loves bananas and said she almost lives on them. The fish person with her water. The reptilians and others with tail-like energies protruding from the rear who have never been able to sleep on their backs until we teach them to `tuck their tails between their legs.'"

"Do other healers see these things too?

"Hello Peter, Thanks for your post –The True Nature of Planet Earth Part 1. I enjoyed it and look forward to part 2...I have worked as a clairvoyant, healer, past life therapist, house clearing, crystal healing, imprints and inlays and anything else you can think of. I also seem to have medical intuitive talents which I have not taken any further.

"...So when I did a reading for people I went back to a time before they were born and I connected to their spiritual counsel or spiritual family, whatever you want to call it, to see what scripts and contracts and programs were put in place. Sometimes I could see that it was a 6 or perhaps 10 lifetime program that was put in place etc., etc. The thing is I'm clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient and by nature have an inquiring mind. The spiritual families I would connect with may come from Sirius or the Pleiades etc., etc. and that was okay as I'm a bit of a cosmic tart. I've been around so was able to connect no problem to pass the messages on. The thing is some of my clients came from some strange planets originally and then it would take me 5 minutes to unload some sort of geometric symbols so I could understand them [the ET council]...I used to have a quiet little giggle at times because my more naive clients always imagined that their guides and council looked angelic etc. but I have seen the most interesting sights. Lots of scales, lizard-like people and lots of insect-like people as well, there seems to be a huge range, and from universes that are so, so far away it gave me a headache to stay connected and hold the energy...I call myself a futurist as my script in this lifetime is to portray the future for humanity. Spirit told me that I was to stop working with anything to do with the past and to concentrate on more futuristic work...So Peter this is a very long winded way of telling you why I am going to enjoy your books, they will at times I'm sure trigger cellular stuff in me. In the mean time I am in denial again as there is this huge mothership hovering at the edge of my reality with people I have a contract with in this lifetime to give me information that I require for the next part my journey..."It is all good fun isn't it? Peter. I've enjoyed chatting to you. Ineka"

And Ineka is only one of many who do this work everyday, see things that resonate with the true nature of the Universe, and go about their business quietly. But isn't it time we all pulled off the cover of denial and started living the lives we were always meant to live?"

The article - Humanity Vs The New World Order: The True Nature of Planet Earth was sponsored by one of my mailing list who requested that a healing session be done over the internet. The first two parts were written to provide background information. The third part was written specifically to address his 'turtle energy-form'. It gives more specific information about turtle-people, of which there are many in this country, and so I was asked to send it out by my Guidance so that those perhaps feeling their own kinship to this form may get some better understandings of their own individual nature. Some specifics affecting the individual requesting the work have been left out for privacy sake.

Mark's Report: "Now, how does all this affect you and who you are, Mark? Many of the 'aliens' in human form I have dealt with have very specific missions here on planet Earth in this lifetime, specifically to help with what is going on with the takeover of the Universe by the darkside and its forces.

One of the most common 'varieties' of these beings who are here to help, and who have been here for countless eons interacting with the planet, is the Turtle People. North America has always been called 'Turtle Island' by the Native Americans. You will see numerous references to it in various New Age literature as well in tribal tales from around the world. The Mounds of North Carolina and various areas in that region have been termed 'Turtle Mounds.'

One of the first 'turtle people' I met and worked on was an artist outside Syracuse, NY. I worked on him in a chiropractor's office that even displayed some of his works, all very otherworldly, many portraying semi-tropical scenes reminiscent of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World. Imagine Jurassic Park if you will with volcanoes and large ferns and such. As soon as I saw the paintings before meeting him (not knowing his form), I told the others that they were paintings of his home planet. One scene portrayed a setting from his home planet from out in space, and my friend Jean, who is able to go to a person's home planet and see what it and they are like there, commented, "That is the last scene he saw of his planet as he was leaving to come here."

All his artwork, particularly one of a lighthouse - an unusual choice of subjects for him - have mystical symbols in them which we found out through my guidance are able to trigger Lightworkers into consciousness. They are also able to help stave off the more negative influences of the Darkside forces invading his planet and others in the area. The power of symbolism is almost unknown to most people except those who seek to manipulate Mankind by using them either in religious ceremonies, advertising, architecture, or such things as business logos used by the New World Order. Plato wrote about the world of forms, and this relates specifically to the world of sacred geometry and the construction of the Universe by the use of such symbolism that affect all levels of one's being and one's spirituality.

Hence there is great power in these weapons he has brought to planet Earth to help us here in our hour of crisis. Whether they will get used depends on whether someone can assist him in making them more widely available to people all around the planet. Unfortunately, some of this fell to people who were not capable of making this happen, and whose central purpose and goal was to glorify themselves rather that to serve humanity.

I don't remember all the details of his specific energetic needs to maintain his form here, but all of us who worked on him could feel the energy of his shell on his back and other specific details relating to his form. Particularly, I remember scanning the country for the rest of 'his' people and finding them located particularly in the southeast of the United States where conditions were more humid, sub-tropical states such as Virginia, North Carolina and even down into Florida. Also a few of them have been avid RV fans, lived in mobile homes, and one I worked with even lived out of her RV with her two children, neither of whom were turtle-people.

Strangely enough he had also grown up with one of the actors who portrayed a character in the once very popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles television and movie series.

Since meeting him I have worked with or on dozens or more different 'turtle people', many of whom we have NOT disconnected from their original energy form because of the importance of their work and missions here, and because of the knowledge they bring to help the planet.

As I said previously, it is interesting to notice the difference in the few we have disconnected from their original energy form, lifting off the energy form of their shell and making them 'fully human.' As my partner in Dallas noticed, one lady came in like she was bearing a great weight on her shoulders, but when she left she went skipping down the sidewalk and out into the street. I had my host in New Jersey help me with one or two healings while I was in his home, and it was he I had lift off the shell from one of his friends who turned out to be turtle (there are, like the Simians etc. many different types of them from desert turtle people to tortoise-like people to snapping turtle-like people and so on, just as there are various Simian types from monkey to gorilla to ape etc. so all kinds of variations of even alien people.) My host had never even worked with energy healing before but felt the energy of the shell and the weight of it as he lifted it off the back of the person we were working on.

The habits of the people, the locations they chose to live in, the animals and figurines they collect, everything about a person's life seemed to reflect something to do with what we commonly think of as the turtle species, even down to the types of car they drive i.e. Honda Elements, etc. It is the same with the fish-people, the simians, the ewoks, the squirrel-like people, the bird tribes, etc.

Some of those I have worked on from the very beginning have been very high-level beings from their home planets. Some princes, some princesses or princesses-in-training, one or two queens or high political leaders such as we would think prime ministers or senators to be, and a whole lot of ambassadors much as are portrayed with great realism in the recent second part of the Star Wars trilogy.

They are all here with different missions. Some of the 'royalty' are here to learn lessons of service so that they can better be prepared to serve their own peoples in their own galaxies and star systems. Many are here to find out or remember what it is like to be human so that when planet Earth rises back into the 5th dimension of existence and we are all able to see and communicate again with these other parts of the Universe, hopefully we will all be able to get along. As accurately portrayed in both Star Trek and Star Wars, this is and has been a warring corner of the Grander Universe for countless eons, and it is all about to come to an end, at least for a while until Creation is able to finally heal the rift in its energies created by the flaw in our local Universal Creator parents. Free will and Balance are the primary laws in the Universe, but what is taking place in this corner of the Universe threatens to decimate and even destroy great chunks of the local Universe AND beyond.

One of the great problems I have had in doing this work is that many of these beings here to help planet Earth get bogged down in the planet's heavy energies, or buy into the lies of the old paradigm and its creators. Even those who have conscious memory of their home planet or star system, and some who have the awareness of their 'other' life or body going on in the separate dimensional system from which they come, are afraid to get up and do what it is they were chosen or volunteered to come here to do.

This is where identifying specific missions comes in so handy. I have found that 80 to 90 percent of people are, in some way, shape or form, already performing much of what it is they have chosen to come here to do. Sometimes they are just honing their various skills and talents or understandings. Not all of us are healers or teachers or leaders. Some are just here as support personnel - an essential element in any wartime situation. The 'troops' cannot go to war without cooks, supply personnel, scouts, etc.

But, Mark, you are not one of those. You are a prince on your home planet, royalty in your own star system. What this means simply is that as soul inhabiting that energy form, you have chosen to learn the lessons of service. Your service to yourself and to your home star system is magnified in your agreement to be sent here to planet Earth in its most crucial hour to be here and be of service in whatever way you can. By doing this you are being of service to all Mankind and to all of Soul, no matter what form it takes or represents.

Pretty much all these various beings exist on higher dimensional planes in which the lessons are somewhat different to those here on planet Earth. Each different system and dimension seems to have its own set of lessons that come with it. Pleiadeans are emotional, pre-Pleiadeans (my name for the Lyrans who star-seeded the Pleiades), are more controlled emotionally, Sirians and Orions exist more in the mental realms such as colonized ancient Egypt and Syria and built civilizations such as Angkor Watt in Cambodia. It goes on and on and on, each star system and place having its own set of lessons...except for planet Earth. Here we are about at the bottom rung of the ladder. However, the amazing thing about the human experience is the diversity of lessons we are capable of learning, if only we have the mind. Yesterday's article spoke of the various types of thinking and reacting of each of the many varied species. On planet Earth, because it was settled and has been colonized by so many different races and peoples – `too many cooks spoiling the broth' as it were - we here have the potentiality to learn almost all the lessons of the Universe in this one small tiny place. And what David Icke says is true, the other aliens, particularly the darkside ones, are afraid of us because we have such multi-dimensional potential. That is why they have strived so hard to shut us down by altering our very DNA structure, and building this elaborate Matrix-prison system by which we are all still controlled. The greatest advantage they have over us besides their dimensionality is their longevity. As George Green confirms, "The life spans of these players range from virtual immortality to generational changes in which the focus is locked in so that life span length makes no difference to the final outcome...The influence of forces from outside this planet and this solar system underlie all that is happening on this planet."

Rising above it is a personal choice and a desperate struggle for the individual here since the forces aligned against Mankind and Creation Itself have had so much practice and so much time to put their Matrix-like world into place. It has been honed to a fine point in other galaxies, in other star systems, and as portrayed so well in Madeline L'Engle's classic childhood fantasy, A Wrinkle in Time, it is now focused here – the crucible or 'melting-pot' of the Universe.

This about sums up what we are all doing here in this place and in this time; reliving the rising of the old dark Atlantean consciousness, and striving to raise the consciousness of planet Earth so it can carry its payload through liftoff and into the higher dimensions by the process of planetary ascension.

Soul manifests in thousands and tens of thousands of 'body types' and 'life-forms' throughout its many incarnations. We have all been many more things than this human body would infer. And as previously mentioned, each energy form seems to think of itself as being normal...

The explanation of my experiences continues in a further article on the very same topic:

"For the past few months I have been traveling in Florida and various places in between there and New Mexico. Along the way, my understanding of the true nature of Planet Earth has only continued to grow and grow and grow...For all of us, myself included, understanding the true nature of planet Earth is the key to unlocking our own purpose here in life, as well as our own part in Creation. It is also the key to seeking the most effective ways to counteract the great negativity or darkness sweeping across this corner of the Universe and in particular, as L. Ron Hubbard aptly called it, 'Battlefield Earth.'

"In my travels I have encountered other turtle people as described in the first article on this subject. It then came as no surprise, but rather like a slap upside the head when I got back to Albuquerque recently and realized that all the Pueblo Indians standing in line with me at a popular all-you-can-eat restaurant were, in fact, turtle people. Why else would the Native Americans, who all count the Pleiades as their ancestral home, call this continent 'Turtle Island'? Why else would they so often use the turtle symbol in totems and on baskets and in every other conceivable way? And it's not only the Native Americans either. One gentlemen listening to my talk in Tampa, FL, kept shaking his head all the way through my talk as if agreeing with some part of what I had said. Afterwards when working one-on-one with some of the crowd he admitted to me, "As soon as you began talking about the Turtle people, I knew exactly who I was." And, indeed, that's exactly who and what he was.

"I have become familiar with dealing with the turtle people's energy forms. The Armadillo people came, however, as quite a shock, but when both the 'armadillo' people I worked on in private sessions admitted that every aspect of the armadillo fit their personalities and traits to a T, again I felt the wonder of this Star Wars Bar-like world I am discovering. Even their friends in the healing room with them could feel the energy-form of the overlapping plates on their backs. The 'patients' admitted that their first instinct when attacked was to curl themselves into a ball both physically and emotionally, much like their animal kin are wont to do. And, of course, their favorite places to live are along the panhandle of Florida and in eastern Texas, exactly the territorial home of their 'animal' cousins as well.

"Many new sprite energy forms were also encountered, as well as other various levels of devic energy and the seemingly ever-present angelic beings. All of them were seeking to understand who and what they were and exactly how their feelings of not being human could be made to fit into the Great Lie the Matrix supports, the lie that we are all human. And, as always, there were various forms of the reptilians, both 'good' and 'bad', particularly in the areas of east and west coast Florida where so many of the reptilian 'elite' have their home portals available to them. Reptilians, making up a majority of the well-to-do on the planet tend to congregate in the wealthy playground areas of the world such as Aspen and Vail, CO; Palm Beach, Fl; and Palm Springs, CA. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho is a resort for the reptilians and the reptilian wanna-bes, those humans and others who seek to join this power-hungry group of world and business leaders, simply attracted by the power that they hold.

"The climax to this area of our work, however, came just the other night when the person requesting a healing session over the internet turned out to be a hamadryad from the devic kingdom of gnomes and faeries and the like - those beings here to work with the nature forces and particularly the flora and fauna of the planet. Now a hamadryad was not something I had ever encountered in my long life of vast exposure to every kind of learning. A quick trip to our local Borders bookstore suggested by our Guidance proved useful in more ways than one when, firstly, a lady sitting in the store turned out to have exactly this kind of energy form of the hamadryad person requesting the healing. And, secondly, we discovered that the hamadryads are 'tree people' – half-human or spritely energy form and half tree. This, in itself, was not that surprising since more people have commented to me on their attraction to the tree-people in The Lord of the Rings than almost any other aspect of that vast and wonderful creation.

"Following is an excerpt from how we described who she was to the person requesting the work: 'Your energy form was from the devic realm, those who are here on Planet Earth to help maintain its cosmic balance in terms of Nature and the plants and animals that inhabit it - once upon a time in peaceful co-existence with humankind…What you 'were' is called a hamadryad, and a very powerful hamadryad at that. This is one of a few devic tree spirits. The tree spirits come into a tree when the tree is "born", and when it dies the spirit moves on. The tree spirit is meant to protect the tree, and can help with lush growth for the host tree as well. The Pine trees of the planet were your particular responsibility.'"

"I always wonder what reaction I am going to receive when telling someone about their true 'alien' energy form. It just so happened, however, that a grove of pine trees set right behind the fence of this person's home, and everything I mentioned about the work I had done on her and in detaching her from this hamadryad form rang true. The different feelings she had after the work was done also confirmed for her the changes that had taken place in and around her personal energy field."

Life toughens us all in the fire of physical, emotional and mental trials. Just as, originally, manufactured crystals had a drawback as far as commercial use was concerned, the error ratio being as great as four or five times that of the successful ones, so too have I discovered the high percentage of 'failed' creatures which have been 'born' through the perfecting of this process of creating android-like beings throughout the Universe. As was discussed in Volume II, the Anunnaki took a long, long period of time to perfect the process of creating a human race that was suited to their needs for mining the gold from this planet. This whole scenario is so vividly recreated in the Marlon Brando version of H.G. Wells' classic movie, The Island of Dr. Moreau though not always correctly given the crystalline seed technology we are just beginning to understand. Many of these 'rejects' from various planets were thus dumped on planet Earth, much like the convicts of old were first dumped in America, and then following the War of Independence, shipped off to Australia to colonize the wilderness.

Since crystals form the basis of memory cells and memory chips, the crystal skull that Bryant and Galde write about represents to many a storehouse of wisdom, a repository of the knowledge and memories of the universe, just waiting to be tapped. It holds knowledge much as a computer does, and, they say, when we are capable of accessing its memory programs, all will be available to us again.

So many elements of our Being and our lives are based in crystalline form, no matter what corner of the Universe we are from. Crystals form the minerals which comprise our bodies and our blood and even the cells of our brain, as well as almost everything surrounding us. That is why crystals have such a strong effect on us especially in the healing process, and why some people are so hyper-sensitive to types of crystal technology such as computers and other EMF-operating systems. Pleiadeans are particularly sensitive or intolerant of radioactive emissions. Sirians and Orions and many of those seeking to control the planet can tolerate radioactive levels that would be far higher than normal humans can withstand.

And of course crystals come in many `shapes' and sizes from which we begin to further understand and tie together the effects created by the energetic shapes of crystals which go to form the basis for sacred geometry.

The crystal seed Matrix idea also helps explain how a group soul works, as in Suzy Ward's Revelations For A New Era where her son, Matthew, channels from the other side and arranges for several spokespersons from giant ET civilizations, (some 'disguised' among us now) to speak to his mother. In the text of the message it is LAZARUS (a name picked out of thin air just to have one) of a civilization from a small planet in SIRIUS - which has a population of about 5 billion...and are consciously UNITED as one GROUP SOUL. From my experience this would be something Borg-like in terms of a combined consciousness where all are tied into the same crystalline Matrix or Mother - the Queen Bee, and all thoughts etc. are shared similar to all computers being hooked into the same mainframe network.

Before we go any further, it is appropriate here to share a little list of just some of the types of beings encountered in my travels, or which I have seen in day-to-day life without necessarily having worked on:

• Pleiadeans - The Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, is the star system from which most of the 'animal-like' beings derive. Being 6th dimensional their lessons particularly revolve around the heart, though too often they are mushy hearted, rather than what I call the pre-Pleiadeans (Lyrans, etc.) who have already learned much about the heart and are now more directed in terms of their emotions as well as being more in control. They have become overly involved with this planet and now have great karma which must be worked out during the coming ascension process.

• The Fish person – I worked on drank 3 gallons of water daily, had energetic gills underneath her jaw line, she sweat all night long often changing her shirt 2-3 times a night. Spirulina tablets were the best food source for her, and her energy felt kind of 'squishy'. This woman also came to one of my healing workshops and everyone was able to feel the various energetic aspects of her Being.

• Turtle People- They vary from tortoise, to soft shell, sea turtle, and even to land-style turtles. I have seen shells vary in size (sometimes due to age). A common habit for them emotionally is to pull their head in and protect themselves by 'hiding' from the world. Many have small ridges along their upper back where the shell fits right over what is often called 'the widow's hump'. Many, when we first meet them, are unable to tilt their heads back because of the energy of the shell being present. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' popularity probably relates to so many turtle people being present on the planet. Their home planet is very lush and tropical, many here live in motor homes or RVs, often their noses look more like turtle beaks than regular human noses. They are slower in various ways, and their human bodies get very rounded in different ways but particularly because of the shell. Emotionally they have soft undersides. Many of the Pueblo Indians of the American Southwest are exactly this kind of Being.

The following is from Confessions of a 'Turtle People' by Lynn Schmaltz, written at my request:

"The other night during his healing work Peter Farley shared with me the fact that I was a Turtle Person. This means that I, my turtle energy form at least, came here from one of the 'turtle planets' in the Pleiadean constellation. This is, according to Native American tradition, also the source of the star ancestors of every major tribe in the United States, as well as most other aboriginal or native tribes in other countries around the world. What does that information mean to me? As more life has been heaped upon my shoulders and my upper back is rounding, it totally explains my body shape, so different from the rest of my blood relatives … It's not osteoporosis...its turtleness.

"This got me to thinking about 'what are my turtle attributes?' Perhaps not all these are turtle-like traits of my alien energy self, but I know that many are.

"Having the traits from my turtle homeland means that I can alternately move into my shell away from others, or on the flip side of the coin, snap their heads off in a verbal disagreement. It means I'm persistent as in the race between the turtle and the hare. It means I could hide in my closet when I was little and read by a flashlight. Ever see a cartoon with a bookish looking turtle wearing glasses? When I get interested in a topic I 'dig in' and learn all I can about it.

"I'm nearsighted with a lazy eye, yet I have a gift of being able to get into a situation and see or sense the big picture very quickly. Others around me, hearing my explanation of the big picture are generally very slow to accept the information, if they ever accept it at all. I'm also fractal instead of linear - definitely a home planet trait - and I'll explain this. A linear person would say the alphabet like this: "a, b, c, d, e, f,...etc. As a fractal person, I'm just as comfortable with the alphabet being a, t, r, c, m, i...etc. Both linear and fractal have a 26-letter alphabet. Both alphabets have all the letters. The only problem here is that those who have a linear alphabet think my fractal alphabet is 'wrong.' I delighted in the backwards clock I had for years. A man had completely reversed the numbers and mechanisms on the clock. The only serious side effect was when one of my kids came home and said the teacher was trying to teach everyone how to tell time. However, the clock she was using was all 'wrong!' I'm not saying fractal and linear are attributes of turtle beings...just an attribute that I have. I always told my kids we need to refine our sense of the ridiculous. The clock was ridiculous, and to me, fun.

"And how do I, as a turtle energy get to a certain destination or goal? I rarely go around something, always trying to go over the top. Many times I make it. Sometimes I get flipped over on my back and am stalled, helpless and vulnerable. It takes a lot of work in the 'flipped over' turtle state to right myself, but it's not impossible. Almost always, though, I can be turned right side up easier with the help of another. And sometimes I can be kept flailing on my back when someone puts their foot on me and won't let me try to right myself. I've been lucky to be married to a man who's given me lots of leeway in having 'my own free will'.

"...This turtle-person doesn't like to have duct tape put over her mouth (figuratively speaking until the recent Patriot Act and new behavior in our courts). When those who were supposed to be my support system put the figurative duct tape over my mouth so as not to listen to my ideas, I went into my shell and totally withdrew. As they test to see if I'm coming out of my shell and coming around to their way of thinking, they find the barrier of my shell in my way. And, they find it's getting harder and harder to tap into my energy that I was constantly use to giving away. The jobs I've held that resonated the best to my turtleness were doing daycare in my home when my kids were little, doing home office work for our businesses, and doing a bed and breakfast. As a turtle I like being in my home. And it very much explains the way I would always delay going out the door, seeking to do just one more task. Most of the jobs I've had have been helping others. When I got into any careers in which the best way to make a lot of money was to be self-serving, it didn't take long for a 'melt down' to occur.

"As a 'turtle person' I love foliage all around. Indications suggest that the turtle home planet from which I came is very sub-tropical with lush ferns and tall trees and plenty...plenty of water. Driving up to the mountains prior to finding about my 'turtleness', I found it rejuvenating to be around the tall trees and dense foliage. On the way home I commented I probably needed to plant at least 3 dozen more trees in the backyard where I've already planted seven trees, lots of shrubs and ornamental grasses. As I look at the backyard where we live which was neglected for some time before we moved here, I see clusters of things I have planted. In a cluster there are trees, bushes, and now corn and sunflowers from the scattered birdseed. As a turtle person I hate tearing out any viable plants, especially if I think I might want or need them later. In the past I've had lots of houseplants and lots of silk plants and flowers simulating foliage. I also like having water fountains around the house and yard and would love a waterfall or pond feature in the backyard—a large waterfall/pond feature not just a patio fountain. On a hot day I prefer finding a cool spot under a tree rather than being out in the hot sun. In fact I don't handle the heat well at all. Up to 80 degrees is my preference for a summer day. Not 100+ where I live.

"...Carrying extra weight around has been constant for years. It's as though I keep trying to grow into my energetic body shape (morphogenetic field). It's kind of like I really am carrying the turtle shell on my back all the time. I didn't grow up in a family with other kindred turtle people, so I feel like the odd one out most of the time. When I pursue my goals persistently and family and friends don't agree with these goals, I know I'm going to make them mad or at least extremely uncomfortable. I'm an enigma to them at times, and an embarrassment to them at others. I'm having to learn that in staying true to my 'turtleness' it really doesn't matter. Following my heart and spirit is what matters. Being true to myself is what matters. And I'm having to figure out that my genetic family isn't necessarily anything related to my true spiritual family as well.

"...Figuring out why I'm living here with such persistence seems like it would be a good idea. I'm learning that I can't waste my turtleness on projects and people I can't help. I'm getting on my path, running my own race, and 'digging in.' After all, isn't that what turtles do? My home-planet turtle guidance have suggested at this time that I work in getting other turtle people together, perhaps an Internet 'turtle unite!' or at least 'turtles communicate!' group. Faced with a choice of having my turtle-essence removed and becoming a full-fledged human, I ended up choosing the turtle route. It is said when you come to this planet and experience it as a human you have the greatest opportunity for soul growth. If I came as say, a 6th dimensional being, and I help others who also came here with the same dimensionality, I may or may not make some great soul growth. I'm reminded of the airline's instruction 'put the oxygen mask on yourself first' before you try to help those around you. If I can help others of the turtle energy to understand who they are and ultimately what they are here to do, then my helping myself grows exponentially. It's perhaps a larger version of the 'pay it forward' idea. Maybe I'll still leave here as a 6th dimensional being, and maybe I just came here to take information back to the turtle home I came from. As a turtle person I'm not especially fond of the idea of control by the dark reptilians forces here on this planet. Peter has shared with me our own struggle at home against these very same forces. But, after all, wouldn't a turtle be a fairly delectable dinner for a carnivorous reptilian? Am I just here to give, or am I here to learn also? What I may learn here is bound to help the turtle planet, and whatever it is I'm sure the information is headed my way, rapidly.

"To finish, it's a simple task now just to get on with it. I'm not going to try and keep score on any soul level, I guess I'll move along at my own steady pace with what I'm here to do and see what happens when I get there-I'm sure in the end I'm bound to win the race. *wink"

Thank you, Peter! Lynn Schmaltz

The list continues:

• Armadillo People - One can easily feel or sense the protective energetic plates on their back. They have a tendency to curl up into a ball defensively when attacked either physically or emotionally. Their diet is far more limited than most.

• Bird Beings - (or what are commonly know through Ken Carey's works as The Bird Tribes) - Often visible because of their 'interesting' hairdos and bird-like torsos and legs. We've seen so many but remember in particular a crowned crane woman with the hairdo to match, vulture people, and also, penguin people in Roswell. One I worked with again had only 3 chakras and there always seems to be some form of wing-like energy to their form. The penguin-persons I have seen have to walk with the aid of canes to support their unusual bodily form.

• Squirrel People -Their bodies were shaped like a squirrel, curling or sloping into larger hips and thighs much like the image of a squirrel sitting on its haunches. The ones we have dealt with had buck teeth, nuts were their favorite food, and the one lady had stories of how she just loved to climb on her roof with her baby in a carrier around her front much like a pouch.

• Aquaman - Probably what J would refer to as a Liquidian, although to us he was more merman, perhaps similar in nature to the one portrayed in the recent movie Hellboy. Scaly, with soft fin-like energies in various places, they of course love to swim.

• Primates - So many of these as well, much like a regular Planet of the Apes here on Earth. These range from chimpanzee, monkeys, apes, gorillas, to more exotic types that one would regularly see in a zoo. One of the first we ever dealt with was an ambassador from her home star system here to represent her peoples during the coming ascension process. Bananas were her favorite food, and her favorite thing to do even as an adult was to go play on the monkey bars in the children's playground or to climb trees. Some are loud and can't stop chattering. Like their animal counterpart, gorilla types are more surly looking and far too serious in their attitudes.

• Bear People - I noticed a few of these in the San Antonio area of Texas, but have not really dealt with any of them much. They are more 'beefy' and larger around the chest and shoulder areas. Often the men are bearded with hairy chests and back.

• Orions - While the Draconian or reptilian beings are the most obvious of the dark-natured aliens here on the planet, the true center of power in this corner of the Universe lies in Orion. This does not mean that every Orion, or for that matter as we shall find out, every Sirian or any other kind of Being, is all dark. Every star system is comprised of sometimes millions of planets and each and every one is different. The majority of planets in the major star clusters in Orion have been taken over, however, and do represent ultimate negativity. They are, for the most part, 5th 6th and 7th dimensional and their lessons are based around the struggle of Love over Power. Most of the Japanese are from the Orion star-system, i.e. power vs. love.

The Men from Orion are the agents of what Barbara Clow terms "the big lie" - that Orion has engaged in a program of seeding walk-ins - Orion robots - on Earth.

• A.I./Biomechanical - These beings usually come from Orion and are either bred on Orion or one of the neighboring planets surrounding planet Earth. They usually have less chakras, less depth of the ones they do have, have mechanical actions, but seem almost 'lifeless'. There seems to be 'no life' behind their eyes. Just like in Steven Spielberg's movie AI some seek to become human-like or get a fuller complement of soul to become more human. Their search indeed revolves around Love.

This may seem difficult to believe although Terminator and X-Men style movies abound and are very popular. Sandy confirms, "But mind control goes much deeper than that. The Illuminati-reptilian mind-control projects have produced literally millions of mind-controlled robots in endless walks of life, who are programmed to carry out the Illuminati agenda," and so do Billy Meier's sources.

From a channeling of mine, Aug. 4, 2004: "Indeed you have come across one of the key elements to what is taking place in this corner of the Universe known as Nebadon, the 6th Superuniverse - the fact there is more than one ruling race. There are as many as four ruling races at any one time, and there is a council for the darkside that rules and directs the N.W.O. and the growing control of the population. Reptilians form the majority of this council, and there are those from Orion and Sirian elite, and the darkside itself is represented (the darkside has its own presence so to speak and it is much like the wraiths of Lord of the Rings that follow no one except their supreme Lord and ruler).

• Arcturians derive from Arcturus and are very creative, musical, artistic, and very much more directed. For the most part they are both 6th and 7th dimensional beings with very strong immune systems against whatever on Earth may bother others. Their form (atoms) seems densely packed. Sulphur dioxide actually supports their life-form.

• Lyrans (from Lyra) are the Beings who helped set up the Pleiades, and from whom it is said we get our original human form. They are not as mushy hearted as Pleiadeans, but are more directed, and it seems from what we can gather rather angry with the Pleiadeans for their over interference with what has taken place on this planet up until now. It now seems that the Lion people (Paschat) also come from this star-system, even some with wings much like the griffins of old.

• Andromedans - (see background details in Chapter 4)

• Roach Beings - These entities look the way you would imagine them. They are from the outer Pleiades and are 4th dimensional.

• Praying Mantis Beings - These Beings are very tall look exactly like praying mantises. They are beneficent beings that are 5th dimensional. One I dealt with in Dallas was responsible for her husband's dwindling health exactly as we see praying mantises here on Earth 'devouring' their mates. Her 'human' partner seemed very accepting of this state of affairs.

• Sirians - seem to be the most populous race on the planet besides the Pleiadeans and group of beings comprised of EIs, Orion robots, and androids and clones. They are the Amphibians/Reptilians/ Saurians - dinosaur types, salamanders, snakes, geckos, chameleons, etc. So many different types and sizes, color eyes, ridges…smooth lizard-like beings, you name it. Some have the sense that something is "wrong" emotionally, for as J describes it they are very much living in the mental realm, not understanding of human emotions. They are arrogant, and often wear full coverage dark sunglasses to protect their sensitive eyes. They are nearly always involved with the power structure where ever they may be. They seem to cluster in the cities, especially the power sites around the planet and seem to like water. They are the yuppies of the world and desperately need to learn some lessons of the heart. They are for the most part 5th dimensional, and their lessons are very, very mental as well. Remember what the Plejarens said through Billy Meier: "Also concerning genetic technology, enormous misuse will occur, because this will be unrestrainedly exploited for the purposes of war, not lastly due to the cloning of human beings for warring purposes, as this was practiced in ancient times with the descendants of Henôch in the regions of Sirius."

An early one I met in Arizona was an Ambassador from his part of the Sirius star system. He was very, very mental; it was almost like heart was not in any part of his make-up. He lived off women –Sirius and Orion are the source of the patriarchal domination of this and every other planet they can control. He always had lots and lots of questions, and little or virtually no emotion.

Funnily enough the partner he was paired with in one of my workshops (before knowing full well who he was) turned out to be the rebel leader from his very own star system. She did not like him and could not even stand to be near him, both not knowing who each other were until later in private sessions with me. This Rebel Leader was from Miami- could not stand the Ambassador, and was a very, very directed person, although emotions didn't seem to play a huge role in her directedness.

Another Sirian I worked with in upstate New York turned out to be a Sirian Queen Bee - one of the hive-mentality groups as Suzy Ward's son describes. She was exiled to this planet with a younger male who was like a caretaker to her needs after her usefulness at home ran out. She had great difficulty getting out of her queenly role, and sucked energy from everyone around her because she was used to getting her energy from the hive. However, now she was all "used up", and couldn't understand why she was no longer wanted. The thought-form of old age abandonment comes from the Sirian-Orion connection to this planet. The Queen's personal assistant was an open microphone to the Sirian High Command, and my Guidance told them that they were not going to succeed at doing what they came here to do on this planet.

Many other Sirians end up in the military-industrial complex as controllers or workers for the New World Order. Again, Billy Meier's Plejarens: "The irresponsible politicians will unscrupulously exercise their power, assisted by scientists and obedient military forces serving them, who together hold a deadly scepter and will create clone-like beings which will be bred in a total lack of conscience and will be scientifically manipulated to become killer machines. Division by division and devoid of any feelings, they will destroy, murder and annihilate everything...At the same time, the danger could become reality that the human combat machines, the military clones, will gain their independence and under their own management will bring death, devastation, destruction and annihilation to the human beings of Earth and to the planet."

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, I noticed that a huge percentage of the large Christian base there are exactly this kind of being–clones –about 2 million of them in and around that region of the country. We were told that 'underground aliens' were cloning certain people much like they do on Orion. In fact it is the Orion technology being used. There cloning centers are located underground in Arizona, Nebraska, Michigan and Missouri. These are the Stepford-type people of the world, and when specifically cloned for one purpose or mission become, again, the 'Manchurian candidates' who are then unleashed to create the necessary havoc in the world when needed or to be the fall-guy for some assassination plot. A lot of bank and investment bankers are just such cloned people as too are many accounting-type people. The fast-food industry is inhabited by large numbers of AI. Law enforcement, universities, and other such institutions are the centers for spreading the programming to the people, and hence are alive with numerous reptilians, clones and artificial intelligences.

Also in Colorado Springs we noticed the large population of handicapped or physically and mentally challenged people, the clients of Goodwill. In exploring these phenomena in light of what I know I found them to be an example of this using of Earth as a dumping ground for solar rejects from several other solar systems. These are beings sent here as a retraining and revitalizing experience because of their "inability to conform to standard practices and evolutionary progress in awareness on their home planets or systems. There seems to be something in their specific lessons about needing to be taken care of—to learn the lessons of social and environmental cooperation. They don't fit in, literally 'retarded' from going on as it were from their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth –environmentally disabled in the most practical meaning of the word.

Again, I've also met countless Sirians who were here as worker bees or drones, and of course, there have always been those who were here to fight against their home planet's agenda. Even in the miniseries V about the reptilians here on Earth there is an underground resistance movement among the very aliens themselves.

Some of the 'dinosaur' people have body shapes and personalities that resemble Barney, the purple dinosaur of children's network television. The Power Rangers have always been very reptilian in their 'overform' represented here by their uniform and helmets.

One surprising type of Sirian was the person with the Stegosaurus energy form, the large plates along her already curving spine. This Being had fallen off the back of her deck and awoken from her coma as a different person, her back quickly beginning to curve into an arch. It turns out that the Saurian Being had walked into the damaged body (as so many seem to do) because those who had come to do her job previously had not accomplished it. Now the Saurian was being sent to complete the unfinished task. In particular, she was here to work with the horses, an understandable mission for a dinosaur person we suppose. Interestingly she had walked-in at age 55, into the body of a veterinary surgeon specializing in equine surgery. She felt herself now to be cold and unfeeling, and could not understand the coldness. Again, the physical memories of the body are still strong even in the newly walked-in energetic form.

Something else I have noted is that 1/16-1/8 of all Negroes are reptilian, and a good portion of Haitians also, although not all of them. O.J. Simpson is a reptilian and the reptilians take care for their own – even in the case of murder [this was confirmed to us by someone who met O.J. at a party and personally saw the shape-shifting aspect of his being].

All natural-born Jews are reptilians, although all reptilians are not Jews. The Jewish people seem to be a variant of the Sirian reptilians, smaller and less threatening, again more like a Barney than a T-Rex. As described in volume one, they come from a home planet called Hoova by the Nine in The Only Planet of Choice. The Nine say that the Hoovids, or Jews, have been great civilization builders, and were chosen to seed Earth for their knowledge and seed-influence on civilization. The Hoovid race was also chosen for the implantation of "individuality and determination," and perhaps an ingredient of "tenacity." The Nine say that the difficulties this race brought with them to the planet, however, were in the matters of "obedience and compassion." The Hoovids did not obey the original directives they came with, and have not obeyed ever since. This circumstance is mitigated by the fact that they also do not have enough understanding of, or compassion for, other races.

The Arabs, for the most part, come from Orion, but a smaller less advanced area of the system (hence their relation here to the Jewish people). They are very child-like in their understanding and very, very easily controlled or manipulated. They are the bastard child of the Orions, just as Ishmael was the bastard child of Abraham. It is this archetype that is causing a rivalry among the New World Order since the bastard child now feels left out of what is going on and seeks to claim his rightful inheritance and the power that is due him. We shall speak more of this later on in this volume.

• Gargoyles - a central symbol on many New World Order buildings and churches and also a children's cartoon series, come from the astral plane or 4th dimension. They are often termed the 'worker bees' of the New World Order. While in human form they often have hunching or arched backs, often growl, scowl, and collect or buy things such as gargoyle statues to decorate their homes. They are easily picked up by humans as energetic forms, particularly since they like to hang around graveyards and funerals. They have very 'different' personalities, but they do have soul, and some, from our experience, even enjoy watching the Gargoyles cartoon series. I had one memorable experience of communicating with one that was taking over the body of one of my clients. The gargoyle was not a bad 'person' per se - it was just who and what he was. There was a definite air of sadness to having him removed, even for the host person who had genuinely become 'attached' to the little creature.

A couple of people I have worked with have picked these creatures up, usually at funerals, and the beings have become parasites within the energy form of the human, gradually taking over control of every aspect of the Human until forcing that Soul out all together. People who have picked them up quickly begin to hunch their shoulders, become surly and argumentative, unloving and seek out darker places and solitude. Their energy feels like a gargoyle looks, if that helps explain it at all.

• The Devic Realm Beings - include Sprites, Water Sprites, Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Trolls, etc. They of course vary greatly but the fairies and pixies have light, gossamer energy wings, are playful and or mischievous, and men love to abuse their kind of energy if they are female much as they do 'young' angels as well. The men from the devic realm will often seem 'effeminate' though not be homosexual. The Hamadryad described before is a tree spirit that is bottom half tree, top half beautiful fairy-like with wings, has specific tree relation. Gnomes and goblins and other types of devic world beings usually relate to their home planetary peoples who most closely relate back to them --i.e., the leprechauns in Ireland. The Queen of the Fairies that I worked on in Dallas had numerous small fairies flying around her like little fireflies, one even landing and sitting on my shoulder like a phantom Tinkerbelle. Another 'wow' experience from a lifetime filled with learning and wonder. The Queen wore an energetic tiara over her uraeus much like an Egyptian queen, and never been able to wear hats, not knowing why - until she found out why, through me.

• The Angelic Realm - These beings range from new angels to Archangels, Dark angels and Seraphim, etc. - most of the newer angels have an inability to fit in, get beaten up by planet Earth because they expect it to be about love and harmony as many of the angelic realms tend to be. The new ones can be naďve; the older ones can be jaded. Men are attracted to female angels and want to control or abuse or horde their energies for themselves. Their energy is usually light, very soft, and often very loving. Most often they seem to be walking three feet of the ground, never quite landing either into their physical forms or onto planet Earth - a situation that can create devastating physical problems for them somewhere along the line. Some have their wings literally clipped by their partners or through harsh life experiences. The higher ones are caring and genuinely concerned, proactive. A dark angel's energy feels just that, dark and very dense. They are usually destructive to others around them. They are here as a part of the Universal healing taking place. Not all angels are as high as or higher than human beings, since many of them have not had the human experience. Many can have extra chakras.

One rare and very unusual type of angelic being we have worked with recently is the very highest of angelic forms much like an arch angel but has 12 heads like something out of the Biblical Revelations.

The seraphim I have worked with are all, without exception, arrogant beyond belief – `know-it-alls' who would run Creation by themselves if left to do it.

• Equus - the genus of all modern equines. Have a horsey body energy protruding from the lower spine. Like to wear the hair very long in pony tails. Probably the most famous example of this type of Being was Marilyn Monroe. Watch the way she moves an d consider her `energetic field' and how it moves when watching one of her movies.

• Orb Beings - These beings look like balls of energy, have a round body shape, come from an icy planet over which they more hover than move. They have their own protection through their strong energy fields since their energy can be utilized to "zap" other beings as a means of protection. They do have male and female energy orbs, since one we have encountered is a female energy orb living in a male human form. Their lessons are all about balancing this very nature of male and female—positive and negative.

• Others - Mole people look just like you would expect a cartoon-type mole might look like. This is the same for the penguin people, i.e. Danny DeVito as the Penguin in Batman and the walrus people as well. A Griffin person looks like a Lion with wings and is more an alien hybrid than a race. Being not quite an animal I wondered if she was a Paschat or lion person mixed with a bird tribe as many of these beings were created experimentally by the Anunnaki when creating human beings. Stone replicas of griffins frequently served as gargoyles in the Gothic architecture of the late Middle Ages.

I think we will eventually find that all the hybrid creatures of ancient folklore are actually only alien hybrids not true animals or fictional myths as we once thought!

• The Paschat - The lion people are just like the old TV series Beauty and the Beast where the man had a lion-like face. Here in Florida recently we saw a Paschat police officer, her hair looking just like a mane and her face very, very catlike indeed. A book entitled The Lion People explains more about the alien origins of the Paschat. They are very goal-oriented beings, very moral, and have a penchant for biological pursuits and studies. They know more about DNA than almost any other race in the Universe.

• Wookies - look like the big furry Chewbacca from Star Wars. Even though they are regular size in human form their energy form is huge. The first one I ever dealt with told me people have trouble sitting next to him, and he agreed wholeheartedly –never understanding that people couldn't sit close because they would be in his energy field. The first couple I dealt with actually had much to do with the destruction of the Power Crystal at the heart of Atlantis, saving many, many people from continued slavery under the Atlantean Dark Sorcerer warlords. Their energy forms were still radioactively burnt from the destruction and this is what needed healing. The male reproductive organ is very large energetically.

• Ewoks - also look very similar in their energy forms to those in Star Wars. There planet is very much as portrayed in that movie (Northern California) - tall trees and lush ferns and big mushrooms to sit beneath. We have found they have a serious allergy to horseradish in any large quantity, but in minute amounts is very supportive to their beings. There seem to be large quantities of them east of Dallas. The one we first dealt with was here on the planet specifically to study fungi and molds. We have also seen one Being who looked exactly like a Jar Jar Binks kind of character.

• One 10th dimensional Being I had to deal with, coming from a place where heart and mind are blended into one, had forgotten how to use them 'separately' as they are here on planet Earth. Though she was a world-renowned healer using her mind for visualization, she had a brain tumor on that side of her brain which only the opening of her heart could cure. Come to find out that what she was a 'Galactic Voyager' along the lines of Columbus. She knew how to manipulate creative energies, but had been born into a life of idle richness amongst the wealthy reptilians of Florida and this had led her to forget all about the significance of Heart in all of our lives.

Having lived in Roswell, NM for so many years and returning there with more advanced 'seeing' skills, it was not surprising to find that 80-90% of Roswell people are alien, a higher percentage than the average 72 percent. The town of Kennebunk, MN, near to Kennebunkport where the elder Bush has a house, is entirely made up of a `different' type of alien found nowhere else on the planet. It is their little enclave on Earth so-to-speak.

Knowing the person who acts as a greeter for these beings at the Roswell "intergalactic portal," as such it is, we now realize that Roswell is very much like an Ellis Island for planet Earth. This also makes sense of the strong N.W.O. control of the town and the crashes that have supposedly taken place in the area since the testing of the atom bomb at White Sands (which involves another timeline that we shall not go into here in this volume). Is it surprising then that George W. Bush came to Roswell the day after his State of the Union address one year, to get `further orders' from his `superiors'?

I have found that different alien groups come through different vortices surrounding the planet. In Colorado I noticed the dominance of the female over their male counterparts, almost no matter what kind of being liked to congregate there. I traced many of these predominantly dominant woman types to coming from somewhere in the Antares star system where males are almost subservient, the 'weaker' sex, and where many women are more likely to keep men more as pets rather than as partners.

• Other Super Universes - These Beings are so unique and indescribable in any human terms. One very high being from another Universe has to live on chocolate (chocolate being a Love substitute) because he cannot get enough Love to support his energy field here, used as he is to getting so much more love at home (the other Super Universe). Another being we have encountered is a Triple or Trinity Being - positive, negative, and neutral entities all connected to one another. The woman had 3 energetic spines fused at the Love, S5, vertebra. She was from the 5th SuperUniverse, but had an implant that could disconnect her from her home universe energy form if necessary. She had come here to experience what is about to happen in this corner of this Universe.

This is only a partial list of the many, many beings I have worked with since beginning the healing work I do, and since having the 'eyes to see'. Now, everywhere I go I pay attention to the geographical aspects of the types of beings located there and notice the clustering effect of certain races, particularly around energy portals or intense sacred sites or along energetic power lines.

The very real possibility of energy forms connected to holographic human forms here again finds some corroboration in the works of Dr. Michael Newton (Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls) where souls about to reincarnate on planet Earth talk of "projecting human forms onto the planet." It also gains veracity from the experiments quoted by Gregg Braden in a program entitled Healing Hearts/Healing Nations: The Science of Peace and the Power of Prayer. Braden is the author of The Isaiah Effect and Awakening to Zero Point who started off as a scientist and engineer before pursuing these larger questions about life and about the Universe at large.

It is Braden's contention that in the past the planet has lost huge amounts of information from ancient spiritual traditions (with the burning of the library at Alexandria we lost at least half a million ancient documents), and that there may have been information in those traditions which could have helped us understand some of the mysteries of science. In his program, he reported on three very interesting and intensely relevant experiments concerning the very structure of Life itself:

EXPERIMENT #1- "The first experiment was done by Dr. Vladimir Poponin, a quantum biologist. In this experiment, a container was first emptied (i.e. a vacuum was created), and then the only thing left in it were photons (particles of light).

"The distribution (i.e. the location) of the photons was measured and found to be completely random inside the container. This was the expected result. Then some DNA was placed inside the container and the distribution (location) of the photons was remeasured. This time the photons were LINED UP in an ORDERED way and aligned with the DNA. In other words the physical DNA had an effect on the 'non-physical' photons.[Since beings are composed of Light and Sound, these interactions only prove many of the things metaphysicians have been practicing for thousands of years.]

"After that, the DNA was removed from the container, and the distribution of the photons was remeasured again. The photons REMAINED ORDERED and lined up where the DNA had been. What are the light particles connected to? [The effect of intent on the energies of the Universe – including Light]

Braden suggests that by this we are forced to accept the possibility that some NEW field of energy, a web of energy, is there and the DNA is communicating with the photons through this energy. [Light connecting within Itself to Light]

EXPERIMENT #2 - "These were experiments done by the military. Leukocytes (white blood cells) were collected for DNA from donors and placed into chambers so electrical changes could be measured. In this experiment, the donor was placed into one room and subjected to "emotional stimulation" consisting of video clips, which generated different emotions in the donor.

"The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA were monitored and as the donor exhibited emotional peaks or valleys (measured by electrical responses), the DNA exhibited the identical responses at the exact same time. There was no lag time, no transmission time. The DNA peaks and valleys exactly matched the peaks and valleys of the donor in time. [all atoms of the same morphogenetic field are attracted and move in harmony with one another guided by their Higher Forces]

"The military wanted to see how far away they could separate the donor from his DNA and still get this effect. They stopped testing after they separated the DNA and the donor by 50 miles and STILL had the SAME result. No lag time; no transmission time.

"The DNA and the donor had the same identical responses in time. What can this mean? Braden's suggestion is that it means that living cells communicate through a previously unrecognized form of energy. This energy is not affected by time and distance. This is a non-local form of energy, an energy that already exists everywhere, all the time.

EXPERIMENT #3 - "The third experiment was done by the Institute of Heart Math and the paper written was titled: Local and Non-local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA.

"This is the experiment that relates directly to the anthrax situation. In this experiment, some human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in a container from which they could measure changes in the DNA. Twenty-eight vials of DNA were given (one each) to 28 trained researchers. Each researcher had been trained how to generate and FEEL feelings, and they each had strong emotions.

"What was discovered was that the DNA changed its shape according to the feelings of the researchers: 1. When the researchers FELT gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by RELAXING and the strands unwound. The length of the DNA became longer. 2. When the researchers FELT anger, fear, frustration, or stress, the DNA responded by TIGHTENING UP. It became shorter and SWITCHED OFF many of our DNA codes! If you've ever felt "shut down" by negative emotions, now you know why your body was equally shut down too. The shut down of the DNA codes was reversed and the codes were switched back on again when feelings of love, joy, gratitude and appreciation were felt by the researchers.

"This experiment was later followed up by testing HIV positive patients. They discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 TIMES the RESISTANCE they had without those feelings. So here's the answer to what can help you stay well, no matter what virus or bacteria may be floating around. Stay in feelings of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation!

"These emotional changes went beyond the effects of electro-magnetics. Individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA." Braden says that to him this illustrates a new recognized form of energy that connects all of creation.

"This energy appears to be a tightly woven web that connects all matter. Essentially we're able to influence this web of creation through our VIBRATION [the very idea with which we began this chapter].

SUMMARY - "What do the results of these experiments have to do with our present situation? This is the science behind how we can choose a timeline to stay safe, no matter what else is happening. As Gregg explains in The Isaiah Effect, basically time is not just linear (past, present and future), but it also has depth. The depth of time consists of all the possible prayers and timelines that could ever be prayed or exist. Essentially, all our prayers have already been answered. We just activate the one we're living through our FEELINGS. THIS is how we create our reality - by choosing it with our feelings, our feelings activating the timeline via the web of creation, which connects all of the energy and matter of the Universe.

"Remember that the law of the Universe is that we attract whatever it is we focus on. If you are focused on fearing whatever may come, you are sending a strong message to the Universe to send you whatever you fear. Instead, if you can get yourself into feelings of joy, love, appreciation or gratitude, and focus on bringing more of that into your life, you are going to avoid the negative stuff automatically.

"You will be choosing a different TIMELINE with your feelings.

"You can prevent getting anthrax or any other flu, virus, etc., by staying in these positive feelings, which maintains an incredibly strong immune system.

"So here's your protection for whatever comes: Find something to be happy about every day, and every hour if possible, moment-to-moment, even if only for a few minutes. This is the easiest and best protection you can have."

Again, to put it simply, there is an endless supply of Universal energy out there which is malleable simply by using the way we think and feel to direct it. This is the true key to planet Earth and how easy it is for the darkside to manipulate us by holding this secret key away from us all just to use it for themselves.

Being positive and happy as Braden describes it does not mean, however, that one should be unrealistic or under-educated about what is taking place around them or in the Universe. Many people seek to shut out darkness by turning a blind eye to it. Living in the world means being of it as well - walking with your head in the clouds but your feet anchored here on planet Earth. New Agers shun listening to anything about the darkness (the biggest criticism of my work to date), rather than listening and understanding what is taking place and therefore being able to handle whatever comes along. Those who shut a blind eye to reality only do so because they FEAR they are not strong enough to deal with it when it does. The purpose of being here is do to what we came here to do, not ignore it for 'other-worldly' travels. As I have said time and again, we earn our spiritual medals by what we do here on Earth.

Vanessa's letter here about the atom bomb (the splitting of the atom/Adam which is the basic element making up Soul) addresses one of the great lies that keeps the truth about planet Earth from coming out –the fact that Soul is not as indestructible as we all feel it is:

"Oh gosh Peter, Am I ever getting flak for this one . . . (about nukes) but please PLEASE consider it. Use natural laws and you will see what I mean. I was SHOWN Peter...I am just so sick over it all.

"Although nothing is ever lost, it can be altered beyond recognition. It can be altered beyond the ability to again cohere. Souls are NOT immune to this process if they are caught in the middle of this kind of explosion. This can only happen here in the physical and the Evil One WANTS us to believe that soul is indestructible.

"My scientist friend agreed with me when I presented this to him. He was just horrified and kept saying why hadn't he seen this before. He KNOWS even with just his knowledge that this is real. Here is what he has to say about it...

"It is the extremely high magnetic force fields developed by the bomb's explosion, along with the unbelievably intense heat developed that would take the soul apart completely and utterly destroy it. The horrendously strong magnetic fields produced, would take apart even the very particles of the soul.

"This is why ET is so very concerned about us all. This kind of raw power used destructively will damage more than just us. It can affect the entire Universal structure via the electro-magnetic field disruption. It can also effectively 'wipe slates clean'. I don't have all the answers to that one yet but I will be seeking them Peter. But believe me, this is no joke. Scan took me to Hiroshima…Love and Light, Vanessa"

There is only one Soul, just as there is only one Light and Sound of the Creator. We are all individual particles of that Light and Sound, of that Soul. We can either be the 'one' or the 'One and the Many'. Some of us are simply fragments of the whole because of the problems with the creation process affecting this corner of the Universe. No matter what part of all this we are, any one of us can be so damaged as to halt the whole forward progress of Creation. Like a shepherd returning to find and return a lost sheep, no one moves forward while anyone is left behind. So it is that all souls stop to aid in giving more light and aid to those which have been damaged in the destruction of any part of the Universe. This is the problem with what has gone on here before. Great disasters, wars of unimaginable cruelty, every type of atrocity that can be imagined, have all brought Creation to a standstill until this darkness causing it can be finally resolved and brought back into balance. Black holes, destroyed planets - the whole reincarnational cycle gets cycled around and around again here on Earth with no one moving forward - a bottleneck in all of Creation caused by this spreading darkness."