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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 3
Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 3

By Peter Farley

So our morphogenetic field is the template of mold, if you will, into which our body grows. The 7 foot 8 Chinese guy and the perfectly formed 3 foot tall English woman DID NOT all come from the same African mother. Both are born here on Earth, grow until they're about 6-7 years old, and then start manifesting their true human or alien energy form and the body's cells move into that template or mold.

When doing long distance energy work a healer brings your energy body to them, does the work and sends the energy form back. Work done on this energy form changes or corrects problems with the template which then forces the physical cells to fall into the new form as it has been rearranged by the healer.

What shape-shifters from some higher dimensional star systems have learned to do is to project various different forms of this morphogenetic field. What some gifted self-healers and mentalists are able to do through the power of thought alone is to rearrange their own morphogenetic field to heal the imbalances in it.

From Locating and Releasing Emotional Body Blockages:

"Another energetic component of the body is its blueprints. Blueprints organize the formulations of energy and direct their function. (Note: This is called morphogenetic field theory in modern day science). Blueprints blocked and clouded by negative, entangled, or misaligned energies serve a purpose. They teach Soul the lessons It needs to be free of Its lower bodies and return to the Golden Kingdom. They help It correct spiritual imbalances and immaturities, which caused the disharmony to manifest. Blueprints also link Soul to its lower bodies, including the physical. Without this connection, people might choose to leave their physical bodies when life became difficult, in the hope that the after-life would bring joy."

People accept the world as they see it, as it has been presented to them by their parents and their society. Creation Itself, let alone the Soul, are a contradiction in terms - amazingly simple but extremely complex in their design. Very few ever bother or take the time to understand the true nature of Creation, allowing the media and others to tell them it is all a great unsolvable mystery, yet each and every thing each one of us does affects this great `mystery' to various degrees depending on our awareness of it, as hinted at in this excerpt from a channeling by S. a few years ago:

Potentially Disastrous Timeline Imbalances - 9/9/08 through S.

Dear One,

What Peter has put together about the alternate timelines is correct. This ascension timeline is running parallel with the previous timeline of non-ascension. 13 years ago a timeline split off with Peter's surrender to Higher Will from the one where he did not in which this planet then did not ascend. Through his dedication and willingness to follow Our direction We were able to create a new timeline aimed at getting the planet into ascension despite not having the assistance of her population and its overwhelming low level of consciousness. This had never been done

before and We Ourselves did not know if it were possible but considering the alternative of the planet's complete destruction it was deemed a worthwhile endeavor to attempt. And now it has been done. . . Aristenna, of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light"

Planets, continents, islands, almost every individual unit of anything, has it's own given morphogenetic field set to whatever spiritual experience it needs or is having at this current time. As the Soul gains awareness of has progressed through a lesson, it is often necessary to shift the morphogenetic field into the next appropriate form. This is what is described in the previous part where I, as a channel for higher level healing, have been able to remove someone's particular morphogenetic field for them and then the next appropriate form already begins taking shape. Sometimes this is `human, sometimes this is angelic, etc. A dog where I am staying has very pronounced cat-like tendencies, obviously in preparation for its next lifetime progression. Soul will go through EVERY experiential form, so even though we may not like so-called reptilians, we either have been or will be at some time `probably' a reptilian ourselves because that particular morphogenetic form offers certain experiences in mind-learning.