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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 4
Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 4

By Peter Farley

What's going on now with the morphogenetic field of not only this entire planet, but each and every individual aspect of it including its population is described in a recent radio show I did, and I will attempt to explain it more fully in the appearance I'm tentatively scheduled to make Nov. 16 in partnership with this series of articles.

From Calm Before the Storm?
If you listen to the TruthBrigade radio show of my appearance you'll hear that what Guidance has mentioned to me about what's about to happen is 'something that has never happened on this planet before' --and what it is THEY have tried to explain to me or at least hinted at is the total 'drop of the morphogenetic field of the planet' to accommodate the higher dimensional ascended planetary consciousness.",2.0.html

For many years now I have tried to explain and teach people that the true bible of healing is Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life because it is based on the simple idea that our errant thought patterns and unreleased emotions weaken and distort the energy flows of the body and thus create what more truly should be described as dis-ease. Change the thought pattern, release the blocked up emotions, allow the energies to flow freely again and cure the dis-ease.

Just as a person is able to progress even within this lifetime from one morphogenetic field to another in their spiritual progression, so too can the planet, and this is exactly what the planet is currently going through right now with it's weird weather patterns, its larger and more frequent earthquakes, its multitude of volcanoes erupting or at least rumbling, etc. etc.

The planet achieved full ascended status (into the 5th dimension) just about the time the worldwide economy began to collapse. Since then the energies of the old have been dying and the energies of the new paradigm have been struggling to get started, but with great difficulty due to the massive weight of such a limited consciousness on the planet and so many structures of control an anathema to the freedom of higher level awareness.

The planet's consciousness, Gaia, although not bound to the consciousness of its population, is affected by it. As my Guidance has had me say many times before, planets such as this one often are destroyed during the ascension process because the consciousness of their inhabitants is too heavy a payload for the planet to make the jump into hyperspace. Like a space shuttle or aircargo plane trying to take off with too heavy a load, they simple fall and break apart.

The planet HAS ascended but the majority of the people have not. Hence you have a 3rd dimensional people on a 5th dimensional planet and one of the other has to depart.