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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 5
Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 5

By Peter Farley

How much the government or the New World Order ON THE PLANET is aware of all this is not certain, that science is following along with certain areas of it is described in many articles wholly unrelated to the various fields of human awareness:

Scientists find a big drop in the strength of solar magnetic fields - Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Although sunspots are making a belated comeback after the protracted solar minimum, the signs are that all is not well. For decades, William Livingston at the National Solar Observatory in Tucson has been measuring the strength of the magnetic fields that puncture the sun's surface and cause the spots to develop. Last year, he and colleague Matt Penn pointed out that the average strength of sunspot magnetic fields has been sliding dramatically since 1995.

"If the trend continues, in just five years the field will have slipped below the threshold needed for sunspots to form. How likely is this to happen? Michael Lockwood, a professor of space environment physics at the University of Reading in England, has scoured historical data for similar periods of solar inactivity, signs of which show up as increases in the occurrence of certain isotopes in ice cores and tree rings. He found 24 such instances in the last few thousand years. On two of those occasions, sunspots all but disappeared for decades. Lockwood puts the chance of this happening now at just 8 percent.

"On only one occasion did the sunspot number bounce back to record levels. In the majority of cases, the sun continued producing spots albeit at significantly depressed levels. It seems that the sunspot bonanza of the last century is over. -- Stuart Clark

EVERYTHING in the cosmos affects everything else in the giant galactic millpond. The collapsing morphogenetic field of the planet makes all the energies on and surrounding the planet weak or virtually, in some cases, non-existent. One can feel this in certain cities that although active have no `feeling', no `energy'. Various populations seem more like the zombies from Night of the Living Dead than vibrant life-loving souls.

From my Breaking Down the Hologram: How the Grid Creates and Supports the Matrix:

". . . This brings to mind the very thoughts I have been tossing around since the "reptilian-subterranean" aspect came into the picture. It has been my contention that the electro-magnetic parameters beneath the surface of the earth are not the same as those on the surface. It is also known that altered states begin to occur when one is not within the geo-magnetic fields of earth, and that early experience in space flight proved this to the point where artificial magnetic fields need to be implemented for the safety and mental stability of the astronauts when outside the earth's magnetic field."

"The astronauts had no `known' morphogenetic field in which their holographic brains and holographic biological forms could operate, no points of reference so to speak. They were `off the grid' and outside the predominant controlling paradigm, and so many astronauts and others who have been `into space' come back as changed human beings. Why? Because they've seen and been outside this lie we call the Matrix!

"It is also known that the geo-magnetic fields shift around the earth, the patterns continually moving and fluxing over a period of about 2000 years ( see pages 44 - 58, Awakening to Zero Point, Gregg Braden, 1994 ) It is not too much a leap to speculate on the role geo-magnetics may have on altering human consciousness beneath the surface. The resonant chambers and passageways of a vast subterranean system may also act as sub-sonic wave-guides etc. in a similar fashion as the initiation temples, pyramids, kivas and anomalous energy areas around the globe. Could this account for the strange and exotic tales encountered in the underground world. Could the geo-magnetic, electric, gravity and sonic parameters be such that other dimensional translations of reality become accessible? "- From Ancient Egyptian Treasure in the Grand Canyon? - Part 4 by Barry McEwen and Michael Lawrence Morton

This explains the various `dimensional' shifts which have taken place upon the planet as the earth changes occurred. It also explains how and why the reptilians and other alien Beings who inhabit the massive dark cavernous gas pockets which surround the Earth underneath the crust can live in an altered state, in this case fourth and already fifth dimensional worlds, and yet still interact on a 3D level when called to do so. As S, channeled from Aristenna a while ago, there are only certain reptilians and `underground' aliens who are capable of moving above ground for any length of time.

Q: Why can only some come above ground?
Aristenna: Only some are equipped with a cloaking device, and some are not. It takes special beings and special DNA that can cloak them to look like human beings. Also it takes a lot of energy to cloak and they have less and less energy available to them since so much of the grid work and portal closing work has been done. They cannot waste what they have on 'trivial' things.

This is the `They Live' syndrome where if the forms we are projecting here on planet Earth (As Dr. Michael Newton's works describe) then by altering the Light frequency and patterns of the beam projected by using `corrupted energies', then you can disguise your true form with anything you want it to be, including making it look human –or any other form you wish.

By controlling, or as Thoth admits, modifying the original grid system of the planet put in place by the Els (the first true colonizers of the planet,) you can then create your own Matrix and have those inhabiting it, as Truman's creator explains in The Truman Show, "accept the reality their born into".

By harnessing certain points along the grid, by building your own `control stations' over the ancient earth power points (as the NWO has done with their cathedrals and temples and even their World Trade Centers and Murrah Federal Buildings) then you can shape or rearrange the paradigm people see any time you want.

And this is all what's going on. They have created the movie we see as real, just as Jim Carrey's Truman does, until he starts noticing the anomalies.

The greatest fears the Annunaki (of Zecharia Sitchin fame) had was losing the longevity of their home dimensional world by lowering themselves into the third dimensional world of planet Earth. Hence they created the temple twilight zones in which they could interact with their human or human-hybrid representatives on the planet, or still engage in the `sacred' sexual rituals with their chosen human temple virgins (which many in this group have been).

From a channeling of Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light:

"Plus, this area of Texas has many limestone caverns beneath which are natural breeding grounds for the reptilians such as the ones Peter has encountered often before in the area surrounding Palm Springs and the Yucca Valley of California and other such reptilian strongholds."

It's not hard to notice that the power-elite reptilians in these strongholds around the world and around the country have had two major goals foremost in their minds, gaining and maintaining wealth and power, AND maintaining a youthful (non-reptilian) appearance. Hence the need for cosmetic surgery and all the machinations of making a reptilian still appear human."

However, as the planetary morphogenetic field collapses the alien countenances of such reptilians are becoming more and more obvious, while plastic surgery seems to becoming less and less effective in covering them up – almost to the point where it seems totally ineffective in many, more high-profile cases.