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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 6
Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 6

Intent is everything in spiritual `enlightenment'. Most everything Guidance has had me write since day one has included references to the choices the individual must make prior to and at this particular time; particularly the choice to be free.

This is from one of the first articles I wrote on all these subjects. It's been added to a compendium on the subject by various other authors. Even though Creation has changed much since its writing, some things in it, the key theme to it, have not. More than ever as the planet and most of us are losing our 'old' morphogenetic fields and being bombarded by more and more viruses and mysterious illnesses, the idea of our intent and direction become ever more important.


". . . Therein lays the fascination and hope of a truth to be revealed that is at the heart of the Roswell phenomenon. All of us, knowing deep within our hearts and our minds and our Souls that we are part of something larger than ourselves, but on the opposite side being told by every planetary institution that wants to enslave us that we are not part of something bigger, but indeed alone in the Universe.

"Roswell holds our hopes and our dreams for now because it is the smoking gun in this bigger picture of a Universal struggle to free mankind from its fetters. Knowing we are not alone in the Universe frees us from outmoded religions and ideas that have caused us to allow the destruction of everything beautiful about mankind and of Planet Earth itself.

". . . The ignorance in which we have become imprisoned has allowed us to be controlled, not only by earthly forces, but also by extraterrestrial forces as well. My new book nearing completion details the past 50,000 years of this kind of control, and tracks it back to its original source. It is a mind boggling leap, a conspiracy so big that it bridges a million lifetimes on this planet; a conspiracy so big that even conspiracy theorists won't believe it - yet indeed the truth is out there. The facts, the ideas, the concerns, once pieced together into a larger portrait paint an awesome picture of much more than genetic manipulation as talked about in Zecharia Sitchin's works. It goes far beyond the work of Gardner and others researching the foundations of our religions, of Freemasonry, of the New World Order, and even of extraterrestrials and UFOs, for these are all just pieces of a much bigger puzzle (something I see reflected in the ideas of many of my readers).

"Even the true story of our Creation has been taken from us, and like an adopted child, we still search for the origins of our birth, only this time in the heart of what is truly a ubiquitous God. We cannot understand why we feel so separated and yet so connected as the Native American tradition tells us in its saying `We are all related'. In our searching, we strive to find our true parents and the siblings we know we must have in this awesome Universe of our Creation. While our minds and our hearts are manipulated, deadened, controlled, even to the point of being unthinking and unfeeling, one thing that cannot be taken from us is our cellular memory lying buried deep within our bones and the very fiber of our beings. Stripped of our full 12-stranded DNA genetic code that was our connection to the Universe and to Creation itself, we still retain these memories within us and within the myths and legends of our various peoples, myths and legends and memories of who and what we truly are. That is one thing Sitchin's Sumerian space gods, the Annunaki, could never take from us, even as hard as they tried.

"Tom Joad's speech at the end of the movie version of John Steinbeck's Grapes of Wrath, talks about us all being part of something larger, not individual souls, but smaller parts of one big Soul. It talks about us as being not separate from God and the universe at large, but individualized pieces of it.

"While speaking with her alien counselor, one of Constance Clear's abductees asked what kind of god they believed in. She was given the answer that they do not believe in a heaven and know it not to exist as so many of us would like to believe. Instead she was told that they strive to become one with the Source again, an idea echoed in Kryon's work, the early writings of Ramtha, and so many metaphysical teachings. The book, The Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, paints a reasonably accurate picture of the order and process of spiritual development in the universe. It details the schooling through which each soul must travel in its journey back home to that source. With the infinite combination of experiences and lessons gone through by the countless multitude of individualized parts of Soul that we are, how can any one truly believe in their heart that when we return to that Source we give up all that we have learned and discovered? These are the things that make us such unique elements of the grander whole.

"This abductee also asked her counselor about the shootings at Columbine High School in Littleton just over a year ago. She was told that those children are well and she knows where they are. When asking about the grieving of the parents, she was told that they are undergoing the ordeal by fire. Living in New Mexico where we have lately seen a real ordeal by fire, literally, this metaphor rings especially loud and true. This is the time of planetary earth changes and cleansing, and nowhere is escaping it, for as we are all connected , so is the planet and all the countries and people upon it.

"These are the grander ideas and implications which Roswell as a key can unlock for each and every one of us. It is a key which unlocks the cabinet where all the other keys are stored, and while not the only way, it is certainly one very important way that many people may choose in unlocking the further mysteries of the Universe and of Creation itself"