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morphogenetic fields and the collapse of the old paradigms of earth - part 7

Morphogenetic Fields and the Collapse of the Old Paradigms of Earth - Part 7

From my article: When is a reptile not a reptile?

The answer: When they're turned into a full human being.

You ask how is that possible? or is that possible at all? Sometimes through the grace of Guidance and working with an individual's own personal Guidance, the time may come when nothing is working to progress a soul out of the dire circumstances it finds himself in. NOW if that Being happens to be some form of non-human, such as the many described throughout my works, it is possible to remove/change that person's morphogenetic field from whatever type alien being he or she is, into one that is fully human. Not easy, but can be done.. . .not sure but don't believe anyone else can do it *S

Some others in the group have experienced this either on their husbands or on themselves, but here is Max's first experiences after the work was done:


To: Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 04:56:54 +1300

Thank you so much Peter,

Yesterday morning I felt like a child when I got up and this morning even more. I feel very nostalgic, I feel like I want to go and "play" outside in the woods. I'll let you know more as the day goes on. I had bizarre dreams last night but I can't remember them. Did everything go alright? Were there any problems in doing it? Thanks again Peter

I'll write a bit later. M.

From: To: Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 07:25:25 +1300

I have felt much softer over the past couple of days. Literally my skin feels softer. I've had this strange type of skin condition since I was a little boy where I have very dry sort of scaley skin on my elbows, behind my ears and on my scalp. Over the past few days it's begun to clear up a bit . . . I'm not fully aware Peter what my last lifetime was, but I do sort of remember making some agreements before I came here to get certain things accomplished. I'm not sure if all of them were positive. I have been always aware of a battle going on over me. A very distinct division of Dark and Light surrounding me.

Peter for me to be Annunaki,I would have to come from an Annunaki bloodline, is that right? I am sure that that comes from my father's side. But recently I feel that it may also come from my mothers. Does that mean that I came from one of the 13 major Annunaki bloodlines? Me knowing this I think will help me understand more of why this all happened the way it did.

. . . I'm still not sure what my mission is here on the planet is Peter, but I know my role was very specific. I know you don't want to be a crutch for me, but if you have any information that might help me find that out, i would appreciate it. . .

Much love to you Peter, you are a wonderful amazing human being. I feel very emotionally connected to you.

In service. Max.

The Earth is shedding it's old morphogenetic field like a snake sheds its skin and along with it all the miasms of control and war and death and lifting itself into something, as Arthur C. Clarke described it in both 2001:A Space Odyssey and 2010 "Something wonderful is about to happen".

From my article Confirmation of the New Paradigm

A little help please - I'm seeing things. LilyRachel.

Dear Peter,

I was wondering if you could help me figure something out. I am "seeing" some things definitely not of the 3D world. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this. I have a hard time describing what it is exactly that I'm seeing, mostly because I don't have anything to reference it to. So, please bear with me while I try to explain.

The first things I started seeing, a little over a year ago and shortly after my awakening, was what I think is an energetic grid in the sky. I can focus my attention on it and it becomes darting points of light/pulsing chevron shape in all directions, but they follow a path until intersecting another path. It's definitely not a square grid, and perhaps not an evenly spaced grid. One thing I have noticed over the past year though is the speed of movement of the energy pulses along these paths: it has increased steadily.

The other thing I'm "seeing" seems to be very personal. I say this because I see it everywhere, it follows my gaze. I think it might be worth mentioning that it is not centered in my vision. So when I do look at directly, it seems to move away at a rate equal to the movement of my eye trying to catch it. Although, over the year, it has become easier to stare at it and observe it, perhaps practice has helped, or perhaps it is moving closer to my center of vision. I hypothesize it correlates with aligning myself with my higher-self/higher-will.

What it looks like: Most simply, it looks like a chain of orbs. I fondly called it my Sky Serpent for a while. There is a section of the chain that seems to be the default. I can see it when I mean to, and when I don't mean to. It's always there. In addition, which I believe this section is my general position in Time. This default section gradually moves and changes in time, and has led me to think that what I'm seeing it my path, or perhaps even the path of humanity. Yet I cannot interpret what that path is, or where exactly I am on it.

Currently this section is approaching a split: The orb trail/path splits at a very clear orb (it has not been dragged along like most of the other parts like the dots in connect-the-dots), one path keeps heading up (at like a 75 degree angle) while the other path stays at a nearly horizontal level (about a 15 degree angle overall). At times I'll glimpse other sections where the path will loop (big and small loops) and then I can see that the path isn't like a 2D drawing, but has depth; I can't focus on the foreground and the background part at the same time. I'll see clusters of orbs along the paths which are all shapes and sizes; I'll see curtains or sheets of energy falling over the earth; and I'll see single orbs not attached to the path; it all seems random.

I've tried asking questions and getting a response, but that's been unreliable, and even simply using it as a dowsing rod of sorts with yes/no questions where a vertical path was yes and a horizontal path was no. I will admit that I'm not a very meditator and have a hard time keeping my mind clear of thoughts. This is mostly because of my attention deficit disorder, though.

I'm not sure why I'm "seeing," except that I did ask for my 3rd eye to open. It's just not what I expected, I guess: no color, no auras. I've also considered that they are just thought forms, but I'm not sure about that either. I'm not on the best speaking terms with my guidance, so I'm confused.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to this email.

-Rachel Lilly

Rachel's visions of the changing paradigm structure (the morphogenetic field or grid system surrounding and supporting the planet's new home helps not only me confirm what has been accomplished but should also help make it more real for everyone. Guidance has told me ALL the work is done. For years now various phases of the work have been accomplished and it's been a running joke that there has always been 'one more thing' to get done. A lot of this work if you look at past postings and articles on the website and in the Files of my yahoogroup has been related to first, freeing up the old grid system that has imposed its slavery upon us. Next has come a rebuilding or restructuring of the on-planet and off-planet grids to help allow the paradigm shift to occur.

When looking at anything through the spiritual eyes one must always remember that for now the spiritual things one wishes to focus on are seen through the peripheral vision or a visual sensing of them, and not through a direct seeing with the third dimensional eyes. This is the old technique of staring at a candle and working on perceiving things beyond the candle with one's peripheral vision. Unfortunately movies make everything appear as if it is all done using 3D senses instead of re-membering the use of 5D spiritual technology.

The 'orbs' Rachel is seeing I first perceived to be potentialities or 'babies' but Guidance clarified it more that they are 'seeds' not of fruit or plants or anything we would think seeds to be for, though since many here now helped create the life forms and plant forms on the planet in its initial settlement, they could be those too. But more then that, they are the seeds of change, the constructs if you will that Rachel's work allows and asks her to bring forward as the new paradigm unfolds. L and BW, Peter

I and others have seen the `future' of potentialities the new planet Earth holds. Many of `us' have been working to create that new paradigm even as we still suffer through this old one dying. Unfortunately, except under very specific conditions of lifestyle, our own morphogenetic fields are declining/suffering/weakening as the planet's one does. This is why people are feeling more and more joint pains, more and more problems with their teeth and gums (the first bodily aspect to feel shifts in the weakening morphogenetic field), and all the areas of unresolved problems in their bodies (As detailed in Louise Hay's work) are coming more and more to the fore, even though they have been warned and warned to deal with this baggage before planetary lift-off.

Just as kids and some aware humans are affected by the planetary movements such as earthquakes and volcanoes erupting, the animals are the greatest barometer of such changes occurring. Over the past few days I have heard the complaints from `totally unaware' people about their teething problems, and then in my yahoo group have received postings from various people around the world of many experiencing just such effects of the difficulties they are having with their own personal fields collapsing:

Yes. Something we should know about?

My left arm hurting - affecting my left foot. Not usual. And the cat here in the house has been acting somewhat odd - had not been drinking water until this morning - acting very needy - wanting to be close to someone - on someone's lap - at all times.

Thank you for all the information on this list - I do not usually post - but do read much of what is shared on this list. Thank you. Blessings of peace, Em H.

Thanks, Peter. I very much look forward to reading your articles. As a naturopath, I've noticed the recent onset of problems, especially in the elderly population. Also, in S CA, we've had much heavy 'spraying' along with sun flares, quakes, etc. There is much going on. Louise

Re: Anyone having teeth problems right now?

Hi, I am new to the group. My aunt's cat been refusing to eat a lot lately. I get sore joints sometimes. Lakisha

Dear Peter,

You're right. I feel in all my body the energy depletion. All my joint aching, I have very badly pinched nerve, I am in extreme pain. I have been thinking about you, may be you can help me, but I know, You are very busy. With best regards: Jessica

Hi Peter

Firstly let me thank you for the implant work you did a week or so ago. I cancelled appointments on the Sunday because you said the healing may affect my emotional body, however, I woke on the Sunday morning feeling refreshed and motivated. I spent the day doing some research and putting a workshop together.

Since then my energy levels have been more balanced (not as tired) and I am remembering my dreams, so again, thank you.

Now, for teeth, joints and animals. My husband's teeth are breaking down and he is having problems with them (more than usual). My right knee and lower back have been playing up this last week. My sister's cats are sensing something going on as they are acting strangely.

Thank you for sharing your insight and knowledge.

In gratitude and with love, Alandra

ONE THING that should be noted here is that the collapse of the planet's morphogenetic field has nothing to do with `zero point' or 2012. These are separate and individual `potentialities' that will not now happen since they have been pre-empted by the planetary ascension process. David Icke's End of the World Tour may come a little late.

While the advance toward this time has been sometimes slow in coming, and even delayed for a year waiting for certain events to occur, as any sensitive aware person can tell, the past few weeks have sped the whole process sup and it's now a runaway train that cannot and will not be stopped. All one can do is prepare and some suggestions for that will come in the final piece of this series, but be aware, time now is very, very short.