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motivation for change
By Peter Farley

It´s easy for Guidance to say we should change, and this is how we
should be, and this is how we should act and how we should feel etc.,
but for most of us change is the hardest thing we´ll ever do. And as
Mark Twain said, "Mankind is a bunch of cowards . . . ", so most
often it is the fear of change that makes most of us cowards. This is
the game our minds like to play with us to stop us from making a
choice, "But what if . . . ?" Or, if we do make a choice, it then
plays that other nefarious game, "Shoulda, woulda, coulda . . ."

Some of us are lucky enough to have a spouse, 2 1/2 kids, and a white
picket fence -- the so-called American dream, so to say there is
something we should change about this is crazy is it not? It doesn´t
really matter that our spouse is a handler/controller sent into this
lifetime simply to shut down our spiritual mission. It doesn´t matter
that our kids are dysfunctional because they see the lovelessness of
the situation they are living in. It doesn´t matter that paying off
the mortgage for the white picket fence saps all our strength,
spiritually and otherwise. Does it?

The old spiritual adage is that if you like what you´re getting, then
keep on doing what you´re doing. If you don´t like what you´re
getting, then something needs to change about what it is you are
doing. That something in each of us that we like to term ´the seeker´
knows there´s something better out there than what we currently have,
and so we go out looking for it.

Unfortunately, sometimes in that seeking we get lost and need to find
who it is we truly are when we just stop all the seeking and be. Then
it is we hear the still small voice within us much louder than when
our mind is leading us down every labyrinthine pathway in search of a
teacher or knowledge of how to be more of who we already are. And so
it goes on lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, when as Paul
Twitchell rightly knew, the key to all of this lies in just two
words "Just be".

But that means giving up all the seeking, all the feeding of the mind
so that it goes into quandaries thinking it´s going to starve without
further input, all the learning, all the what if´s, all the playing
the games the Matrix has placed before us simply to keep us too busy
to just be. For in that moment we let go of all that nonsense and
could ´just be´, their elaborate chaos and disorder would all fall
away and we would see clearly for the first time; and nothing would
ever be able to have power over us again.

The Biblical saying of the how hard it is for a rich person to enter
heaven (being more difficult than a camel passing through the eye of
the needle) simply relates to our over involvement with things
instead of what should be our primary goal (and is if we only
realized it) spiritual growth and awareness of the perfection which
already lies within us. We can have anything we want in life, if
we´re not attached to it. That is the true secret not taught in ´The
Secret´, for if we´re attached to something then it means we have a
fear of losing it and that fear will bring to itself that which we
fear the most. There is only one way of creating in this
SuperUniverse. We create a mold with our mind and fill it with the
strongest emotion we have for it and the allowance of Spirit to
manifest that thing in our life --and voila! it suddenly appears. The
two strongest emotions to use in manifesting things in our life are
FEAR And LOVE. That which we fear we attract into our lives. Those
things we love we attract into our lives. Unfortunately since we are
pretty much all programmed by the New World Order to live in a
constant state of fear it is the former that most often manifests for
us -- those things which we fear.

Watch anyone who knows that money is just energy and needs to keep
flowing; the money keeps coming and going for them without being held
onto. They give and they get. Same is true of people who give from
the heart, they give and they get. Unless of course that other major
problem of being human is supreme in their lives -- that is that they
feel unworthy of receiving all that is good.

Attachment is anti-change and so will always bring one to a downfall.
Feeling ourselves unworthy of having anything we need is the wrong
attitude to create with, so once again we come down to what Paul
Twitchell said were the two major factors in
spiritual ´enlightenment´ -- attitude and attention. What is your
attitude? And where does your attention lie?

The biggest problem I see with so many people coming to me for
assistance is that they are either in two great a fear state to
change, or they have no motivation to change – living in denial that
things are always going to be this way and that somehow God or Big
Brother will save their scrawny necks from bank failures, or real
estate market busts, or grocery stores running out of food in some
type of emergency. Well, good luck.

As Guidance one said to me the worse things get the more people will
be looking for assistance and a way out of their conditions. But as
I´ve written about before, so many people were lined up on the shore
taking pictures of the approaching tsunami and only started to run
when the first wave was breaking over them. Well, some will run with
the first wave, but right now many are still standing on the beach
waiting for the second and third waves before they will get off their
fences and make a beeline for whatever spiritual protection and
Guidance they need under such circumstances.

Motivation is the impetus that makes us act, and all of us need to be
finding that motivation right now or if we´re quite content with what
we´ve already got and don´t believe that will change –then sit down
and relax and let go of any ´airy fairy´ notion of ascension or
spiritual changes coming.

If we´re not happy with what we´ve got and do believe ´something´s
going on´, then we need to find the strongest motivation we can and
get moving. Once upon a time (like in a fairytale) I would have
thought for most people this would have been the notion of saving
their families. After a dozen years, however, I know that family is a
bigger excuse NOT to change than it is to get up and really do
something meaningful.

Therefore the biggest motivation we might have to change is that
we´re not happy with what we´ve got and where we are and what we´re
not doing in our lives, and hopefully, for Creation´s sake, this will
be enough to make us get up and act and do something worthwhile
before all our past lives of training for this moment go down the
drain, along with any hope of us ever fulfilling what it is we once
upon a time agreed to come here to do.

Wishing you strength in this moment and those to come.

In service, Peter