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Myth vs Fact
Myth vs Fact
Much of what is written in the first four volumes of my work Where
Were You Before The Tree of Life? may seem like myth when taken out
of context. Any part of the alien-New World Order conspiracy might
also seem like myth without sufficient background or experience.
Ceanne De Rohan's re-creation of the archetypal conflicts of the
Creation story as related in Volume 1, may seem even more
mythological in the way they are explained, an inaccessible realm to
some, while to others they play out like a grand soap-opera of
sorts. We see these very same archetypal struggles playing
themselves out, however, not only in our own seemingly small day-to-
day lives, but throughout all the folklore of any race upon this
planet. Greek Mythology is fraught with such dramas?incestuous
relationships, bereaved lovers, lust, revenge, sons usurping their
father's roles, all the mainstays of good drama. Egyptian mythology
runs rampant with the same archetypal episodes?Isis chasing after a
missing phallus?while the main deity in the Phrygian pantheon,
Cybele (Mother of the Gods), falls for the young and handsome Attis,
later having him castrated on suspicion of unfaithfulness. These
dramas, all archetypal in origin, also belong, however, to a
generation of demiurgic gods that are more of a flesh and blood
nature, as we have seen in the case of the Annunaki and other such
visitors of extra-terrestrial origins like the early Atlanteans.
They are all, however, winding their inevitable way towards a
conclusion, one which is not yet set in stone as the planet itself
heads towards its own higher calling. The old lessons which have yet
to be learned are, like anyone's own personal karma, working
themselves out on a grander scale once again, much as they once
attempted to do in the not-so-mythological continent of Atlantis.
Stay awake and stay focussed for the changes are occuring all around
us and the greatest danger to all of us is, like it is for the
heroes of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the danger of falling
asleep, andremember how grandly and dearly you are loved for those
not-always-so invisible forces and energies around you.