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Neighborhood Snitch
Neighborhood Snitch

I was just looking at a book today entitled Snitch Culture by Jim Redden after seeing on the news last night that they are trying to organize Neighborhood Watch programs as part of OperationSupportAmerican Freedom.

Remember in Nazi death camps and other concentration camps there were always the ?stoolies? and those who worked for the oppressor? We do not need prison guards if they enlist us to watch each other. Also very timely?while the men are a way playing war, the home front falls. Sounds like the intrigues before the fall of ancient Rome. Time to get healthy, stay focused, and be strong. Peter

Citizen Profiling & Internal Security By Al Martin 3-4-2

The House of Bush wants to use your local Neighborhood Crime Watch Association to act as a Big Brother surrogate.
First, the Civilian Defense Force will coordinate the so-called Local Citizen?s Profiling Program, and this is where the Neighborhood Watch comes in.
They need it because they figure that these are people from the community, who have lived there a long time and they know everybody. They know who?s a Republican or a Democrat, who?s a Christian or a Jew, and so on. They also know people?s political feelings and their dispositions. That?s why the Neighborhood Watch is being used in this capacity - to begin to establish Citizen Profile sheets. It will essentially be all the usual stuff - name, date of birth, religious affiliation, political party, education, medical history, firearms ownership, memberships in organizations, etc. Then they will gather information on whether you have protested against the government in the past, if you have been known to harbor views contrary to the ?security of the State? or ?injurious to the domestic tranquillity of the people.? It can get a little confusing. The existing AmeriCorp Program is being divided. Half of it is going to become the Freedom Corp. It will have a political agenda, and it will receive federal money separately. The other half of AmeriCorp will be folded into the existing Peace Corp, but it will act as a domestic Peace Corp, supposedly without a political agenda.

The Freedom Corp will then join forces with Neighborhood Watch groups because they are not well organized. The new AmeriCorp will provide the manpower and materiel to organize the Neighborhood Watch organizations into a much more effective surveillance force. It?s hard to figure out how much money is being spent because of the way they keep appropriating the money. There?s a $4 billion security appropriation for AmeriCorp, but they?re not saying how much of it is going to each division. Then there was a $3.8 billion appropriation to effectively federalize the Neighborhood Watch Groups. Then there is a separate $15 billion for the new Civilian Defense Force. And here?s the chain of command. The Freedom Corp will be amalgamated into the Neighborhood Watch Association. It will become the senior surviving partner of the amalgamation. It will be then called Freedom Corp, and not Neighborhood Watch. They?re going to expand these groups tremendously in terms of personnel, not getting more neighbors to watch out for crime, but in terms of personnel. The umbrella group is Corporation for National and Community Service. Above this newly created entity, which works at the local level, will be a second newly created entity, the Civilian Defense Corp., which will operate by county and state chapters, but not local chapters.

The Freedom Corp will then report to the Civilian Defense Corps, which is now being set up and then will coordinate with FEMA on a state level and all other state emergency agencies and law enforcement. The CDF is being put in for control on a state and county level. All that?s known is what has been publicly stated. It will have paramilitary powers, supposedly to clean up disasters, emergencies, the next terrorist attack, etc. It also has a political agenda and it?s separate and distinct from AmeriCorps. Another political agenda of the CDF will be the control of children, marketing propaganda to children, etc. They?ll have their own uniforms with badges and so on. They will start going into the nation?s elementary schools to ?calm the fears of children?: in their own words and to further teach children the ?importance of patriotism and obedience to the State.?

The Civilian Defense Force, in turn, reports directly to the Office of Homeland Security. But there is an intermediary, which acts as liaison and that is the Office of Internal Security. This Office will then cull everybody who is ?patriotic??everyone who?s got a flag out in front of the house and everyone who?s fat, dumb, and happy and says nice things about the ?war on terrorism? and George Bush. Then what will be left is a profile of the 20% who disagree. It will be the Office of Internal Security?s job to classify these to make ?threat assessments? for purposes of extra-legal containment of potential dissidents and to classify said individuals on a certain scale. At the end of that scale, there will be citizens who are considered the greatest threat (not those who own the most guns or who subscribe to nazi magazines or UFO magazines) but those who have the greatest access to the truth about what the government is doing, are hostile to what the government is doing, who have the ability to disseminate that information, and who still have varying degrees of credibility left. They will be categorized in the last category called EOTS, or Enemies of the State. It will be the job of the Office of Internal Security to monitor and to liaise with the National Security Agency, the FBI, and the CIA?s new domestic division (which people seem to forget already). It will be the Office of Internal Security that recommends how much electronics surveillance, manpower, etc. gets devoted to every classification of ?dangerous citizen? or ?dissident citizen.?

They will also establish ?containment? methods. In other words, you can?t just go out and liquidate people who have continuing access to information and who have the ability to disseminate it. They have to be ?contained.? In the FBI?s definition, to ?contain? is to surveil, harass, pressure, attempt to impede someone?s ability to earn a living, discredit wherever possible, including the formulation of bogus criminal charges, and to sic other agencies like the IRS on them or, in other words, to try to bury them. This is all done under the notion that if you can prevent someone from earning a living, eventually they will become so desperate, they will do something to cross the line and you won?t have to do anything to trump up charges against them. That is the key point in how you get people to discredit themselves - by impeding their ability to earn money. Then at some point, for their own survival, they will have to enter some sort of shady transactions or shady deal. And insofar as they will be under such intense scrutiny, particularly electronic surveillance, through their computer and telephone, then Uncle?s going to be waiting for them to step over the line. This is the model that the US Government has used in the post-war environment, and it has never stopped using it for the containment of internal dissidents. And this is the real meaning of the word ?dissident.?

It?s not someone who?s dangerous to the people; it?s someone who?s dangerous to the government. For example, the function of the FBI?s COINTELPRO program of the 1960s was, not only to discredit, but to impede the ability of individuals, who were telling the truth from making money and supporting themselves. When you?re trying to discredit somebody the first thing you do is try to plant a lot of false stories about them. That doesn?t always work. The best type of harassment is to impede somebody?s ability to earn a living, to spread rumors so that nobody else will hire them, or if they?re self-employed, make sure that suddenly their corporate credit cards get knocked and suddenly no banks will extend them any more credit. If they?re selling a product, the best way is to pressure the distributors of the product. This is a policy of gradual containment, until you cant get out of the box you?re put in. You can look at this with all the other ancillary security measures being undertaken.

There is, for instance, a five-fold expansion in the National Security Agency?s WESTAR domestic surveillance satellite system, which will increase the government?s capability from monitoring 2 million phone calls simultaneously to monitoring 12 million domestic phone calls simultaneously. Then there?s the construction of the new Domestic Surveillance Hover Drones.

We will need a tremendous increase in satellite communication capability. If you?re going to build tens of thousands of urban hover drones that have to transmit information, you?re going to need tremendous satellite capability in order to handle all the information. This will also involve the construction of new earth-bound repeater stations, another part of this $18 billion expansion in the WESTAR 7 System. This is where it?s all going - the internal security measures, setting up internal security checkpoints, which has now only begin in very sensitive installations. Then there?s the establishing of internal security checkpoints at state borders for stopping public transportation. It?s for people who think they can move around using the bus or interstate rail system because there will be less security restrictions and less identification processing necessary. The government already knows that and that?s why they intend to set up intra-state checkpoints. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts has already discussed these plans extensively in public. This is legislation, which has already been formulated and has already been passed (or will be passed) as part of the overall increase in internal transportation security. The increase in airport security is actually part of this same bill that?s getting funded from this same $18 billion appropriation. There?s only been about a $3 billion! n appropriation for the office of federal sky marshals.

A lot of this is waiting for the overturning of Posse Comitatus, after which the government will quickly move to the full and complete militarization of domestic law enforcement by establishing a fifth service branch. Historically the Posse Comitatus Act was passed in order to deny Union troops police powers in the South after the Civil War. Otherwise Union troops would have had carte blanche in looting and thieving the South. When this act is repealed, the final legal obstacle will be removed to the militarization of domestic law enforcement - which the government has already spelled out in great detail?a domestic branch of the military, headed by a four star general who will be the literally the commanding officer of domestic law enforcement. Then there will be the transfer of the title and powers from the Attorney General?s chief law enforcement officer to this General and the creation of the new Central Command in Philadelphia.

This surpasses even the Roman Command-and-Control model of government. It should be noted that Roman garrisons were not allowed within the city limits of Rome. The reason? Caesar was frightened of them. Even though Caesar had his Praetorian Guard, he didn?t trust the rank and file soldiers. Thus the United States of America will be even Out-Roming Rome itself with this scheme. The only question the government has not answered yet is how many federal troops, that is, National Guard troops or other branch reserve troops, will be committed on a permanent basis to the militarization of domestic law enforcement. So far the government has hinted at 50,000 or 65,000, but I think it will be closer to 150,000.

The militarization of law enforcement then will be in essence putting another 100,000 law enforcement people on the streets - except it will be military. To avoid permanent call-up, what they will do is rotate active duty call-ups on a 90-day basis or a 6-month basis, throughout the different service branches and the National Guard. There won?t be any standing force of foreign troops. The only provision, in all of these new acts, regarding foreign troops is the removal of the previous ban on having foreign troops engaged in military activity on US soil at the US Government?s request. That was previously banned and now that ban has been removed. The only thing the Department of Defense has said is that they can ask for foreign troops if it becomes necessary to quell domestic dissent. The NATO pilots flying AWACS planes over the shores of US territory are part of this program. We can draw on NATO air and ground units for special purposes. The more sinister part of this, however, is that it allows the president to draw on NATO resources and authorize the use of foreign troops in an actual combat role on US soil. Under the War Powers Act of 1947, the United States always had the option to allow the placement of foreign troops on US soil - for training purposes and logistical support. However, they had to be contained in a certain area and they could only have a certain number of armaments and so on. Now all those previous restrictions have been removed. The president could ask NATO to put a standing force in the United States with upgraded weapons, vehicles and training. They keep using this phrase ?urban control? and ?domestic control.? If there was ever a huge uprising in the United States, you could envision this scenario?too many people all of a sudden found out the truth and that would cause widespread civil unrest.

The only way that widespread civil unrest could occur is if too many of the American people found out the truth - if they put down the flag, took off their blinders and discovered what the truth was. Obviously this would lead to strife, dissension and would soon lead to civil disobedience. And that would eventually lead to some sort of uprising. Now foreign troops could be used to put down or quell any civil unrest in the United States.

The smart people know what?s happening. All you have to do is look at where the smart money is going. There is already secret back room talk about the re-imposition of some sort of currency control mechanism in the United States to prevent a mass exodus of dollars out of the country and into offshore accounts. There is even some talk at the Treasury of potentially limiting sales of gold to US citizens, or perhaps some sort of re-imposition of the 1933 Gold Act. We live in a world that, outside our borders, is falling apart economically. Now that we have Bush in office and Bushonian policies in place, the economic border distinction that existed between the United States and the rest of the world doesn?t exist any more. Instead of following a course of fiscal restraint as followed by Bill Clinton, as to engender fiscal surpluses, we are now falling back into Reaganomics, the Bushonian Road of what I call fiscal deficits and deceit. This is taking place at a time when our national debt is already enormous and the rest of the world is falling apart. If you look at a lot of the Administration?s policies, particularly its financial policies to prevent exodus of money, to potentially inhibit people?s ability to own gold, it tells you that they know everything is falling apart and that they?re going to need these financial controls - when things do fall apart. If you look at all of the numbers, if Bush stays in office a second term and continues with the same policies (he?s a Bush; he can?t help himself) even if he were followed by another Bill Clinton, I would say that the die has been cast. It?s over for us - the United States would also join the coming worldwide collapse that will probably begin in the second decade.

It?s been on the drawing boards for decades for us to become a third world nation. In terms of economics, people are starting to wake up a little bit and understand a little bit more of the truth about the Military-Industrial Complex and the connections between Big Business and Republicans. That?s always been known, but now people are starting to understand the detrimental effects that this system of a deeply entrenched right wing cabalist government has had on them. Certainly Enron employees are finding that out. (What?s the difference between a right wing cabalist and a crony capitalist? A cabalist has to shred more documents.) What?s coming is that there will be a string of collapses of major US companies, either collapses or substantial reorganization. Many other corporations are having accounting problems, where money has been siphoned off to Republican Party interests over the years and where senior party members have been allowed to make illicit profits in stock deals.

(It might be time to short in the coming months. From Al Martin?s Short Sellers Corner: Here are some names. Viacom. Disney. Possibly even the venerable General Electric itself.) There have been quiet but persistent rumors for some time about how General Electric has handled the accounting measures for its financial subsidiaries, GE Commercial Credit, which is about 50% of its business. These accounting irregularities don?t exist because someone simply screwed up. They were part of a designed cover-up. These accounting irregularities were a scheme to disguise how much money a corporation was giving to the Republican Party or Republican interests, think tanks or organizations. Bush hasn?t been in office for a year and already the percentage of our GDP devoted to debt service has increased. If Bush gets all of his spending plans through and if he were to serve two terms, by the time he leaves office, the expansion of debt service would rise from the current 20% to about 40% of GDP?a doubling in ten years. This would move the United States economy dangerously close to that of a third world nation. Meanwhile the Domestic Urban Control Vehicles (about 2,000 Humvees) spotted at the Redstone Arsenal, stored in warehouses, will be used as soon as Posse Comitatus is overturned and domestic law enforcement is fully militarized. Besides all the regular civilian law enforcement that we have, we will also have a militarized law enforcement wing of 50,000 people. These personnel will be pulled on rotation from the National Guard and the Army Reserves, under the new four-star general and the new fifth command. And that?s what these 2,000 vehicles will be used for - Domestic Urban Control.

They?re outfitting these vehicles with small 18? satellite dishes to act as mobile units for the urban hover drones (See previous story: Coming Soon Flying Fascism) They will also be used to coordinate flight paths and triangulate ?hostile transmissions.? (Contraband signals containing the truth?) They?ll be right on top of it. Just as the US gets deeper and deeper into Orwellian Territory, reports are coming in that school boards at high schools have been taking Orwell?s books off the shelves calling them ?seditious.? Right wing school boards have said that George Orwell?s book 1984 promotes ?distrust in government? and therefore is ?seditious.? It makes you wonder?how long until ?The Conspirators? is on the ?seditious? list? And now there?s a change in verbiage. The ?War on Terrorism? is expanding into Colombia and we will start fighting the FARC (The Colombian Revolutionary Front, an anti-Colombian government guerilla group). Bush says that this will no longer require the spending of ?fresh? billions of the American taxpayers? money, but ?untold? billions. So we?ve moved from ?fresh? to ?untold.? And I?m thinking to myself, that?s the same thing his father, George Bush I, said in 1985 about outspending the Soviet Union, when they started to really ramp up defense spending. He also went from using the word ?fresh? to ?untold ? billions. At the same time, around 1987, the Reagan Bush Regime was desperate to maintain the level of defense spending to supposedly defeat the ?Evil Empire.?

The ?Evil Empire? (the Soviet Union and its proxies) would have collapsed in 1987, and Washington knew it. That?s why they secretly put the arm on the West German government to lend the Soviet government $100 billion under the table in order to keep the Evil Empire alive, so that Washington could milk it a little bit longer. This is another $100 billion that American taxpayers are responsible for. Since it was a secret protocol (since made public), the question is?how many other hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in loans were made under the table through US client states that we the American taxpayers are secretly responsible for? The moral of the story? Beware when a Bush replaces the word ?fresh? with the word ?untold.? The Bush Administration even hinted that their previous budget forecast would be ?substantially altered? by this. They?re preparing the American people for years, even decades of multi-hundred billion dollar annual federal budget deficits.

So now the country has moved from the Cold War Scam to the Terrorism War Scam. The American people need to understand how much the Bush Administration has turned this thing into a round robin. Speaking impeccable English, the FARC colonel responded to what Bush had said by stating that they had never attacked any targets in the United States, or any US Government property in Colombia or anywhere else in South America. But if the United States wants to attack us on our own soil, then we are going to commit a campaign of terrorism against the United States, which we would not otherwise have done. The Bush Administration?s response, even before the guy from FARC had made this statement, was that US intervention will probably prompt FARC to commit terrorism acts on US soil. And that?s why we are now going to need, not ?fresh,? but ?untold? spending on defense and homeland security, which will require even more repressive measures domestically, including the control of internal movement and the control of the American citizenry. The Government knew that by raising the ante they would have a pretense for more repressive domestic policies. People need to understand that we are precipitating these actions by attacking groups which have never attacked us and have no intention of attacking us and would have left us alone had we done the same. Bush has said that we have dumped billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to support a succession of Colombian regimes and FARC refuses to negotiate with Colombia, which is a client state of the United States. But this is so disingenuous, because as the FARC colonel pointed out, of all the peace negotiations FARC and the Colombian regimes have had, it has been the Colombian government that had always broken off negotiations. The FARC colonel also noted that the US Government is doing this out of frustration, having dumped billions and billions of dollars into a Colombian government, which is perpetually unstable. Why? The Colombian government has absolutely no control over the Colombian military, and the military calls the shots. The United States keeps arming and replenishing the Colombian military. The military then pays lip service to the government and that?s it. He also talked about Colombian generals and senators that have offshore accounts stuffed with millions of American taxpayer dollars. When the GAO suggested an audit because of all the problems, the Bush Administration vehemently opposed any outside audits of Colombian aid. Bush?s rhetoric is getting even more frightening. He actually said, ?I?m proud to announce the largest increase in defense spending since Ronald Reagan.? He actually said, ?I?m proud.? If we?re going to be successful in the war against terrorism, our troops must have the best and the most expensive equipment (that doesn?t work) on earth. We?re going to cut taxes some more, he said, which will drive us into enormous deficits, but if we simply hold the line on non-military and non-internal security spending, we?ll be just fine. And the next generation can pay for it. That?s the inference. We will spend as much money as it takes ?to defeat terrorism worldwide.? What he should have said is that we?ll spend as much of other people?s money as necessary. He added that the American people understand that they might have to sacrifice some of their rights in order to defeat terrorism and have a ?secure? nation. And as the War on Terrorism expands, the people will find that they have to sacrifice even more of their rights. And people are clapping about it. That?s what?s frightening. People were actually clapping.

What I found dangerous is the look on Bush?s face. I think he actually believes what he?s saying, and that?s where it gets dangerous. It?s not just politics anymore. He?s intoxicated with the power. It?s gone beyond the long-term Bushonian agendas into a state of intoxication with power. You can seen it in his face, in his eyes, the way he pounds his fists on the table all the time. We?ll defeat terrorism no matter how much of other people?s money we have to spend and no matter how many rights the American people have to sacrifice. When a Bush starts to believe what he?s saying - watch out.

Dennis Kucinich (D - Ohio) made a speech denouncing the USA Patriot Act, and it has not been reported anywhere on broadcast media. He asked, ?Why should America put aside guarantees of constitutional justice?? Why should we cancel the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment, the right of free speech, the Fourth Amendment, and our civil liberties? He also mentioned the fact that ?the Inspector General has notified Congress that the Pentagon cannot properly account for $1.2 trillion in transactions.? Since anyone who has criticized the Bush Regime in the past has gotten an ?anthrax letter,? it appears that Mr. Kucinich might be next on the list. . . ___ AL MARTIN is America?s foremost whistleblower on government fraud and corruption. A retired US Navy Lt. Commander and former officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence, he has testified before Congress (the Kerry Committee and the Alexander Committee) regarding Iran-Contra. Al Martin is the author of ?The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider? (2001, National Liberty Press, $19.95; Toll FREE order line: 1-866-317-1390) He lives at an undisclosed location, since the criminals named in his book have been returned to national power and prominence. His column ?Behind the Scenes in the Beltway? is published regularly on Al Martin Raw: Criminal Govt Conspiracy


Note: This is the same situation that the Cuban immigrants always talk about in Cuba were they have a block captain on each residential street to report to the govt anything going on like free speech or any capitalistic business practice that might make a profit for a person.