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new paradigms and straight-jackets
Doesn't matter who you are, how much you know about what's taking place with the planet, with ascension, with any idea about the shift, the rules to the game have still all changed and nothing quite works the same way anymore. This is due to the fact that the planet is now 5th dimensional, and every day more and more of the old paradigm is dying and a little more - bit by bit, the new one is taking hold.

Old ways and means of doing things just don't work. Yesterday on television there was a program filmed at a car dealership. It's premise was to teach the salesmen new ways of selling since business was poor and the salesmen who had been doing things the same tired old way for so long just weren't making any sales. Reality television of some value. It's more than just thinking outside the box anymore, it takes inventing new ways of doing things , new ways of perceiving relationships whether they be between partners, loved ones, or simply business deals as in this case.

I can't tell you how to do this in each and every case, but the overwhelming theme of the new paradigm is 'it takes a village'. SO I guess first you need to spend a weekend thinking about what that phrase means to you, to your business and to your personal life. Reassess your life. Take a fearless inventory of everything in your life and throw out the old and allow space for the new to arrive, to be created.

One woman I know isn't selling in her line of work lately so looking at her Guidance told me to tell her, "take off the straight-jacket before you start work". She understood it was an energetic straight-jacket she was working in and wanted to take it off right then and there but Guidance said to her to understood what it was all about before removing it.

Same thing all of us needs to do before setting out on this new adventure.

For me, in my dreams lat night I was going through basic training . . . I want to say, again. And of course I ended up doing kp, garbage duty because I couldn't understand what the sergeant was saying , he mumbled as drill instructors do but of course he was speaking in the language of the new paradigm and I was still learning this new language. We all need to learn this new language for it's not a 3D interpretation of what that phrase means, but a whole new 5D world of understanding that everyone is now exploring. And for those who are staying through the Shift, one you must understand and speak fluently to survive.