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No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition
Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition --- Part 1
? on: Yesterday at 05:14:35 PM ?

Or, A week with Peter Farley (Echo2002) Part 1 -- Falling down the
rabbit hole.

Back in January, Peter Farley had posted a message about finding
your life's mission on the StargateZero forum. I sent him a reply
requesting what my life mission was. Well, he didn't tell me then,
but I did agree to put him up for a few days, and allow him to use
my living room to give a talk for people in my area. Little did I

I had never actually met Peter before, so I had no idea what to
expect from him. I had read a few of his articles on, and they were my only clues into Peter. When I
started SG0 though, I knew that in some way, Peter was important,
and I really wanted him to become a member.

Last Wednesday, Peter was waiting in my driveway when I got home. I
had been to the health clinic to get a pint of blood removed, and to
get IV chelation treatment when he called me on my cell phone, and I
explained where I was and that I would be home at 3:00. We had had
an unexpected snow storm that morning, and every one's schedule was
off track. Peter had a minor accident in the snow that morning
also, which is only important as a side issue.

After exchanging pleasantries, and getting him settled in our guest
room Peter made a very surprising statement to me. He told me that
I was holding one of six keys required to open the Stargate in the
Sphynx, and that my key along with the other five was designed to
allow that Stargate to be opened by Lucifer for the purpose of
bringing in more dark angels to further spread darkness upon the
earth, and also to allow Lucifer to travel freely to Orion to
recharge his energies. Peter's job was to collect the keys so that
Lucifer, and more importantly his lieutenant (think Darth Vader),
could not access the gate. Peter told me that he could remove the
programming that had been implanted in my spirit thousands of years
ago which would have compelled me to do this. Now what would you
think if someone told you this? Actually, with all the other
strange things that have happened to me and my wife over the years,
It all made sense to me. It also put an incident which I had a few
weeks before into perspective. I had a very bad dream which was
basically a promise to torture my being for aeons to come; and now I
know that this was a warning from the Darth Vader entity that
Echo2002 posted recently. (see,439.0.html ) DO
NOT say his name aloud!.

I gave Peter my key by means of my thumbprint. I never consciously
knew I had it. I have known for a long time that I have been on
Earth for thousands of years, and I already knew that I had some
kind of relationship with Lucifer. I also have known for a long
time that I am a fallen Angel. Before you judge, consider that you
might also be one, as almost all beings on Earth are aliens of some
sort, or fallen Angels. I am not special, except maybe for being a
key guardian since the time of Tutankhamun. Why did I give up my
key? Because Lucifer surrendered and switched sides (isn't that

Now I see why I named this forum Stargate, and I also realize why I
chose the name of Kephra. Kephra was the being that guided Ra
through the underworld (darkness) every night so that he was reborn
each morning. Kephra is also symbolic of rebirth.

There really is a war going on, and all the things you see happening
on mother Earth are just the tip of the iceberg.

--End Part 1--

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition --- Part 2
? Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 05:31:31 PM ?

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition -- Part 2 -- A quick
lesson on Earth grids.

Personally, I never saw nor felt a grid point before Peter showed
me. But as soon as Peter showed them to me, I knew what they did
and what they are for.

The Earth's energy grids supply the morphogenic field which
maintains The Matrix that we all live in. But these grids are also
a communications system. Think of them being a spiritual internet.
There are grid points where 2 or more grid lines converge, and these
grid points can be likened to a router on the internet. Destroy a
grid point, and all communications is broken at that point. But
just like the internet, taking one router off line does not bring
down the whole net, as the traffic is just re-routed through other
pathways. To effectively bring down the net, a set of key routers
must be taken off line.

Currently, the dark side has been using this network to spread more
darkness, so an important strategy in this spiritual war is to
disable certain grid points. You see, for me to use my Stargate key
did not require me to even visit the Sphynx... I merely had to visit
a compatible grid point, and that could be anywhere in the world.

I don't know how Peter can see these lines, but he demonstrated to
me that I could feel it if that was my intent.


All I can say right now is that you are very brave. Much braver than
I could ever be.

I will be back later, I have to think some more.

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition --- Part 3
? Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 06:09:21 PM ?

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition -- Part 3 -- Healing

Each of us has programming installed in our spirits that needs to be
removed if we are ever to be whole. This programming consists of
implants in our higher dimensional spirit bodies that serves to
limit us, and to make us ill, to predispose us to do certain things,
and behave certain ways. In short, the programming controls us over
many lifetimes, until we find a way to remove it. I didn't
consciously know where this programming came from, but as soon as
Peter told me, I had the aha!, I knew that. I knew that because I
helped install it in previous times. Peter knows how to remove most
of it, and he took the programming implants out of my wife. She
didn't have very many, and it didn't take him long to do it. But I
had a lot, and probably because of my being a key guardian, mine
were more complex.

Peter enlisted the help of the being that installed my implants.
That person is currently incarnate, living in South America, and
going to medical school. His name is Andre. He emailed Peter
specific instructions relating how to remove the implants he had
installed thousands of years ago. Basically, I was full of booby
traps that were designed to explode my heart chakra if they were
triggered. If this had happened, Peter explained to me, I would
never again be able to feel love, and I would always be filled with
nothing but emptiness. This is how dastardly the dark side can be.
I have to admit, I was very nervous about allowing Peter to attempt
this, but we are talking eternity here, and I want to be whole.

The removal process was very painful, and if there was ever a doubt
about the validity of this whole story, it vanished during the
implant removal. It felt like 10 elephants were crushing me. The
process however also validated things I have been doing for the last
20 years. In order to effect this removal, certain tools, objects,
and materials were needed. It just so happened that I did already
have every tool and material which was needed. I posted some time
ago that I had made White Powder Gold, but never took any of it.
The reason was, the WPG was necessary for my implant removal. Not
only was it necessary, it had to be activated with nitroglycerin,
which I also happened to have on hand. If I hadn't made it before,
and kept it, and also had the nitro (which is a heart medicine I
use) the procedure would have been much harder, or might have
failed. Likewise for the other objects.

As well as the booby traps, I was also deeply encoded with other
things, like 6 glyphs, a net around my body, and a spider like
creature up where the sun don't shine. These were all taken out,
and there are no words to describe how much better I feel now. It
took two sessions to remove them all, first the deadly booby traps,
and then the ones that were crystal implants done when I was an


Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition --- Part 4
? Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 07:37:23 PM ?

Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition -- Part 4 -- Opening
the Sphynx

Mine was the last of the six keys to the Stargate which had to be
collected. The other five had already been collected, but there was
one piece still missing..... how to decode them. Being a
cryptographer during my army days, I said "you need the decoding
key", the equivalent of a Captain Marvel Decoder Ring. None of the
key guardians had that piece, but it turned out that my wife was the
keeper of the decoder. So that was uploaded from her spirit, to
wherever it was that Peter sent these things. His guidance (one of
the creator beings of this universe) gave Peter instructions on what
to do next. These codes needed to be downloaded though an Earth
grid point in Philadelphia, on the steps of the Grand Masonic Lodge
in center city. By so doing, the Stargate would be forever denied
to the dark side.

Peter was told to go to the grid point, and open it. However, the
grid point was never programmed for Peter to actually open it. It
was programmed for me to do it. Remember in Part 3 I described the
heart booby trap that would blow my heart chakra all across the
universe? Well, originally, I was programmed to download the codes
to the Sphynx through this grid point, and doing so would have blown
the trap, probably causing my physical death, and an eternity of
life without love. So, my DNA was necessary to gain access to the
grid point, and a password was also necessary. Eventually, we
figured out the password, which was based on a fact about my brother
which no one but me knew. The plan then became for Peter to take a
lock of my hair to the grid point, open the grid, and insert the
keys to the Sphynx using my DNA and password. He left this morning
from the Poconos, and I have not heard from him all day. I feel he
was successful, but at 11:35 am I had terrible crushing pains shoot
through my body for about 5 minutes. I can only guess what he went

What comes next? The Darth Vader entity is still here, and most
likely alone and wounded. We all know there is nothing more
dangerous than a wounded animal. We can only hope he gives up, as
it is very unlikely he can win. I doubt this story is over though.

Win or lose, the Earth is about to make big changes. Earth is
going to ascend into 5d from 3d. When that happens, 3d beings will
not be able to survive. So your choice is to choose the light, or
the dark. Door number 1 leads to ascenscion, door number 2 leads to
starting over at the bottom. We are all immortal souls, and we are
all going somewhere. I prefer going somewhere nicer than Earth,
where I have been trapped by the dark side for so long. This is
what the 2012 meme is all about.

Spirit says that my wife and I are now free to leave Earth, or stay
if we want. We have completed our mission, finally. How strange
that sounds. So we have a decision to make and we will make it
together, as we have been together for aeons.


Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition --- Addendum
? Reply #5 on: Today at 02:27:37 PM ?

I got a message on my answering machine from Peter this morning (Apr
12). He said he was on his way to Colorado I think to heal his
wounds. I could tell by his voice that he was pretty exhausted, and
that a lot had been taken out of him in the battle. He didn't say,
but I think he basically had to face and fight Darth Vader alone.
The good news is that he was successful.