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no way out

Dear One,

The most important thing for you to know now is that there is no escape.
Where would you go? You cannot take your soul off to some distant planet
where you would not still be in this creation. You would not be able to
forget that you abandoned those other beings on earth who could use your
help. How would you feel then? Do you really want to live for thousands
of years with the knowledge that you could have made a difference but
you didn\'t even try? You want to feel safe but there is no safe place in
this universe if the lords of darkness are allowed to control the earth.
They would not be content to stop here. They wish to continually expand
their control over all of creation, so there is no place else to go
\"outside\" of creation.

It is best if you make your stand here and now. Decide and be finished
with wavering back and forth. There is strength in making a commitment
for then the universe backs up your resolution and much help that you
never knew existed comes to your aid to enable you to go forward. You
will never know this until you take that step. To you it seems like a
step off of a precipice into thin air, but that is the illusion of fear
that has been implanted in your mind. You have been brainwashed to think
that the only safe way is to follow the dictates of those who have
constructed your 3D reality. You must not only think out of the box but
also pierce the veil of illusion that is presented to you as reality.
Think and feel with the eyes of your soul. Is this 3D physical world
really all that there is? Does it seem like this business as usual is
truth and freedom? No there is another way of living and it is open to
you now.

Each moment is its own opportunity to live in truth and freedom. Each
moment can be experienced in a new way. Leave the structure of the past
and choose the openness and spontaneity of the moment. Guidance will
take you to the highest experience of reality as you choose it for
yourself. Stay connected and you will see how it is so.

With great love, Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy\'s Council of Light

through Will

For those who are new to the group the ONLY way to stay on the planet
and do anything constructive in terms of helping with the current Earth
situation is to connect with your Guidance, stay connected, and learn to
communicate on a moment to moment basis. Almost every channeling you see
in the postings from day one of the group (if you go back over the
postings) has been from people just like you who had the courage to sit
down and DO something about their spirituality, not simply read and talk
about it. The exercise is simple and 99% effective for everyone in the
beginning, except for those people who say right up front \"I can\'t do
this.\" Isn\'t that the attitude of the fence-sitter and the major excuse
why they\'re sitting on the fence and not planning on doing anything
about getting off it until the ascension throws them off it? I
guarantee no matter where you came from in the spiritual worlds, no
matter what planet you claim as your most recent home, no matter (as
Ramtha once reminded us)what Masters you claim as your Guidance or how
many gurus you\'ve sat at the feet of -- you ain\'t going nowhere in this
particular ascension process UNLESS you get off your lazy butts and do
something for someone else and for yourself by connecting and following
your Guidance\'s direction so as to be able to complete some version of
your original mission.

Having volunteered to come back and help sounds very philanthropic until
you think about all those out there and surrounding you who also agreed
to come back and help but aren\'t. There are NO brownie points for a nice
gesture without the follow through of actually getting something done.
Many ascended Masters will lose their mastership in this ascension process
because they did nothing or because they fell into the trap of being all
talk and no action. This is a complete change in Creation taking place,
ask your Guidance. It\'s not just about planet Earth\'s ascension but
rather a complete revamping of everything we\'ve ever known about
Creation in this corner of the Universe.

People say I don\'t come from a place of love, that\'s because their idea
of a place of love is sitting around with legs crossed meditating on
their navel. Love IS action. Do or Don\'t do. There is no try. (Yoda)

Lori and Sue Ann and Tom and Andy and others are here to assist you
because we all began where you are. The only difference between us and
you right now is we knew talking wasn\'t getting anything done, either
for ourselves spiritually or for anyone else, the planet, and the

Here\'s the starting place :\\
ion.php> now get off your lazy asses and do something with that great
spiritual awareness you keep claiming you have. Remember the word is
Light \"worker\" not Light \'buttsitter\'.

In service, Peter