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nostradamus, the grand pulse and what s about to hit the fan part 1 - 5
Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 1 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

A few months ago, Helen Parkes in her translations of Nostradamus’ Hidden Texts ( ) came across these lines:
“In this line above is a three way confirmation of a date - first the clues "run on" from May to June. Then in June - Cancer, on a Wednesday. It is a big clue with no offering what it is that will happen. GRAND PULSE?”

From a letter by Standing Elk ( )sent out also a couple of months ago:

The inner realms of time have revealed the memories of Maldek, Mars, Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis. The Secret of the Secret has been successful. Implosion of thought has begun. The poor have outnumbered the rich. Therefore, the energy of those that have been in chains through the manipulation of thought, are free to dream again. The mind of those that have been manipulating others into thinking thoughts that are not of the light, will be dancing to a new song. The revolution to bring forth the Light of Light has begun. The new government of light is sending forth the command to all those that have been waiting, IT IS NOW TIME TO AWAKE, the awakening of Aquarius.

1-11-11 is the beginning of the fall of all false prophets. All false governments will slowly decline and will no longer be in service unto themselves. Structures that do not serve the light will implode and the government of Light will slowly emerge when the Fire of Truth is revealed. This is the cycle that humanity has created for themselves. It is the rhythm of life.

To know Light, one must travel through darkness. To learn the truth, one must experience the murder of the word. There is always a beginning and an end. A new creation of the end of the grand illusion and the Awakening of a New World within and without has begun.

The fire will burn from within and the smoke will make its presence known.
The beginning of the end of darkness has begun. Those that are within the structure that think they will control humanity will become victims of their own fear. The structure creates fear for those that are within their creation. They will look at each other with distrust and they will turn in on each other. They will create a spy vs spy within their ranks. The system will collapse as all systems do. They will chase each other as animals chasing their own tails.
There will be many tails to chase and each tail will have a tale. The leadership within will become a leadership without. Allow evil to destroy evil.
The poisoning of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water will stop within time.

Aquarius is about water, therefore all aspects of water will arise. From the poisoning and cleansing, all knowledge will be released and karma will become a friend or a foe.

Keep our water Healthy and Clean!
Water is you and you are water.
Mitakuye Oyasin
Sungdeska Sapa Itancan

Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 2 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

Twelve years ago when writing the first 4 volumes of the history of the New World Order and this mess they have created, Guidance had me share these words (from Vol 4 - Where Were You Before The Tree of Life?):

"On Earth the great kingdoms that would serve man: the mineral, the vegetable, the animal life—are in a state of chaos; because that which was created to be its master is not a master at all. The mineral life, the vegetable life, the animal life finds that its god, its master, is a drunken master who reels to and fro in his folly. That is why they now rebel against him. But on other worlds they respond and they caress their master, and the result is a vibrant life-giving essence that is beyond comprehension and my power to describe."
Chaos is indeed the word for what is going on in the world right now. Nobody puts it plainer than this week’s edition of Newsweek: “Are You Ready for More? - In a world of climate change, freak storms are the new normal. Why we’re unprepared for the harrowing future.”

Entities whose job it was to prevent many strange occurrences from happening have left. People are dying in many strange and seemingly exotic ways that once would have seemed unthinkable. The diseases that Man has allowed to proliferate through the spread of radioactive materials, the overuse of chemicals and certain dangerous illegal and prescription drugs are also running rampant.
"Drugs have actually damaged many more people than they have helped. Drugs have so far shown themselves to be treacherous because of their ability to gain a hold on the ones using them. Any judgment held about drugs affects the experience had in taking them. If the person believes he has to have the drug, then he has to have it. If the belief is held that a drug is necessary to get high or that pain cannot be handled without drugs, the judgment will create the reality. Drugs have a place like anything else. Sometimes relief from pain is necessary; sometimes expansion of consciousness is helped, but for many, drugs have declined into a habit pattern. In these cases, the Will is not able to handle the drugs."

Karma is also being worked out at a very fast rate in comparison with even a few decades ago and time as we know it has also ended. When the Mayan Calendar speaks of a period of "No Time" occurring before the end of the calendar in 2012, one only has to open one's ears to hear how many people are commenting that there is "no time" for this anymore, and "no time" for that. There is indeed no time left to do so many things, and many of us are feeling and living this realization within ourselves.

As Barbra Clow says in Eye of the Centaur,
"You don't experience time, you only experience the passage of it. But you do experience cause and effect even though you create great religions and theologies in order to avoid that truth. Christianity is designed to ignore cause and effect: the Law of Karma. You could alter all experience in what you perceive to be a moment if you just could hear what I say . . . the reality of time is subtle. Let it go, and suddenly you will be God. . . You carry within yourself, in your body, the timeless awareness. Therefore, since time is form, you know how to manifest; that is, to make one thing happen at the right time."
People everywhere seem to be running around like ants before an earthquake, sensing the coming changes but not knowing what to do. We are now living on a planet in various states of changing and rearranging Itself for the higher dimensional realm it now occupies. While all the various Beings on the planet will follow whatever energies they are connected to, it is only through their own personal choice and by a separation of themselves from the general consciousness that those who wish to free themselves from control by the darker forces will align themselves with the Higher Will. They will then be able to proceed with their spiritual unfoldment in a more "secure" atmosphere, either here once this planet is rebuilt and healed, or somewhere else in the endless Light and Sound of Creation.

"What is now accelerating . . . is the beginning of the acceleration of time, which then creates the situation that this planet Earth becomes a light-space vehicle . . ." Well, Guidance did have me write that 12 years ago, and since then the Light-space vehicle has safely dropped itself into the 5th dimension from where it once came before so much alien intervention caused the entire planet to slip to a level never meant for aware Souls to live – the 3rd dimension.

With an increased vibration and therefore a lighter density, with its mass accelerated in time, the planet has lifted itself into a higher dimension, just as it once lowered itself through the dimensions to become a third dimensional planet. It is a simple physics equation that we all need to understand, because if we were to remain on the planet with a heavier vibration while this was occurring we could literally be torn to pieces as we now see so much of the old paradigm being literally ‘torn to pieces’. It is the Biblical idea of `rapture', a time when out of two men standing only one would remain. Those who did the work to ascend with the planet can remain with it. Those who are still too dense, and that is probably 91 percent of everyone out there, will be gone in the blink of an eye. NO, not in some Langoliers-like moment but because they are unprepared and unaware of what’s going on they will not survive what’s about to hit the fan.

Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 3 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

Unfortunately, at this time, when the planet has already ascended into the 5th dimension, the greater proportion of the people on the planet have not finished doing their homework in order to be able to ascend along with it. In order to avoid this, the human experiment has been shut down before that event, and then some will return to the Earth after it has had a long time to heal and settle itself into its new dimensional status.

For more than a dozen years Guidance has had me asking the same question one writer’ Master speaks of, "Someday soon, you will be asked to make a decision. You will have no time to think about it. Are you ready?” And most people haven’t – made the decision or been ready. So, by not making a decision they have all made a decision not to ascend along with the planet. Unfortunately, so many of these were higher level Beings come back here to assist the planet, Beings who got caught up with the Matrix and forgot who they were or what they came here to do. If you have not learned your spiritual lessons enough to perform under even the most difficult circumstances that planet Earth has been, then you have not truly learned your lessons, have you?

"At this the gentleman walked away, I was left reeling in the street from the intensity of the experience. This information was relevant to me at the time and to this discussion of the rapture. At this point I knew there would be multiple raptures preceding multiple resurrections leading up to and including the shift. Each offering a specific "tone" directed to those "tuned" to its vibration. The rapture(s), though designed to retrieve those seeds who have completed their tasks within this great cycle of experience, are available to all who may come to "know" the tone—consciously responding to the familiar vibration that brought them into this experience long ago. The feeling of the tones will evoke great emotions of love and will be focused upon the seat of the Time/Space/ Light Vehicle known as Mer-Ka-Ba anchored within the heart. The Biblical texts refer to multiple resurrections—implied through the reference to a first—over a period of time as earth progresses up to and through the shift." (Gregg Braden)

Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 4 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

It is not so much the solar activity that is causing all the distress on the planet right now, no more than it has over the past 10,000 years. Instead it is the diminished EMF/morphogenetic field of the planet which allows the increasing solar activity to influence the planet at far greater levels than normal. During the time the planet has spent as a Light-space vehicle for its overall ascension experience, the shields which surrounded it and kept it in 3rd dimensional suspension have evaporated, only now beginning to reform as a 5th dimensional morphogenetic shape.

Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê shape and genesis creation, literally, "beginning of the shape"), is the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. It is one of three fundamental aspects of developmental biology along with the control of cell growth and cellular differentiation.
To simplify this, a morphogenetic field is what gives shape to a set of cells or an energy field that differentiates that set of cells or energy from every other set of cells or energy groups surrounding it. What makes you and not part of the person next to you, where is the dividing line? And is that field constant, or like the particles of Light that can also be part of a wave of Light, can one person also be a part of the whole as described in Native American terms by the expression, "We are all One/brothers"?

MORPHIC FIELDS are fields within and around a self-organizing system that organizes its characteristic structure and pattern of activity. According to the hypothesis of formative causation, morphic fields contain an inherent memory transmitted by previous similar systems by morphic resonance and tend to become increasingly habitual. Morphic fields include morphogenetic, behavioral, social, cultural, and mental fields. The greater the degree of similarity, the greater the influence of morphic resonance. In general, systems most closely resemble themselves in the past and are subject to self-resonance from their own past states.

So the morphogenetic shape of everything within the ascended 5th dimensional planet must shift along with the planet. This includes the continents and all the land masses as they now stand – the key word there being ‘shift’ since that is what so many have called this whole ascension process.

Funnily enough, this was mentioned in a 2003 movie called The Core which has been playing on the Syfy channel recently. Nostradamus describes events of this time relating to earth changes in the Hidden Texts that Helen is translating, and he seems to suggest some form of the Earth shifting ‘on its side’:

From: Helen Parkes <> Sent: Thu, June 2, 2011 12:46:23 PM - Subject: PRIMING THE EVENTS

“In the (Nostradamus) Lost Manuscript (found 1994), the vignettes describe in very simple form the buildup of the events and even in 1994 comprehension of what the pictures describe (well even now) was/is not really possible. It is "standing in the other man's moccasins" that is needed. If one were standing on a spot on the planet looking out at the Milky Way, and it began to move at a 90 degree angle - that means we are all about to go on our side. Right?
“Then a little time later, swiveling around the fulcrum of Ursa Major that band of stars moves SIDEWAYS and if one were made of steel and could withstand the noise and the winds and happened to be inside a clear globe of something that floats one would then see another shift in the opposite direction. This is shown clearly in a couple of the "BANNERS" (Milky Way) in the Lost Manuscript.
“In two other vignettes - one has a thick "bar" under the man's feet - this is a tectonic plate. In the other this tectonic plate is quite divided.

“This scenario is well described on the very first page of GRAND PULSE CONTINUED. In fact - I can now use the vignettes as ILLUSTRATIONS for the lines from here on in, even including the Other Worlders and their back stabbing ways (*humans included). Interesting that the BANNER is painted as a MOBIUS TWIST indicating two parallel universes (Peter: the splitting off of those ascending and those not).

In her NOSTRADAMUS & THE GRAND PULSE", Helen translates Nostradmus’ advice as to what people should do or be prepared to do during this time, and it’s very blunt:

“MOUSE HID SAFE – is a clue for what we should do = this equals “hide like a mouse.”

Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 5 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

Of course the fact that the poles have shifted regularly in the past gives us a good indication that it can happen again, though it won’t move to that extent from what Guidance has to say. From past histories of indigenous peoples and from geographic data, there is much to suggest that the planet once also rotated around the sun in 360 days, not 365 ¼ days. So ‘shift’ really does happen. Everything my own research and Guidance has suggested to me reinforces what Nostradamus is here suggesting, more of a tip then a full pole reversal. Something knocking the planet off balance much as the very large earthquakes recently have done (and no this has nothing to do with Sitchin’s planet Nibiru for those caught up in that mess). There seems to be enough evidence from recent events and science that the plates are all shifting because of some bigger picture most cannot understand . . . i.e. ascension.

Plate tension: Guam rocked by small outbreak of moderate earthquakes
Posted on May 13, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol

A 5.5, a 5.1 and a 5.5 magnitude earthquake in Guam reflects the growing set of seismic tension factors that is now seeing increased unrest along the Pacific and Indo-Australian tectonic plates and in the Ring of Fire.
Tectonic plate movements create rippling quakes across the Pacific
Posted on May 9, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol

May 9, 2011- NEW ZEALAND – Beginning with a 5.0 magnitude quake on the South Island of New Zealand, a series of movements along tectonic plates have created a succession of moderate quakes- a 6.3 quake near the Macquarie Island, …
I once had a young lady partner who would see the dimensional shifts while sitting in a restaurant. She’d think an earthquake was going on while no one else was aware of anything out of the ordinary taking place. Having written previously about time-wave work Guidance has had me do, it wasn’t surprising to have others also experiencing some of the same events:

Re: I saw the time-wave
Dear Mr. Farley, Hello my name is Jon. Im 26 years old and I live in Kansas City Mo. I’m sending you this email to tell you what I saw and what has been happening to me since last Thursday. I want you to know that everything I’m about to tell you is true; this isn’t a joke and I am not mocking you in any way. Last Thursday I saw what you call a time-wave. I was sitting on my couch when I saw a ripple out of the corner of my eye I turned and looked at it for at least two seconds then it was gone but afterwards it was like I was looking at my living room through a piece of glass. Since last Thursday I have had the same experience twice. Now usually I don’t put much thought into dreams (I’ve had the same dreams before) but this one I’ve been having is different so I’m going to explain it the best I can. . . If you think I’m crazy I’d understand but if you believe what I’m telling you (which I hope you do) please help me, any advice you can give me would help. Also I believe an end is coming. I feel it with every bone in my body and every ounce of energy I have I can feel it, but with that I feel it won’t be the end for me but almost like a brand new beginning. I really hope you take what I said as being the truth because it is and I know I need your help. Jon W.

The extinction protocol website carried this article a short while ago:
Earths energy barriers eroding/Morphogenetic fields

Earth's energy barriers all eroding: The scope and magnitude of the crisis at hand is only now becoming apparent to the casual observer. Perhaps the clearest sign yet of an imminent event on Earth is the same one depicted by the four angels standing on the four corners of the Earth preventing the winds of strife from blowing on the Earth. "Holding the winds" is easily translated as regulating the forces of energy that if unleashed could destroy our planet. This `letting go' or `breaking down' of the barriers which regulate the energies which maintains life on our planet will plunge Earth's inhabitants into an unprecedented crisis and struggle for survival. To be even more specific; the breaking down of the barriers which regulate energy flow is at the heart of the destructive changing sweeping across our world. The `jet-stream' is now rabid and is engaged in erratic swings across the globe. The jet-stream separates warm air from polar air. When cold and warm air collides; turbulent tornadic weather is the result. The planet's ever-weakening magnetic field protects Earth from being seared by ionized forces from the Sun. It is growing weaker- declining by as much as 10% over the last 150 years. Similarly, the Sun's heliosphere which protects the solar system from cosmic ray inundation has weakened by 25% in the last decade. La Niña, El Niño, The Thermohaline Circulation (Ocean conveyor belt) are all energy-regulators in the world's oceans and all appear to be in a state of flux. Mantle, which caps magmatic pressures, also appears to becoming more kinetic, unstable, and seismically volatile. A pole-shift is a loss of equilibrium and the force of balance. "The Earth shall reel to and from like a drunkard…and it shall fall, and not rise again." Isaiah 24:20. In my eyes divine prophecy appears to be in march-lock-and step with forecasting the earthchanges now unfolding across our planet. –The Extinction Protocol

Articles from a year ago on my website go into more depth on this subject as well:
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