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nostradamus, the grand pulse and what s about to hit the fan part 6 - 7
Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 6 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

Ruth Norman describes the ascension of the individual aspect of Soul that each of us is in much the same way she could have described the ascension of a planet, or in this case, four planets (Earth, Mercury, Venus and Mars)

“The natural course of events, the intelligence that is being nurtured by any one individual through the ways of a natural development, would come to the fore and it would be an intelligence that had been developed, based upon a firm and firmer foundation, laid one on of the top of the other, the internal framework thereby being stabilized by a basic foundation that had been erected upon the objective awareness being a cementing, so to speak of separate life experiences over spans of lifetimes, thereby the social organism becomes that much greater in its strength and in its ability to become a finer tuning fork for the intelligence residing on the higher octave of the Infinite; that is, another frequency band in which other peoples are living and experiencing the infinite panoply of the Father, thereby radiating in some way, directively, their understandings to the peoples in a lower echelon of worlds.”

Since we are simply One Verse in the many universes comprising this SuperUniverse or OmniVerse, it’s sometimes easier for people to think of what’s taking place as a rising from one octave to another in this musical symphony of Creation just as planet Earth once fell down an octave or two because of the coarse physicality and motives of alien interference with the planet Earth experiment.

From Volume 6: “The process of planetary ascension requires the alteration of this (Earth’s) grid as a macrocosmic version of what is explained here about atoms:

"...This also is akin to the octave structure in the atom, where each electron that is released puts the atom through different isotopic stages. Once you break the "octave" threshold, the atom metamorphoses into the next element in the Periodic Table. In other words, this process of energetic expansion, emerging from the central core, or nucleus, or Sun, produces an evolution in the actual form of its entire structure. This is the way that all consciousness units operate, whether it is sub-microscopic, atomic, cellular, planetary or even Solar System-wide.

"We know that the system of geometry for the consciousness unit is also harmonic and octave-based, and thus we see these Platonic forms emerging in minerals, in the organization of cells in a developing zygote, and in the planetary grids themselves. We also know that these frequencies are governed by very simple, harmonic numbers. These numbers show up when we measure the vibrations of sound frequencies in air. Therefore, when we see these same frequency numbers for the consciousness unit emerging in the Great Sunspot Cycle, we can see that a similar division and enhancement is occurring in our Solar System. This is yet again another reason to see why we are so quickly heading into a spontaneous dimensional shift here on Earth, or the Single Greatest Moment of All Time.”

Ascension isn’t some mystical experience but a physics-based reality as everything in Creation adheres to scientifically based principles, if not always understood by mainstream scientists. There is no separation between science and spirituality, only a perceived split when one faction seeks power more than the other.

Also from Vol 4:
“The closing down of the Planet Earth experiment?

“Yes, the closing down of the Planet Earth experiment. With all attempts to raise the general consciousness of the planet failed, the decision has been made to close this experiment down. This, of course, was not a decision made lightly, and was only made after a final chance to correct the situation had been given and had failed. Attempts have been made in every way, shape, and form, over the past twenty-five years to help Man see the direction in which He was going. The established forces on the planet have, however, been too strong, and Man has too readily been drawn away from the Divine LIGHT through his pursuit of earthly pleasures and entertainment. Somewhere in the late 1980's, not long after the event known as Harmonic Convergence, the decision was made by the general consciousness of the planet not to take this next step in awareness and ascend with the planet when it took its new planetary initiation. With the last chance failing to produce a change, the original cause of action—the plan to shut down the experiment—was put back into action.

“While children are now being born in record numbers in order to experience this event, it is obvious that people are also dying in record numbers in order to shift some of the burden away from the final preparations. As can be read about in some more accurate New-Age materials, those who are dying right now are not being put back into the system of planetary recycling in this area either. They are instead being removed to other locations in the Universe for healing and further reincarnations.

“Another trend spoken of in various publications is the removal from the planet of those entities on the planet who have been here to serve Man in so many ways. Many of the nature spirits have left, and with their departure, Nature appears to be running wild.

What is now accelerating . . . is the beginning of the acceleration of time, which then creates the situation that this planet Earth becomes a light-space vehicle . . .

With an increased vibration and therefore a lighter density, with its mass accelerated in time, the planet has lifted itself into a higher dimension and those who have been able to ascend with the planet will remain with it if it is their mission to do so. Those who are still too dense will be gone in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, at this time, that would be a greater proportion of the people on the planet. In order to avoid too much damage to the planet’s energy vectors, the human experiment will be shut down before this event proceeds too much further, and then, as said before, some will return to the Earth after it has had a time to heal and settle itself into its new dimensional status. They will come to instigate a new paradigm, one based on ‘We are all One” and it takes a village . . . “

It is not possible to know the full extent of the changes that are about to occur. Even the Masters on the planet do not make specific predictions beyond the fact that there is a major change taking place. If some of the general prophecies of Nostradamus and other modern prophets are going wrong at this time, it is for exactly this same reason—that only the highest elements of the Spiritual Hierarchy know more-or-less precisely how these changes will come about, and their eventual result.

Nostradamus, The Grand Pulse and What’s About to Hit the Fan
Part 7 By Peter Farley, with input from Helen Parkes and others

A.B. wrote me a good question the other day, like most people to having done the homework of browsing the 750 articles on my website. Still it is very pertinent here:

Subject: So what should we actually do? From: A.B. Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011

Dear Mr. Farley,
I've read your postings to alt.paranormal for some time, with interest and puzzlement. Please could you tell me what exactly is the action you're calling on us to take? I mean, if a tenth of what you say about the NWO etc. is true, it's not very obvious what anyone could possibly do against them!
I've looked at your website, but I really don't know where to start among nearly 500 articles! I did see some mentions of meditating, and I already do try as hard as I can, but I've never got very far. (I have Tourette's syndrome and slight ADD, so keeping my mind still is kind of difficult.) Many thanks, A. B.
Now my response to AB will piss a lot of people off, people who have bought into one of the biggest lies the New Agers teach, and that is that the mind can be stilled or that in doing so you derive some benefit. Try running your car without the water pump or the oil pump or any one of the other facets of the cars internal workings. The task instead is to have every facet of one’s Being running in harmony with every other fact much like a finely tuned F1 automobile.
Peter: The one thing I would never do is recommend meditating for anyone, never found a western person it truly helped get anywhere except into doing nothing. And now there's 750 or so articles I'd recommend you start from the bottom up, the most recent versions of what's going on. The old paradigm is dying on its own, not much you have to do there. Your question is one that will face you in every lifetime you will ever have, what is the damn purpose of life? And it's not so important that you survive this 'shift', that's only important for the few who are here to ground the new paradigm into the 'new' Earth's energies.
SO what is the purpose of life no matter what planet you live on, no matter what energy form you have? Gandhi perhaps said it best. "The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in service to others." In all the other Superuniverses except this one, souls surrender their self-will to serve Higher Will. Doesn't mean you're a slave, means you realize you're part of a very valuable cog in a very big grander scheme of things and by surrendering self-will to serve higher will you're recognizing your place and purpose, and that everything you do in being guided by Higher Will benefits all.

Nobody, pretty much, ever did much of anything truly spiritually useful on this planet without working with their own Higher Guidance, so step one is not meditating, better to sit around masturbating than that, but to connect with your own personal Guidance using the channeling technique to begin and then grow closer to Them every day by constantly being in contact and working WITH Them to do whatever is required. We didn't come to life just to escape it, we came here to DO something, usually something important for the greater good of ll. So DOING is everything, meditating is nothing.

Here's the exercise, you can either do it or keep avoiding connecting for another lifetime, but then the same situation will arise for you and you'll be faced with the same choice then, or the next time, or the next and the next . . . nothing changes until YOU change it. I'm always here to assist the doers.
Channeling Exercise: Learn to channel your own Guidance with this simple, easy to use exercise:

The following simple technique is how I have taught so many to successfully channel their own Higher Self or Guidance, correctly, the first time and every time that fear does not get in the way. Do yourself a favor and print out the exercise and read through it as people tend to `skim' articles on the computer rather than read for the full deepest meaning of the words:

I am writing to tell you about a way to channel. It is called the "Dear One technique".

First, I would suggest going to a quiet area where you can sit comfortably in a relaxed state, somewhere where you won't be bothered. If you are serious at all about your spirituality and therefore give your Guidance and your own spiritual nature the respect it deserves you will set aside to do this without being interrupted by the outside world. One of the greatest reasons for people failing to do this is that they are too worried about other things or their day to come rather than being HERE and NOW to connect. If appropriate, sit and do the HU for 15 minutes before sitting to write - http://www.eckankar .org/hu.html The HU belongs to know religion or spiritual path. It is for everyone, regardless.
Then, either on paper or set up on the computer in a Microsoft Word or word processing program, begin by writing - "Dear One," on the page. This is your guidance referring to you as the "Dear One". What you then write is THEIR words to you, not yours to Them. From there, begin writing whatever comes through you however you receive it. Do not stop and judge the message, and do not try to edit or spell correctly or anything for this shifts you into the analytical side of your brain instead of the creative heart side. All that can be done when you are finished. Keep writing whatever you are getting and do not stop until your Guidance signs off. As a free writing exercise you never lift your pen from the page in doing this very same exercise just allowing everything to flow outward until done.

If you have a little trouble beginning then you may need to start out with a prompt, something like, "The most important thing for you to know right now is. . ." to get you started. Your mind may try to get in the way or you may get flustered. Do not think about things. Do not question. Do not wonder if you are doing it right. The best motto for this is `Just do it'. If something happens to stop you, just start over again by writing "Dear One," and then continue. When you are finished, you may channel a closing such as "With Great Love" and then channel the name of the Being or Beings or your Higher Self you are channeling. If you do this once or twice daily for 10-15 minutes it should become more comfortable to do within a very short time. Learning to trust it depends on you and your connection. That's why I am here initially to help confirm things for you as I am able to work with anyone and everyone's Guidance. A little confirmation in the beginning helps you feel secure with the process and tends to help you move forward instead of easily finding an excuse not to do it.
Always COMMAND that only those who are for your highest good and those who serve the Highest be allowed to channel through you. Some may channel their Higher Self, that part of themselves connected to every other Soul and to the Creator Itself. Some have more specific missions to channel messages for or from the planet, for specific groups of Beings on the planet, or for the Lightworkers as a whole.

When you are comfortable with the process you can then begin asking questions which you should write down, and then channeling an answer, again beginning with "Dear One, . . . ". To strengthen your own innate talents of doing this, ask your Guidance for an answer inwardly whenever you have a decision to make anytime or all of the time throughout the day. Should I wear blue or green today? Should I go this way or that way to work? Should I go to McDonalds or Wendy's for lunch? Should I have the chicken or the hamburger? This is working with moment to moment Guidance and the channeling and it both help strengthen the channels between you and your Guidance.

If you can even get just a yes or no answer to such questions, with time, you will be able to deal with any situation that confronts you by simply asking Guidance. Constant practice builds the ability to hear, see, and to trust.
Guidance will rarely ever ask you to do something which is not a part of your spiritual makeup. You always have the right and should eventually learn to challenge whatever you are getting by asking/commanding THREE times "In the name of the Highest, is what I am getting correct?

Yes, there are other entities out there that like to play games, but you are not trance channeling and as long as your intent is pure, nothing should ever be able to bother you.

Read the other lessons in the Connecting with Guidance section on my website AFTER first attempting this exercise, after you have done (not `tried') the channeling technique a few times. I am always here personally to help individually with this task until you get comfortable with it. Most people I work with get upwards of 90% correct the first times they do this. I am always happy to let you know the results of your initial efforts should you so wish and what else you might do to improve your connections. . .Some of you out there have specific messages for people and some others around you relating to the talents/skills/ mission you have brought into this lifetime. I can also help you with this should you see fit to ask for this kind of assistance. The key word here again is `help you'. It is of no use to you if I simply tell you your mission since without you being connected to your own Guidance in some real way, the chance of your ever doing your mission is little or none.

Above all, Enjoy! Laugh and Be Well,