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not all missions are for today
Not All Missions Are For Today
From: mkkul@gbpuat.
Subject: Help in channelling my mission

Dear Peter,

I shall be obliged if you could help me in discovering my mission in
this life. I know I should do that myself, but I feel your help shall
be needed to start with. Also you could guide me in the initial

Best regards,
Dr Manoj Kulshreshtha
Professor (Process & Food Engineering)
G B Pant University of Agriculture & Technology
Pantnagar-263145 (INDIA)

Peter: For some of us, Manoj, there is a learning process still
taking place, a learning process on how to do things right when it
comes time to rebuilding the planet. Isn\'t that you and your learning
and the knowledge you have acquired and are still acquiring in this
lifetime\'s experience? Sometimes a mission is not related to the
present moment, or even to the very near future of the destruction
of this paradigm, but rather to the rebuilding process which must
then come if planet earth is to once again support life and be the
Crown Jewel of Creation it was always meant to be. Keep on learning
and studying. Don\'t worry about you mission for like so many others
you are already \'doing\' you mission, only now honing your skills and
your understanding for when the time is right and the time when it is
you are needed.

If you would like help with working closer with your day-by-day
Guidance, the series of lessons on connecting with your own Guidance
is now complete on the webiste at
http://www.4truthse channeling_ your_mission. php I would be
honored to work with you on this aspect of your journey if you so
choose. BW, Peter