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nutmeg and conspiracy
Nutmeg and Conspiracy

Most people writing about the 'planet Earth' conspiracy deal with the New World
Order as perceived by the Freemasons creating a Matrix of control etc, all the
things that can be seen by 3D eyes, perhaps with a little extradimensional
X-Files believing thrown in for good measure just to spice things up.

Fortunately or unfortunately, my Guidance having led me to write the
multi-volume, multi-dimensional story of the roots of the New World Order and
how it flows down through Creation and has its origins on far higher dimensional
levels than most people even can consider.

So unfortunately, when we get something like the H1N1 swine flu 'pandemic'
coming around AFTER the planetary ascension has basically completed itself, we
need to look at all the little pieces of information collected FROM experience
over the past 15 years and with help from our Spiritual Guidance understand what
is the real purpose behind the New World Order's spreading of such a
multi-leveled threat, particularly since it's purpose doesn't really seem to
have be related to how many people it kills.

To understand it's real purpose one needs to know more about viruses than the
ordinary person, the fact that viruses are not really living things, but more
like energy parasites that piggyback along on living organsisms, mainly along
the nervous system of sentient beings. They have been found in the tails of
comets, hence being non-'organic' per se so as to tolerate the extremes of deep
space. They hitchhike through space raining down on planets in meteors and comet
fragments, the wake-up call we should all pay attention to from movies and books
such as Day of the Triffids, Invasion of the Body Snatchers etc.

More than anything the best way to describe a virus is as an energy signature, a
marker of sorts, one that can attach itself to anything of equal or lower
vibration than itself. Virus energy signatures from my experience in the healing
room disappear when the organism host raises its vibration on a consistent basis
above the level of the virus.

Now who does all this work of creating such things as AIDS and H1N1 etc. Well
there are almost 700 articles on my website that can give you some background to
that. The leadership of the 'dark side' has been more or less crippled over the
past few years though the body of the darkside forces still remain. Those such
as the Orions which are the base for the darkside in this corner of Creation
still remain intact and with strong connections to their lackeys here on Earth.
They are also constantly in tune with what's taking place on this planet and
though their plans to stop the ascension process of the planet have failed, the
majority of the planet's population is still 'up for grabs' since most are not
going along with the ascension process.

Soul signatures are written about in my works in many places. We all have one
that is unique and identifies us throughout eternity as that original creative
spark we were when we emerged from Source. It is the way the darkside knows who
we are and what level of being we are and even down to what our strengths are
that we brought into the planet in order to complete our missions in this
ongoing war.

By 'tagging' the soul signatures of the lower level Beings with the markers
piggybacking on the pandemic H1N1 virus, the Orions can then track or follow our
progress as so many leave the planet in the coming few years as the ascension
process continues and as the Earth changes grow more deadly.

Yes, the war for planet Earth is pretty much over. The grander battle to take
back control of this darkened corner of Creation is now just beginning to take
shape. Simple things such as nutmeg to help erase this tagging of our
Light-processing DNA with such an energy signature is just one more step for
those Light-warriors serious about their work here and serious about pursuing it
until no more is there such self-willed darkness threatening the processes of
the FATHER's creation.

--- In, Peter Farley wrote:
> Working on it with Guidance I found out today that nutmeg helps retard this
action on the DNA, so pumpkim pie is okay *S , just be careful because nutmeg in
too high a doses can be poisonous.
> Attributed Medicinal Properties
> Used in small dosages nutmeg can reduce flatulence, aid digestion, improve the
appetite and treat diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. Nutmeg’s flavour and
fragrance come from oil of myristica, containing myristicin, a poisonous
narcotic. Myristicin can cause hallucinations, vomiting, epileptic symptoms and
large dosages can cause death. These effects will not be induced, however, even
with generous culinary usage.