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NWO connection to vaccines.
Hi Peter, C Ron Henry kindly gave me your email address. I
appreciated the message you put out about vaccines. I totally agree
with the NWO connection to vaccines. I don't think they do anything
good, and there is a lot of bad. I graduated from Northwestern
College of Chiropractic in 1986, and way back then I was noticing the
sickening additives in vaccines, mercury being only one. Others are
phenol , formaldehyde, aluminum salts.........all neurotoxic,
especially when injected. Injection is so quick and invasive that the
immune system has very little reaction time as compared to ingesting
something poisonous, for example. So of course, now that I think of
it, hypodermic needles must be part of the NWO stuff too. No wonder I
always hated them when I was a kid (still do).

Did you know that aluminum salts are purposely added to vaccines to
make them cause more of a local reaction? To make people think the
voodoo is working. Or to poison them quicker? I was asked by my
pediatrics professor at Northwestern to give a talk on the dangers of
childhood vaccines back in 1984 or 1985 or so. I spoke about a book
called "DPT- a Shot in the Dark?" Are you familiar with that book?
Very hair-raising accounts from families of what they call
'damaged children'.....alternating with tons of number crunching
statistics, mostly on the dangers of the pertussis vaccine. But I
think they are all a crock(all vaccines)

The book I mentioned shows how often, the parents would notice a
child having a bad reaction to their shot (such as what they
term 'inconsolable crying' where nothing you do can comfort
the child) , they would call the doctor , who would often have a
really cavalier attitude, 'oh that's nothing to worry about, just
give them Tylenol and call me in the morning..." and the doctor
would see no reason to discontinue the series of shots for that
child. It is quite obvious reading these accounts that the child
would have a more serious reaction after the next shot, and that
progressive, cumulative damage resulted, that at least could have
been lessened by stopping the series of 5 dpt shots that are required
by kindergarten. If the vaccines work, why do kids have
to get 5 shots in 5 years? Dr Robert Mendelsohn has written on this
topic in his books as well.

I'd love to talk to you on the phone further about all of this if
you're interested. thanks again Faith Lubitz Mpls MN