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obama - the biggest celebrity in the world.
“The Biggest Celebrity in the World.”

Comparisons with an anti-Christ would be appropriate if we were uneducated as to Christ\'s own real background as told throughout the volumes of Where Were You Before The Tree of Life? Obama is a mystical figure come out of nowhere, supported by every major New World Order figure both in this country and abroad, military figures and powerful people who simply seemed to adopt him as their candidate of choice without any seeming reference to experience or any other tell-tale sign of being connected to a reality of why this man may make a better president than any other. The mass hysteria that followed his candidacy was after the order of the Beatles in their heyday, an unreasoning `fascination and hysteria\' that grew seemingly out of nothing and out of nowhere. While some will accuse the author of being racist, the 9 volume history of the New World Order comes to a head with this final piece of the puzzle substantiating the grander picture it has painted just as the New World Order\'s Great Plan strives to come to fruition in an old and dying paradigm.

Looking at Obama\'s reincarnational history it only makes sense that the dark forces on the planet, particularly the system known to us as the New World Order, would adopt their overall longtime leader, Melchezidek, without question or reservation in fulfillment of the Great Plan that has been in existence for this planet for tens of thousands of years.

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· \"The references to the Phoenix in the article are of course like everything in the occult teachings, multi-layered, one referring to the continent of Atlantis rising again from the ashes of its own destruction, and also of Melchezidek regaining his own life and power in the modern day world, particularly as we are now coming to know him in his present incarnation as Barack Obama.\" - Peter Farley

· *Actor, Jon Voight, on Obama\'s God-like stature:

The Democratic Party, in its quest for power, has managed a propaganda campaign with subliminal messages, creating a God-like figure in a man who falls short in every way.

· Hysteria alert: Barack Obama starts world tour - The Illinois senator is no messiah but his appearance in Europe will inspire those disenchanted with America - Gerard Baker

You have to go back to the Beatles\' first US tour to find a transatlantic trip freighted with the sort of pregnant excitement that attends the one Barack Obama is about to make next week.

The faces of the crowds expected in Berlin when he arrives on Thursday will be portraits of the same devotional ecstasy that greeted the Liverpool quartet on their way from JFK to Manhattan that February day in 1964. In London next weekend Gordon Brown will play Ed Sullivan to the Fab One, hoping to borrow, just for a day, a little of the superstar charisma to bolster his own ratings.

· Reverend Amy. Here\'s a brief excerpt from her :

… seeing these articles and photographs of Senator Clinton and Senator Obama together, him with his hand on her back, just makes me cringe. Frankly, it makes me almost physically ill. See, I have done a lot of work in the Domestic Violence movement. And I have seen this cycle before: the man abuses, attacks, and lashes out at the woman. The woman makes excuses for, and accepts blame from, the man for his attacks. Not unlike Senator Clinton saying now that they are friends, respect each other, and support each other. I know what respect looks and feels like - Senator Obama has shown NONE for Senator Clinton. Senator McCain has, but Obama? No. Seeing these photos of her with him now reminds me of battered women wearing sunglasses to hide the bruises, and saying, \"Oh, he didn\'t really mean it. It was my fault, really, I shouldn\'t have made him mad. He really does love me, in his own way, really! Don\'t be mad at him!\" Not only did Obama make sexist remarks about Senator Clinton, INCLUDING at the fundraiser the other night, but he reaped the benefit of the sexist and misogynistic remarks made by others, the veiled death threats (talking to YOU, Keith), the threats of violence, the degradation, not on her record, or on her speeches, but because she was a woman.

(Knowing Hillary to be the incarnation of Lilith, Inanna, a very important female role-model for this planet, it also makes sense of Melchezidek\'s desire to NOT have her wield any level of control here at this time of the planet\'s ascension – ( )

Comparing Obama with J.F.K. is not inappropriate if one has done their homework on the Kennedy family, John\'s election to the presidency facilitated by the Mafia, and the entire Camelot theme and its association with New World Order role-models. ( )

· Obama hysteria worth noticing - by Chris Walker

The hysteria surrounding Sen. Barack Obama is interesting to say the least: Obama is the son of a white mother and an African father, and his potential for being the Democratic candidate for president would make him the first African-American to reach the nomination in either of the two major parties. Another reason for the sudden popularity of the senator from Illinois could be his youth: At only 45 years of age, Obama would only be four years older than another young Democratic president \"John F. Kennedy \"was when he took the White House in the 1960 election.

· Blogger J. Grant Swank, Jr. writes, Magic City Morning Star (2/13) :

Forget issues. He\'s the man who wraps up JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mandela - for blacks and whites, particularly women and children - and the young who can vote. Mob hysteria - mob psychology - could win the November ballot for Barack Obama. There is no doubt about it. It can sweep across the nation, grow and grow and grow, until talking about the nation\'s pressing matters will fly out the window….he has audiences who are thirsting for nothing but flimflam; otherwise, Obama\'s groupies would not wow him as they do. They howl. They weep. The clutch. After all, they\'re not constituents. They\'re groupies caught up in Obamamania….He mesmerizes his listeners as a drug dealer wraps up a sale. Now that\'s truly scary. It\'s all smoke and mirrors, folks. It\'s all senior high school president oratory in hopes of winning the election down the hall. That\'s it. He\'s got the music entree, then there\'s the tilt to the head, the cadence in his speech, the compassion in his face, the slick lean body, the shiny white teeth, the sympathy in his voice and the assurance in his clichés. But all he\'s got is a bag of tricks - snappy words like \"Change\" and \"Unite.\" That\'s it. He\'s a politico magician with a bag of tricks.

· Who was Melchezidek? (v.1-10)

Genesis record (Gen. 14:18-20)
Priest of the God Most High
King of Salem (Shalom=\'Peace\')
Melchezidek (means King of Righteousness)
He met Abraham, blessed him, and Abraham Tithed to him
That\'s it, nothing else is said of him
He appears out of nowhere, performs priestly function, then disappears
No Father, Mother, Genealogy & therefore no levitical credentials
Is `like\' a Son of God, no beginning, no end (no genealogy that we know of)
He remains a priest perpetually
No beginning or end is recorded of him
No successor, or predecessor
Has been a lot of speculation concerning Him by Rabbis & Scholars
However, there is no exact analogy for deity, so don\'t press it too far
Observe how great Melchezidek was
He was both a Priest and King (these two offices never intertwined, I Sam 15)
Abraham, the patriarch tithed to Melchezidek (v.4) (tithe means 1/10th)
Notice the use of the phrase: Abraham \"the Patriarch\"
Emphasizing what the readers knew, Abraham was great
Jews were proud of their heritage, they were \"Children of Abraham\"
Levites who are descended (lit: `from the loins of\') from Abraham receive tithes from the rest of the Israelites
Abraham did not pay tithes to Levi, Levi was his descendant
Since Abraham was a patriarch, he was obviously greater than Levi
But Melchezidek was not a Levite, and yet Abraham tithed to him!
Melchezidek blessed Abraham
Shouldn\'t it be the other way around?
The one with the promises was blessed by Melchezidek
The lesser is blessed by the greater (v.7)
Since Melchezidek was greater than Abraham, he was also greater than Levi
Because of his perpetual-ness
In the case the Levites, mortal men (literally: `dying men\') receive tithes
In Melchezidek\'s case, ONE receives tithes, (not many, as is the case of the levites), because he lives
Because Levi is Abraham\'s descendant, even Levi paid tithes in the loins of Abraham
Point: Since Melchezidek is greater than Abraham who is greater than Levi who is greater than Aaron, then Melchezidek is a greater priest than Aaron and the entire priesthood
- Jesus is a superior High Priest because his priesthood is after the order of Melchezidek.