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obama and melchezidek continued .
Following up on the article ( ) that Peter put together following Guidance about Obama's relationship to Melchezidek, the true source of much of the darkness in this Superverse as explained in Volume 8 of Peter's work.

What effect does blocking M. from returning to this Superverse have on Obama now?

Dear One, Obama will now only have the power and support of those of the darkside that are still trapped in this dimension to feed upon. He will, of course, be able to feed also on the energies of those 'hopeful' masses who look to him now for leadership and saving from their own lack of self-responsibility and true spiritual purpose.
He does, however, still have his enemies even on the darkside as it is still very much divided about what to do given the current chaos and destruction of their long awaited plans to come to fruition. Once can see this very situation occuring with McCain and Palin and the republican party since their loss in the election. The in-fighting is very much a part of any darkside institution.

Obama will therefore lack the ability tos ee the bigger picture of the original plans intended for him and will subsequently be unable to shift gears, so to speak, as if the inspiration were coming directly from M.
The original plan was to have M's energy 'walk in' to the templated form of Obama and then rule this planet and far beyond it from here. This of course will never and can never now occur.

Obama will lack the 'charm' and 'charisma' of what would have been his had he taken on the full energies of M. This can be seen very much clearer in the walking in of Lucifer to Hitler's form and the changes it then wrought in his life (described in Vol 4 of Peter's works). he will not be able to 'mesmerize' everyone for very much longer and things will not take place as he thinks they will in following the script already written for him.

No one can stop the ascension from occuring since it already as good as has. No one can rearrange the future this planet now has ins tore for it no matter how strong they think they may be. The completion of everya spect of ascension and the coming earth changes will change everything as they are intended to do, including all political and national structures as well.

Everyone must eventualy leave the planet as she must go through many violent pertubations as she shakes off the yoke of servitude to the irresponsible , selfish, soul-destroying darkness. Much violent cleansing must occur before she will once again be able to support life again in the new paradigm and in her new dimensional home.

Everyone will be going to the place they have earned to continue on with their lessons or to receive the rewards of their very difficult labors here in this lifetime.After earth's cleansing is over many of you are alreadys cheduled to return to this planet with the aim of creating the new paradigm and making this planet the true garden of eden she could be. But that will take you having fulfilled your mission of learning here and in this lifetime, the greater understanding of what has happened to this planet and to why things have been so easily controlled and manipulated by the darkside up until this date. The new paradigm is not in place yet though one can see it's hand in many of the events taking place already around the world in various instituations, much as Peter says he sees it's hand in the changes taking place in his beloved football. It will be up to those scheduled to retiurn to build a community and all its 'institutions' based on love, co-operation , self-responibility, and true spirituality and serving the Higher Will of the FATHER.

With much love,
Aristenna and ALL the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light