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obama and the ciakirs
When I say/Guidance says that Barack Obama is a Ciakir, what does that
mean exactly? It means that his energy form, as discussed in the articles on
the true nature of planet Earth, is that of a winged reptilian. Alex
Collier who knew more than most about such beings, was interviewed here
by Val Valerian on the subject of the Alpha-Draconians:

More on the Draconian Civilization

Val Valerian: Another question that has been put to me to ask you is the
following. If withholding love leads a race to regression and
devolution, due to the absence of expressed emotion, then why is it that
the Alpha Draconians are two billion years old and have not yet become
extinct? Second, what is the average life expectancy of the Draco?

Alex Collier: The average life span of the Draconians extends from 1,800
to 4,100 years of age. The ones that live as long as 4,100 years are the
royal line of the Draconians.

Val: The winged Ciakars.

Alex: Yes, because their genetics have been kept totally intact. Now, as
far as them being regressive, yes they are, but what is interesting,
Val, is that they are not regressive with respect to their own people,
only against other races. So, what you\'ve got is that you have this race
of beings that are very regressive toward other races other than their

Val: It sounds like a super-model of imperialism.

Alex: They don\'t turn on their own people and have continued to evolve
within their own race.

Val: One of the recent themes in orthodox media, especially movies, is
that reptilian species have a penchant for pituitary and adrenal type
substances, and that they try and get these substances any way they can,
even to the extent of ripping somebody\'s brain out of their head in
order to acquire these hormones.

Alex: Well, these hormones, in essence, hold emotion. The brain and
spinal fluids hold emotion. It is what nourishes the nervous system and
the brain.

Val: So, is this media portrayal have any accuracy at all? Do reptilian
humanoids have to supplement their own internal production of adrenal
hormones from outside sources? If so, what does this contribute to them
physiologically? If this process does exist, as has been inferred
before, is it a function of a need or just as cosmic joyride for them?

Alex: Well, they don\'t make the same type of spinal fluid as humans do.
As far as their physical needs, I don\'t know. I do know that they get a
\'rush\' from hormones from other species that have been in terror. For
example, if they capture a human being, they will not usually kill the
person right away. What they usually do is terrify them as much as
possible in order to jack up the level of emotion and hormones. Then,
when they consume the physical body of that psychologically terrorized
being, not only are they feeding themselves but the hormones impart a
physiological and psychological \'rush\' which they enjoy. It\'s
essentially a \'drug high\' for them.

Val: So, they couldn\'t use hormones from animals, because they don\'t
have the emotional range of embodied spiritual entities . . .

Alex: I have a protocol for the Alpha Draconians. Run away.

Val: That\'s pretty precise.

Alex: That\'s all I know, is to stay away from them. There is literally
no way to challenge them. It\'s suicide, to be perfectly honest with you.
If they are in the mode where they want to do you harm, it\'s going to
happen. The best thing is to avoid them at all costs. You have to
remember, Val, that the Alpha Draconians, the Ciakar in particular, if
they come down here, are going to come out of their huge craft and they
are going to look like dinosaurs.

. . . Val: Well, one would presume a control drama with the Draconians
on the way.

Alex: Yes, it would be true with any of the regressive groups. From what
Moraney has said, that is exactly what these groups do. They find a
planet inhabited by a race less evolved and technically competent, and
they conquer it by whatever means. One of the first things they do is
\'put it down\'. They try and make you feel inferior.

(Leading Edge Follow-up Interview With Alex Collier, Original
Transcript by Val Valerian)

Sue Ann\'s channelings on the work we did in Virginia and the underground
reptilians as posted in the group describe more of how some reptilians are able
to maintain a \'human apperaing energy form\' while others cannot.