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oh spartacus, where art thou now?
Oh Spartacus, Where Art Thou Now?

By Peter Farley

Spartacus (c. 109–71 BC) has been a continuing theme in my writings since almost day one because it seemed he above all others was most capable of leading the slaves of his out of their slavery, even if it were only to an honorable death. And now we need him more than ever before.

Having written a history of the New World Order ( it is all the more painful to watch as people fall more and more into the servitude of the reptilian-supported Matrix. While the elite of the planet count the number of houses they now own on two hands )like John McCain), the rest of us have lost the count of ours on even one finger.

Now it’s not entirely a bad thing that people are beginning to realize the lie they’ve been living for so long. Unfortunately, they do not tie it into the bigger picture of the Matrix-control that has been going on on this planet for tens of thousands of years (the story of which has taken me 9 volumes to write). People can hardly see beyond their own misfortunes to tie all the little pieces together that so much of what is happening to them has nothing to do with their own abilities to work, care or provide for their families. Instead it has everything to do with the greed and power-hungriness of the reptilian culture on the planet, those who, as in the miniseries ‘V’, came to the planet tens of thousands of years ago and have controlled its network of ley lines and grid work ever since, controlling therefore the masses and the group consciousness, and making us all into nothing more than cannon-fodder, slaves, and yes, even food for their rapacious appetites.

If a slave wakes up to realize that he or she is a slave then what’s taking place is a good thing. Unfortunately, in the West, we have comedians who act as a catharsis for us by making our situation and the antics of our oppressors into fodder for late-night television. If we were in Iran and Muslim and it were Ashura, then we’d be out in the streets overturning this entire reptilian-based system that has oppressed us all for so long, meanwhile making it appear that it is freely elected by us to serve our needs at our behest and for our benefit. In the West we have this word thrust upon us by our oppressors, the word DEMOCRACY that makes us think we are free and have the freedoms everyone else in the world want. How thinly veiled is this truth when seen through the eyes of someone dissecting the reasons for the current recession, when watching how the greed of a few can upset the whole applecart of those unaware of their slavery.

Now, with the planet having ascended into the 5th dimension but with so very few of its population having followed along with it, the reptilian-created Matrix is not afraid to show itself for what it is – corrupt, megalomaniacal and totally uncaring of those who have been such faithful servants to it for so, so long now.

The words and titles of two songs come to mind as I write –Buffy St. Marie’s classic My Country Tis of Thee You're Dying ( ) and David Bowie’s Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline ( )

‘My Country Tis of Thee’ because it is our own acceptance of slavery that keeps us all enslaved while the rich get richer and the middle class falls quickly into despair and oppressive poverty from which they may never rise again, all the while chasing the carrot on the stick held out in front of us that one day too they could be more than just ‘reptilian-wannabes’ and also have a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

‘Putting out the fire with gasoline’ because this is the only way the West knows of dealing with such issues as terrorism, created or real. God-forbid the reptilian culture so used to war and the destruction of planets (Maldek/the asteroid belt) and their environments (not to mention that of their own planet) should assist the downtrodden and poor by feeding them or helping them out of their dire situations. No, instead the old paradigm structure insists that we eliminate the problem using the good old Albigensian crusade methodology of “Kill them all and let God sort them out.”

Well the day is near folks, the day when the slaves will pass away along with their slave masters because the paradigm has shifted, the planet has ascended, and those who cannot or who refuse and will not change with it into a loving , more-communal structure of ‘It takes a village’, will take their lessons elsewhere to continue on learning them for as long as they choose to remain in blindness and inaction.

Spartacus, as the movie’s most famous scene suggests, is within each and everyone of us just waiting to be free, but none are free as long as the entire planet remains in the control of an outdated, outmoded and very, very cruel power structure that WE OURSELVES have allowed to remain in power for far, far too long.

Wishing you strength in the days to come.

In service, Peter