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On Connecting, Missions and Karma

Dear One,

Letīs explain this. A higher guidance comes when you are ready to
listen. To come to a state where you are ready is to be in love with
your guidance. There are many who can guide. You can visualize this as
a group of elders or teachers each with their own specialty yet all
working with the FATHERīS highest will in constant thought.
Lightworkers have made previous agreements to work with specific
beings for guidance. Reaching that state where you can hear them
requires opening, surrendering, listening, a raising of your
heart/love quotient. For when you enter into a channeling session with
love and no expectation other than only the highest and best, then
are the connections made. When what you know is not just in the mind
but is a knowing from the heart then you will see changes. Stop
searching and feeding the mind, just be and honor the heart truths.
When the heart speaks it very often does so with feelings and
pictures, in order to bring clarity to this it helps to talk about it
or to write it down.


Dear One,

Your mission is to be of service. How that manifests is based on your
skills acquired over many lifetimes. This is where speaking with your
own guidance comes in. They will guide you to do, to be, to speak,
etc. With so few awake missions can vary day to day as WE will have
people who are in service fill in where needed. It is so important to
stay connected.


Karma is a vicious cycle of payback. Break the circle and LOVE
everyone. FORGIVE everyone, especially yourself. Pay it forward. Be
of service in concert with the FATHERīS will. The little things count.
A smile, a cup of coffee, a kind word, a pair of mittens to one with
none... you get it.

With Loving Guidance

In service, Betsy