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Only the Beginning . . .
Only the Beginning . . .
by Peter Farley

I/They (the real Spiritual Hierarchy) have more than once been accused of
spreading or focussing on the negative side of events taking place on the planet
and in this corner of the Universe right now, rather than on the New Age
bubble-gum world of "I'm okay, you're okay, everyone's okay."

The best way I can explain this is that there are two classes of Being on this
planet right now; One, those who are here for their own benefit and awareness
i.e., those who have come to planet Earth at this time to experience what is
taking place in order to further their own awareness and experience of life.
They have agreed to this in order to take their own next spiritual step. There
are none of these people in this particular group (4truthseekers)and they are
not the beings I am personally here to work with. There are lots of guides and
Masters and other spiritual Beings here to work with this level of Humanity.

The second class of Being on the planet right now is the high spiritual worker
who has voluntarily or by stint of their karma agreed to come back to the planet
at this very difficult time in Creation in order to be of service helping tutor
the first class as to the nature of what's taking place. All of these Beings
have at one time or another been through very similar situations to this one
somewhere in the Universe as the darkness has spread from one area of the galaxy
to another. These are the Beings many like to call 'Lightworkers.' Because of
their fear and the very effective programming of the New World Order, these are
the Beings who the Spiritual Hierarchy have directed us to help get off their
fences because they have been sitting on them far too long. These fences are
currently in the process of being washed out from under them. Those who do not
make a choice to get off their fances for the good, are, by default, making a
choice for darkness. This is known as collusion. These are also the Beings I
tend to call 'Light-butt-sitters' because of my extensive experience in trying
to get them off their fences which has only succeeded in making them dig their
heads deeper into the very fertile soil of their own fear and denial.

When I was working so closely with Guidance on the first four volumes of the
history of this whole mess (Where Weere You before The Tree of Life?), I was
told literally that it was basically too late to save the planet but, rather,
that so many high lightworkers were sitting on the fence and needed help in
making a choice of the direction they would be taking in this ongoing war for
the very Soul of Creation. If the darkside capture the energies of one of the
first class of people it is sad for the Universe. If, however, the darkside
captures the energies of one of the latter class of Lightworker they have
succeeded in capturing the equivalent of a battleship or an aircraft carrier as
opposed to a PT boat or landing craft.

So much has been written about the Lightworkers and starseeds and 'indigo
children' and so on who have come to work with the planet at this time. My
travels and healing work have dealt with almost every type of Being from every
corner of the Universe and beyond who are exactly here to either watch or
participate in this coming ascension process. Many, as I have said in articles
before, are 'ambassadors' here from their home galaxies and star systems to help
bring planet Earth back into its galactic family and make the transition into
the 5th dimension as smooth as possible-- the prodigal son returning to his
ancestral home. One thing these Beings and the galactic groups which guide them
have overlooked, however, is the very real and very tangible result that this
planet just may not survive the battle currently taking place. Just like a space
shuttle trying to lift off with too heavy a payload, the general consciousness
of this planet is too dark and too heavy right now to allow the planet to move
into this ascension stage. Planets such as this have been destroyed in the
ascension process countless times before and Creation has learned just what it
takes to put a planet into liftoff. That is, in fact, just why so many of us
have agreed to come back here to help make this whole ascension process happen.
Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten or refused to wake up to the very fact
of this agreement.

It only takes 5 minutes of watching TV to see how deep the chaos around us is
growing and how everything predicted for this time is now coming to fruition. SO
few know how to deal with this situation, so few have any real direction or
moment-to-moment Guidance to help them get through it, and even fewer have the
courage of a Mrs. Sheehan to stand up for what they believe in and against the
tyrrany which is making robots and slaves of us all. One needs to learn and to
practise detachment in this time and at this stage for little can be done to
avert the coming takeover by the New World Order for everything is already in
place, having taken 40,000-50,000 years of planning and work to bring us to this
exact time and place. The work now is to save one's self first (I have worked
with Masters incarnate in human form who will lose their spiritual position
simply because they refuse to do the work they came here to do) and then to help
other's also realize what is taking place and their agreed-upon roles in this
very monumental time and place in history.

Like a weatherman telling people that a storm is coming, part of my role here
right now is to let people know to batten down the hatches and seek 'higher
ground'. As the Spiritual Hierarchy has warned through my writings and those of
other writers in the same genre, if at all possible (and if not part of your
mission) it is best to move away from the cities for the cities have already
become cancers where people are only feeding upon one another and this can only
get worse. Stock up on supplies to help you, your family and your friends to
deal with the difficult days to come. Be as self-sufficent as possible or join
with others to form groups that shall be more effective in making survival
easier and more possible. The war is here and now and we are all combatants in
this the final struggle. No one can be excluded. Stay focussed on the fact that
this is your mission that you have chosen and yes it will be hard, but your
spiritual medals are won here and now on Battlefield Earth. Your spiritual
growth depends on you doing what it is you agreed to do in the here and now.

In service and with Love, Peter