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by Peter Farley
from a talk in Sedona,AZ

It was in 1859 that Charles Dickens wrote these most famous of lines:

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age
of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief,
it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was
the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter
of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we
were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other
way-in short, the period was so far like the present period, that
some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for
good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only."

They come from A Tale of Two Cities, his famous novel of the French
Revolution referring to a time almost a century before. They could,
however, relate very much to today couldn?t they? And aren't we
always hearing from those who govern us about what a wonderful time
it is we are living in? while all around us the evidence of our
senses and of our eyeballs tells us different?

I am most often criticized by spiritual people and non-spiritual
people alike for focusing on the Darkness closing in all around us. I
try and tell these people that my mission here is to help educate
people to the many faces which Darkness can use to disguise itself,
as well as to what I call ?the smoke and mirrors? used to distract
people?s attention away from the ?true? Light AND Sound of Creation,
away from ORIGINAL HEART which can only be found in the collective
consciousness of humanity.

What is the most common word used these days in both spiritual talks
and writings? Anyone care to take a guess?

Yes, the LIGHT. Does anyone know what the word Lucifer means when
translated? Yes, 'the Light Bearer'.

I was very fortunate to undergo the process of ascension a few
years ago -- I think as a practice run for the events to come -- but
more for the experience I needed to share with you today.

Instead of heading towards the Light, I headed for the dark space
that appeared to be a gap in the Light. What I found was a passageway
through this seeming barrier of lesser Light into a place of more
unlimited freedom and the truer Light of the Creator.

On every plane of existence is an incarnation of a ruler that likes
to tell you have arrived, that there is no more beyond this place,
and that you need not go any further. Don't believe Him, there is
always one more step you can take.

One of the greatest gifts I received in my spiritual training was as
a child and it was a book called A Pilgrim's Progress, by John
Bunyan --written coincidentally while he was in prison.

The story in the book is a wonderful metaphor for the various ways
people have of drawing our attention away from the highest of
spiritual goals, away from our mission here to be of service to the
Highest Will and not to our own personal desires -this, again, is
Original Heart - the worker bee working for the good of the Whole-not
as a mindless drone, but as a conscious co-worker in Creation.

The question I ask most of the people I work with is, Where do you
want to get off the bus? or at what grade level do you want to leave
school? The bus I drive is an express one that stops, hopefully, only
at the end of the line.

As I look around the room, I see that most if not all of you have
come back to the planet this time with an agreement to be of service.

You know what this really means? This means that most if not all of
you already come from a place or level of 'heaven? that is HIGHER
than the 5th dimension into which this planet is scheduled to ascend
(all things going as planned). SO, this means that focusing on your
own spiritual growth or self awareness at this time, beyond a careful
nurturing of it, is kind of like treading water, or even repeating a
few grades in order to learn what you already know. Make sense?

Tomorrow I?m giving a workshop on spiritual healing and I give
personal sessions which can cover your individual mission here, as
well as all the other aspects of your health and whatever is blocking
you from getting on with it. However, if you want to know what your
mission here is in the simplest form, free of charge---it is to be of

Stop treading water, start walking forward, and then the doors will
open for you and you will no longer have the need to ask questions of
others about what you are supposed to be doing here at this time.

From "Original Heart" :

In all my healing work, the biggest problem I find in people is
a closed HEART. Although this is especially true of men, it also
applies to a lot of women as well -- many who express the openness of
their HEART in terms of "I think I feel . . . ."

"This world as it stands, and throughout its history for at least the
past 10,000 years, has never supported a kind and loving HEART. If
the forces which seek to enslave mankind here on this planet and in
this entire corner of the Universe can close down our HEARTS, then
the battle is already won.

"HEART is the female element of Creation, that desire within to
create, to be a Mother/Father, to be of service to a family, to
friends, to the community. And that is what has been missing to
varying degrees from existence ever since this planet was seeded.

"In my lifetime as an Anasazi shaman that I wrote about, the
greatest punishment we could meter out to an offender of communal law
was to make them an outcast from that community ---an 'out-law'.

"I have worked with a number of people in this lifetime who still
suffered from those feelings of being an outlaw from the Anasazi
world all those hundreds of years ago. That is how devastating it is
to feel outside the One.

"Today, things have not changed much. ORIGINAL HEART is still lacking
in the world.

". . . There are two very different views of the world--one, the glass half empty; the other, the glass half full. And which one is correct? The future of the planet rests solely on the perspective from which one views the coming events.

"In truth, it depends on whether one is looking at the future from
their own individual perspective, or from the point of view of the
masses and the direction they are heading - the microcosm or the
macrocosm, the HEART or the mind.

If HEART, the female aspect of Creation were present here on the
planet right now, we would all wake up and realize that what we are
killing when we kill another human being is simply another part of
our own Being, our own essence, the grand Golden Heart of the

"I don't have time here and now to go into the entire Creation story
as outlined in my book, but suffice it to say that HEART -- ORIGINAL
HEART, is what was absent in the process of creating this individual
Super Universe. What now needs to be reintroduced to get this
ascension process back on track is ORIGINAL HEART.

"It may surprise some of you that ascension of the planet is NOT a
given, it is a product of the combined consciousness of its
people . . . a product that must be earned.

"In terms of the individual perspective on what is going on here and
now on this planet, the most common attitude is 'I'm doing fine'.

"The attitude of an OPEN HEART, however, looking at the future from
the perspective of the macrocosm or group consciousness is not 'how I
am doing', but rather of how OTHERS are doing and of how the general
consciousness of the planet is currently doing in its progress
towards making this quantum leap in consciousness.

"The worse things grow on the planet right now, the good news is that
the closer we might be to a solution.

"For the individual, true Freedom can also exists in the here and now, however, in surrender to the Higher Will, the key to the whole
ascension process.

"In an article on Choice at my website (, the Spiritual Hierarchy I work with speaks of the simple choices needed to be made at this time, basically the choice as to which energy we are going to follow in the coming days.

"Once that choice is made, all we need to do is to surrender to our
inner knowingness that we are indeed connected - and then keep moving
forward, taking care of what is needed today and knowing that
tomorrow we will also be taken care of.

"In this article, the Hierarchy outline the two major factors that can
halt or hinder this process of ascension: Fear and Attachment.

FEAR - The solar plexus chakra or energy center of the body is the
origin of both our fears and our self-esteem. They are the
diametrically opposed emotions in this chakra. It is in this chakra
more than any other where lies the origins of our choices, to live in
fear or to live in self-knowledge of our own Higher Purpose.

"This same chakra is also about gaining control of our physical
functions and developing the mind/body connection. It is the starting
point to the acceptance of soul's ability to make an impact on the
world and to achieve success. The word RECOGNITION comes to mind here
and it is very important in the solution to this whole HEART problem.
It is here where the choice to follow personal will or the Higher
Will takes place.

"The solar plexus is also the origin of issues regarding the interplay between our life's energy and the world. The quickest way to shut all these wonderful aspects of our Being down is to switch the dial on this chakra from self-esteem to fear.

"Constipation, stomach and digestive problems develop from prolonged
worry, fear, or feelings of terror originating in this chakra. And
these arise from the choice to follow our own will rather than the
Higher Will, and to suffer the consequences of separating ourselves
from ORIGINAL HEART (a feeling of separation from others and
therefore from God).

"Nerve problems and breathing problems that are emotionally caused such as asthma and various allergies, are also usually hatched in this very same chakra from fears relating to one or a myriad of problems we associate with our lives. The solar plexus holds our beliefs about power, abilities, and how we affect the environment.

"When we see ourselves as separate from ORIGINAL HEART and from the
CREATOR, then we feel our powerlessness to influence anything. This
brings on fears and worries and the subsequent health problems
associated with them.

"It is only fear of being separated from the WHOLE which causes us to
not be "all that we can be" in life, that stops us from getting up
and being counted, from getting up and singing our song, from making the choice to sit this one out instead of dancing, and from walking forward in confidence that we are loved and cared for by a very potent Universe and all of its spiritual inhabitants - something we are very much a unique and necessary part of.

"As the "mind" of the body, the solar plexus or third chakra affects
our thinking processes, our attitudes and the intuitive process of
mental empathy significantly linked to the body. This empathy stems
from our connectedness to all that is.

"If we overcome it or do not allow fear to rule our lives, then we will be free loving, empathic beings - at home in a world full of other wonderful beings just trying to learn and share our lessons. If we allow ourselves to be blocked by fear, then our lives will be
tortured and we will always feel alone and threatened.

"This chakra opens at an early age - between 2 1/2 years of age and 4 1/2 years of age. This is the age when we are most vulnerable to
criticism, and our 'deserving' issues tend to get locked in place
spiritually. If we think we can make an impact on the world and that
we deserve to do so, we will be ready to meet and master any
challenges. If we don't believe in ourselves - mainly because the
important people in our life don't believe in us and support our self-
development at this early age - then our lives will play out

"We can also actually take on the fears imposed upon us by others, or
develop a reliance on our own self-defense mechanism of building
walls and barriers and hiding behind them in fear. We allow ourselves
to be shut down and to live out the fears of those who were supposed
to have nurtured us and to have shown us the way to true spiritual
freedom within ourselves.

"Of course, this is so often not what happens and so many of the
people that I work on in spiritual healing, especially women, are
still blocked at this level of their development and steeped in fear
of what life might be like without what really are their self-maintained prison walls.

"The forces behind the New World Order do not need to imprison us
behind physical walls if they can keep us in Fear, feeling separate
from each other, and locked behind the prison walls of our own Being.
That is why they know to grab us as children and shut us down through
ritual abuse, through televised violence and the portrayal of a
dangerous world where everything is 'out to get us'.

"It can take a lot of work to break down these walls, or it can take
just one moment of our lives - the instant in which we surrender and
reconnect ourselves to the Higher Will.

"What is surrender? Surrender is recognizing that we already have
everything that we have ever been seeking, and that being a part of
something so large and wonderful as SOUL, we will always be nurtured
and taken care of, much like the lilies of the field.

"To desire something we already possess invariably has the result of
denying it! Like some of these computer screen savers that are so
popular -the more you chase them the faster they run away from you.

"All we need to do is to sufficiently let go of trying to control our
world, just long enough to realize that our world can be controlled
by a Higher Will that does a far far better job for us than we can
ever do for ourselves. This is faith and trust in the Universe and
that our lives are not just random acts of selfish lust or cosmic

"One group of 5th dimensional Guardians who work with a group in
Dallas are here to help with the ascension process. They say that
what is to come is going to be a matter of global choice, a
collective choice. For many of us looking at our lives, we can see
that we are not used to making conscious decisions for ourselves.
Rather, we are the effects of everyone else's choices or worse still
of the media, the government and of our teachers (we are what is
called 'moon people' -- only reflections of other people's Light).
Multiply this by so many people on the planet doing exactly the same
thing, and bingo -- "Mission Control - We have a problem!."

"When a civilization is sent into extinction it is by their own choice - or lack thereof. The fear we are being kept in by the media, by our politicians, and by those we allow around us, does not have to be accepted. That, too, is surrender. Surrendering to our inner knowing that our choice has been made, that we are connected, and that we have done everything we need to do to go forward, whether the rest of the planet does or does not.

"The end game is now here. It is time for the darkness to be cast off
or get transmuted into Light. We only give the Darkness more power by
allowing ourselves to be fearful. Surrender means we do not care so much for the physical existence becasue we KNOW we are eternal, but we CHOOSE to remain here because we can be of service to others once our own choice is made.


"The second major factor which will halt or hinder this process of ascension is Attachment.

"The best example of attachment that comes into my mind is that scene
from the movie Schindler's List where the Jewish people are being
herded off to the ghettos trying to carry all their worldly
possessions with them, only to have them all taken away as they are
crowded into boxcars or into cramped little living quarters.

"With the coming Earth changes, and as evidenced by such stories as
those coming out of the recently flooded Houston, Tx - when Nature
acts, more often than not there is no warning. Like Lot's wife, there
is no looking back, and only what is most important to survival can
be taken with us.

"Nothing material is going with us into the 5th dimension - that should be a given. It is only what we carry in our hearts and in our minds, and the lessons learned from our lives that we can take with us. Only these things will serve us in good stead after the paradigm shift.

"Thus, what we need to do is help each other stay focused out of the
physical plane energy, and off those and that which would control us.
Since all of us should know that we can push the physical plane
energy anywhere we want it to go in being co-creators of the Universe - it is very important to make sure that we hold ourselves out of this level, yet understanding of it, and adhere only to the higher spiritual levels of existence. To think and create on the third dimensional level is to remain behind. To think in terms of a higher spiritual awareness, of the greater good and a new paradigm, is to go forward with the planet in its ascension, and in our own spiritual growth.

"The easiest way to keep out of the physical plane energies is to stay in the moment. A litany for this time should be what RAJ once gave to me to share: "I have what I need in this moment (shelter, clothing, food, enough money for the moment, transportation, etc.) I will also have what I need in the next moment as well."

"The changes coming into our lives are going to come one way or
another. If we can stay to a higher focus and try not to make things
happen, then we will be protected from what goes on and not get
caught up in it beyond the extent to which we are here to assist others to also deal with their part in it all. This means centering on the larger picture of Soul - the Golden beating heart of the Creator, rather than our own individual needs.

"Keep centered and KNOW you are LOVED. That is what the Spiritual
Hierarchy always say to those I work with who are not feeling happy.
That is also the key to this time. In the moment, I am fine. In the
next moment, I will also be fine, and each moment will add onto the
next until we are out of this stage and ready for the next. Then we
will be where we need to be by the Grand Grace of the Creator rather
than by our own decision to handle just this one thing ourselves with
our own power.

"It is true that we have the power to put ourselves anywhere we wish
or that we think will be better than where we are. For those who seek
refuge away from the duties of serving at this time, this will be a
good way to stay out of the fray. But it is not always possible for
us to truly know where we are going to be in the safest, most perfect
space given what is going to come. All of our knowing of how to
manipulate the energy here is just about at a close, for when the
energies shift we will not be in charge any more!!!

"The thing to do for now is to get in the right frame of mind and let
what is coming be what we KNOW to do, and not worry about anything
but doing what we are asked to do in this moment. It is a time for
asking more from our guidance rather than less.

"There is nothing easy about any part of this, it is just one step at
a time and then we will be where we are needed to be and the best
part of it is we will KNOW why we are there. That will be a good
thing. We all have the opportunity to go forward and to be in the
right space in the right time. And all it takes is surrender. What a

"The Female energy is what is needed right now to lead this planet and its people into ascension. The role in Creation which the Female
energy is supposed to perform is to open space so that the Male
energy can fill it and manifest Creation using the Divine Spark of
Original Cause as a binding force.

"Barbara Clow, who many of you might know is a noted astrological
counselor, spiritual teacher, and writer, expresses it this way:

"Women . . . are the guardians of place. . . . they carry intuitive
knowledge about the real purpose of place . . . Women know how to
create in time and activate space for new life, and so they will lead
the men in the new alchemy."

"For the act of Creation to work properly, however, the male and
female energies need to work together. Because of the dissension and
disharmony between them right now, things never really quite get off
the ground though, do they?

"So much of what the New World Order does is to divide and conquer -
this means the sexes as well.

HEART needs to be opened in both sexes for this whole thing to work.
Opening it in the individual will help open it in the masses. The
microcosm and the macrocosm - the individual and the group are one and the same thing only on varying levels of existence. This may sound like a paradox, but it's not. There is only one Soul. We as individuals are all small parts of it, always maintaining our individuality while at the same time remaining connected and cognizant of the group if we focus our attention there. Everyone IS effected by everyone else and everything everyone else does. there is no escaping that fact.

"We must never forget that the mass is composed of individuals,
and is in fact nothing more than assembled individuals in a group.
Recognition of the individual strengthens the mass. Denial of a
person's individuality weakens the whole. This is the theme of my
articles on Humanity vs The New World Order.

"People who practice propaganda against us understand that it is while we are in crowd that we most pretend to be strong individuals. They are appealing to that strong desire we have, that element of us which once again longs to feel the connection to the Oneness of our Soul connected with all Its other pieces. It is the Dark Side's greatest strength to keep us all feeling isolated from both ourselves and from our own Higher Self, while also keeping us feeling separate from all those around us who are also feeling 'alone'. This is the phenomena of the 'lonely crowd'.

"In her book, The Rainbow and the Worm, Mae-Wan Ho points to this very concept of the one and the many:

"I have argued that quantum coherence is the basis of conscious
experience, which involves the possibilities of nonlocal inter-
communication between distant parts of the brain, the simultaneous
recognition of whole and part in our perceptive field, and the
distinctive quality of each experienced occasion. . . I shall mention
just one aspect of (brain) memory here. Many people have already
remarked on the holographic nature of brain memory in that it is able
to survive large brain lesions.

"The possibility (however). . . is that memory is not only
delocalized over the entire brain, but over the entire liquid
crystalline continuum of the body which serves as a holographic
medium. Ervin Laszlo, philosopher and systems theorist, has recently
proposed that much of personal memory may be stored in an ambient,
collective quantum holographic memory field delocalized from the
individual-in the universal holographic medium of the quantum vacuum-
and that memories are accessed by the brain from the ambient field.
This is fully consistent with the 'romantic' idea, increasingly
validated by the foundations of quantum theory, that all nature is
interconnected, and that the separateness and discreteness of things
in the common sensible world are illusory."

"This basically means that our personal hard-drive is connected to a
very large database from which we can at any time draw our own
memories, or even access those of others in an empathic manner. As a
spiritual healer, I can access these memories for anyone I work with,
or even with people I do not know or have not had the occasion to meet.

"This also shows how more than one person can claim to be the same
famous figure re-incarnated, since both may be accessing the
holographic memories of that Being stored in the larger database.

"Light and Sound both react in this same fashion in that they can act
as individual elements of the whole, or as the whole Itself.

"Light can either act as a particle or as a wave (as a particle when
not in the presence of consciousness, or as a wave (the whole) when
in the presence of consciousness). Like a drop of water that is at
once small and isolated yet at the same time also a part of the
ocean, so to is the individual spark of Soul a part of the grander
Ocean of Love and Mercy which is the unity of Oneness we call Soul.

ORIGINAL HEART is expressed in the form of what is now known in
sacred geometry as the Flower of Life -the symbol of 7
interconnecting circles collapsing in the middle into a 7 petalled
flower. It is in the union of all these elements or universes that we
find true Soul. . . "

Seven is the number of Time, and Time relates to the seven Super
Universes because they are holographically comprised of matter,
energy, space and Time. It is also the number of the major 'in-body'
chakras or energy centers of the body corresponding to the seven
Super Universes of Soul's experience.

This same concept of the One and the Many and the importance of the
level from which we perceive events is also expressed in the ancient
text, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth where it speaks about Time. Here,
Thoth relates paradoxically how Time is both a chain that binds the
freedom of Soul, and yet the understanding of it is a key which can
help us escape the confines of our earthly bounds.

This excerpt is from Emerald Tablet X called The Key of Time, and it
also contains a very relevant vision of the Creation as told by a
mystical figure known as the Dweller:

"Once, in a past time, I spoke to the Dweller. Asked of the mystery
of time and space. Asked him the question that surged in my being,
saying: "O Master, what is time?"

"Then to me spoke He, the Master: "Know ye, O Thoth, in the beginning
there was void and nothingness: a timeless, spaceless, nothingness.
And into the nothingness came a thought, purposeful, all-pervading,
and It filled the Void.

"There existed no matter, only force, a movement, a vortex of
vibration of the purposeful thought that filled the Void.

"And I questioned the Master, saying: "Was this thought eternal?" And
answered me the Dweller, saying: "In the beginning, there was eternal
thought, and for thought to be eternal, time must exist.

So into the all-pervading thought grew the Law of Time. Aye, time
which exists through all space, floating in a smooth, rhythmic
movement that is eternally in a state of fixation. Time changes not,
but all things change in time. For time is the force that holds
events separate, each in its proper place. Time is not in motion, but
ye move through time as your consciousness moves from one event to

(***Time is movement through space and everything in the Universe is
in movement, therefore everything exists in Time, though it is
spiritually possible to rise above/transcend/or stand outside of Time
and its effects).

"Aye, by time ye exist, all in all, an eternal One existence. Know ye
that even though in time ye are separate, yet still are One in all
times existent."

"Ceased then the voice of the Dweller, and departed I to ponder on
time. For knew I that in these words lay wisdom and a way to explore
the mysteries of time."

According to Wayne Moody, this movement through time and space is
expressed as changing perceptions of altering relationships between
humans, as well as between themselves and their environment. He
predicts that as these perceptions of relationship change, the need
for damaging physical change will be alleviated, and although great
physical change will still occur, it will be as a result of changing
human perceptions of relationships. In this manner, he says, humans
will experience a greater understanding of their role as creators
(**co-creators of the Universe and all that is within It). All
things, such as the form that Light takes, either particle or wave,
and that which Light illumines, depend upon our perception of that

Christianity is a good example of how one man's perception of
something can alter the world's view of that thing; and how all of
womanhood can suffer for the dislikes of one person who chooses
control over Love.

As the disciples of Jesus traveled throughout the ancient world, many
pagans were then converted to the new belief.

Christianity was originally regarded as a Jewish sect, but as more
and more pagans were accepted into Christianity, their faith revolved
almost entirely about the person and preaching of Jesus, as
propagated by Paul (who coincidentally in a later life was Brigham
Young, the translator of Joseph Smith's teachings which then became
modern-day Mormonism). The Jewish members of the Jesus movement, on
the other hand, remained essentially Jews. The Jewish answer to these
new movements was to permit no laxity in observance of the forms of
traditional religion.

It was then that the Roman Church rooted in Paul's teaching of what
Jesus said, chose in due course to discredit Mary Magdalene in an
attempt to exalt her mother-in-law, Jesus' mother, Mary, and
ultimately to deny the female aspect within Creation.

To accomplish this, they made use of ambiguous comments in the New
Testament, comments that originally described the unmarried Magdalene
as a 'sinner' (which actually meant in the Essene Way that she was a
celibate 'almah' undergoing assessment in betrothal).

Because of his dislike for women, and especially educated or
intelligent women, Peter had always regarded highly-ranked women with
great fear, and those related to Jesus were almost always a constant
threat to Peter's own position of prominence, especially the
Magdalen, whom much evidence suggests, was actually married to Jesus
and bore him-in varying opinions, two or three children.

The Marriage Much of, Jesus' personal life remains hidden from the
normal texts available for obvious reasons of control, and is
therefore a constant source of debate.

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Jesus was unmarried. At that
time, however, not only was the heir to the Davidic line obliged by
law to marry, but he was also required to sire at least two sons. The
Gospel does state that many of the disciples were married-Peter, for
example. And at no point does Jesus advocate celibacy. As he did not
preach it, there is no reason to suppose he practiced it. Celibacy
was condemned and marriage was almost mandatory. It was obligatory
for a Jewish father to find his son a wife. If celibate, it would
have characterized him greatly in the times. One of the Gospels would
have mentioned it, for it would have been so unusual as to have
attracted comment and much attention. There is no reference to any
such celibacy. Jesus' role as a rabbi would have made marriage
virtually certain for Jewish Mishnaic Law says: "An unmarried man may
not be a teacher."

So if he was married, who would have been the most likely candidate?
Most advocates of Jesus having been married point to Mary Magdalen
(e). In fact, the relationship is openly discussed in the Gnostic
text, The Gospel of Philip:

"And the companion of the Saviour is Mary Magdalene. But Christ loved
her more than all the disciples, and used to kiss her often on the
mouth. The rest of the disciples were offended by it and expressed
disapproval. They said unto him, why do you love her more than all of
us? The Saviour answered and said to them, why do I not love you like
her? . . . Great is the mystery of marriage-for without it the world
would not have existed. Now the existence of the world depends on
man, and the existence of man on marriage."

Through the research of Sir Laurence Gardner and others, it is
explained that Magdalen is called Jesus' "companion," but this could
also be translated as 'spouse'. The particular events as described in
the Bible which help support the fact that Jesus was married, are
first, the marriage feast at Cana. The feast was not the ceremony of
the marriage itself, but the sacred meal that precedes the betrothal.
The custom was for there to be a formal host; he would be in full
charge as the ruler of the feast. Secondary authority rested only in
the bridegroom and his mother -and this is entirely relevant for,
when the matter of the Communion wine arose, Jesus' mother said to
the servants(John 2:5), 'Whatsoever he saith to you, do it'.

No invited guests would have had any such right of command. It is
plain therefore that Jesus and the bridegroom were one and the same.
It is, in fact, curious that his mother was at the wedding in Cana,
and that he was specifically "called" to it though he had not started
his ministry. The wedding is a lavish affair, very costly, but who
the bride and groom were seems to remain anonymous. Mary acts like
she is in charge. Why should two guests at the wedding take on the
catering? The statement,

"The governor of the feast called the bridegroom . . .but thou hast
kept the good wine until now," seems to be directly talking to Jesus
described as the bridegroom (John 2:9-10).

Mary Magdalen was from Migdal or Migdala in Galilee. Her role in the
events of the Bible seem deliberately obscured for the point of
covering up any female role in the spiritual worlds of Jesus and his
works, thus denying females any power in the world other than for
their birthing ability. She is hardly mentioned in Mark and Matthew,
except as a follower. In Luke she appears quite early while Jesus is
preaching in Galilee, and it would seem thus that she accompanies him
from Galilee to Judea. In those times, it would have been unthinkable
for an unmarried woman to travel unaccompanied-even more so to travel
unaccompanied with a religious teacher and his entourage.

Magdalen is not, at any point in the Gospels, said to be a
prostitute. She is, however, said to have supported Jesus and his
disciples with their financial resources, indicating that she must
have been fairly wealthy.

The second incident that suggests Jesus being married is the
anointing of his head at Simon's house by Mary of Bethany (Matthew
26:6-7 and Mark 14:3). Not only did she anoint his head, but she also
anointed his feet, and wiped them afterwards with her hair. Two and a
half years earlier, she had performed this same ritual of foot
anointing three months after the Cana wedding feast.

This is an allusion to the ancient rite by which a royal bride
prepared her bridegroom's table. To perform the rite with spikenard
was the express privilege of a Messianic bride, and was performed
solely at the First Marriage and Second Marriage ceremonies. Only as
a full wife of Jesus, and as a priestess in her own right, could Mary
have anointed both his head and his feet with the sacred ointment.

Spikenard is the name of the fragrant, sweet-smelling ointment
compounded from the nard plant, which in those days grew only in the
Himalayan Mountains at heights of around 15,000 ft. and was extremely
expensive in those days.

Does this mean that Mary of Bethany was his spouse?

Just as Hebrew men who were appointed to various patriarchal
positions took on names that represented their ancestors-such as
Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph-so too were the women styled according to
their genealogy and rank. Their nominal styles included Rachel,
Rebecca, and Sarah. Wives of the Zadok and David male lines held the
ranks of Elisheba (Elizabeth) and Miriam (Mary) respectively.

It is also why, in compliance with this same practice, Jesus' own
wife would also have been Mary. These women had the ceremony of their
Second Marriage only once they were three months pregnant, at which
time the bride ceased to be what is called an almah and became a
designated mother.

Sexual relations were permitted only in December: husbands and wives
lived apart for the rest of the year. At the outset of a period of
separation, the wife was classified as a widow (one rank in status
below an almah) and was required to weep for her husband. This is
described in Luke 7:38, when Mary of Bethany, on the first occasion,
is said to have 'stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to
wash his feet with tears'. Once the period of symbolic widowhood had
been established, and during these lengthy periods of separation, the
wife was given the conventional designation 'sister', just as the
modern nun might be termed. Many of these titles are indeed carried
on symbolically in the Catholic church where the women are termed
nuns, sisters, or 'brides of Christ'.

Who was 'Mary of Bethany'? In the Bible she and Martha are only ever
referred to as 'sisters' at the house of Lazarus of Bethany. Mary's
full title was Sister Miriam Magdala - or, as she is better known,
Mary Magdalene.

Gregory I, Bishop of Rome (590-604), and St. Bernard, the Cistercian
Abbot of Clairvaux (1090-1153) responsible for much of the early
Knights Templar (Freemasonic) structure, both confirmed that Mary of
Bethany was synchronous with Mary Magdalene.

Jesus supported the act: (Mark 14:9) 'Verily I say unto you,
Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached throughout the whole world,
this also that she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of

The betrothal communion took place three months before Mary first
anointed Jesus' feet at Simon's house. The rules were strictly
defined. Only as Jesus' bride would Mary have been permitted to
perform this act as laid down by Messianic tradition. With her First
Marriage duly completed in the September, she would also have wept
for her husband (as in Luke 7:38) before they were parted for their
statutory separation. Prior to this, as a betrothed almah, she would
have been classified as a sinner and ranked as a crippled woman. The
couple would not have come together for any physical union until the
following December. The last event that seems to prove that Jesus was
married is the coming from the house:

By the tenets of the Judaic law at the time, a woman "sitting shivah"
would have been strictly forbidden to emerge from the house except at
the express bidding of her husband.

Marrying the Magdalen would also have given Jesus greater rights to
the title of heir to the messianic throne of David. Saul (the
Benjamite line) was the first king of Israel, but was deposed by
David of the Tribe of Judah. David not only deprived the Benjamites
of their claim to the throne but by establishing his capital as
Jerusalem, he deprived them of their rightful inheritance as well.

Jesus might have been looked upon as a usurper, unless, however, he
was married to a Benjamite woman. Tradition states that the Magdalen
was of the Tribe of Benjamin.

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John also all cite the Magdalen as
being present at the crucifixion. None of them cites Mary of Bethany.
It is to Mary Magdalen that he first appears at the empty tomb, and
it was to her that Jesus chose to reveal his resurrection.

The significance of Jesus having been married is the question of
whether or not he had any children, thus implanting his genes into
the gene pool of the world.

Why it has been covered up is because so much of Jesus' divinity
rests in his 'being born of the Virgin Mary' and ascending into
heaven after 'being crucified, dead and buried'. The power of the
priesthood comes only from having a divine being who people are
willing to worship and thereby use the services of a priest as an

This is one of the grandest cover-ups in history exactly for the
purpose of making us feel both separate from the Creator, and from
the other elements of Ourselves as Soul.

It is further explored in the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian texts
as interpreted by Zecharia Sitchin when both Kingship and the
Priesthood were 'lowered' to the planet 'from Heaven' to serve as
control mechanisms for the new Annunaki slave race -human beings.

The one thing which opens our heart the fastest is Recognition. This
goes back to recognizing our individuality as a part of the larger
entity which is Soul. When we talk about the Source, the Source or
the Sugmad, as it is sometimes known, is simply the group
consciousness of the larger entity of Soul. We wish to return to that
Source, but we never want to, nor do we, ever lose our individuality
within that Source. When people ask who my guidance is using His
Name, they are most often told -'He is the One and the Many'.

The Japanese will not look each other in the eye thinking it
disrespectful. People back East are much the same but more out of
fear or something than out of a sense of disrespect. That is why it
is much more evident that these people are being controlled because
they do not have that same sense of self which comes from recognition
of their part in something larger, as a Co-worker with God.

The famous book about blacks of the 60s (I think it was) titled The
Invisible Man (Ralph Ellison) addresses this very same issue with the
blacks in America. My own experience shows that students in school
who act up the most in either a positive or negative way, are only
seeking this same thing -- 'recognition.'

This separation from Source or Ourselves is represented in this day
and age by the splitting of the Atom or the splitting of the
Adam/ATUM, something that has caused the most destruction on this
planet -even long before we think we invented it.

Sodom and Gomorrah, which are portrayed in the Nag Hammadi texts as
centers of great wisdom and learning rather than of sin and
wickedness, were once destroyed by a nuclear blast-the splitting of
the Adam from the Creator.

Mark Twain once wrote that 'The Human race is a bunch of cowards and
I carry the banner.' I disagree, however. Humanity is not a bunch of
cowards, we have just been duped into believing things that are not,
nor never have been, true.

We do not need intermediaries between us and the Creator, we already
are a part of it, a very big part of it, the living beating GOLDEN
HEART of GOD. So how could that be?

My own experience, and that of so many people I see and work with or
on, is exactly this same problem. How can one's heart be open in a
world that does not give a person recognition for even being alive,
let alone for being a wonderful spiritual being with so many
wonderful talents and abilities?

About the first thing I usually tell people when I'm doing a work up
on them is that none of these problems or dis-eases means that they
are a bad person or anything less than someone very dearly loved and
cherished for their Humanity. The energy blockages they manifest are
just coping mechanisms they have found to get them through a world
which does not support Love or Lovingness,nor cherish its own.

People say they are only Human, using it as an excuse rather than as
a support for the wonder of who they are.

Something I've been saying to myself ever since I was a child
is "It's not supposed to be this way.' It is, however, the way the
New World Order and the Darkside have made things appear exactly to
make us feel separate from one another, and from that which is our

When asked what is the greatest problem with kids these days, an
overwhelming response from local teachers and principals surveyed was
a perceived lack of parental supervision.

One mother I had to deal with when called by the school to ask why
her son was not attending his morning classes simply replied, "My son
does not get up until 11.15, so there's no way he can make it to his
first two classes." The problem seems, however, to go beyond this
simple explanation of parental non-involvement. As many teachers will
confirm, much of their parental interaction is instigated at the
request of parents who say they are "at a loss" on how to control
their kids. They come seeking guidance from the teachers on what they
should do.

The children I find are just seeking other avenues of recognition
they are not getting from home, nor from any other societal aspect
they can find these days.

Sometimes the only way to deal with their pain of not being
recognized is simply not to show up. This is often a reflection of
how they see their parents and much of society also acting. To show
up means to take responsibility for who we are and what we are
connected to; to lift ourselves out of the fear state and into total
connectedness and spiritual greatness.

The basic spiritual purpose behind the creation of various levels of
existence was to give the individual atoms of Soul that each one of
us is, a school in which to learn and grow, and to develop our
awareness to a point where we too can become the teacher rather than
the student. But a person can bypass all these levels of school any
day they wish simply by learning the one lesson we are all here to
learn -Unconditional Love in surrender to the Higher Will of the
Creator as a part of ORIGINAL HEART.

As a post-script to this talk, I would like to add one or two things:

In a memorandum to the British Chiefs of Staff in 1940, - General Sir
Archibald Wavell said:

The elementary principle of all deception is to attract the enemy's
attention to what you wish him to see, and to distract his attention
from what you do not wish him to see.

Whatever we think of the historicity of the orthodox account of
Jesus' life, we can admire its ingenuity. For the theory proposed by
the Church that all authority derives from certain apostle's
experience of the resurrected Christ, an experience now closed
forever - bears enormous implications for the whole world.

As the German scholar Karl Holl has pointed out, it restricts the
circle of leadership to a small band of persons whose members stand
in a position of incontestable authority, one which still remains
incarnate in such institutions as the Pope, the heads of other
churches, and the Prophet and Elders of the Mormon religion.

Control the microcosm and you can also control the macrocosm. "As
below, so above"-to invert a famous phrase. Just as many alcohol
counselors believe that there are genetic traits to alcoholism, so
too are their genetic traits to Luciferian ideas, but that is another

What I am here to do is simply to echo the words of the Spiritual
Hierarchy. That is my way of being of service and of being in touch
with other people, the other parts of what I am.

The first thing I had to do, and also most of those I work with have
to do, is to love myself. This is the self-esteem issue of the solar-
plexus chakra-the opposite of Fear. By doing so, I had much more love
to give others. I also discovered that by loving myself is the same
thing as loving a part of God-Its very HEART in fact. By loving
myself, I have been able to be of greater service to others.

Since I opened with Dickens, I think it very appropriate to also end
with Dickens. That same book, A Tale of Two Cities, ends with some of
the most famous words ever written, and once again they are very
appropriate to this time and this moment in which we are making
decisions about our future, both individually and collectively. They
go something like this:

"It is a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done; it is a
far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known"

Dear Peter,

thank you for your words, always so right.
My best to you for the New Year,
I feel my old world is crashing down
and that all veils are vanishing,
but behind there's still only void and darkness
and loneliness.
One sage soul came to my dreams
some days ago, and said to me: