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Our Last Best Hope and No Victims Here
Our Last Best Hope and No Victims Here

"We could have saved the planet but were just too damn cheap and
lazy." Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

Ever since I became able to work with the Spiritual Hierachy on a
24/7 basis I have kept track of what is 'supposed' to take place on
this planet in terms of its future as opposed to what is actually
taking place. This difference depends on the amount of work being
done by those who came to help save the planet versus the fulfillment
of the NWO's agenda to either control the planet or destroy it in
pursuit of an ultimate power in the Universe.

While hearing the ongoing dismal outcomes of this struggle, I have
always finished the discussion with-- "Well, what will it take to
save the planet?" IN personally experiencing what it is Kurt Vonnegut
is referring to in the opening quote, in watching people's stubborn
resistance to change or to initiating change, I have at times
accepted Guidance's summation that there is little or very nearly no
hope for currently saving the planet.

I am continually asking about large groups of people and how many of
them are 'going on ascension'. So often the answer is none. Parts of
my survey of the alien makeup of the American people in a recent
article left out some parts related to the ascension process as being
unpalatable for the general public. As I tried to share the other
day, my work is unpopular in some areas because it tries to detail
the reality of the situation rather then the New Age premise that
everything is okay, that ascension is a foregone conclusion, and that
the only thing that matters is if "I" am going on ascension. People
have been brainwashed into believing 'awareness' is something that
comes from one working on their own consciousness -- and nothing can
be further from the truth. Anyone who has TRIED to meditate
understands this concept. I have found only one or two westerners who
have had any real successs with meditation. Its use in eastern
religions causes not peace of mind, but passivism where there should
be spiritual proactivity. In the face of the spiritual battles taking
place on the planet and in this corner of the Universe, passivism
serves only to forward the darkside's agenda.

Andre's channelings and what is taking place in his life as he
struggles to maintain his foothold on the higher areas of spiritual
awareness keep pointing him towards the real tangible benefits of
being actively involved in what is taking place.

"Dear Andr?,

"Listen to us child, you act as a child when you run from your
chores. Most adults only do them when there is no other choice, but
you used to be different. As a boy you did things differently from
the adults around you. You did things ahead of time and then, only
then, did you then go out to play. You did everything well, and fast,
and then played even harder than others.

"You can do the same now. We mention this to make you remember and to
act. It is useless that you run from things you can simply deal with
without stress or any other type of problem. The ideal, to begin
with, is that you have no worries or concerns about things that
happen around you, or to you . . . that you are knocked off balance
by nothing. Or that if you are, that you regain balance very quickly.
It can be hard or easy depending on how developed you are, and on how
well developed your skills are, but development doesn't come from
nowhere. You have to begin somewhere.

"The balance is not more, and not less. You, like everyone else, tend
to either be searching for ultimate power to feed the ego, or to be
in a dark pit feeling miserable about yourself instead of doing
something to change your life, even if the changes needed are minor
and easy to accomplish. To these people it feels like there is a
stone wall around them, but because they are attached to the
situation they cannot see or act to make things better or different.
That is where the importance of the first step comes in. You take
that step, and then you are walking, you are no longer standing
still, and, once you are walking, it's easy to keep walking. The hard
part is taking off.

"Remember to be wise while walking because running without need may
actually take you into trouble and make you lose the balance of your
walk. If you slip and fall, you are supposed to get up and walk
again, not stay on the floor crying for help [Please watch the
episodes and examples of this from Ray Charles life in the movie RAY
as he prepared for a life of blindness brought on by the trauma
associated with his brother's drowning]. How will you help others if
you are constantly waiting for someone to help you all the time? You
are the help here, there is no rescue, and even if there was, you
still have to do your part because you are the trooper sent to fight
these battles happening now. You were sent to the right place on day

"Time is precious and it's important now that you start doing
whatever you can to change and drop out of things that you KNOW are a
waste of time. Dedication pays off, and this beginning is only the
beginning. Once you get on with the work, there's no doubt that you
will see how easy it is to continue and do more every day...

"We send you Love and the opportunity to strenghten your Will now.
Take it and walk your way home.

"Artola and The Spiritual Hierarchy"

It is something that will gain me the most static of my long
association with this work but it is something that I have not heard
mentioned in any of the coverage on Hurricane Katrina--and that is
the role of self-responsibility. We MUST take responsibility for
where we are at during any given time of the day or in our lives.
People in Florida live in a swamp. People in Louisiana and
Mississippi live in the delta region of one of the largest and most
unpredicatble rivers in the world--what was formally, even by normal
scientific history, known to be an inland ocean --and will be once
again. People in areas of New Orleans KNEW they lived below sea-level
but gave their power and self-responsibility away to a government
controlled by the New World Order.

Erica recently sent me a reminder that during our travels together in
late July and early August I kept reminding her not to be in the
South during late August early September (the time of Hurricane
Katrina). This is much the same as I forewarned Meda and others not
to be in Florida during the Fall of 2004 --the time of the four
hurricanes which hit that area of the US.

As we enter this weekend of remembrance of those killed in the events
of 9/11 we need to understand that there are no victims in this
cataclysmic war for survival. It is our last best hope that we will
get up and act to support the continued existence of Free Will in
this corner of the Universe. Everyone of us from age 6 months on is
a 'volunteer' combatant in this primeval struggle between good and
evil, so there can be no whining and no excuses of 'I didn't know
that'. It is each and every one of us's duty to find out for
ourselves, to be proactive in our own lives and of those who we love
or have some measure of responsibility for. It is our personal
responsibility to work with our own Guidance on where we are and what
we should be doing in this lifetime, and, more than anything else, to
be helping educate others on the true nature of planet earth and of
this ongoing struggle.

We wish you strength and support in every step along the way.

In service, Peter Farley