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outside the box

"Do not allow yourself to be limited by that which you have been taught" - To live within the boundaries of what has been taught is to limit your own experience. Prior knowledge becomes the pivotal point, the springboard from which to access new and more complete truths.

The greatest crime of the New Age teachings is that it makes the devotee think they know it all when really all they know is what the Matrix wants them to believe, never comprehending that there is something totally beyond that which their limited experieince and mind can conceive. Just think about Neo telling someone in the Matrix what it's like outside the Matrix world they can percieve with their minds and with their eyes. Think about a 'god' that is not just an amorphous mass of things that can't be conceived or comprehended to a very personal god that has a 'name', that has a warm 'hug', that has a 'voice' you can hear and one that is there 24/7 to comfort you, guide you, and simply LOVE you in w ay you cannot yet comprehend except as a distant memory of the Heart.

The beginning of the 9 volume history of Creation Guidance had me write deals with setting aside old ways of thinking so that something new, something beyond a person's current level of comprehension, can find some egress, some pinpoint hole through which to access a person's consciousness so that it can be surveyed with some level of spiritual understanding without simply being dismissed from the outset, never finding any way to even be viewed by a soul trapped inside a box not of its creation. The 9 volumes are a jigsaw puzzle, crafted like a fine mystery novel, taking one from a simple point A through various levels of understanding and the uncovering of all the various pieces that so finally a complete 'new' picture of everything can be displayed and understood. It is a way out of the artificial box the New World Order and its off-planet founders have created for all of us, the Trumanesque-world constructed for and imposed upon us from birth until the grave. Without some hint that there is something more, without listening to the very Heart of ourselves that cries for a simplicity and freedom we have a rememberance of somewhere back in the dim, murky history hiding our soul's true beginnings, then all we will ever do is spin our wheels and keep recreating the wheel from the incomplete parts our dark overlords provide for us.

This is the homework Guidance keeps reiterating in channeled messages and in articles THEY have me write that people MUST do for themselves, for it is only when one does their homework and feels deep inside them how the truth resonates with the very fibres of their Beings that the individual Matrix can begin to be dissolved. All these works are is a compiliation of the litlte pieces of truth already out there amongst other writings that have then been placed in an order that brings together the bigger picture of what has so often been dispersed over countless generations and for countless reasons all having to do with keeping the Soul imprisoned by the Mind and its sense that it already knows everything and has all the pices in its grasp.

No one learns more knew things every day than I do for the more I learn the more I realize how mucch I don't already know. This, however, is not 'feeding my mind' but simply meandering through the unlimited knowledge and wisdom of the combined whole which is the Creator's world and the place many call 'the Source'.

Time is short, and there may not be enough time to get much 'perusing of this vast array of knowledge' done, but a start can at least begin to crack the baked solid walls of the individual Matrix you and others have created for yourself. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Awareness is an endless voyage that one must first embark upon to get anywhere. Thinking you have arrived just means you have quit the journey and given up 'not seeking' but Being.

The first two volumes of the work are available free to download from the website, or if you e-mail me I'll send you the finalized versions of those same two volumes so that you may at least begin, but beginning means reading . . . not to feed your Mind but rather to free your Soul.

In service, Peter