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over the falls
Ever been in a barrel about to go over the falls, or sat up high on a
roller coaster ride and felt that split second where the energy load
shifts from pushing the sled up the hill to where it is now poised,
hanging there in space, about to speed head long down the slope and
rip your face off as it goes? Well that\'s about the way I feel right
now as I write this having just come back from, not only doing the
work in Chaco Canyon of literally \'ringing\' in the new paradigm, but
also covering 2700 more miles of associated grid work and portal
openings and closings, and slogging through muddy canyons and

I don\'t usually write much in depth about the work because once it is
done my focus is always on \"what next?\", however, as Sue Ann\'s
channeling suggests, there isn\'t that much next except the long fast
rush down the slope of -- as one can now see going on all around us --
the end of one paradigmm and the making way for the new. It\'s not an
unpleasant feeling, but knowing some of what\'s to come it\'s also not
one of anticipation. There\'s no way Guidance can make this a pleasant
journey for all of us, so without fear one needs to really look at
the reason why they are here right now and understand, as one
channeling this morning seeks to remind us, that we agreed to come
here to serve during this time, and that no matter what happens in
the physical, as long as we are doing something to assist then we
will remain solid in our spiritual growth and place in awareness, and
only earn a higher state --as if that counts -- for that is how our
place in the spiritual worlds is earned. It would shock a lot of
people to learn that the higher one goes spiritually that only means
the responsibility and workload increases in terms of service. No
glory, no rewards except the enormous satisfaction of serving. That\'s
why true spirituality is not that attractive to the masses, it only
means more work, more pain, more responsibility and less self-
willed \'pleasure\'. But the rewards have to be experieinced to be

Keep that in mind as things become more difficult in the physical. If
you are not solidly connected to your own personal Guidance then the
times ahead will be rougher than they need to be. It is in the
understanding of why you are here, what you are doing, and in NOT
looking to escape your role here and \'get off the planet\' as so many
new agers do, that you will find your reason for being, for going
through the hardships and the turmoil, and unlike everybody else
experiencing these very same events, you will not panic, you will not
seek refuge from the storm that is coming, and you WILL be a Light
and a beacon for others to come and to share what is the secret you

In strength and Love, Peter