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Overcoming Fear--the Biggest Enemy of 'God'
You may have seen some of this before, but They just wish me to share it
with you once again because, as much as anything, it is what helped me
make the decisions I have made to surrender and then to serve. In this
time, there is only the choice tos erve, or the choice to sit-on-the-fence
(not serve) and let things play out the way they will.

From Raj, One of the Original Trinity of Creation, to Peter a number of
years ago upon beginning this mission. It applies to us all:

"Dearest Peter, In this time you have come to another place of choice.
Which way do I go? Where does my Knowing lead me? Where does my
fear lead me?

"Look internally, dear Peter and tell me what you see. Are you fearful?
What is it that is propelling your fear into a focus of the local creator? To
rise above the fear of the plane, you must allow what you fear to be
dissolved by the Grand Love and Grace of the Father. What happens when
you hold to the fear is that you lower your energy and you land in the
place of fear ? a place where you can control your life.

"The energy of rising above fear makes your time clearly flow. You become
light, feel a sense of movement into the future and you are becoming
whole. When you stay in your fear - or when you try to control the
outcome of your life, you become less able to flow, fearful, and in the
control, you focus directly on the local energies to get you what you want.

"Do you actually think that the local creator energy [of this Universe] is
grander than the energy of the Trinity [the Creator]?

"If you do, then continue controlling your life, keep your fears and do what
you want. It is the fear, holding to the fear, and then seeking answers to
the fear that put you in this level of energy.

"If you can give away the fear, NOT HANG ONTO IT, and allow the FLOW
to show you what to do, where to be, how to act, then you are not
lowering yourself to the plane fear level and the resultant connection to
the local energies.

"It is simple, is it not?

"When you are fearful, you hold to the energy of fear which is by definition
that of the local gods. You know how to manipulate this energy into
solving your fears and bringing you what you want.

"What if you let go of the fear, stood firm in your choice of rising above the
plane, and you allowed the grander Flow to come to you? What would
happen then????

"A miracle, for you would no longer be controlling your life and the energy
and lives of those around you and you would be free, for once in your life
of all the fear you have lived with for so long.

"Remember that one holds to fear out of habit, out of knowing how to use
it and how to bend the energy of fear to bring forward what one wants - it
is a powerful energy. You get fearful enough, you finally have enough
energy to bring forward whatever you want - which prompted the fear
response in the first place.

"You must remember how loved you are. Are you loved by the energy of
fear you manipulate so well? I do not think so. Would you like to live a life
where you KNOW you are loved, where a fearful thought is released as
soon as it comes and LOVE fills the void?

"This is where you stand once again. At the place of choice and in this
choice you make a decision to stay in the life of fear or to leap to a level of
LOVE. It is truly a matter of unlearning the control you have mastered and
allowing yourself to go beyond the lowered, but powerful level and into the
future of JOY.

"We know you have worked diligently this past year. You have grown. You
have done well. That is why we have this conversation at this time. Not
because you have failed, but because you have succeeded. You have come
to a place where you are able to ask the question of your focus. A few
months ago you were certain that you were right where you needed to be.
And you were, for that is where your control and the fear led you. Now you
have a new opportunity - not out of failure, but out of achievement.

"Well done. Go into your KNOWING and do what you find there is
appropriate for your journey. You will make your choice and the
opportunities will come. So Be It. RAJ"

From Kathy--who at the time was my channel to RAJ: "...It is a time of
transition and learning and as usual, when the learning and transition are
ours, we are the last to see the purpose. However, once we do
understand what has gone on, it is a great gift of passage.

"This time is simply built of extreme change and the development of
readiness to begin the times coming. I suppose the worst part of this
time is the trying to make today as the past rather than allowing today to
be as it is -neither the past nor the future.

"I wish you well in your future and know that eventually, when this time is
over, we will all meet in the Father...I also promise you that the future is
of the Father and that there is nothing that will stop the changes coming,
for the ending of the Darkness here is inevitable. I look forward to that

"I wish you the very best. The Light to guide you is always present and
visible if you but choose to look." Kathy

'This time is simply built of extreme change' says Kathy, and perhaps the
best way to sum up the changes for the individual comes from the
shamanic point of view, here presented by Kenneth Meadows in his book
The Medicine Way: A Shamanic Path To Self-Mastery: "Each person's
Earth quest is the search for meaning and purpose in their life ? it is the
establishment of identity and the realisation of inner potentials and
individual responsibility."

The time is now to make choices about each of those elements of our lives
we have doubts about and even if one has not perfected a certain level of
achievement in that element, the expression of intent can drive us forward
into the whole ascension process. The other choice we face is to allow
lethargy and despondency to overwhelm us as the Chaplain from Joseph
Heller's novel Catch-22 describes: "There was so much unhappiness in
the world, he reflected, bowing his head dismally beneath the tragic
thought, and there was nothing he could do about anybody's, least of all
his own."

Surrender comes in the Heart. The Heart , however, is being held captive
within the Matrix--at the very Heart all things. Love is the energy, the
power behind the act of Creation. It is the seed of all Creation which lies
within the Mother, and often as not, the Mother is referred to as the seed.
Surrender in the Mind means nothing without the accompanying surrender
of the Heart.

Fear Chakra Release Assignment
Step 1.
As a small child, you may have been told you were a naughty child well,
the things you did may have been negative, but you weren't a naughty or
bad person. Yet, the message you were naughty/bad became part of who
you are. We believed and became the messages. Your assignment is to
make a list of the messages you were given. Trust me, they will flow once
you begin this list. Make a note of who gave you the message; if you don't
know where the message originated just write down the message. Some
examples of message-givers are: Ministers, priests, nuns, teachers,
parents, grandparents, other relatives, siblings, caregivers, coaches,
friends, practitioners, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.

I will get a release exercise to accompany this --one more effective than
any I have so far been given fo step 2. But begin. It is time..