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Overcoming Religious Indoctrination
RAJ, can you share some ways to overcome past religious indoctrination?

My Dearest One,

I would love to discuss this with you. Religion as you know is an
invented thing to keep people under control. Understanding how youīre
indoctrinated and the affects it has on your perceptions of things is
one step towards releasing these things. First must come the knowledge
that there is only one FATHER, CREATOR OF ALL. Then you must
understand that HE is ALL LOVING of EVERYONE. What this means is HE
LOVES everyone, including every race imaginable and those you canīt
imagine. Black, White, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue. It means he Loves the
fallen ones just as much as the not fallen ones, Lucifer and Peter,
and You, and Them, and murderers and rapists, all the same. All HE
wants is the best for all.

Examine your belief system. Is it holding any truths to your heart?
Are your beliefs a lot like a childīs belief in Santa Claus, the
Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy? Are you believing in a vindictive
god that plays favorites? What is god? God was the title given to
denote forces and Beings the average person couldnīt explain. They
were taught that they were stupid and could not possibly understand
the workings of the universe without intense doctologies.

Overcoming religious indoctrination is more difficult for some and
even those that think they arenīt indoctrinated still are. Religious
thought and expectations rule many aspects you donīt normally
associate with religion. The way you answer the usual questions of
life reflect various religious doctrines. Who are you, and why are you
here are the most basic. Where do we come from or how did we get to be
here, are the next ones. What happens after you die? WE have heard all
these and more. The various religions all have some things in common.
They tend to teach that their way is the best or only way. There is a
need to convert unbelievers. Some people are better than others. Some
are passive, some are aggressive. They are all wrong.

Even with a personal philosophy of īlive and let liveī you are still
only living for yourself. You have free will, this is the only thing
that differentiates you from the plants, animals and minerals. It does
not make you any better than them. You are fully able to follow your
self-willed ego to your own destruction and take everyone around you
with you in the process. Alternatively you can follow the will of the
FATHER and know joy, love, light and growth. There is no judgment on
anyone for their choices. It is all experiences collected and lessons
learned, much like in school where you have to repeat things over and
over again before you understand them, some people must also repeat their
lessons over and over until they learn them

All the different religions do have a few good points... this is the
business of hiding the darkness in the weak light of partial truth. It
isnīt Our course to say what is good about them but to address
breaking free of the belief systems acquired, very often at a young
age. In some cases these beliefs are very subtle but actually form the
basis from which you frame your experiences.

Religious indoctrination is a difficult thing to be free of. You must
recognize those ideas that are of a religious nature. Take
reincarnation and karma... these are religious ideas with some basis
in truth. A soul does live many lifetimes, each building on the other
in an accumulation of experiences and lessons learned. The darkside
thinks in many lifetimes, planning things with their own future lives
in mind. Karma is a vicious cycle of payback based on the erroneous
precept that every action demands an equal and opposite reaction. This
thought form is persistent within the outer grid field where the
universal consciousness is held. Re-action is part of that cycle. This
thought form is also persistent in various ways throughout the
religions. It can be broken when one sees that Love is what stops the
cycle. Payback is not necessary. Learning is. Face every situation with love not
reaction. RE ACTION draws on past hurts and experiences. It is not based on
living in the now. To live in the now requires new action in accordance with the
new event, not past living in new event... this makes the new event old and
muddied and not experienced as a present moment. When action is done in Loving
accordance with the FATHERīS will and follows Guidance then is karma broken. The
universal consciousness gains a truer thought form.

Changing belief systems presents difficulties when oneīs belief system
is used as the defining aspect of a person. It brings with it many
labels and expectations based on fulfilling those labels. Everyone can
come up with plenty of examples based on the religion they are most
familiar with. They are also closely tied to cultural and societal
expectations. A society founded by those professing to be Christian
will have distinct differences from one founded by those professing to
be Muslim. Culture is built according to universally accepted
religious doctrines, all based on what a majority of people believe
even if that majority only consists of those with the power to dictate
their beliefs to everyone else - or rather the power to enforce those
beliefs that will keep a people controllable. Teach them to fear the
divine and its possible retribution. Teach them that authority is
equal to the divine and cannot be questioned. Teach them they are less
then the dirt they were formed from and can only hope to grovel in the
radiance of those of higher class. You then have a highly
controllable population that can be constantly focused on the
perceived need to just get by. Keep raising the bar for what that
includes and you keep them in that rut. You can see how it is so
subtly pervasive.

Do the unexpected, take a different path, understand you are divine, a part of
the larger whole. Question everything.

Such things seem obvious when presented in black and white of the
written word but seeing it in the smallness of your so-called everyday
reality it is much harder. Do the animals and plants struggle with all
these perceived needs you have. No, they rely on the FATHER to provide
their very basic needs of food and water and look at the glorious joy
with which they live, not comparing, not trying to keep up or live up
to some outside imposed standard. It is with this contentment and joy
of life that flows from the surrender to the FATHER that this very
moment becomes the grandest moment leading to the next and to the next.
Releasing expectations and trusting in the simplest of things...

You have what you need for today, You will have what you need tomorrow.

It is only worry, and the clinging to things that causes those very things to
evaporate before your eyes. \"What if\" can help create a great story but it is
not a good way to live. The most important actions that can throw off the
shackles of eons of false religions and power plays of control is to stay in the
moment, stay connected, live with love from the heart in all endeavors and
intentions. Take back control of yourself, reclaim your responsibility, walk in
love, act with intention. Do something different. Re action is quick, We
understand breaking that habit is hard but catching yourself, asking what is the
best action to take, forgiving yourself when you forget. These are all actions
that that will eventually break the habit. Learning to think outside the box and
find your path with the FATHER following the highest intentions.

There is also the thought form that says this is your only life and
you will be condemned to heaven or hell based on your actions or some
version thereof. You should already know this is not your only life.
You also need to know that there is no judgment, only lessons to be
learned and experiences to be lived. There is nothing that canīt be
forgiven as long as one does the work. If there is no growth, no
learning, no remorse, then you are left to repeat the lessons until
they are learned. This is not judgment or punishment. It is the
fulfillment of your own wish. It is the building of foundations. You
cannot walk before you crawl, you cannot go to high school without
having learned to read and write. The stronger the foundations the
better the next lesson is learned, the fuller the next experience.

Wisdom is the collective sum of these things and is added to the soul as it
travels the lifetimes of learning. When the soul has reached to a point where
all it wants is to serve the FATHER it then can choose to travel dimensions and
places its been before to help others on their way.

This is always a risky choice as the soul may lose its way when it
takes on a physical form. There are always Guides along the way, Guidance to
awaken the soul on its journey, plans made before the
incarnation. You can choose to honor those choices made or let the
self-willed ego propel you recklessly through. Either way you are
always free to choose. Nothing is written in stone, though there are
probabilities of outcomes based on current actions. All things can
change, just as the planetīs ascension probability was slim to none
but with the work of a few doing what they came here to do the entire
course of things has changed and ascension is assured.

WE wish for you to live in the Love and Light and Sound of the FATHER.
To know the joy of living a life surrendered to the highest will of

With Loving Guidance

In service, betsy