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Part 3 Dream Wars And New World Order Programming
Part 3 Dream Wars And New World Order Programming
by Peter Farley and Andre Gonzatti

People have always been manipulated, be it by criminal implants to
limit and control, or through programming the mass consciousness
using grid programming and implants. There are innumerable forms of
control to command low-level consciousness people. These are the ones
that give in to ego desires and begin to lose consciousness making
them more easily controlled. Ego is the birth of control and
limitation, it bends the will into what pleases it, only pleasure,
and that is often because the person will not see what is best
instead of what is more pleasant. As Light begins to be blocked by
dense feelings then does information and vision become blurred and
potentially even completely blocked. It is limitation taking shape
and bending souls into a deformed and less- or even non-functional

So it was when people began experimenting with powers beyond their
comprehension during the ages of Atlantis and Lemuria and on other
planets also. Due to the dissemination of ego-darkness/destructive
self-will, artificial *merkaba (see below) reactors meant to alter
reality were used to bring negativity to an amplified state. This
ended many civilizations and their people.

Implants are made for shaping light into new patterns. These patterns
may be used for positive or negative purposes, darkness uses them for
the negative path to more control?indirectly more often than
directly. They limit sight and then make Beings more easily
controlled, like docile animals or the dumb donkey that will follow
the carrot, instead of being free to walk where the person chooses or
be guided for the best results.

This ego has been riding the back of humanity. In Atlantis, they grew
attached to the experiences brought by implants that allowed
multidimensional travel. They wanted to travel without being ready,
because it would take too long, hard self-realization and healing,
facing self and its many and varied characteristics. Then they went
against the Ascended Masters of that time and the Council of Light
which had many of its people there to guide the development of the
community. The guidance was deliberately ignored by the "leaders" of
this research and tech development and in charge of its application.

People were traveling with "polluted" fields with the help of
artificial merkaba technology, some of these fields being filtered
during safety procedures and "healing" before implant activation so
that the travels could be done within safety and a fully enjoyable
state of mind (like is now visualized to be used in the highest
of `virtual reality' technology). These procedures were not enough.
They were like the vaccines now used that aren't the best solution,
they only make up for the organism's inability to clear itself
without external help. Vaccines may protect against specific, known
and expected viruses or bacteria. They do not enable the Being to
change and reach farther spiritually, emotionally or physically, to
have the power to deal with the invading pathogens on its own. It
only allows one to obtain something needed at the moment, instead of
giving them a new level of operation. So it was with the
pollution/dark thought patterns. These were cleansed and sometimes
transmuted, but the travel-implant users still had a lack of control
over their thoughts. The preparation would allow for the users to not
think about darkness and some other images or patterns that would
magnify and bring trouble. But the nature of this traveling was meant
to bring major trouble. The users would give birth to new deformities
during their trips. They were not ready to deal with the delicate
balance of the higher dimensions.

Much like the drugs that so many people use today, even the love they
experienced was a problem due to their inability to feel it properly
without causing interruption to the flow. They were like shadows
because the Light could not pass through them, they were too "dense"
somehow and were like invaders on those realms.

It would feel to them like they, as artificial travelers, were on
the water, making it move and change its arrangement, but in this
case, each movement made on the water brought disturbance to the
arrangement of the balance in that dimension. Traveling through a
dimension demands that the traveler is at least on the same vibration
level of the realm he or she is located upon, otherwise they are like
a shadow that pollutes the region as they travel through it. They are
pushed into that vibration but as they become attached to something
in that dimension and it is magnified, a chain reaction usually comes
and further densifies the traveler's light body on that plane of
existence. Then he is too heavy, or of too low a vibration to stay in
that place, he is like a man on a silk-paper floor, the floor tears
and he falls down through it. Then, as he falls, he is on another
level, maybe able to balance himself, but usually the fall is
magnified because of the loss of balance through the focusing on dark-
patterned thoughts. The only way to be on a higher dimension and
stable is through Love and of a minimal level equivalent to that
dimensional level.

* Merkaba . . . also spelled Merkabah. . . is the divine light
vehicle used by the Masters to connect with and reach those in tune
with the higher realms.
"Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.
Mer-Ka-Ba means the Spirit / Body surrounded by counter-rotating
fields of Light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA,
which transports Spirit / Body from one dimension to another.