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Part 5 Dream Wars and The Dark Lords
Part 5 Dream Wars and The Dark Lords
by Andre Gonzatti and Peter R. Farley

Spirit cannot let someone who is a "fool" go to a place of great
power, the one will not know what to do when something goes wrong,
and may cause even more destruction than if he knew and did something
dark on purpose. Many of the ones who traveled dimensionally using
the Atlantean merkaba technology were initiates but did not have
enough knowledge and experience to control their thoughts, much less
avoid the large amount of manipulation focused on them by other
sinister beings. They were `picked up' and then suggestions to do
something implanted telepathically, and they would do these things
out of being too naive to realize what they would cause. They were in
fact tools for the demonic forces present in Creation on the lower
levels of existence to have plenty of fun with. It was what the dark
lords of Atlantis intended. Like now, the dark lords were able to
manipulate the Grids made to harness the energy generated on Earth,
but not made to control and limit the awareness of the people on it.

These dark lords, Lucifer among them, would have made these
counterfeit travelers rise to higher dimensions artificially, knowing
what it was they could harness on their travels up to those higher
dimensions. They would be matches to a gas station, children with a
machine gun, worse still, they would be creating massive unbalance to
Creation, and never know. As they rose to higher dimensions they
would have their balance and energy on that dimension. But then they
would fall because of something made by self will. Then on the lower
dimensional levels the thought wouldn't manifest directly say on the
3rd dimension but rather it would manifest on the 4th, whatever
enhanced dark energy the dark lords of Atlantis sought after would be
available and at a large scale. By doing this these unwitting fools
had just given the demonic forces on the 4th dimensional level, an
infinite source of power. People were manipulated, implanted or
controlled in some other way to think about certain things and have
those patterns linked to them so that eventually they would be
triggered during the high dimensional travels.

Some wouldn't even want to go to the higher dimensions anymore. They
were able to enjoy plenty of what they liked, even when on the 4th or
5th dimensions. They were able to freely travel, with all the
darkness they could and would bring about. This polluted the Atlantis
Realm to an unbelievable degree. Things would soon begin to break the
ceiling on the 4th dimension and make fall into the 3rd, not
physically but to a level where they would influence the balance here
even more.

The Ascended Masters knew about this and how this would happen, and
they warned and warned people not to let his thing happen. When they
were not listened to, they did everything they would be allowed to do
to heal the situation. There was no way to force people to heal and
stop that which they did. People had the power to destroy everything
around them but didn't realize that, and didn't want to know about
it, exactly like today. They harm both themselves and the environment
but in ignorance. Yet, when warned about it, they choose to not see
and continue to do what they like because they are attached to it and
unable to dispel that attachment.

On Atlantis, most people became far too controlled by the 4th realm
to continue traveling to the 5th and 6th dimensional levels of
existence. Some people would then be brought to be tortured on the
4th dimensional level (that known as the astral plane full of astral
and demonic entities). They would be possessed by demons, so to
speak. Some were pushed out, or even left their bodies behind, to
avoid confronting what they had gotten themselves into.

People were the portals to darkness further than what they created
all by themselves. They were portals to the 4th dimension because
they were trapped into growing attached to the beings present there.

It's easy to fool ignorant and arrogant men. It was easy then and
still is now. The ignorant very often wish to continue being
ignorant. They are the blind who do not want to see.

Aristenna, of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light