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Part 6 The Lowering of the Dimensions and the Destruction of Atlantis
Part 6 The Lowering of the Dimensions and the Destruction of

by Peter R. Farley and Andre Gonzatti

The implants today, made in San Luis, are the beginning of another
type of experiment to destroy Earth's people, and if possible, to
make it a dark planet. The fight has gone on for eons, literally, and
still runs until one side gives in or is destroyed here.

In Atlantis, portals to the 4th dimension would begin to open on the
street, in homes, in many varied and different places. People would
be the portals, or they would let them be opened by the beings who
possessed them. Sometimes, demons were in there in the bodies instead
of the people, so it wasn't even manipulation, it was plainly a
ritual being exercised by a dark being to bring their friends and
masters into the lower dimensions. [Have you listened to the reasons
given by so many criminals lately as to why they committed their
unspeakable crimes . . `because of the voices inside their heads'
etc? Peter has dealt in his healing work with so many people used,
possessed or at least controlled by these very kind of beings,
Aristenna is speaking of.]

Chaos was all over the place, and then the people, sometimes in
panic, demanded that something be done to fix the problem. The dark
lords of Atlantis would give them the perfect solution?a "desperate
last resort" to increase the vibration of the whole realm of Atlantis
in order to bring more Love into play and banish the darkness back to
where it came from.

The Ascended Masters of the Council in the realm tried to correct

People had been corrupted. They were fooled into something that
seemed harmless, then into bringing darkness of the worst level to
their homeland. Then they were manipulated to believe that the only
way to bring things back to balance was to attempt a "forced
cleansing" of the realm [much like we are once again being sold on
nuclear power as the answer to our self-created yet manipulated
energy crises]. The forced cleanse was not meant to clean, but to
open more room in those portals and to bring a giant portal over
Atlantis that would merge both higher 4th and lower 3rd dimensional
realms together. They said it was to bring Love but it was really
only to bring more darkness. [The `sons of God' wanted easier access
to their `daughters of Man' to whom they had become addicted and to
the pleasure that now trapped them entirely into the lower realms of

The Dimensional Reactor could bring immense change and energy, and it
could even destroy its surroundings while still remaining intact. It
was indestructable in a way. The energy was brought into focus and
made to merge through a portal that was already connected to the 4th
dimension, the land was used to magnify the portals. [This is exactly
what is taking place now in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado
and northern New Mexico]. People didn't have a clue about what was
happening, some of them knew or were guided to see, but even then,
they gave up hope. They didn't have the means to convince others,
much less to stop authorities from doing the "energetic cleansing"
they had advertised.

There were other portals through to the Planet that could be also
used to connect the 3rd dimension to the 4th. These portals were
sought and then dismantled by the Ascended Masters of the Council.
They traveled and would neutralize the fields, then remove their
parts so that these could not be replaced and used to create more
portals to the 4th dimensional dark realm. Four portals were disabled
in this way. The others that remained were used by the New World
Order of the past to bring together the merging of the two realms of
existence and to then re-form the world into a lower vibration.

The Atlantis portal was used to raise vibration so that "the Love
would flow and be available to heal the land". We know it's
incredible for you to write it but its just what happened. People
were always dumb, they had Guidance to lead them into the Light, but
they gave that up with the implementation of self-will. Then they
only went farther from where they had started. Lying didn't change
anything during all these years, even with telepathy. Do you think in
telepathic communication there is no lying? There are even more ways
to fool someone than through speech and vision communication.

The portal was the land in itself [the Arthurian legend of the king
and the land being One]. It couldn't be raised into the 4th dimension
from one moment to another, especially with all those dense and dark
beings and thoughts hanging around. So the dark lords completed their
plans, they switched the Merkaba Reactor to a higher frequency
patterning and then began to push the place into 4d. Obviously the
energy was too much to be handled for it made the ground shake and
the people literally just got torn apart. They had created what
looked like a slow-motion atomic explosion, and very slowly the
energy was brought into the land, but it was not healing energy, it
was just destructive energy from 4d, the "ceiling collapsing" and
bringing down what was there from the higher dimensions, all the
thought-form energies created during the inter-dimensional traveling.

The continent began to ruin and eventually sank. The same happened to
Lemuria later on. People were brought to a level of worshipping
beings that they never knew were there to destroy them. Nothing would
stop those that wanted to be fooled from dooming themselves and
everything and everyone else as well.

The dark lords escaped, as always, and spread out into other lands to
build communities elsewhere where now they continue their same dark
agenda and control.

Aristenna of the Spiritual Hierarchy's Council of Light