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Passion and Allowing
Passion is what separates the humans from many of the other aliens
on the planet. Doing something with all the emotion and fibre of
your Being. If this is not what motivates us, then something in our
level of commitment is missing. The following is a channeling by one
of the group froma time back, it brings to light the two things we
need to follow the highest of spiritual paths, acceptance of other
people's lessons (Allowing/non-attachment) and passion.

"I had asked my guidance to help me know my purpose and how I could
be of service. Here is the answer:

"Allow. Your Master Plan is to allow Spirit to enter your life in
such a way and by such means and in such overwhelming force as to be
the standard by which all things are measured, the light by which
all things are discovered, the energy by which all things are felt,
the path by which all things are found, the strength by which all
life is healed, the love by which all Life is touched and
encompassed into the One. Sue"

If what comes to pass happens as it is supposed to now that all our
choices have been made, then passion is the one force that will help
us to stand up and be counted among those who resist total slavery
of the mind, the heart and the emotions.