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Peace, Love and Dope-s
Why does my Guidance, along with David Icke and just about anyone who
has a good foundation or understanding of the New World Order, say
that the New Age religion (for doubt it not it is a religion) is the
darkest religion of all?

This response was recently posted in another group to my Sexuality
and the Star Wars Bar article:

"I am a bit baffled by this message,why it containes fear,and and
overview of famine and destruction ,with everything we have been
taught as lightworkers is it right to project such a message on
people,it seems to me that if this message is not from the council
why put false fear in peoples hearts .I do not wish to think about
men and women perishing from hunger and disease,´this message stuns
hope and promotes hoplessness.We are lightworkers we are the
messengers of love and peace and light ,not doom .It is our job to do
everthing possibe in every way not to let this happen ,not to promote
it,we need to be clearer and kinder in the way we deliver our
messages,anything that plays on fear is false.fear is our biggest
challenge and our biggest obstacle to freedom.Some of us could be
detered from our paths by this sort of messaging especially the newly
awakened.I am sorry but I cannot see benefit to anyone in this

Is this person in any way dealing with the reality of what´s going on
on this planet, all around her for that matter and affecting her and
her loved ones? Is she dealing with the fact that as one channeling
said yesterday ´we are the cavalry we´ve been waiting for to help
deal with these things and turn this war around?" Is it not instead
her attitude that promotes laziness, the let´s-not-look-at-the-
reality-of-what-we´re-doing-here, the focus-only-on-yourself-and-what-
you´re-doing-to-get-out-of-here mentality, and the do-nothing spirit
that permeates the entire New Age thinking? Have you ever gone out to
play a game let alone fight a war without knowing something of what
you´re doing and something about the opponent that will face you?
When you´re afraid of something doesn´t educating yourself aboutt he
subject help overcome that intitial fear?

The ONLY way to overcome fear IS to educate one´s self and others
about what´s really going on. Fear comes from not understanding the
situation we´re in or find ourselves up against. When the weatherman
tells us there´s a storm coming and it´s headed here with sustained
winds of . . . and likely to do this and that, then we have the basic
information we need to deal with the situation appropriately. We are
armed with information on how to deal with the subject realistically
and with truth.

That is what we are doing here working with our moment-to-moment
Guidance, educating ourselves about what is true and what is not
true, finding out the best way to deal with issues and problems while
being given the higher perspective on them from Someone who loves us
more than we love ourselves. These kind of people have no Guidance
except their own deep-seated fears (which is what they are in fact
expressing in their replies) and their own self-interest of not
wnating to participate in life as it really is and in the war going
on to ward off this darkness that has been in control for so very
long. They are the slaves who will remain as slaves even if you open
their prison gates because they´re too afraid of dealing with the
responsibility of living. They are the one´s Mark Twain refers to in
his statement that the ´human race is a bunch of cowards´.

When someone reads something negative about me on the internet and
does not have their Guidance to ask, is what they read true? Is Peter
doing what You ask him to do even if many will not understand it?
What significance does it have how these people without Guidance
react? Is it worth having ´friends´ and a ´peer group´ who have no
purpose of their own and would shut you down from doing your purpose
just because they will not do the work themselves to understand or
pursue their own work for Spirit? Being a journalist and teacher I
know well how the media works to create news and make it appear real,
or worse still, plays on people´s laziness to create attitudes and
opinions that have no basis in fact. Too many people believe what
they read without having any form of Guidance with which to check the
validity of what they are reading or hearing, and certainly no basis
of foundation of reality outside the Matrix in which to place
anything untoward. Can one really worry about what these people
think? Guidance says no. Early on They taught me in some very harsh
ways to not respond to such criticism, even though it has to hurt
anyone to be accused of things that have no basis in the reality of
what´s taking place.

In the kind of war we´re all fighting here the darkside has the upper
hand because it´s been in power so long and has people so programmed
and instilled with fear against anything abnormal, different, weird,
or just about anything that doesn´t resonate with the peer pressure
we all feel being a part of society and the ´human´ family. I´ve seen
so many people who had some knowledge of the truth go away and hide
because of the difficulties they faced simply getting up and speaking
their truth. It´s why some of you won´t post your own channelings or
speak your own truth because you´re still shut down by fear of
recrimination or people saying something to family or friends. It
happened to Bob last year when his ex-wife tried to get him fired
from his school because he belonged to the cult of 4truthseekers.
This woman he called´ the most viscious woman alive´ still e-mails
new people with her nastiness. But eventualy Bob did succumb to the
pressure to stop ´putting himself out there´.

It´s such a daunting task putting yourself out there that I´ve also
seen it scare away most of those whose mission it was to come here
and help educate others. When Guidance says only 1-3% of people ever
fulfill their missions here on this planet there´s also a sidebar
hint-hint that says, ´and that´s a high figure when it comes down to
the work actually completed´.

In every yahoogroup, in every ´group´ period, there are those who are
the fence-sitters or the dark workers who can be or are being used by
the darkside to negate any kind of truth being spoken. You´ll notice
people adding their stupid little quips to serious words just to take
peoples attention away from what had been said. There are those who
negate what´s being said by simply criticizing it without any
pretense of arguements or reasons why. The darkside has been doing
all this for too long, on too many different planets and in too many
different star systems not to know what they´re doing and to have
perfected it down to a science. Propaganda and the formation of men´s
attitudes is a science and there´s a book that has it all in there, a
bible if you wll of how to manipulate other people. I was fortunate
enough to have a professor in college who knew of this book and
taught a class on it to help awaken fledgling journalism students to
the real purpose of the profession they were entering. It´s been
useful in so many articles and in the 9 volumes on the history of the
New World Order.

Somewhere out there too though I don´t have a copy of it is a history
of the New age movement and why and how it was formed, and the
purpose was to do just exactly what it has been doing now for more
than 40 years, to take the Lightworkers and turn them into
Lightbuttsitters so that none of them would do their work here and
would stop anyone else from doing theirs. if anyone has it or knows
of where it might be I´d appreciate seeing it again and being able to
post it, it is a revelation for the ´peace, love, and dope´

In service, Peter