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Peeling the Onion
Peeling the Onion
by Peter Farley

"Peeling the onion" is a term for lots of Lightworkers and spiritual
beings to describe their process of unfolding, of stripping away the
lies and illusions of this and many other lifetimes, to isolate
particular points of their Being that hold them back, and to
hopefully overcome them.

To Guidance, as well as to me, this is the old metaphor of climbing
the stairs instead of taking the elevator. It's a never-ending
process by which people who wish to be more involved with themselves
and their own spiritual growth can justify not stepping up to the
plate, not taking a swing at the ball, and certainly for never
making any home runs.

We all have a thousand ways of stalling, of not doing what it is we
came here to do, of not saying saving the planet and Creation is
more important than saving myself and my family. In the end it all
comes down to the only issue involved at the heart of all things –
self-will vs higher will.

If you have read the Creation story from Volume One of Where Were
You Before The Tree of Life? you will understand that Lucifer and
the darkside are based in pure Self Will with no regards for Higher
Will. That is what darkness is --pure self-will, and those involved
with pure self-will are the dark ones of the planet, and we've all
been there done that.

This was the original flaw in this corner of Creation too, creating
out of self-will instead of out of higher will. When Lucifer
returned to His Family it was without judgement –the true prodigal
Son --for he was created self-will, he did not choose it. The dark
hierarchy are those who chose self-will over higher will just as we
must choose one or the other each and every day of our lives, from
lifetime to lifetime throughout eternity until we finally come to
the simple realization that life IS about service to others as well
as to ourselves and our families. Service to life IS service to
ourselves and to our families.

One thing I've never understood is the excuse people have of wanting
to save their families before going out to save the planet or
Creation. What use is a family where no planet or no Creation
exists? None of us want to fight this war, but who will suffer if we
do not? That's right, our families, our friends, our loved ones, and
yes, even us. We will continue on in this miserable Matrix world of
slavery and self-indulgence where there is no peace for peace is
against the reptilian way of doing things. Heartless, they do not
care who suffers and how many people are used as cannon fodder to
their purposeless struggling. I received an e-mail today telling me
how many of my family are sick back in Australia from one disease or
another, diabetes in particular (the lack of `sweetness' and joy in
their lives) and the staph infections and repercussions from flu
vaccines, all the various ways the reptilian-based medical system
has of creating sickness in us to keep us under their tight-fisted
control. Australia never was a free-thinking country. Being largely
blue collar and over-educated (in Matrix ways) to boot, it was the
first country to fully succumb to the New World Order's control.

Now, as the rest of us struggle to keep our heads above water as the
system collapses around us, peeling onions won't do. When the wolf
is at the door, questioning the morality of fighting it off, or
feeling self-pity for why it is the wolf chose us rather than our
neighbors, or meditating upon the symbolism of the wolf and whether
or not it represents a father figure in our life, doesn't get the
wolf defeated. It only gets us eaten, usually along with the rest of
our family.

As in the study of Eastern martial arts, the choice to fight is the
last one after all else has been used to avoid it, but then fight
you must, or die, only to live in slavery and oppression over and
over again until it is you learn that to serve the Higher Will is
your first task, to use your self-will to serve that which created
us all and to which we owe everything, to see that in our fellow man
and use the old Pleiadean expression which rightly fits why we need
to fight to defend everyone – we are all brothers –and sisters –and
relatives. You win your medals here and now in this ultimate fight
against tyranny. That is how you peel the onion, by doing and being,
not by thinking and worrying.