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Perfect Intent
Letter of Intent

In physics, the basic ruling paradigm is the desire to change the
energy of a given source from one form into a more convenient and
useable form. To do this, Man created Man. The word Hu-man means `of
god mind' or `god-like'. We are the converters of spiritual energy
into physical, emotional and mental energies designed to manifest
Spirit here in 3D. To do this, we have to a) ground ourselves in the
here and now b) declare ourselves a channel for that highest energy
to flow through us and then c0 do what is asked of us how and when
we are asked to do this channeling of energies. Do not try and
guide the direction of what it is you are asked to do, that is in
Spirit's hands. Non-attachment to results is the secret of all of
spirituality and the secret to the greatest power in Creation ?Love.

Write a letter of intent to the Universe. In it express your
acceptance of who you are in totality. This means physically,
emotionally, mentally, spiritually, etc. Also express your
acceptance of your mission/purpose here on Earth in this and every
other lifetime you have had leading up to this point. You may not be
exactly clear on what it is, but acceptance of the fact that you are
here for some reason expresses your continued intent to ground in
the here and now and serve the Highest Will possible. Your
commitment to doing your mission, this purpose, MUST be in the
physical here and now, manifesting it on the physical plane
according to the schedule you and your Guidance set out before you
came to serve. This does not mean you are just physical, it means
however that you do accept having a physical body while doing your
spiritual work associated with your mission/purpose. After you
complete your letter outlining your acceptance and commitment, ask
for Guidance's approval of it. If you get a yes, this is what you
were to do, lock its message into your heart as a commitment to be
here now and to serve, then burn it ? send it off to the universe.

And then serve.