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perfection and balance
Guidance was prompting me tonight on the eve of major changes to remind everyone
about the balance that is needed to get one through things \'safely\' and without
giving away all one\'s energies to the other side, the other side which so dearly
loves to feast on negative emotions such as fear and chaos.

I am reminded of all the adventure movies we so love to watch, especially in
summer, the ones where the hero or heroine stays so cool, calm and collected in
the face of the greatest of dangers. A clear head and a valorous heart are
needed to face every major challenge in life, let alone the ones which most
certainly stand in this moment before us all.

10 years ago, Guidance asked me to drop everything normal in life and go out on
the road, at that time without measurable skills in healing or much of anything
else. For the next 8 1/2 years on the road in my training They had me living the
mantra They wanted me to share with everyone, that is that the only way to get
through these difficult times ahead was to keep saying to myself \"I have what I
need for today; I will have what I need for tomorrow.\" There weren\'t many easy
days, and the extreme position They had me put myself in tested my faith and
strength and my connection with Them to the point where I no longer doubted this
would always be so. They would always take care of my \'needs\', if not all my
wants(*S), because I was doing Their work for the highest good of all.

Not many people have had a mission equivalent to mine. Most days I wished it
wasn\'t necesarily mine either. But all of you do have your own missions, not
necessarily the one you came with, but any one you now choose to step up to in
the coming days.

The following is from a news story today about our affection and preference for
the \'flawed\' superheroes such as Peter Parker\'s Spiderman over the now gradually
disappearing Superman-type heroes, the ones who are seemingly infallible and

\"NEW YORK (AFP) - Superman, the original comic book superhero, turns 70 this
month, but his strength and invulnerability draws fewer and fewer fans in the
21st century world of flawed, postmodern heroes. . . \"

One line from the Spiderman 3 movie that stuck with me as cutting close to the
heart of the matter was, \"It\'s our choices that make us what we are.\"
Unfortunately the alien and darkside religious teachings most of us have been
exposed to in the Matrix throw role-models in our faces of a brand of perfection
to which very few of us can ever hope to aspire. And there all a false spiritual
brand of reality at best, as my 9 volume history of the New World Order will
attest. If the Creator grows every time one of us has an experience no one ever
had before, then how can anything ever be ultimate, especially spiritual growth?
Even the Masters have one more step to take. That is the idea currently being
brought forward that during this particular ascension process, a whole new
dimension to this SuperUniverse is also being created as the Creator family
Itself heals and grows in ITs own way.

If at the end of the day you did the best you can, if you followed your Guidance
to the best of your abilities at that time and place, then what more could you
have done? We are now getting used to seeing perfect 10s in gymnastics and other
sports at the Olympics because all of us are starting to realize that in that
moment, under those conditions, in the face of that competition, a perfect
performance is possible. To be perfect in every moment of the day on every day
of our lives, now doesn\'t that sound boring? Since most of us only learn and
grow from making errors and imperfect choices, where is the growth factor in a
spiritual role-model of being perfect?

Balance is neither being for one thing or its opposite, but rather in walking a
neutral path, not in every moment. Sometimes one sways to one side to take in
that lesson. Sometimes one needs to step out of bounds because that further
assists their missions here on the planet, or in time, assists some other soul
to take one giant leap forward.

So, as many of my clients have heard on the healing table: \'Relax, don\'t take it
all too personally.\" Perfection is a judgment and as our Guidance and our
Creators don\'t judge us no matter how badly we screw up, don\'t judge yourself -
or others. In every moment do the best you can, and remember to keep saying to
yourself every day now as you feel the tenseness of the earth changes and
ascension process taking place, \"I have what I need for today; I will have what
I need for tomorrow.\" And then go out and live life to its fullest, for in the
end that is always where perfection lies.

With Love, in service, Peter