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Dear One,

The most important thing for all of you to know now is that you need to
persevere. Every one has days when they do not feel like channeling or other
such things. That is when you must decide to do it anyway. Choose to begin and
just do it. Let go of all other matters for the moment. Concentrate on one thing
at a time. Projection of possible futures will just confuse you as the present
moment is the only one in which you can actually do something. You cannot act in
the future, only in the now.

A mother cares for a sick child out of love, putting aside her own
feelings of weariness. You too can put aside your feelings of the
moment to do what you have decided are your priorities. To keep up
your strength for the really important tasks you need to focus on
what you are doing and realize when distractions are taking your time
away from your priorities. When you love to do anything, it becomes easy.

When things do not seem easy, you need to gather your will force and
decide to do it anyway. Each time you do this will strengthen your
resolve so that it is easier to do next time. After a while it becomes a habit
or second nature to you and you hardly think of it at all. Perseverance brings
its rewards.

All can make it through the easy times. You can be one of the few who
makes it through the more difficult times by persevering in your
spiritual practices and keeping up your health. Remember to ask for
our help and guidance whenever you need us, as we are always here for you.

With great love,

Aristenna and the Spiritual Hierarchy